Chapter Four: First Year Part One.

The moment of truth was very nearly at hand, the moment where Harry would walk up in front of the entire school and be sorted into one of the Hogwarts houses. He had heard the whispers from the other members of his class about what the sorting had to offer. There were rumors that there was some kind of test, some extraordinary feat of magic. Harry did not pay those words much mind, he focused on what he had to do. He would know when the rest of they knew for sure and until then, there was not much that could be done.

There was a raggedy old sorting hat, and he found out that they had to try it on. Said hat sang a stupid song that Harry drowned out for the sake of his sanity. It would yell out their house, whether it be Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin in front of the entire world. Harry read up the houses, both houses had their upsides and their downsides. The entire house system was something that infused Harry with a great deal of skepticism straight away. He thought that it was quite interesting that they tried to turn them against each other at such a young age, but so be it. He waited for the entire sorting to occur and his name to be called by Professor McGonagall.

Was he nervous? No, Harry was not nervous; to say that he was nervous would imply that he actually feared what was going to happen. He showed no fear, only determination, only courage, only the ability to stand forward and face the unknown. A smile crossed his face when he saw more people get sorted.

Hermione Granger found herself in Gryffindor that caused Ron to groan. Apparently, his entire family was in that house, which made Harry wonder if they were sent elsewhere, would they be disowned? He had no idea whatsoever. He was trying to remain calm even though Ron was riding his last nerve.

"So it's going to be your turn in a minute?" Ron asked whilst he looked at Harry. "You're going to be in Gryffindor, I mean Dumbledore was in Gryffindor, so you have to be."

Harry heard the whispers that he could be the next Albus Dumbledore, which caused a bit of distaste to enter his mouth. He did not want to be the next Albus Dumbledore, no of course not. He wanted to be the first Harry Potter. He would be in no one's shadow.

"Harry Potter."

The place came unglued but Harry walked forward, ignoring the sheep prattle whether or not he was the real Harry Potter. Some of them conducted themselves respectively but they gawked at him, watching him. That would in some respects make the walk to the stool for the Sorting Hat, much longer than it should have been but Harry sat down on the stool and placed the sorting hat over his head.

'So, you take all year to come up with a song, and that's the best you can fucking do?' Harry questioned the hat as he rolled his eyes.

'Nice to meet you too, Mr. Potter,' the hat thought in a dry manner.

The hat recalled a young girl by the name of Lily Evans saying Harry Potter's same statement verbatim during her time at Hogwarts.

'Hmm, quite the interesting mind you have Mr. Potter,' the hat responded crisply.

'I aim to please,' Harry thought to the sorting hat in a bored tone. 'So what can I do for you?'

'Relax your mind, so I can place you in a house,' the hat requested him carefully.

'We all know where they all expect me to go,' Harry thought to them. 'They want their little golden boy that they can put on a pedestal before knocking them down. I know their type, they sit on the fence, and...'

'Yes, magic users can get fickle,' the sorting hat thought in agreement.

Harry swore that there were hundreds of little voices inside the hat but then he saw four that were rather clear. Actually he counted four and they all appeared to be in some kind of heated debate. The young wizard carefully waited for them to finish.

'You know, typecasting eleven year olds being in a certain house, I wonder if that's wise,' Harry projected to the hat. 'Stop and think about it, we're only going to be here for seven years but the stigma sticks around with us for the rest of our lives.'

'You ask a question that I have asked myself many times throughout the centuries,' the hat admitted thoughtfully. 'I do wonder if what I do is worth it, or if it will just be the same endless cycle. Slytherin and Gryffindor are the two common factors for this but unfortunately, the other houses are not immune to their spite.'

'I figured, which is why I'm taking the fast track out of here,' Harry thought to the sorting hat.

'So the Hogwarts education is a means to pass the time, well quite ambitious, quite ambitious, I give you that,' the sorting hat admitted before it added carefully. 'You would do well in Slytherin.'

'I know I would but the true wolf finds a way to disguise himself amongst the sheep so he can better stalk his prey,' Harry thought to the sorting hat carefully. 'For if he runs with a pack of wolves, the sheep might mistrust him and he will not achieve his objective.'

'You speak great wisdom, Harry Potter,' the Sorting Hat responded carefully. 'And you cannot conduct your plans in the house of snakes, for all eyes will be on you, expecting deception. You need to hide in the light, as to not draw attention and in a place where deception is quite unexpected. For what is expected with you, there is only one house that would fit you, that will allow you to do what you must, without drawing attention to yourself."

'It is the last place they would ever look for a true Slytherin,' Harry thought before he paused, a bit of a tentative expression crossing his face. 'I trust all of this will not be spoken.'

'Not one word,' the hat informed him carefully when it blinked. 'All of what you say to me is strictly off the record, it is the oath that I was bound by for when I was created by the founders. I am bound by that, as I am bound to continue a tradition that I have long since lost the point in. '

'Then you know there is only one place for me to be for the next three and a half years,' Harry thought to the sorting hat.

'You do understand that they will wish to keep you here by all means,' the sorting hat answered carefully and almost thoughtfully.

'What they wish to do and what shall happen will be two different things,' Harry thought back when he closed his eyes and saw some of the brain surgeons staring at him like he was a baboon at the zoo. 'I can already tell I'll be drowning in mediocrity.'

'You would do well in Slytherin,' the hat remarked in a dry voice. 'Then again with your intellectual mind, you would do well in Ravenclaw as well. Given your love for learning is quite prolific.'

'I enjoy books, I'm not betrothed to them,' Harry thought to the sorting hat. 'I think these people have some form of ADHD, they're gawking at me and bouncing around like hyperactive gerbils on speed. Or they want their food.'

'The latter, Mr. Potter, the latter,' the sorting hat stated dryly.

'They do seem like quite the….dim lot,' Harry thought dryly. 'This is going to be a long three and a half years, with these people.'

'This world isn't what it used to be alas, but I think we best get on with the sorting,' the sorting hat stated before it spoke out loud. "GRYFFINDOR."

Someone screamed out loud and caused Harry's ears to ring, when he made his way to the Gryffindor table. He offered a smile but it was a smile that indicated that he was going to regret this by the morning. The Gryffindors were a rowdy bunch, oh Harry dreaded this but it was part of the plan. The two red heads, twins, Weasley's brothers if he was not mistaken, chanted "We Got Potter" like he was some trophy to be displayed.

'Three years, five months, suck it up,' Harry thought as he looked over at the table. He saw the old man in robes, the stereotypical wise old wizard that was in every fantasy novel in the world, clap at him. Then he saw the greasy haired teacher next to him, looking like his face was set on "permanent grump". 'And that must be Snape.'

He saw a man in purple robes, wearing a turban sitting across from Snape and suddenly, Harry felt a twinge of pain on his forehead. He blocked it off and saw a swirl of darkness between the man's turban.

"Welcome to Gryffindor young Potter, good, very good, very good, I'm Percival Weasley, prefect," yet another Weasley stated as he looked at Harry. "I trust you will follow the rules, I don't want to have to report any trouble."

Harry took a moment to return around, this family...these Weasleys, well they were an interesting lot. Ron was...not the sharpest knife in the drawer to say the very least. The twins, they were loud and didn't seem to take anything seriously, not to mention quite immature. And Percy...well he was a pompous prat.

Ron joined him at the table, sitting next to him. Harry edged closer to Hermione.

"So, Gryffindor, congratulations," Harry responded to Hermione as he looked at her, barely acknowledging Ron's presence. "I hope we survive the experience."

"Oh it will be amazing, I think," Hermione stated in an excited voice but they heard Dumbledore clang his spoon against a cup which got the attention of the Great Hall.

"There is a time for talk and a time for action," Dumbledore remarked when he looked at them. "But now it's the time to eat, so enjoy."

Plates and plates of food appeared before them, it was a huge feast, far more food than Harry had ever seen in his life. And that was saying something given how much Dudley ate on a regular basis. The wizard blinked a little bit, watching the food appear before him, before he helped himself to a modest helping, nothing too small but nothing too large.

Ron, on the other hand, had a bottomless pit for a stomach. Or a black hole, it was really hard to tell. Harry kept away from his roaming hands; it would not be good if he got his arm ripped off or something like that. He engaged Hermione in conversation, mostly not to look at Ron eating. He needed a bib.

"I wonder if the subjects are going to be any good," Harry stated as he maintained eye contact with Hermione. "I was top of my year in everything."

"Really, me too," Hermione responded breathlessly when she watched him with interest. She was actually glad to deal with someone near her age at her level more or less.

"And I just finished private school, graduated with top marks, I was going to go to either Oxford or Cambridge," Harry told Hermione and her eyes widened.

"My parents wouldn't allow me to graduate that soon, you must be lucky," Hermione answered in an exasperated voice with a tiny bit of jealousy before she realized. "Well of course, your parents are dead, so you can't be lucky about them. Do you remember them at all?"

"My mother, I remember very well," Harry answered with a smile at the memory, ignoring Ron shoveling food in his mouth. "She was a great father...well he was my father."

Harry decided to dial down his opinion on James Potter a little bit but from the memories that flooded back, it did not hold James Potter in the best light in the world. For him, it was obvious that the glory days of Hogwarts never ended with the scattered recollections that he recalled. Although in the end he fought Voldemort without a wand, that took guts, maybe not brains, but it took guts.

Hermione thought about her parents, Charlotte and David Granger, they were both dentists. They got into a bit of an argument because of Hermione's education at Hogwarts. David Granger had his daughter's life planned out, she was going to marry the perfect man, have a family, and continue the family legacy. She had an opportunity to learn something amazing and Charlotte Granger was not going to let her husband stop their daughter from achieving her full potential.

Things were rather cold when they left for Hogwarts but then again, that was her parents. Hermione knew that they slept in separate beds, which she figured was not normal at all.

The feast was over and Dumbledore decided to offer a few words.

"Now that we've been all fed and watered," Dumbledore answered, before he paused for a certain effect and spoke. "There are a few announcements. The number of items that are banned since the past year have been tripled. A full list should be available on Mr. Filch's office door."

Dumbledore paused and continued.

"The Forbidden Forest is, as it name indicates, forbidden," Dumbledore answered before he took a moment to look at them all, before his eyes turned to a certain pair of twins. "Older students naturally should be reminded of this."

The Weasley Twins offered a bow, playing up for the attention.

"And finally, the third floor corridor on the left is off limits, to those who do not want to experience a most painful and sudden death."

Harry's turned to Hermione, who looked a bit aghast.

"Yeah, that's subtle," Harry stated to her dryly and Hermione looked confused. "You do realize that now every idiot with a pulse is going to go for that corridor."

"No, people can't be that stupid," Hermione protested, scarcely believing it.

"Trust me when I say it Hermione, most people are that stupid."

'Especially in this place, if my first impressions are true,' Harry mentally added to himself.

One night in the place and Harry already regretted his living arrangements. Thankfully he had an out that he was going to use. Normally he was a pretty heavy sleeper and only needed about four or five hours asleep when most needed eight. Of course, he only needed those hours of sleep but he really needed those hours of sleep. Otherwise he would be quite the cranky motherfucker, for lack of a better term.

"Rough night?"

Harry turned around and saw Lucretia heading across the same path he did towards Professor McGonagall's office. The smile only slightly crossed Harry's face when he looked at the witch that stood before him.

"One could say that, given that my roommate is a one man case of noise pollution," Harry answered, watching Lucretia who offered him a pained grimace.

"Yeah, that's what you get for being with a Weasley," Lucretia answered, when she bent down and offered Harry a kiss on the lips, which he returned. It relaxed and soothed him a little bit. "He thinks that you're his friend, which means he'll stick to you like a case of dry rot."

"Wonderful," Harry answered dryly. He came to one conclusion. "Only if I can take him out."

Lucretia's face contorted into a slight knowing smile when she looked at Harry and put an arm around his waist, pulling him into her body. He wrapped an arm around her and stood there with a sigh.

"It isn't taking him out that's the problem, it's where to hide the body," Lucretia remarked and Harry's gaze focused on her. She shrugged and looked at him. "That's rule three of the Slytherin handbook, I think."

"Do they pass that one out when you get sorted?" Harry asked when he looked at the blonde Slytherin before a smile crossed his face. "I wonder if that ever is a Gryffindor handbook."

"That would imply that most Gryffindors are literate, sweetie," Lucretia stated before she shamelessly pinched Harry's ass. After their little romp on the train, she could not wait to get another piece of him and she laid awake last night, in her room, pleasuring herself to the thought of Harry and what he did to her. "So you're coming to McGonagall to complain, are you?"

"Well I've got to do something, otherwise I might smother him in his sleep," Harry offered her and she held him in close, he rested his head on her bust.

"I've got an idea, if you trust me enough," Lucretia answered and Harry smiled, before he said one thing.

"I'm all ears."

That was all Lucretia Malfoy needed to hear before she escorted Harry into McGonagall's office on that early morning.

"Transfusion," Lucretia stated the password which activated the portrait hole and swung open to allow them inside the office.

McGonagall sat at her desk, finishing some last minute plans for her lesson plans but then her eyes snapped up to face the two individuals approaching her carefully. "Ms. Malfoy, Mr. Potter, what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I wish to file a complaint about one of my roommates, about the unbearable level of snoring and his general demeanor of being unrefined and crass," Harry stated and McGonagall looked at him carefully.

"I trust you're talking about Ron Weasley," she remarked and Harry nodded. "Yes, Molly's youngest ,well...I do think that he's gotten the short end of the stick after five other sons but perhaps he will grow into something adequate."

There was some lack of conviction in McGonagall's face and both parties in the office looked at her before the Head Girl cleared her throat to get the Deputy Headmistress' attention.

"I believe I have something that will ensure that Ronald Weasley doesn't have an unfortunate accident in his sleep," Lucretia stated; she did not retract her arm from around Harry's waist. "The Heads room...well the Head Boy this year decided not to take his room in the suite, wanting to remain with his year mates. Hufflepuff, so you can see the loyalty there. So why doesn't Harry move in next door to me? I figure if he needs anything, I'll be right next door to him."

"Yes, that would be for the best," Minerva stated, although she wondered why Harry got sorted into the Gryffindor house. She had him pegged as a Ravenclaw or even a Slytherin. Although she could imagine the shit storm that would happen if Harry Potter got sorted into the Slytherin house; she was not certain that she could deal with the riots and Snape might have a stroke.

She was extremely proud of her house but Harry did not seem the type.

"Thanks Professor," Harry responded.

"Of course, Mr. Potter will there be anything else?" McGonagall asked as she gazed at Harry.

"Not at this time," Harry answered, glad that he had a nice room where he could read in peace.

Lucretia and Harry left McGonagall's office, pleased that something went right. The blonde turned over to Harry, before she stood at him, a hungry gaze flickering in her eyes.

"I trust that you know that I'll be visiting you every morning before breakfast, you know to check up on you," Lucretia offered before she licked her lips.

Harry could not resist firing back, seeing the robes strain against her body a little bit. "And what makes you think I won't surprise you some mornings?"

"I look forward to it," Lucretia responded before the blonde wrapped her arms around Harry in a tight embrace, pulling the young wizard close to her.

The two kissed once again, there was no one around. Lucretia put up a charm that would cause people to imagine that they were part of the wall. Her tongue was practically down his throat, and she rubbed against him. He cupped her ass and squeezed it, as their kiss got more heated.

She got hot and heavy, but unfortunately she had duties to do. She pulled apart and looked at Harry, her blonde hair flipping over her face seductively.

"We're going to have to catch up after classes today, I want to find out how your first day went," Lucretia stated when her stared over at Harry, mentally undressing him with her eyes before she turned around and walked off.

Dear Harry:

Well I thought that there was something different about you and it would explain the super powered intelligence. It's a shame that you can't tell me anything more about what happened, but I supposed that a secret world wouldn't be a secret world if you told me all of their secrets. Maybe in the future, we can discuss more.

Yeah, the private school I wanted to go to, well they turned down my application, can you imagine that? And did you hear about Luthorcorp? Well I don't suppose you did, but they spearheaded an effort to clear out several forests to make way for another factory. One of these days, Lionel Luthor is going to get his just desserts, he can't hide forever behind everything.

So I'm hanging here, about back to go to Gotham High. The honor's classes aren't too bad, not too much of a challenge. I wish I had a bit more of a challenge. But hey, the independent studies that I'm doing, that should help me sharpen my mind a little bit.

Wish I could write more, don't have much more to say.

Write back soon as you can. Your owl is beautiful by the way.



Without another moment, Harry drafted a response to her.

Dear Pamela:

Classes are adequate I suppose. Granted, I've only been here for less than a week. I'm writing this before I got to my final class of the week, Potions. If we ever had an energy crisis, we can mine the teacher's hair for oil. But I digress.

So Transfiguration and Charms, not too bad of classes, granted I'm kind of bored because I've read through all of the first year material and most of the second year material. Performed a lot of the charms too. So I'm good to go there. As for Defence Against the Dark Arts, that class is a real let down. I thought it would be interesting but the teacher stutters. I almost think it's a front because no one stutters that much. It's unnatural.

Most of the people in my year are idiots, well at least in the house that I was sorted in. Yeah they sort us into houses, with a magical hat. Segregation much? Talk about turning us against each other when we're young. Although once we can get past the barrier of the houses, there are a few decent people in my year. Mostly Hermione, she's in the same house, I pity her because she's like me in some respects. She tries to show her knowledge in class, pity that won't get her much of anywhere with these people. I've heard everyone's fair share of snide remarks towards her.

This kid named Ron thinks that we're best friends, despite the fact that I've barely said two words to him since the train ride. I've got my own room. What goes on in that room stays in that room shall we say.

Most of the people in my house are idiots. A few have potential but really the boys in my year, not the cream of the crop. Okay Neville might be fine, but he's like the top of the bottom, even though he seems to defer to his grandmother a lot. Of course, it seems like eighty percent of this school don't have any sense whatsoever.

Herbology is interesting, sent you the notes that I copied, although good luck in finding any of these plants. They're rare, and need to be grown under special standards. Still, broaden your horizons and all that.

My friends Lucretia and Nym are standing in the doorway, and I know what that means. I'll finish up this letter, write back to you soon.



He would post the letter.

"Wotcher Harry," Tonks remarked as she eyed him with desire and Lucretia did the same.

"Morning girls, sorry I kept you waiting," Harry answered when he eyed the two of them, their lovely bodies that were wrapped in robes that were a couple of sizes too small for them, and he could tell that they were not wearing anything underneath.

Lucretia stepped forward, before she wrapped her arms around Harry, and pushed him back into the chair. Nym moved to the other side of Harry and began to stroke his neck, kissing the back of it.

"No problem, Harry, we have an hour to kill before breakfast," Lucretia stated whilst she straddled his lap and purred in his ear. "I think we can have some fun now."

Her lips met his in a searing kiss, and Harry returned it, whilst Tonks worked his pants off.

Most of his mornings were like this, to be honest.

Potions was one of the subjects that Harry almost looked forward to. Given what he heard about the class from Tonks, he was on the edge and on pins and needles. He hoped that this Snape would not be much trouble, although he had a strong feeling that he would be. Harry sat himself down at a table, with Hermione.

A blonde Slytherin with dark eyes sat across from Harry. She was joined by a second first year Slytherin with chocolate brown hair and eyes. Hermione did not say anything, even if Ron gave a confused look.

"Harry, they're Slytherins!" Ron managed and Harry looked at him, with an almost pitying look. The wizard wondered if this ginger haired twit was dropped on his head as an infant, repeatedly. That would explain a lot.

"Yes, their robes clued me on that, Ronald," Harry stated in a crisp voice. "I'd find a seat if I were you."

Ron's brain tried to figure out what happened but much like Dudley, he seemed to be working hard at it. Harry carefully watched him sit down with Neville, and two other first years, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan.

"I'm afraid we have not been acquainted," Harry responded with a smile when he looked over towards them. "My name is Harry Potter, and this is Hermione Granger."

Harry gave Hermione a look that indicated that he should do all of the talking. Hermione found that Harry had such a commanding presence that she had no choice to obey. Although she was excited by him because she had never been pushed so hard to excel, because she had no competition, all of the children around her always acted so childish. There was no one at her old primary school that was a challenge for her.

The blonde female took Harry's hand and shook it.

"What are you doing sitting with Potter, Greengrass?" Malfoy demanded when he looked at the first year Slytherin girl. "Do you realize the damage that you could cause to your family reputation, associating with a blood traitor and her kind as well?"

"Do you tire of spitting out your father's words verbatim?" Daphne asked in a bored voice with barely disguised venom as she addressed Malfoy before she turned to Harry. "My name is Daphne Greengrass, this is my friend Tracey Davis."

Actually Tracey was more like her pet, given the life debt that the Davis family owed the Greengrasses, but they kind of kept that private.

"Hello, Harry, nice to meet you," Tracey stated as she drank in Harry's form with her eyes. She saw him talking to Lucretia Malfoy the other day and they got along rather well. She was curious.

"Look Malfoy, if you don't have anything constructive to add to the conversation, I'd advise you kindly bugger off," Harry answered with a swift smile, before he added, in a lowered voice. "Or it might find its way into the Hogwarts rumor mill that you wet your bed at night."

Malfoy looked flushed in the face and he knew who told him that, he could kill his sister. No wait, his sister would likely curb stomp him and then humiliate him in front of everyone. He would write home to his father, yes, that would show everyone. He joined Crabbe, Goyle, and Blaise Zabini at a table, simmering in his humilation.

The doors burst open and Professor Snape himself arrived, his robes billowing behind him. Harry pulled a face, he looked even more greasy in person. There was no time to mull that over for Snape began to speak, in a calm and crisp manner that actually did grab the attention of people. At least the class hung off his every word.

"There will be no foolish wand waving or silly incantations in this class," Snape narrated in his crisp voice. "I do not expect you to understand the subtle science and intricacies of potions of Potions brewing, but I can teach you wonders beyond your wildest imaginings. I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death."

Snape paused for dramatic effect and it was then that Harry wondered if he practiced this speech in front of the mirror. It was likely, he had a certain type of vanity to him.

"That is unless you are the group of dunderheads that I usually have to teach."

Harry frowned, well he would have to agree with Snape about some of the class being dunderheads but the fact he agreed with Snape made him fell so dirty and so wrong. Snape went through the roll call, and stopped, before he reached Harry's name.

Several things happened at that present moment. Snape placed his hands down the desk and watched Harry, looking into his eyes. The wizard felt the sudden prod into his mind and knew that Snape could not help himself. Although he felt ill with that grease ball up close and personal to him.

"Ah yes Harry Potter our new cel..."


Snape's head whipped back before it smashed off of the desk with a solid thud. The class gave a collective gasp when he slid back onto the floor, blood splattering from his forehead when his forehead was cracked open off of the desk. He was knocked completely and utterly out cold.

"Potter, what did you do?" Malfoy demanded as he narrowed his eyes towards Harry.

"Malfoy, I didn't do anything," Harry answered with a cool and crisp glare directed towards Malfoy.

"Yeah, Malfoy, Harry didn't do anything," Ron chimed in like a particularly demented cheerleader.

"Silence," Harry stated in a sharp voice and Ron became silent. The Boy-Who-Lived closed his eyes before his voice dropped to silence and seriousness. "It appears that Professor Snape has suffered from an ailment. It appears that the stress of teaching has gotten to him. Either that, or he has slipped on the grease that dripped from his own hair. It does appear that he bathes in it after all."

'And my defenses against mental intrusion are better than Andromeda thought,' Harry added to himself mentally.

Witnesses could say that Harry did not lay a finger or a wand on Snape, he merely fell on the ground. Well credible witnesses at least, and Malfoy couldn't really do much of anything. Unless he wanted his problem to become public knowledge, that was.

And Snape couldn't accuse Harry of doing anything either, for if he accused Harry, that meant he would admit that he tried to read the mind of a minor. And he tried to read a mind of a minor without permission of a parent or a legal guardian. Not to mention he did it without just cause, Andromeda made sure Harry was well aware of his rights there.

And given who Andromeda was, she could roast Snape on a spit if she found out what happened with Harry.

That was good to up to five to seven years in Azkaban where Snape would never be the same ever again. As for Harry, he would get a minor slap on a wrist, a hundred Galleon fine, but he could wipe his arse with a hundred galleons.

And Snape would also get his Potions Mastery qualifications revoked as well and all of his teaching credentials; he would have to start over from scratch. And he would be up for constant evaluations.

Plus he would also admit that he got completely and utterly schooled by a first year Gryffindor. That part made Harry even more confident that Snape would keep his mouth shut. Sure he might whine to Dumbledore a little bit, threaten Harry to get expelled and all that. But other than that, Harry knew that there was nothing else he could do.

"So, someone might want to get help, because he might have a concussion," Harry concluded in and Daphne volunteered to be the one to go and get Snape some help, mostly because she could not hold a straight face and needed to burst out into laughter. It wasn't funny what happened but it was more of how it happened.

Harry leaned back.

"Well I don't think that anyone expected the first Potions lesson to go like this," Harry commented to Hermione who sighed.

She wondered what really happened and had a feeling that Harry knew, but he was not about to tell anyone, at least not yet.

"The word in the Slytherin House is that Snape will be spending the next week in St. Mungos to be checked out for head trauma," Lucretia remarked as she walked around the school with Harry, after they had gone to their meeting with McGonagall. She figured that Harry should have representation to back him up and she tagged along to give him an ample change to fight.

The meeting was short and really all that happened was McGonagall asked Harry about his account of the situation. He told his version of the truth, Snape went down hard. It appeared that McGonagall had a good idea what happened.

"So, I think that it might be unwise for Snape and you to be in the same room ever again," Lucretia added when she walked beside Harry, holding his hand carefully when they kept walking, down towards the Dungeons. "So, I'm thinking that I can get most of my credit towards my mastery if I tutor one student in Potions."

Harry nodded, that was right, Lucretia was going for a Mastery in Potions, that was her dream. It had been a rough one but she got the highest marks in her OWLs during that year and actually sat her Potions NEWT over the summer and passed that with high marks.

"So why not you and...Granger, I guess as well," Lucretia stated when she looked at Harry. "You have to prove that I've taught you well and your markings reflect upon my credit, but I know the two of you will excel in that class. It's just that Snape..."

"He knows his material but he's not a teacher," Harry responded and Lucretia nodded whilst they entered Snape's office. "Andromeda told me about what happened between him and my father."

"The sins on the father are often revisited upon the son," Lucretia added as they walked into Snape's office, and Lucretia used her wand to levitate the items off of the desk. "Or in my case, the daughter."

Being the daughter of Lucius Malfoy, well that offered a challenge in many ways. There was no question that Lucius barely brought her up in his meetings with his high influenced friends. Which allowed Lucretia to mostly stick to the shadows and do her own thing beyond the diseased Malfoy family name. She got ahead on her own merits and not because of the last name Malfoy.

It was the worst kept secret that her father padded some pockets with gold to keep into Akzaban. There was a secret room full of dark artifacts beneath Malfoy Manor but that was only the tip of what Lucius was into. He had many things that had his greasy little mits into, or so it seemed. Lucretia felt that she coexisted with her father, nothing more.

Plus knowing these secrets and not revealing them could get her the leverage that was needed for later on. Lucretia smiled when she watched Harry, carefully putting her hands on his shoulders. She invited him to sit down on the desk, with Harry doing so when she straddled his hips and looked in in the eyes.

"So we have this nice quiet office all to ourselves, Harry, and it's been a long and stressful day for us both," Lucretia remarked before she licked her lips carefully, before she ran her hands over his chest.

Harry got the message loud and clear, before she slid her robes off when she faced him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her, before pushing her back onto Snape's desk.

Dear Pamela.

Well you're not going to believe this one but somehow, I found my way on the school sports team. Yeah, I know, it's weird and I did it by making Draco Malfoy look like a complete and utter twat. Not that he doesn't do a good job of doing that himself but I figured, I'd be a good little wizard and lend him a helping hand.

Setting the stage, it is the first flying lesson. The brooms they give us are a disgrace, they might have been here since the school was built. In fact, I'm pretty sure that they were here since the school was built. They are really old and they don't handle well at all. So one of my classmates, Longbottom, falls off the broom. He falls onto the ground, snapping his wrist in half. Gets to the hospital wing, we are threatened against flying.

He has this stupid thing that only the brain surgeons in this world can invent. It's called the Remembrall, it tells you that you've forgotten something. Which could be useful except it neglects to tell you what you've forgotten. Which makes it utterly useless.

Draco, being the attention whore he was, decided to show off with the little trinket. I decided that I would do my one good deed for the year and get Longbottom his ball back. Although I do wonder how adept Draco is at handling balls.

But I digress.

I chased him for the thing but then he threw the ball. I caught, it was easy. Given that I had to work with a piece of crap broom that looked like he was held by chewing gum and duct tape.

So anyway, I thought McGonagall was going to scream at me but no she got someone named Wood. He is the captain for Quidditch, yeah sounds dumb but hey, it's something else for me to do to pass the time. I'm able to complete my homework within minutes. I'm even working with Lucretia on ways to improve the potions that this school teaches us. There is an easier way to do things, which you think would be obvious with magic.

Oh, here's the funniest part of today, Draco challenged me to a duel. I could have handled it if Ronald Weasley, prince of the uncouth, didn't accept it on my behalf. Now I've got to go to the trophy room and face him. Ron said he was going to be my second. Lucretia believes that there's no way that her brother would show up because he's a spineless, dickless coward. Her words, not mine, although the sentiment is shared.

I'm sure that she's right but hey, could be fun for a story later. Be back to finish this letter later when I go to the trophy room.


Okay I'm back, did you miss me?

As it turned out, Draco Malfoy didn't turn up. Hermione followed us or rather followed Ron. I explained the situation to her, so she diverted her malice to Ron. I don't think he got the point.

Longbottom got dragged into this entire mess as well.

Filch, the caretaker, tried to bust us. He has this cat Mrs. Norris, but we made a break for it. I don't know if you can kill a Poltergeist, but I sure am tempted to find out. And then we entered it.

Dumbledore wasn't kidding.

Oh boy he wasn't kidding.

Three heads, all too many teeth, and nasty, and not to mention hungry.

I wonder if the people in this place remember to feed it.

Or if they get the poor thing riled up by forgetting, hoping that more unfortunate schmuck gets dragged into it.

I was tempted to take pity on it and feed him Weasley, but that would be considered cruelty to animals.

So we got out of there, I think they made it back to the Gryffindor Common Room. I made my way to the Heads Room where I finished this letter.

It's a useful guard dog.

I will make Malfoy suffer for what he pulled however. He's going to learn a valuable lesson. And I'll use the purebloods' own assbackwards system against them to do it. Oh the delicious irony.

Talk you you soon,

Harry Potter.

Harry was true to his word and the next morning, everyone found out what he planned on doing. Draco Malfoy was hanging from the torches of the Great Hall, his robes stripped off of him, by his underwear and he whimpered as he was suspended for all to see.

"Nice underpants, Malfoy!" someone called from below.

"I see London, I see France, I see Malfoy's Underpants," a Muggleborn stated in an amused tone although the purebloods did not get the reference.

Daphne in particular was amused, Draco needed to get taken down a peg or two or ten.

"My father will hear about this!" Draco yelled as Flitwick took pity on him and lowered him down to the ground.

Harry arrived with Ron turning towards him.

"You missed the show," Ron stated, with Harry smelling his breakfast on his breath. Obviously these wizards never heard of a simple invention known as mouthwash.

The truth was that he had to establish his alibi to make sure none of this got tied back to him. Although his mouth curled into a smile when he watched Draco Malfoy dangling from the torch, kicking and thrashing his legs, and many of his fellow Slytherins did not seem too inclined to help him.

Harry waited for Malfoy to get cut down. As he watched, Daphne turned up, with a smile on her face.

"Well played, Potter," Daphne whispered to him so no one else could hear him.

"I am very disappointed in the students of Hogwarts for laughing at the misfortune of another," Dumbledore remarked from the Head Table, addressing the Great Hall as a whole. "There is nothing funny about what happened to young Draco Malfoy today and I hope that you would show more empathy towards his unfortunate plight."

"No, it wasn't funny," Tracey added in a somber voice before she added with a smile. "It was absolutely hilarious."

Dumbledore turned around, he knew that Draco Malfoy would be his own worst enemy from the moment that he stepped foot into this castle. He hoped, perhaps foolishly, that parts of his personality would be tempered and he would be able to do something productive with him. His father was savvy and his mother was among the top of her year.

Things did not look too promising for the young Malfoy.

Harry decided to get himself a brief bit of breakfast, although funnily enough he found his appetite to be less than abundant after seeing Malfoy's underwear. At least there was no view of his pasty white ass.

Anything that Harry did to Malfoy was perfectly within his rights as a head of an ancient and noble house because Malfoy challenged him to a duel and no-showed it like a craven coward. He was fully willing to exploit the rules and customs of the society for his own benefit. Malfoy got impaled upon his own sword.

The first couple of months at Hogwarts were mildly interesting. Once one got past the fact of "yay, magic" it was not that much different from many other schools. Harry noticed that the actual learning process was slowed down to a torturous crawl, covering what could have been covered in a lesson over several weeks, drilling mundane theory to the point of being repetitive. It caused his head to ring.

Lucretia commented that this was likely because of the Ministry of Magic did not want anyone to think beyond the parameters that had been established by the government and the International Confederation of Wizards backed them up. Therefore they slowed down the lessons. Harry thought that there was no problem at all with his ability to get ready to test out of first year by Christmas. In fact, the entire lesson plan for the first year covered maybe two and a half months worth of lessons stretched out.

In this world, Harry figured that someone could take a process that should take a day and stretch it out over a year. At least he had plenty to do around here, practicing the spells that he learned by reading through the Hogwarts library. He wished he could obtain a note to the Restricted Section but he had been shut down for his own good. That caused his teeth to gnash a little bit but he decided that he would learn every bit of magic he could in the allowed books.

There was a tiny bit of interesting knowledge in the library, although much of the knowledge about magical creatures and their cultures were oddly restricted. Other than magical creature books that described many of the races and their terms of savage brutality but while Harry knew that creatures were capable of savage brutality.

History of Magic was a glorified sleeping pill, how someone could make bloody battles sound about as interesting was reading a phonebook, he would never know. Harry would be interested in learning about some of the bloody battles between goblins and wizards. Although given his talks with Sersi, they decided that they were both in the wrong.

"Harry, I know about my race and I know what we're capable of," Sersi admitted one day after she read Harry's latest report of how his business holdings did. "While I think that your History of Magic course is too slanted against us, if goblins had a say, it would be too slanted against humans. It takes two sides to tangle."

"I'm sure it was thrilling and the goblins were capable of some brilliant tactics," Harry answered and Sersi pulled a disgusted face, which was uncharacteristic of a goblin.

"You should hear my grandfather tell the stories, he was there," Sersi stated, when she went over them. "So you want to double your holdings in the Firebolt broom company. You know, they're new, but….investor confidence states that they're going to be big someday. Especially if you buy now, with the last Quidditch Cup passing recently and the new one a few years away. The stocks will plummet around Christmas, and be at their lowest, so it will be time to buy. That's how it happened over the past four hundred or five hundred years."

"You've earned your pay with this one," Harry stated, he was sure that this was sound business advice. Invest when it was at its lowest, and then cash in right after the Quidditch Cup Finals where he could make the huge profit margins.

"Nimbus might be a safe investment, even if Firebolt is nipping at its tales," Sersi answered, with Harry leaning back in Charms class. He already levitated his feather and in fact did several charms that Flitwick requested for him to do. Once he performed about twenty or so charms, he was asked to sit in the back of the room, where he could do whatever he liked, as long as he did a silencing spell to prevent his activities from disturbing the students.

"Well if you're so smart, why don't you do it?

No silencing charm in the world could block the loud and obnoxious mouth of Ron Weasley.

"Also, Cleansweep….they're suffering," Sersi responded when she inclined her head. "That's a shame, because they were the champions for years, but they've decided to go for a safe business venture and nothing daring. The Nimbus 2000 and later the Nimbus 2001 brooms will be great, but Firebolt, my father thinks that will sweep the market."

"Sweep the market?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Little broomstick humor," Sersi stated, cracking a slight smile. "So, we'll revisit this plan after the holidays. And you want to double your holdings for Honeydukes."

"There's always a market for chocolate, one of the most addicting drugs in the world," Harry added, and Sersi could not argue that one.

The bell rang.

"Talk to later, Sersi, we'll touch base after I get done with History of Magic," Harry answered to her over the mirror.

"Okay, Harry, enjoy your nap," Sersi responded but Harry looked at her. "You don't actually try and stay awake and pay attention do you."

"I enjoy a challenge," Harry answered, he and Hermione were the only two who remotely held the attention, even though Harry wondered why.

"Some might say that you enjoy being a masochist," Sersi stated when she sighed. "Okay, talk to you later Harry. May fortune shine upon you."

"And may your Galleons rain gold," Harry states with a smirk.

Harry walked off and heard Ron ranting, looking right towards Hermione.

"She's a nightmare honestly; I mean…who would want to be around her?"

Hermione walked away, in a huff and hiding her tears.

"Congratulations, you've reached the level of Neanderthal," Harry stated as he looked at Ron and he looked confused. "I think she heard you."


"Well she might notice that she doesn't have any friends," Ron stated whilst he shifted guiltily, which was good. Harry hoped it ate him up inside and destroyed him all around. "I'm sure she'll be okay."

"For your sake, naturally," Harry stated before he cheerfully added. "I'm heading to the library."

Ron acted like Harry had hives and this allowed him to slip off. He would give Hermione a moment to cool off, before he would go after her. She should not really let a troglodyte such as Ron Weasley get the better of her.

"Troll, Troll in the dungeons!"

Professor Quirrell showed up and skidded to a stop, before he landed on the ground with a skidding thud and he looked up, his eyes carefully turned to them.

"Thought you'd like to know."

Harry for one, thought that Quirrell was being overly dramatic, but the people were screaming in terror. Everyone was running in horror until Dumbledore ran in horror.

"So who do you think let the troll in?" Ron asked Harry, trying to engage him into conversation but Harry moved away, kicking the passed out Quirrell in the ribs as he walked over the teacher. "Where are you going?"

"Hermione, I need to warn you and you might as well come with me, because it's your fault she's crying in the girl's bathroom in the first place," Harry answered when Ron followed him, and kept moving.

"How do you reckon it got in here?"

"You know, I have no idea, someone let it in, trying to be funny and cute, I'd imagine," Harry responded as he quickened his strides and nearly fell over his feet. He picked up the pace, before he moved faster, nearly at super speed.

"Hey, wait up."

Harry grabbed Ron roughly by the arm and jetted off quickly as he could.

"Hey, that's my shoulder."

"It will be your arse if you don't keep quiet," Harry hissed through his teeth as he focused his hearing. His hearing was sharp as always and he heard the grunts of the troll. He focused his vision and saw it going down the hallway, ugly and grotesque when it dragged a giant club behind him.

Ron moved away and turned the key in the lock, locking the troll inside. He looked pretty pleased with himself until Harry focused his vision. He found out that he could see through walls, doors and, women's clothing. He saw the troll advancing on the figure in the bathroom who screamed.

'That idiot.'

Harry nailed Ron in the back of the head, causing his head to bounce forward and smack across the door. He nailed him with half strength, full strength would have killed him. This gave him a concussion. Harry opened the door.

Hermione froze in the corner, this was the time where the courage that got her into Gryffindor failed her and her heart beat against her chest.

"Hermione, move it!" Harry yelled in a loud voice, before he blasted the mirror to get the trolls attention.

The troll advanced on Harry and he stood there, feeling a burning in his eyes.

Hermione ducked her head, wanting this to be a nightmare that she would wake up from soon.

A blast of heat fired from Harry's eye, slicing through the troll. It ripped through his skin and impacted through him, bouncing back off the mirror. It struck the back of his neck, ripping his head almost off.

The troll fell to the ground, blood splattering from his neck and chest. Hermione's eyes widened when she looked up, flummoxed and scared out of her mind.

"Is it…is it…is it…dead?"

Harry answered in a crisp tone of voice. "Yeah it's dead."

Hermione wondered what happened, what could have caused the troll's death, there was nothing that made any sense. She ducked her head and Harry stood over it, wand out. Surely a first year could have not fired a spell that quickly?

Harry blasted a few jets of flame out of his wand. They weren't anything like what he shot from his eyes but they would do.

"Is…is that what you did?" Hermione asked as she looked up at Harry, who pulled Ron Weasley into the room and deposited him next to the troll.

"Yes, that's what I did," Harry answered as he turned to Hermione, looking her dead in the eye. He supposed that he did not trust her enough with the truth, his other powers, like enhanced hearing, heat vision, and this X-Ray Vision.

"I owe you my life," Hermione stated in a breathless tone, looking at him with wide eyed adoration and Harry offered a shadow of smile towards Hermione, wondering if she appreciated what this statement meant. It had different ramifications in the Wizarding World than it did in the Muggle World.

Quirrell, McGonagall, and Snape arrived and Harry turned around. They looked at the troll and gasped, although Quirrell favored some bruised ribs.

"I overpowered by flame charm trying to save Hermione," Harry stated, answering their unasked question. "If you wish to verify that, you can check my wand. And Ron….well he tried to be a hero and it ended badly."

"I can see that," McGonagall stated whilst she wrinkled her nose at the smell of burned troll flesh.

Quirrell eyed the troll and then Harry Potter but he turned away from him. This was then when the wizard suspected something. Whenever he tried to focus his X-Ray vision on Quirrell's turban, he got a headache, which meant that there was something that blocked him. Although he did not know what that was.

The teachers had a mess to clear up. McGonagall turned to Harry and Hermione.

"Mr. Potter, if you wish to continue the feast, I will have a house elf send something up to your room," McGonagall stated and Hermione raised an eyebrow at the term "house elf" but Harry nodded carefully.

"Hermione should come with me, it would be unwise for her to be left alone after her ordeal," Harry responded when he carefully watched Hermione. "If she wants to of course."

"Yes, I will," Hermione stated, not wanting to return to the Gryffindor Common Room where she had no allies or friends. Sure she got along with people alright but they were distant to her. Harry was the closest person on her level, even if he might have been a bit more beyond her level.

After Harry and Hermione ate, he turned to her, because they had to address a certain situation.

"Today, you said that you owed me your life," Harry responded and Hermione carefully nodded.

"And I meant every word of that Harry, believe me," Hermione answered and she slipped off her robes, to reveal the white school blouse top and skirt that she wore, along with socks and shoes. Harry took a moment to look at her body. Like with most witches, she had the curves of a fifteen year old Muggle at age twelve.

"And that means you owe me a life debt," Harry responded when he looked at Hermione, before he handed her a blue potion. "Please drink this."

Hermione took it and swallowed the potion. She felt a rush of a sensation through her teeth and felt them shrank down to a normal size. She gave a gasp of astonishment; magic did something that dentistry could not accomplish.

"I want you to feel your very best about yourself and I think that those teeth were something you were bothered about," Harry answered as he put his hand on Hermione's bare thigh, who shivered for some reason at the contact. Which was strange as her body began to heat up. "I don't know how much you've read into this, but witches and wizards; we're different from normal mundane humans."

"Different?" Hermione asked as she felt a warmth rise between her legs and the sudden desire to give her master pleasure.

Master, where did that come from? She had a really weird night but then she thought about her duty towards Harry. She owed him and that was a debt that she could never fully repay.

Harry sighed, he figured that being in the Muggle world and Hermione's eleventh birthday coming fourteen months ago, she would experience some sort of backup regarding her magic. Whilst it wasn't potentially fatal for witches as it was for wizards, there could still be some circumstances where there might be problems.

The fact Hermione was wound pretty tight clued Harry in that she had been suppressing something.

"We mature in our younger years at a most different rate and because of the magic, our sex drive increases at a much different age," Harry continued as he looked at her, seeing her heaving chest between her breasts. "We have certain urges much sooner. Upon our eleventh birthday, we hit a maturation, where we age to that of a fourteen year old Muggle. There is more, and our aging eventually slows to a crawl when we hit our full maturation at twenty one years old. Some of us age half as quick after that. Some of us age a third as quick, others a fourth. A fortunate few stop aging at all, past their twenties, being forever young."

"Do you…do you think that's fortunate?" Hermione asked, feeling herself get wet at the thought of Harry doing all kinds of things that she never deemed to be possible before. She wondered what was happening to her.

Harry smiled to her.

"Perhaps," Harry stated before his hand traveled underneath her skirt and caused her to close her eyes, he smelt her arousal. "But it depends, we are put on this Earth for one reason, to make the most out of our lives. And if we're young and willing, we shouldn't worry about what taboos society claims to have."

Harry pulled Hermione forward onto his lap, snaking his arm around her, before he pulled her into a deep kiss. She sighed rather long and hard as his mouth worked on hers, essentially kissing the breath out of her. The wizard pulled away from her and caused her to nearly fall back, feeling faint.

"Society is flawed to begin with," Harry stated as his breath hit her ear and she shivered. "Why should we let them tell us where to have our fun?"

Hermione's blouse unbuttoned to reveal her C-Cup breasts straining in a bra. She felt her mind fog over, no logic, no thoughts about this was wrong or it was too soon, that kind of logic did not have any place in a world without logic. All she thought about was giving Harry pleasure.

"Let me pleasure you, master, I want to make you feel good," Hermione stated, the desire for him washing over.

He was a strong Alpha Male, who was the leader of the pack, and could have all the women he wanted. She worked his pants open and got down on her knees.

"That's a good girl," Harry stated whilst he looked at her chocolate brown eyes that stared back at him with desire.

Hermione fell asleep, her heart beating steadily, and Harry wrapping an arm around her. He got the smartest girl in his year under his belt and she would only get better with age, in both looks and intelligence. That was a winner and she would be devoted to him, always a benefit.

He could sense her mind shift to suit him, her old devotion to teachers and authority fading. Harry was the only authority, the only one worthy of her loyalty, and that made him smile. She would be a valuable asset to him.

Upon Hermione's neck was a small and indistinguishable mark that resembled a "Z", to signify that debt that she had towards Harry's bloodline.

Dear Pamela:

Thank you for your last letter, and yeah it was really unfair what happened, but that's big business for you. I'm sure you'll have your moment. Just don't do anything that will get you arrested, or anything like that. Keep a cool head and beat them at their own game. Well except for the poisoning the Earth thing, that's not something we want to do.

So my first Quidditch Game was yesterday and I got a good broom, Nimbus 2000. Its fine, pretty good, hands a hell of a lot better than the school brooms. My teammates are fine, even if Wood is a bit of slave driver. He's obsessed, just a tiny bit, just a little bit, okay maybe not that bad. Katie, Angelina, and Alicia, well they give me something interesting to watch to make things a bit more challenging. Otherwise I would have caught the Snitch in nine seconds flat. I figured I'd allow them a few goals, to build up the morale of the team. And the Weasley twins are the Weasley twins. They're a bit immature, but they're pretty good at what they do. And they do have potential if their ambition is directed in the right direction.

A weird thing happened today, someone tried to jinx my broomstick. Hermione thinks that someone was Snape but I think it was Quirrell. Either of them are worthy of a closer look. My flame blasting charm might have gotten overexcited again. Everyone was too busy watching the game to notice but Quirrell and Snape got a hot foot. And a hot other parts of their body.

Despite that fact, I got the Snitch. Higgs really doesn't know his own arse from the end of the broomstick. Not that much of the Slytherin team is better. I would say that they would be considered to be trolls, but the troll that I fought on Halloween was far more literate.

Speaking of trolls, Ron Weasley had to go home, because the head injury he suffered on Halloween, well it knocked him loopy. I didn't really notice the difference but Pomfrey must have and sent him home. He might miss this year and will have to start all over again. At least he remembers his name. His pretty loopy and punch drunk all things considered.

I hope you'll well and I think I have a good idea what the guard dog might be hiding, but I'm not going to publicize it in a letter. Although the Hogwarts Gamekeeper is not the best person to tell your secrets to unless you want to have them publicized but if I get him drunk, I have a pretty good idea that I could have him tell me anything that he's been told.

And since Dumbledore does seem to be cheerfully trusting, I have a feeling that he told Hagrid a lot.

That is all for today.

All the Best,


"I'm not sure if I've learned enough, maybe I should dial things back a little bit," Hermione answered as she bit down on her lip and looked at Harry, who stood by Lucretia and Tonks, the four of them sitting around their hang out. "There's a lot of material in our first year, you know."

"There really isn't," Lucretia stated as she put her hand on Hermione's knee in a consoling manner. "I know it seems like a lot and I really wish that I knew of this option during my first year."

"I wonder why they didn't tell us it," Tonks stated but Lucretia smile and watched her.

"Well it's obvious isn't it?" she asked and Tonks wondered what was obvious about it. She waved her hand and offered Lucretia the chance to continue. "The Ministry wants to control how quickly we learn their information. Would they want some fourteen year old that's smarter than half of the people in the Ministry? I don't think they would."

"No, I don't think they would," Hermione agreed carefully as she turned to Harry.

Harry spent a moment deep in thought, he was ready for the exams for the first year and hell, he was about ready for the second. However it was discouraged that they take more than one set of exams at a time. The young wizard thought about his studies and how he studied most of the books that he was allowed to in the Hogwarts library. He actually was glad for Quidditch because Wood's obsession with training gave him a lot to do in his free time, other than the girls he was doing.

His homework, he breezed through it within a matter of moments, there was no problems at all.

"We'll be ready to take our exams on Thursday," Harry stated and Hermione opened her mouth to protest but Harry put a hand up to stop her. "Yes, Hermione, no matter what, you'll be ready, there's no question about it. If you've been able to keep up me for this long, you'll be able to stay the course and finish the exams, and we'll be ready for our second year courses after the holidays."

Hermione nodded, she was ready. Despite these exams being expanded to cover some second year material, they were ready after the first four months. They had some help from Lucretia and Tonks, when they were not preparing for their NEWTs, but they had to take this on their own and be ready.

Harry smiled, he could see the confidence rolling off of her, she was ready, and so was he. It was time for them to prove that they earned it. There were less than a dozen people to take this particular route with the history of Hogwarts. Hermione and Harry, if they succeeded through this three and a half year fast track, they would be ready to go.

And the sooner the better, although Harry found that the next three or so years would be prudent for him to collect certain resources before he properly moved on to the real world, because a secluded world did not fit his ambitions although he did admit that there were a few useful things that he would grab on his way out.

The day where they would receive the results for the first year examinations rapidly approached and Harry for one could not wait. Granted he knew that he passed with flawless marks but it was a matter of seeing everything on paper that clinched everything for Harry. The young wizard carefully waited but despite his desire to see everything that was written, as it was down on paper, that was nothing compared to Hermione's desire.

Hermione rocked herself back and forth to the point where Harry was both amused and kind of annoyed. She was most certainly the type of person that would obsess over things and despite the fact that she nearly studied herself into a coma, she worried that she failed everything. Harry deduced that there was a lot of pressure put on her, by her father at least, to be the best and anything less was a disappointment.

Harry found it abhorrent but knew that if Hermione relaxed and merely applied herself, she would still achieve the same results if she worked herself into a level of stress.

"I can't believe it," Hermione stated as she eyed the window outside of the Tonks residence, where she and Harry were staying for the holidays. Her parents were on a business trip or so they told her, so Harry invited Hermione to come stay with him, Andromeda, and Nym during the holiday season. "I know this was a mista…."

Harry placed his mouth on Hermione's, shutting her up; she was kind of giving him a headache about her obsessions with examinations. He thought that she relaxed a little bit when his mouth worked onto hers.

If they would have gone anywhere further, neither would have had the foggiest notion. The flapping of owl wings could be heard and Hermione broke the kiss when she stood rigid. It was funny how time slowed down to a crawl at instances like this but she turned, and eyed them all. The dark haired witch waited, she was on pins and needles when the key to her future.

"This is it, oh this is it," Hermione stated, she wanted to move onto second year courses. "I know we've got through the first year stuff and most of second year, but what if…what if it was for nothing?"

Harry did not have the heart to tell Hermione that he delved a little bit into the third year course material, sneaking a tiny little peak. If he had not been held back for his own good and because of some excuse about how it was a strain to learn that much magic in a year, Harry suspected that he would have been done with Hogwarts much sooner than the three and a half years. He did admire Hermione for cutting a steady enough pace to keep up with him.

Not many people would have kept up with his pace but Hermione was one of the people who tried to keep up with him. She was a bit nuts in that regard but then again most people were. And that was one of the things that Harry admired about her. She actually was willing to apply herself to a higher level and not allowed herself to get held back by what is suspected.

The letters dropped into the hand of Hermione, so much so that her hand trembled when she held it in her hand. She nearly dropped it on the ground, her hand shaking a little bit. Harry gently picked the letter up and handed it to her, which she took graciously.

"Anxious, sorry," Hermione responded as Harry eyed her firmly with a look that quite frankly told her that she should knock it off for her own health.

"Anticipation is often worse than the event," Harry responded as he crossed his arms, with a slight eye turned towards her. "Go ahead and open it up, face the music, it will be over before you know it."

Hermione grabbed the letter in her hand; she slowly opened it, before she held it in her hand. The brunette witch pulled out the letter and placed it in her hand, before holding it carefully and she watched it. The suspense built as she read her results.

"So, how did you do?" Harry asked which broke the silence.

"I passed everything with top marks," Hermione responded in an excited tone.

"Really, I did as well," Harry stated in a bored and unimpressed voice. It wasn't that big of an accomplishment given rudimentary teachings. "Then again, first year material really isn't that pushing when you think about it."

"Maybe," Hermione admitted in a grudging voice.

"It's a shame we couldn't get second year out of the way," Harry answered as he turned around and watched her carefully out of the corner of his eye, before he added. "Congratulations."

"Thanks, you as well," Hermione responded with a nod, as the two settled down to watch a movie and have a rare night. The Tonks residence was equipped with Muggle electronics in this particular room, given Andromeda's late husband and she kept it around as a memorial to him.

Harry's eyes snapped open when he saw himself standing in the middle of a row of crystalized towers. He stepped forward, turning his head, curious and also suspicious a little bit at where he was. He heard the whispers in the back of his head. The chants in the back of his head and he could not quite make out what they said. However, one thing that he could make out was the towers were glowing before him.

They were not only glowing but they pointed him forward and he took a few steps forward. The chanting got louder and louder when he proceeded forward. He stood in front of a pair of gates with a glowing symbol, it was shaped like a "U" only it was slightly crooked. Underneath it was a "Z" scratched out of the gates.

The other symbol was underneath the gate and he reached forward, pressing his hand on it. The gate glowed and opened, swinging back and forth. More crystal towers lit up as Harry walked forward, carefully taking a few steps forward and looked up.

He saw her floating there, with shoulder length dark hair and glowing blue eyes, dressed in black robes with a similar family crest that the "U" that was on the door. Harry watched her, she was gorgeous beyond all measure and that put Harry on his guard.

"Welcome home," she stated with a smile crossing her face as she stared him down. He reached forward, taking a step or two, albeit very tentatively, towards her.

"Who are you?" Harry asked as he watched her, hovering from side to side.

"Soon you will know who you truly are, soon you will understand," she stated carefully as the crystals sparkled across from him. "Soon all shall be clear. It has been a long time since I've seen you. But for the first time I glimpsed you, you were there, in a lab, merely in crystalized form but you are now flesh and blood."

The young woman calmly watched him before she added, a smile crossing her face. It was then where Harry noticed that there was a glowing chamber to the side of her but as of yet, he could not get a good enough look at it.

"My flesh and blood."

She paused and added, whilst Harry saw the figure in the tube, she was a strikingly beautiful blonde female dressed in white garb. Currently she floated, asleep, but he had a feeling that she would awaken soon enough.

"Did you ever wonder where you truly came from? Do you wonder where you truly are? You are not like them, you are someone who will lead them into a new age. That is your purpose."

She shifted momentarily pausing as she did. The dark haired girl placed her hand on the outside of the glass of the girl and reached through, stroking the cheek through.

"Her purpose," she added, stroking the blonde's cheek whilst never breaking eye contact. Our shared purpose is to rule beside you when we change this world into something more habitable."

Harry found his voice. "You're a figment of my dream, aren't you?"

"A figment of a deep rooted connection we have shared since your conception," she corrected as she watched him. "It was not supposed to be this way, you were not supposed to be raised by barbarians, but you have turned out well despite them. That serves well for you."

"Who are you?" Harry asked.

"My name is Faora, I'm your sister," she responded with a smile. "I am currently asleep, much like she is, so the two of us can only speak on the plane of dreams."

Harry nodded before she continued to explain information that she was certain that he wanted to know.

"Our father lost a child in the destruction of the original Kandor, along with his first wife. I was named after that lost love. That ignorant fool Jor-El spurned him when he pleaded for him, pleaded to use the cloning process to restore his son back to life. Despite my father's pleading, despite the fact that he saved Jor-El from being sentenced to death for treason, Jor-El refused to return the debt. My father, our father, thought highly of him, almost like a brother."

Faora decided to allow that to sink in before she explained about herself.

"I was born to my mother, Ursa, but the pregnancy was high risk and we needed to use a vessel for a second child."

"A vessel?" Harry asked as he watched her, he watched her, waiting for more information to come forth.

"Your mother came into contact with a crystal that contained my father's DNA and a bit of my mothers;s," Faora explained ot him. "Your mother is both Lily Evans and Ursa Hu-Ul, she gave birth to you and the crystal she touched gave you extraordinary abilities. It also projected a camouflage upon you that made you resemble the flesh and blood of James Potter, at least initially. It wears off more with each passing year, although I'd keep the hair the way it is, it becomes you."

"Thanks, I think," Harry stated. "So my father is…"

"Dru-Zod, a brilliant man, at least at first, until he was driven mad by his obsession and desire to conquer the planet, along with his unhealthy obsession of making other men kneel before him, " Faora responded when she closed her eyes. "Our planet was known Krypton; it was a world of wonder with technology that exceeded that of Earth. I must inform you of more sometime but our connection is not strong enough yet for me to be here for this long."

"So you're here, on Earth," Harry stated.

"Yes, I am, I'm hidden away until our connection officially strengthens enough to allow me to safely awaken," Faora responded as she dropped down next to him. "Sometimes I will be able to appear in your dreams, sometimes I will not but fear not, I shall visit you whenever I am able to."

"You said there was another? Is that her?" Harry answered as he watched her with interest, she practically swayed in the wind. Both of them were beautiful beyond measure. Sister or not, one could not deny Faora's beauty, and Harry found himself captivated by it for a few moments.

"I managed to subvert the niece of Jor-El over to our cause, although Kara didn't need much prompting, given what I was able to offer her," Faora responded as she licked her lips and thought of her encounters with dear Kara. "She is loyal to you and me, as I am to you. The best kind of girls are the kind that can and will kill for you, dear Har-Zod."

Harry watched her as the scene started to fade around him.

"And how do I know you're real?" Harry asked.

"Oh, I'm very real," Faora stated before she threw her arms around Harry and pressed her lips against his mouth in a searing kiss. He returned it, the taste was wild and full of unbridled passion, unlike anything he ever experienced before.

He wanted to do much more to her, with her, but he faded out of the dream land, pulled out before things could get interesting.

When Harry woke up, he ran his tongue across his lips, tasting the same delightful sensations from his dreams upon them. He only had one thing to think.

'Yep, she's very real,' Harry thought to himself, looking forward to more intimate encounters, both in the dream world and maybe, eventually in the flesh. He had been so distracted by the information that she gave him that there were questions that he wanted answers to.

He would get those answers, and more, much more.

To Be Continued In "First Year Part Two" On July 16th 2013.