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{Not reincarnation. A second chance!}

Chapter Six: As time passes

~Three months after arrival, age Eight~

He was aware that demons were cruel, unmerciful beings that lived up to their name, but really he didn't expect this.

The growling of large dogs bigger than normal trees and similar to dragons in their specialty to breathe fire made him quicken his pace as he weaved through the forest.

If someone told him earlier in his life that he would be chased by a pack of Hell Hounds for training, he would have laughed at them, not to mention the mere thought of being in Hell was amusing enough. Too bad he didn't have much of a choice now though; it was either get away or be eaten.

A howl echoed through the dark forest, and he jumped onto a large branch placing his hand down to balance his body before leaping to the next one. The forest was similar to what the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts was like, except this one was much more dangerous.

And his father's Castle like manor just happened to be in it.

A flash of white caught his attention and he jumped just in time as huge jaws with teeth as long as his arm easily destroyed the branch he had been on, the beast landing on the ground with a loud thud.

Hadrian twirled in the air and landed on a new branch higher up above the hounds, thanking whoever made Hell that some of the trees were taller than what he was getting chased by.

The hounds growled in frustration as they looked up at him from the ground, their red eyes gazing hungrily up at him.

They were all different looking, some looked similar to wolves while others had rotting pieces of flesh on their bodies, but they all shared one aspect.

Their stupidity.

'A shame too, if they knew how to use their brains we could have made them useful.'

He snorted. 'Right, and allow them to set the house on fire? No thank you.' He didn't hate dogs, he just hated Hell Hounds.

'Unfortunately more than half of the population of Hell is just as smart as those mutts. A shame, really.'

He nodded in agreement, most demons in hell allowed themselves to be overtaken by madness, and sadly it was mostly the ones who had been humans at first. Like his father had said, most humans wouldn't be able to take the transition of becoming a demon, thus they turned into instinct driven beasts.

He turned his head up when the flapping of wings caught his attention.

"Hadrian you seem to be taking it a little too easy." Phenex observed, his kimono shifting in the breeze. "Perhaps, I should level up the difficulty."

"Perhaps you could send something with more intelligence after us Lord Phenex." Raizel commented, suddenly taking over. "These mutts only serve the purpose of raising our speed capability."

Phenex chuckled, crossing his arms. "Exactly, you may have more speed than an average human, but it is nothing compared to what a demon can do."

Raizel raised an eyebrow, observing the other demon carefully. "I see… that is a rather good reason." He agreed. "But isn't our strength lacking? Demons also have more strength then a human, so I would assume that would be of more importance."

"Perhaps, but this amuses me."

The alter ego blinked in astonishment. "You are doing this for your own amusement Lord Phenex?"


What an odd man, Raizel mused, he was of Noble standing yet such childish things such as this amused him. He was rather glad that Hadrian wasn't like that, he wouldn't know how the world would survive if Hadrian was like that.

The tree shook as a large form slammed into it, and he steadied his body easily, sending the hounds a look of distaste. "Impatient creatures."

Raizel turned and leapt away just as another hound slammed into the tree, hearing them howl in excitement as the chase began again.

{Not Reincarnation. A second chance!}

~Age Nine~

Hadrian was hot. Burning in fact, it felt like he was cast into one of the random pits of fire he had seen time to time, but he didn't have the pleasure of dying once the fire consumed him. Instead he was stuck with being in the eternal scorching heat of his body.

It wasn't just that though, no, the bloody crickets wouldn't stop bloody chirping. Who knew that crickets could survive in hell? Perhaps they were put there just to aggravate him.

'No need to be so dramatic Hadrian, take deep breaths you'll calm down eventually.'

'That's easy for you to say!' He continued to pace back and forth, sweat dripping down his face as the temperature of his body stayed at a cozy hundred degrees. 'You aren't being baked alive!'

'It would not be possible for me to be 'baked alive' I am a fire elemental demon so my body would be unaffected.'

'Good for you.' Hadrian twitched when another cricket chirped in the forest; the heat was getting to his head and making him more hotheaded. Granted he was already hotheaded, he cooled off as he aged until he was rather calm. Now though, it seemed all that work was for naught.

Where was Phenex when he needed him? The phoenix demon would surely be able to tell him what was going on.

'It could be that your body is getting itself prepared to control your element.'

'I suppose that could be true.' Chirp. Twitch. 'I guess that means that I'm going to have fire as my element.'

'Not necessarily, you could easily have lightning as your element.'

'But you're a fire element demon, so doesn't that mean I would have fire as well?' Chirp. Twitch. Twitch.

'I suppose.'

'You don't know do you…'


Chirp. With a growl Hadrian spun around and lashed his fist out feeling satisfaction as his fist indented the bark of the tree that the cricket was on.

'That was unnecessary.'

He sighed and titled his face down, feeling the sweat slowly trail down his face. It wasn't any cold he knew of, which was saying something since he knew about Muggle and Wizard diseases, so he could only guess that it was a demonic cold. If such thing existed it would undoubtedly be very painful in its later stages, seeing that demons were well demons.

Of course though, he had to catch it, since Harry Potter was a magnet for mayhem. The situation he was currently in just proved it even more, and the fact was he yearned to be normal again. Being a Wizard was fine with him seeing that there were others like him, yet as the years passed he found that even in the Wizarding world he was special.

Even in Hell he wasn't normal, or at least he was rather sure that there weren't any other half-shinigami half-demons running around.

In fact the lack of any demon was rather curious. This was Hell wasn't it?

Hadrian wiped his forehead with his arm, grimacing when he saw the cloth was clinging to his body from the sweat. Well at least the crickets had stopped their insistent chirping, now he just needed to find a way to cool off…

He paused and cocked his head, listening.

It was completely silent.

'Be careful Hadrian, someone is near…'

He nodded in agreement scanning his surroundings carefully; Raizel was almost perfect at sensing another demons aura, something all demons expelled. One could usually sense how powerful the other was by how much aura that was felt, obviously whoever had the largest aura was the strongest.

Sometimes though, as Phenex had said, you came upon a demon that could control how much of their aura they expelled, and it was then that you should be guarded.

Because if you happened to insult that demon, and they released their full strength on you well…Boom.

He stood straight, making sure that his posture didn't show how nervous he was, strength was what mattered in Hell so he couldn't afford to show any fear and get killed.

Not after he had gotten so far.

'Do not try to confront them, walk away.'

Hadrian scowled.

'I'm not going to run away like some coward just because a strange demon is around.'

'Would you rather be annihilated by it then?'

'I wouldn't get-'

'You do not have full control over your demonic strength, haven't even gotten to the stage of controlling your element and are but just a child. Pray tell me what chance would you have against a full grown full blooded demon?'

He clenched his fists, the heat consuming his body only making him more unstable. Raizel was right, he stood no chance against whoever was lurking around, but that didn't mean he was going to run off with his tail between his legs.

'Not to mention your fever is going to only trouble you, even if you did stand a chance your body isn't in any shape to fight.'

'….I get it.'

It took a few moments for him to take a step backward, inside something was clawing to get out, to show Raizel how powerful he could be. It felt like a fire was raging in his veins, and only growing each step he took, but he kept it back with a firm hold.

Just barley though, he knew that if he was confronted his control would break.

The heat was almost unbearable, and he could hear his breath coming out in quiet gasps, but he steeled his determination focusing on each step he took.

He hated feeling so weak and out of control.

It was thanks to the many years of fighting that he could sense a pair of eyes watching his journey through the forest. They were not hostile though, and seemed almost thoughtful, and he could feel the curiosity within them.

At least the demon wasn't crazy, that much he was thankful for.

The manor was just in sight now, and he felt relief at the sight, quickening his pace. Soon he could finally rest his tired body…

He jerked to a stop when a flash of silver flew directly in front of his face stabbing into the tree trunk only a few inches away from his eyes. It was an ordinary dagger, he realized, no fancy markings or jewelry he would have expected a demons weapon to have.

For experimental purposes he went to take another step forward, his head tilting back as another dagger flew toward him at an inhuman speed. This time it was aimed toward his head, and he turned his gaze toward where the weapons had come from, trying to pick out the attacker from the shadows.

'What do you suppose we do now? It obvious the demon isn't going to allow me to move forward.'

'I suggest you wait and see what it wants.'

Hadrian sighed, wiping at his face as he waited. Why did he have to be so hot? He preferred cold actually, and then at least he could put on a few layers to warm up. One could only take so many clothes off when they were hot, and it wasn't like he could go walking around in the nude while in Hell.

"Such a small creature to be walking around alone..." A cultured voice was directly behind his ear, and he stiffened feeling a clawed hand trace his jaw. "Yet your power is something else entirely."

He didn't even hear his footsteps approaching…so this was a demon.

Raizel easily took over in his shocked trance, and he snapped his hand up, grabbing the demons wrist within his small hands. "I would appreciate it if you would introduce yourself before you began touching me."

What sounded like feathers rustled behind him and the demon chuckled his other hand grabbing the small hand in a firm hold easily making it let go of his own hand. "I had heard rumors of Phenex copulating with a human, yet I never thought he would bring it here of all places." A nose brushed his neck and the demon took a deep breath. "He must have been very confident that you would survive."

"Is there something you wanted?" Raizel asked politely, ignoring the demons rambles. "If not, I will have to request you release me and go on your way."

"Perhaps…" The demon drawled amusedly, his clawed fingers stroking the small hand within them. "I may just seek your presence for the time being."

Raizel observed the demon from the corner of his eye, his green gaze unfaltering as it locked gazes with the others glowing red eyes. "I would prefer it if you didn't touch me."

"Oh?" The demons lips parted in a wide smirk, his sharp fangs peeking out. "By all means make me."

Raizel could tell that the older demon was testing him, seeing how strong he actually was. Perhaps it was just curiosity or another thing entirely, either way he knew that Hadrian's current state would make it very hard to do such a thing. Yet, he refused to allow a stranger to touch their body in such a familiar way.

The only way that they would be able to get the demon to understand that they didn't like to be touched was brute force, it would take a toll on their body but Raizel needed to show the demon just why he should listen.

"Very well."

He yanked his hand away from the larger one and bent his body down, his hands pressed on the ground as he moved his body into a hand stand. With a powerful push his body was flipping in the air and away from the demon, before he landed in a half crouch a few feet away, his hand pressed to the ground.

When his head turned toward the demon, he wasn't there.

Raizel searched his surroundings carefully when he realized that the demon had vanished, he couldn't feel the aura around anywhere, but that's what made him wary. Even as the demon had touched him his aura was in perfect control, and he had only been able to feel a small amount of his aura despite the skin on skin contact, but enough to make him realize that whoever the demon was he was powerful.

Now that the aura had vanished, he couldn't be sure if the demon had actually gone away or not.

He waited a few moments, and relaxed slightly once he was sure the demon wasn't around. He turned his body to head back to the manor, and froze his eyes widening slightly when he came face to face with a smirking demon.

"I see that Phenex has trained you well, unfortunately for you, your body is in no shape to put up an actual fight." In a flash Raizel was pushed against the ground, the older demon easily keeping him in place.

"Now, how about you let me meet Hadrian?"

Raizel stayed silent, and gave the other demon an unimpressed look. Hadrian was exhausted, he could tell from how quiet he was, the fever running through his body was making the young boy barley able to talk, much less deal with the demon. Even Raizel was feeling the effects, which meant Hadrian really did need rest. "I refuse."

The demon chuckled leaning forward, his black hair falling forward and lightly touching Raizel's cheeks. "For such an elfin creature you are rather stubborn." Pure black wings arched from his back, easily bigger then Raizel, up toward the dark sky, the moonlight outlining them. "I wonder…" The demon nuzzled the crook of his neck. "If you will be able to persist if I gave your blood a taste…"

Raizel stiffened when he felt sharp fangs scrape his neck, partaking of blood was very intimate for two demons, and even if it didn't turn them into mates he knew that it was not something that Hadrian or himself would want to go through.

"I shall do as you ask." He replied, giving the demon a distasteful look. "Just refrain from taking any blood."

It took a minute to search for Hadrian, for he had fallen asleep, and he pushed the tired boy into consciousness going into his own corner to brood over losing to the other demon. Because he most definitely didn't sulk.

When Hadrian opened his eyes, he had to stop himself from jumping in shock. A few inches away from him glowing red eyes peered at him, curious as they gazed into his own green ones.

"Interesting how you change." The demon mused.

Hadrian cast him a confused glance. "Who the bloody hell are you?"

The demons lips twitched, and a smile like smirk formed on the demons face. "You may call me Malphas."

He cast the demon a half lidded glance, his eyesight growing hazy as he once again felt the full force of the fever. "What do you want?"

Malphas cocked his head in a bird like movement as he observed him, and brought a clawed hand against Hadrians head. "That has yet to be decided."

If it were any other day Hadrian would have been livelier, and not as submissive as he was now. Malphas really had great timing if he wanted to kill him, because Hadrian most likely wouldn't be able to stop him.

A twig snapped further off making the two demons pause.


Malphas's head snapped to the side, and Hadrian saw his eyes widen slightly as he took in the sight of Sodom. "Oh dear…"

It only took a moment of Sodom looking at the position his master before his body started to shake, and an echoing growl escaped from his small body. Slowly the small puff ball grew in size, its fur receding and limbs elongating. A large tail grew and spikes decorated his spine, and before Hadrian knew it a large dragon was towering over them, its livid eyes focused on Malphas.

Sodom's large jaws cracked open, reveling impossibly long teeth as a jet of fire was aimed toward the demon atop Hadrian. But Malphas had already flown up into the air, his wings easily propelling his body up before he was turned into fried chicken.

The tired child could only watch as his supposedly 'harmless' pet destroyed the landscape as it went after Malphas. And actually he felt rather bad for the demon, even if Malphas did attack him, Hadrian knew what it was like to have a pissed dragon chasing after him.

Now though he could only fall into a hazy sleep as he finally gave up on being conscious.

{Not reincarnation. A second chance!}

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