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Summary: Sent to another world by the flamboyant death and turned into a demon Hadrian isn't sure what to make of his new life. But what one thing that he is certain of is that the bloody butler wouldn't leave him alone. Slash!

Warnings: Masterofdeath!Harry, Smart!Sarcatic!demon!Harry, SLASH.

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{Not Reincarnation. A second chance!}

Prologue: Flamboyant pink Death?

When the bullet hit it didn't hurt.

There was a thud as his body hit the ground, a voice screaming his name, then nothing.

He had woken up to a black abyss, very different place from the first time he died. For a while he was content with just floating endlessly in the black, there was no everlasting happiness in heaven yet he wasn't getting tortured in the fiery pits of hell.

Everything was peaceful, just what he wanted his life to be when he was alive.

But while he had more patience then most people he knew, he was human, and humans tend to get bored after floating in nothing but darkness for who knows how long.

"You know if this is anyone's idea of a joke it really isn't funny anymore."

His voice didn't echo like he thought it would, rather it sounded like he was in a sort of confinement, a box maybe.

"I'm really not asking for much, but after saving the world at age sixteen and the countless years of being hunted by a crazy snake-man I would think I would at least get sent to heaven…"

Nothing changed. He was just floating there in his battle cloak, with nothing to do.

"At least give me a book or something!"

He was startled when a deep chuckle resounded through the black, seeming to come from all around him.

"You find this funny huh? Well I'd like to see your reaction to floating here with nothing to do!"

He knew he sounded childish, but really he didn't care. All he cared about was to get out of this eternal boredom.

"I thought you wanted eternal peace. Going to heaven might give you that but really it's just a place for the pure, good people to reside. Plus we both know you strive for the thrill of battle."

He twirled his body around to spot the owner of the voice, but found nothing.

"What do you mean 'pure good people'? I may not be an angel but I'm certain that I'm not evil either."

The bodiless voice chuckled again.

"That's the problem, while most people really aren't good or evil entirely they still have done more of one thing then the other which gives them a one way ticket to where they belong. Yet you Harry Potter have done the same good as you have evil, they balance each other out perfectly."

Harry blinked, yes that did sound like a problem. After the big war with Voldemort he had settled down with Ginny, thinking that everything was going to be peaceful from then on.

But that was just a naïve dream.

When he turned twenty five the Muggles found them.

No one knew how, but when they did the wizarding community didn't know what hit them. While they had magic the Muggles were by far more updated in technology then them, and it didn't take long until almost all of them were hunted down and killed.

Most of his friends and family had died by then, and only a small group was left consisting of himself Ginny, Luna and surprisingly Draco Malfoy.

"So? What's going to happen now?"

"That's the question isn't it? You have no reason to go to either Heaven or Hell, so really I decided to just stick you in here for all eternity. Rather ingenious if I do say so myself…"

Harry choked. He certainly did not want to stay here forever.

"Well can't I have a do over or something? A chance to do more of one thing then another so I can end somewhere besides here?"

He didn't know where he was anyway, but he knew he wasn't going to stay here, no matter what.

The voice seemed to think for while giving him hope that his idea might actually be arranged.

"Now why should I do that? I finally have my master here with me to cure my boredom. Plus your world ended like it was planned to, sending you back would just be asking for problems."

Now he was confused. Master? He was positive he wasn't the Master of anyone…


No way.

"Are you telling me you're Death?!"

He was so sure he had properly gotten rid of the three hollows, even going as far as burning his father's cloak so this exact thing wouldn't happen.

"Oya? Did the wizard finally figure it out? It certainly took you long enough; I was beginning to think you forgot about me."

"But I made sure to-"

"Get rid of the hollows? You should have known objects such as those don't just disappear. Even if they are destroyed that still doesn't change that you are the Master of Death, nothing will change that."

Stunned he said nothing, he crossed his legs and sat down in midair and put his head in his hand.

I really need to stop getting caught into things like this; it's starting to fray on the little sanity I have left.

"Well if I'm your master, can't I order you to allow me to try again?"

There was an idea. Good job Harry.

"fufufu… You have me on that one little wizard, but as I said you can't send you back to the wizarding world… but I guess if it was another world…"

"Hah? Another world?"

"Yes, yes there are a whole bunch of worlds, or Alternate Universes that are out there. All of them are different from the world you are from, some have different kinds of magic some don't have any magic at all. But the question is which one you should be sent to…"

He stared blankly at the darkness, to stunned to speak. Alternate Universes? No magic? Him being sent to one?

"What was that one Universe that man resided in? Black Cat? Black bird? No…."

He wasn't so sure he wanted to be sent to another universe; perhaps just staying here with Death would be better.

"Maybe it was a Japanese name… Kuroko no Basuke? No not even close. Kurosagi? That's a little closer…"

Japanese? Well at least as an Auror he was required to learn three different languages, Japanese being one of them.

"I know it has Kuro somewhere in it…"

Kuro meant black in Japanese. A sudden chill went down his spine; somehow his intuition was telling him this was going to be a very traumatizing event.

"Kuro… Kuro… Kuroshitsuji? Yes! That's it!"

He jumped at the sudden doom he felt with his entire being at that name. Black Butler?

"Fufufufu... he won't know what hit him! I can't wait to see his reaction when he realizes who and what you are! Fufufufu… but I guess you do need to be prepared for what's about to happen. Maybe I can give you a gift…"

Harry gulped at the rather insane laughing, where ever he was being sent to he needed to be gifted something in order to be prepared for his trip.

"W-what exactly is Black Butler?"

"Oya? Hmm nothing to different from where you're used to, the people there dress like the Victorian age and magic doesn't exist there-"

"That's completely different!"

"-I guess I shouldn't say doesn't exist, it's more like another sort of magic exist there. The kind that allows demons to be summoned-"


Demons? Now he knew he didn't want to be sent to this world, how was he supposed to deal with demons?

"-and people to make contracts with demons making them their servants until they fulfill their goal… But who should you be and when to send you… I won't allow you to be some human on the street, no this time you're going to be far greater."

Harry groaned as he felt his head start to spin, this was far too much to deal with.

"I think I changed my mind… I'm perfectly fine with just floating here in internal boredom. I don't need to be sent to another world where there are demons and such, yep I'm just fine the way I am."

Apparently it was 'ignore Harry time'.

"You're not going to become a Grim Reaper no that would just make him happy… You could be… Yes! Yes I am a genius! This is what he gets for stealing the Death Scythe that he knew was meant for me!"

Now he was starting to panic, not only were there demons in this world but Grim Reapers as well. He wasn't going to be human this time around, he was sure of that and how he was losing this battle.

"Wait! I want to be human, at least give me some opinion on that!"


"Say what?!"

Harry jumped to his feet when a man with golden-green eyes appeared in front of him; a pair of frameless glasses was perched on his nose giving him a sophisticated air.

"No. Last time I gave in because Wizards are rather touchy with the whole being-anything-but-human thing, but this time there is no excuse. This time you will be what I want, what someone of your rank should be. Though becoming a demon while still being the Master of Death is quiet odd… no matter I'm sure you'll figure it out!"

He gaped at rather flamboyant man as he gestured wildly while he spoke. Who would have thought that Death had pink hair?

"But you can't just appear out of nowhere, that would ruin everything! No I think I'll make you come out of some humans' womb, it isn't unheard of that a demon seduces a human woman to procreate… though I personally prefer the same sex if you know what I mean."

Was Death really asking him about his sexual preferences? While Harry had married Ginny she was the only girl he really felt an attraction to, don't even get him started on Cho, but he knew that the wizarding world view in homosexuality wasn't much different from the muggles so he just went with it.


Death winked at him knowingly before continuing.

"Of course you won't remember this happened until around the age of five or so, I suspect it would be very boring otherwise for you."

He was rather relived when Death told him that, who would want to view their entire world as an adult through a baby's body?

"Why am I going to remember this? Isn't the whole reincarnation thing about starting over anew?"

"Yes that is what reincarnation is, but you're not going to be reincarnated, you'd end up in the same situation as now if you were reincarnated. Giving you your memories will make sure you don't end up here again. Though I guess making you a demon would make you immortal… and give you a one way ticket to hell since they are made off of sin… oh well!"

Harry stared torn between disbelief and horror. What had he gotten himself into this time?

"Am I going to be some Half-demon or something? Since my mother is going to be a human and my father a demon?"

"Fufufu… where's the fun in telling you that? I can't tell you everything or it wouldn't be as fun anymore! Oh I should also mention you'll probably look a little different since you're going to be made of different genes and all… fufufufufufu… I should also change a few things in that world too so you can fit in it correctly… hmm."

He took a few steps back as he saw Death suddenly summon a large sword about half the size of his own body. He wasn't going to look the same anymore?

"Now wait just a second can't you-"

Death interrupted him as he started to chant some weird language that made his sword glow and his fingers tickle. Then the tingling started to spread throughout his whole body, and that's when he started to burn.

A scream tore from his throat as he could literally feel his magic start to change into something darker and boil beneath his skin; he fell to his knees as the chanting continued rising in volume along with his screaming.

It felt like his entire body, was changing, morphing. Each second it seemed to get even more painful, he couldn't help but wish for it all to end.

The pain reached its peak as a slow and painful tugging on what seemed to be his entire being, his soul sent him into blissful darkness.

"Good luck Master."

{Not reincarnation. A second chance!}

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