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Shego Visits Global Justice,... Job,... Ron Visits Kim Possible

Shego entered the Global Justice base. Dr. Betty Director had suggested she visit. Had guaranteed she would be allowed to leave. So she was doing just that. She wondered why the head of Global Justice would want to see her. There had been a few visits to her cell when she had first been captured in her role as a villain. That had been around four years ago. The woman had tried to speak to her and Shego had just ignored her. In her role as a hero she'd spoken to the woman once via phone and once when she had visited the Go Tower. She had seemed nice on both occasions.

Shego wondered how things would have been different if she had approached her with the blackmail problem back then. If she had reached out and trusted someone. But of course she'd been young. She'd spent several years thinking herself so smart and so strong. She had been so sure of herself. She been stronger than anyone she knew other than Hego and even he she could beat if she really wanted to. And she'd been so much smarter than everyone she knew. That had been her downfall. When the time came, she hadn't known who to trust, or even how to trust.

She waited by the entrance for someone to escort her. To her surprise it was the kitchen worker who'd brought her her meals the last time she was captured. "First prison guard, now escort duty?" Shego smiled at her.

The girl swallowed. Obviously nervous. There was no force field between her and the plasma firing super villain this time. "This way." She managed to get out.

Shego followed. The base was nearly empty. "Base is still understaffed I see. What's going on?"

"I'm not sure I'm allowed to say." The girl squeaked.

"Relax." Shego told her. "If I was to do anything too drastic I would have to burst out again. That would be a pain. And it would get Global Justice after me once more. That would be an even bigger pain."

They entered the office of Dr. Betty Director. "Morning." The woman greeted Shego.

"Morning." Shego answered back. Voice neutral. She still wondered what the woman wanted.

"I'll get the coffee." The girl said and took off.

Dr. Betty Director nodded towards a seat and Shego took it.

"Enjoying your freedom?" She asked Shego.

"Very much so." Shego replied. It was true. She and Ron now went grocery shopping together. Something she hadn't dare risk before. It was nice. Just walking through the aisles looking at the various items, discussing what to get. She could do the normal day to day things that she hadn't been able to do for a long time.

"You know when you were nice to that girl our analysts pegged you as being a lesbian."

"Wh... What!" Shego exclaimed. Her eyes going wide.

"Yeah. Global Justice definitely needs better analysts." Dr Betty Director grinned at her. "They even came up with a plan to have her seduce you."

"No thanks." Shego managed to get out.

"The girl, Miranda is her name by the way, wasn't too pleased with the idea either. She told Will Du if he wanted you seduced he could dress up in drag and do it himself."

"How did he take that idea?" Shego had to ask.

"Not too well." Dr. Betty Director admitted.

"Wish I could have seen his face." Shego tried to picture it.

"Oh. That's easy enough done. Nearly every Global Justice agent has a copy of the video." Dr. Betty Director brought up the video on her laptop and hit play. She turned it around so Shego could watch.

Shego watched the scene play out. First the decision by Will Du that she was a lesbian and then calling Miranda in and ordering her to seduce Shego. Pig, Shego thought to herself. Miranda had refused and Will Du had started to try and coerce her. Shego found out that the girl, Miranda, actually was a lesbian. Will Du it seemed couldn't understand why Miranda was refusing. Finally she told him to dress in drag and do it himself. Everyone in the room had burst out laughing. Will Du had practically exploded. The expression on his face made the whole visit to Global Justice worth it to Shego. She found herself laughing.

"Of course the copy the agents got only contains the last few scenes." Dr. Betty Director added. She wondered what the analysts would think of a laughing Shego. In over four years all the footage they'd gotten of her she had never been laughing.

"That alone makes coming here worth it." Shego admitted.

The door opened and Miranda entered. She carried a tray with two cups. "Raspberry flavored coffee." She said, setting one cup before Shego. Her eyes flickered for a second, looking at the laptop screen, and she blushed.

"Thanks." Shego told her. She took a sip. "Delicious." She added, smiling at the girl.

Another cup was placed before Dr. Betty Director who also thanked the girl. The girl rushed out.

"So, if it wasn't a cute girl who made you change your ways, what was it?" Dr. Betty Director got to the point.

Shego shrugged. She knew that question was going to be asked at some point. She wondered how much of the truth she should tell. Getting the Buffoon in trouble wasn't on her agenda. "I guess I got my soul back." She finally said. It was the truth. When she'd burned that girl she had thought herself a soulless monster. It had been the Buffoon who had given it back to her.

Dr. Betty Director thought for a few seconds. "What made you lose your soul in the first place?"

"I burned someone." Shego admitted.

"Someone who didn't deserve it?" Dr. Betty Director guessed.

"A complete innocent." Shego said. "She'd never done anything to hurt me. I burned her anyway."


Shego found herself telling Dr. Betty Director the whole story of why she'd become a villain.

"But then something happened. You said you got your soul back?" Dr. Betty Director looked at the woman before her. "We knew something was strange when we investigated Cal Ryan. There was plasma residue in the apartment and the way the window had been forced open suggested it was you. We couldn't figure out why a villain like you would be with a drug dealer like him."

Shego recalled Cal Ryan. One of the ones who had drowned the Buffoon time and time again at Camp Wannaweep.. One of the ones responsible for his years of nightmares. She felt plasma flicker at her fingertips. She hid her moment of weakness by pretending she was warming up the cup of coffee. She took a sip. Only the Buffoon could make a better cup.

Dr. Betty Director noticed the moment of weakness. The loss of control and the attempt to cover it up. "Then other things started to make us take notice. You were nice to Miranda. You even cooperated with Kim Possible to handle the Lorwardians. But what really made us take notice was when you helped stop the Diablo plot. For it to succeed all you had to do was stand aside. You didn't."

"Why is the base so empty?" Shego asked. She wanted to change the topic.

"First there are a thousand Lorwardian war machines to guard. Then there's their ship to investigate. That was bad enough. Now there are twenty million dolls scattered worldwide with cybertronic technology in them. We just had our budget for field agents doubled. I wish it had been quadrupled." Dr. Betty Director sounded tired.

"Big job." Shego shuddered. Twenty million weapons like the diablos in the hands of children. Collecting them must be a nightmare.

"Fortunately we managed to convince Drakken to build us a scanner. It can detect their cybertronic technology from a ten kilometer radius. That helps."

"How's he doing?" Shego wondered.

"Pretty good. He got a better cell in exchange for building the scanner."

"That's good." It was, Shego thought to herself. For all that she'd mocked him Drakken was an okay guy.

"Want the job?" Dr. Director Betty asked?

"Huh? Job?" Shego was confused.

"Leading one of the teams collecting the diablos. Sure we know simple paint can destroy them." She paused at that as if shaking her head in wonder. "But we want skilled agents to lead the teams. Ones with good reflexes who know how to react quickly. The dolls are dormant but they can still be activated. We had three of them reactivate already when a radio station beamed a certain signal. Too many such incidents and Global Justice agents will start to get hurt unless they got a team member with them who can react fast to take the machine down."

"I'm still a villain even if I'm low on the list." Shego pointed out.

Dr. Betty Director shrugged. "I'm aware of that. We've worked with villains before when the need arose. Did you know we planned to offer you a job when you graduated high school?"

"No." Shego was stunned.

Dr. Betty Director grinned. "You went bad two days before we sent the letter. You have a rare combination. High intelligent along with enhanced abilities. I would have also said common sense but you went and burned that girl and ran off so..." She shrugged. "Next time come to me. I will see what I can do to help. Would have back then."

"I thought of that too late." Shego admitted. "I'm no hero." She added.

"We don't want heros. We want good agents who can get the job done without messing up."

"Where would I work?"

"Any place you want to."

"Middleton then. I accept." Shego wondered just what she was getting herself into. But if she was useful it mean an even smaller chance of Global Justice knocking on her door. And she needed something to do. The Buffoon had decided on Upperton College for technology courses. He had taken a weekend job as an apprentice under a professional chef. She would have a lot of free time. Middleton was an area she knew and in her hovercraft the trip back and forth would only take a minute or two.

"Welcome aboard." Dr. Betty Director smiled and help out her hand. Shego took it.

Ron was in the backyard of the Possible house. He was teaching Jim and Tim, Kim's twin brothers, how to improve the solar array for their next attempted satellite. The bulky one they'd used on the one that had burned up had been five square meters. At fifty percent efficiency that would have given them a little over three kilowatts to play with. He was developing an inflatable array that would be a hundred square meters. The spray on solar cells were only forty percent efficient but the extra area meant they would have fifty-two kilowatts to play with. A drastic improvement. Wade was on the Kimmunicator doing some computations for the new configuration.

He would point out things to the twins and let them work, along with Wade, while he made trips to the kitchen where he talked with Mrs. Dr. P and discussed recipes. It had been a while since he'd been over and they had a lot to discuss. He was happy. He was doing the things he liked, cooking and building devices, with people he loved.

Kim came in the door with Mark in tow. She saw Ron and smiled. It was rare that he came over lately. "Hi Ron." She greeted.

"Hi Kim. Hi Mark." Ron greeted the two back. He studied Kim. She seemed happier lately. She no longer seemed to wonder if she was a monster made by the aliens. Part of that he guessed was that she had, once high school ended, stopped the missions. That had been only four days ago but the change was there. She had been burning out. First she had seen him nearly die. Had stood by what she thought was his deathbed for eight days. Then she had learned she'd been changed in the womb by psychotic aliens. Then she had thought she'd seen Mark die under the onslaught of eight of Drakken's diablo machines. It had been enough for her. If she had continued, Ron knew, she would have burned out. She was as mentally strong as she was physically, but she was only human and needed a break.

He continued to study her. It was making her nervous.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing." He considered the missions they'd been on. She was superb on them. Fast and quick acting. Once she'd rested, had healed, she would need something to challenge her. It was the way she was. "You should reconsider joining Global Justice after college." He told her.


"You would make a good leader in any field Global Justice offers. It won't be like the missions. It won't be a couple of kids like me and Mark and Wade backing you up. You would have a real team with real resources." It would he thought, fulfill her need to be challenged. At the same time he knew Global Justice took good care of its agents. She wouldn't be allowed to burn out.

"I'll think about it." She said.

He could tell she didn't mean it. He also knew she eventually would. But that wasn't the real reason he had come over.

He looked over at Mrs. Dr. P. "You know, you've been like a mother to me since I was four years old. You treated me as your own."

"I'm honored you feel that way Ron." She smiled at him. He was, to her, not just like one of her own, he was one of her own.

"I've got something to talk to you about if you don't mind listening?" He told her.

"Of course Ron."

Ron turned to look at Kim. "And you too Kim."

"Of course Ron."

"Privately, if you don't mind Mark?" He looked at Kim's boyfriend.

"I need to get over to the dojo anyway. I got a class to teach." Mark looked at Kim. "See you later tonight okay?"

"Okay." Kim smiled back at him.

The twins ran in. "We're finished with the solar array. Now the magnetic propulsion." They chorused together and waited.

"Not right now." Ron told them.

"But..." They started.

"Later Jim and Tim." Their mother told them.

They marched off mumbling to each other.

"This isn't a very private area." Mrs. Dr. P pointed out.

"And they probably shouldn't hear what I got to say." Ron added.

"My room then." Kim suggested.

The three marched in. Kim and her mother sat on the bed while Ron looked around. He hadn't been in here in quite a while. When Kim and Mark had started dating it seemed rather weird to spent time with Kim here. He saw she still kept the pictures of him and her when they were young. They were on open display on her dresser. He studied them. So many years, he thought.

"The memories huh?" Kim told him.

"Yeah. So many." He looked through the pictures some more. The later ones were of him and Kim along with Mark. He wondered if someday there might be four people in some of the photos. If she would ever accept Amy as a friend. He turned around to see both Kim and her mother patiently waiting. "Mrs. Dr. P." He started. "You're a brain surgeon so you know some psychology right?"

"It's sort of required." She admitted. She smiled at him, encouraging him. This she could tell was serious.

"I probably should have told you this when I first got back from camp. I tried telling Kim at the time but we were kids, just nine years old."

"Camp Wannaweep?" Mrs. Dr. P asked.

"Yeah. The nightmares I had since then. Well, had until recently anyway."

"Until recently. So you had nightmares about that place from the time you were nine until you were what, seventeen or eighteen?"


"How often?"

"Every night."

"Ron why didn't you tell me sooner?" Mrs. Dr. P was both worried and furious.

"I sort of got used to them." He saw Kim chew her lower lip, staring at him, pale faced. He knew she thought she had let him down. "KP, we were kids. It's not even why I wanted to talk to you. It's just something that leads up to it."

"The nightmares." Mrs. Dr. P demanded.

Ron told them of the monkey gang. About the repeated drowning. He saw the faces of both women go white.

"Who?" Kim demanded. She was standing, the Kimmunicator out, ready to call Wade to find them.

Ron looked at her. In this situation it was all she knew to do. Act. That was Kim.

"It doesn't matter any more KP."

"But Ron."

"It's taken care of KP. Neither of them will be hurting anyone for a long time."

"What happened to them Ron?" Mrs. Dr. P asked.

"Two of them are in a mental hospital. The other three are in prison. They won't be out for a long time." He told her.

"And the nightmares are the drownings?"

"Yeah. Funny thing is until recently I just thought they were nightmares. Turns out though in the nightmares when I dreamed I was dying my breathing and my heart stopped too."

"You mean not just in the dream. Your breathing and heart actually stop?" Mrs. Dr. P was looking at him.

"Yeah. For a minute or so each time."

"I want to see you in the hospital Ron, to run some tests okay?"

"Sure. But you're not going to find anything." He smiled at her. "All those tests you ran the last time I was there. They would have found anything wrong."

"Still. I want to rerun them." She insisted.

"Okay." He submitted. It wouldn't take too much time and it was better than having her worry.

Kim thought for a second. "How do you know they stop in real life?"

"Amy." Ron told her.

"That's someone you're seeing?" Mrs. Dr. P asked.

"Yeah. We've been dating for quite a while now."

"So long as it isn't Shego." Kim told him. She grinned at him.

He could tell the grin wasn't real. What he'd just told her had affected her. To know he had been dreaming of dying night after night for years. And she felt responsible for not having listened all those years back. "Actually, Amy is Shego's real name." He told her.

"What!" Kim jumped up. Then she sat down on the floor a stunned looked on her face. She rubbed the top of her head.

Ron looked up. There was a dent in the ceiling where Kim had hit it. He sat down on the floor across from her.

"Ron..." She started.

Ron held up his hand. "Let me speak okay?"

She nodded.

"You're my friend KP. Nothing is ever going to change that. But she is a part of my life now and is going to remain so for, I hope, a very long time. You don't have a say in that. It's between her and me."

"But she's a villain Ron."

"Used to be a villain KP. Seems Global Justice trusts her enough now to give her a job."

"Global Justice? Shego? A job?" Kim blinked.

"Shego. She's the one who sat with you while Ron was in the hospital?" Mrs. Dr. P asked.

"Yeah." Kim admitted.

Mrs. Dr. P looked at Ron. "And she's no longer wanted by Global Justice? She's no longer a villain?"

"Sort of. She will never be off their list. It's sort of like parole. They wouldn't have given her that chance if they didn't trust her."

"And you've been seeing each other for how long?"

"Around a year and half. Not dating that long but we've been spending time together for that long."

"She's given up crime?"


Mrs. Dr. P sat back to think. She knew he was right. Global Justice would not have given the woman a second chance if they didn't trust her. And she had seen the look on her face when Ron was in the hospital. The despair when she thought he was dying. The hope when she knew he might make it. The sheer joy when he was awake. The way the two had sat together. She was forced to admit the woman loved him. And the evidence suggested she had changed her way. "I approve." She finally said. "That's what you wanted isn't it Ron?"

"Mom." Kim screamed.

"Yes, Mrs. Dr. P. We're in a relationship regardless of what others want or think. But as I said, you're like a mother to me. What you think is important."

"Bring her over some time." It wasn't a request. She wanted to met the person her son was dating.

"I will."

"Mom." Kim screamed again.

"Kimme." Mrs, Dr. P started. "What do you think will happen if I disapprove?" She didn't give Kim time to answer. "He will still date her. He didn't come here to get my permission. He wanted me to approve of her. If I disapprove he won't bring her here. He will spend holidays like Christmas with her and not here as a part of my family. He will spend less time here. And I am selfish enough that I don't want that. I want to hold on to Ron, my son, as long as possible. So long as I think the girl he's dating is good for him, loves him, I will approve. But." She looked over at Ron. "If I think she's bad for you I will disapprove and try to shake some sense into you."

Ron nodded.

She got up. "The hospital Monday. I will be running quite a few tests. And now I better make sure the twins aren't going to launch the house into orbit rather than that satellite." She left.

Ron turned to look at Kim who stared back. They sat across from one another.

Kim thought of what her mother had said. Saying no wouldn't stop them. Just make him stay away at times when they should all be together as a family. She sighed. "I guess I should have seen this coming. I mean it was so obvious."

Ron grinned at her. "True." He admitted. Kim was pretty oblivious at times.

"We fought Drakken a number of times in the last year and a half." She stated.

"The same rules applied." He told her. " She fought at a level that ensured she wouldn't hurt anyone. The same as you did. I did my best to back you up and stop Drakken. There wasn't any conflict between supporting her or supporting you."

"The matchbox?" She asked.

"She's human, the same as everyone else. She can lose her temper too. She didn't hurt you even though she thought you'd destroyed something important to her."

"A matchbox important?"

"Anything can be important to a person. A picture is just paper." He pointed at the pictures on her dresser. "But they're important. It's what something symbolizes that determines its value in a person's heart."

Kim sighed. She had already made up her mind. But it was so hard. She looked down at her hands. There could be only one answer.

She had watch Shego too, sitting at Ron bedside, expecting him to die. Had seen her expressions. The despair, the hope, the joy. The total willingness to die to avenge him. She knew the woman's love for Ron was true. Not just some passing crush.

Kim twisted her hand around and looked at them again. She knew the woman didn't want to rule the world any more. When she'd said that Kim had believed her. She had found something more important than mere power.

They had fought together against the Lorwardians. It had seemed so natural there with Shego at her side. After so many years fighting each other they had known exactly how each other fought. How to work together. Each other's strengths and weaknesses in a fight.

She spread her fingers and looked at them. She recalled that the woman had saved Mark. That she, Kim, owed her in a way that could never be repaid.

"I guess with you catching comet powers you're pretty close?" She recalled what Mark had said about Ron probably being in a serious relationship. She would never have guessed it was Shego.

"Pretty close." He smiled at her. "But it takes more than that to catch comet powers. People could exchange blood with her and still not get them. In fact it probably would kill them."

She twisted her hands around as thought she could peer down within them and see the genes within. Most people would see me as a monster, she thought, thinking of her altered DNA. My mother accepts me, but that's to be expected. Mark accepts me. Thankfully. Ron accepts me. He accepts everyone the way they are. But Shego also accepts me. Sort of. She doesn't think I'm a monster. She treats me pretty much the same. That was a second one she owed the woman.

She looked back up at Ron. "If she treats you wrong I'll hurt her, comet power or no comet powers."

"Oh. And do I get to hurt Mark if he treats you wrong?" Ron asked her.

Kim froze. "That's different." She insisted.

"No it's not. Tell you what. If you think it's something I would interfere with you and Mark about then come and talk to me."

Kim nodded. "So it would have to be pretty serious then? Like if he was hitting me?"

"Yeah. We will still have each other's backs. But we will also have to give each other space. Like I learned how to give you and Mark space."

Kim nodded. "My parents are throwing me a graduation party this weekend. You coming over?"

Ron looked at her.

"Yes. I mean her too."

"Okay then."

"Guess I better tell mom to get three or four cakes though. Between the two of you..." She grinned at him.

"Three at least." He admitted. He had always been a big eater and with the comet powers it was a bit extreme.


"But what?" Ron asked.

"Do you think you can get her to stop calling me Princess. And to call Mark Mark."

"I'm pretty sure that can be arranged."

"Ron?" Kim looked down at her hands again.


"Those nightmares. You said they stopped?"

"They have."

"Good. I'm sorry. I was so excited you were back from camp all I wanted to do was play."

"Not your fault KP. I always knew Mrs. Dr. P was there and I never told her either. They're gone now."

"She helped you get over them?"

"Yeah. She even located one member of the monkey gang members and investigated him. Found out he was a drug dealer and called the police on him."

"Really? She did that?." That was a third one she owed the woman then.


Ron was lying besides Shego, running his fingers through her hair. He had talked to her and she'd agreed to call Kim and Mark by their proper names. She'd insisted though that she was so used to Princess and boy toy she might forget once in a while. He figured at first it would be more than once in a while. But that eventually things would sort themselves out.

"I know it's a long ways off before we have any but I wonder what our little ones will be like." Ron had a dreamy expression on his face.

Shego turned around. "Ron. I told you it's impossible for me to have kids."

"I'm pretty sure there's a way around that problem. I already got an idea for two ways it might be possible."

Shego blinked. "Really."

"Yeah. By the time we're ready I'm sure we will be able too."

She snuggled in closer. "That would be nice." She admitted. "Would they have comet powers too?" She wondered.

"Yeah. Would be hard for them not to. It's in both our cells."

Shego pulled him closer. They'd already made love once that night but she figured that news was worth celebrating. She tried to imagine what they would be like. Their children.

End of Chapter.

Shego has a job. After trying to take the ten thousandth doll/robot from the fingers of a child she's going to really understand what the phrase 'like taking candy from a baby' means. Poor her. She is also opening up and trusting people, like Dr. Betty Director.

Kim has accepted Shego fully as a part of Ron's life. But she did demand some respect in return - for her and Mark to be called by their proper names. She also learned things about him that she didn't know before

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