That blood…that blood splattered across the walls, pooling in a puddle on the floor, staining their clothes…that blood. Why was it red? Crona stared down at the mangled, torn apart body that lay motionless on the floor before him. That body which supposedly belonged to his mother. But if that witch was really his mother, why was her blood red? Shouldn't it be black like his? Was his real mother out there somewhere, black blood running through her veins? And what about his father? Where was he?

Crona unclenched his fist, allowing Ragnarok to return to his bloodstream. Despite his wondering thoughts, he knew that Medusa really was his real mother. And his father was one of the many men she would bring home and then kill, only after getting what she wanted from them. That woman, that witch…the one who controlled his every action, who forced him to do evil things, who never once showed a sliver of kindness to him, that was his mother. But the pile of bloody body parts that lay on the floor right now…that was not her. It couldn't have been. Medusa never showed him a kind touch or have him such praise.

Letting out a sigh, Crona stepped past the body, being careful to avoid the puddle of blood as he sat back down in his seat. He turned to his plate of pasta, his favorite kind: angel hair noodles with vegetable sauce. Even this treat was almost too much of a kindness to receive from his mother. Crona lifted his fork and twirled the noodles onto it with the help of a spoon. It tasted just as delicious as he had remembered.

"Hey…do you want some, Ragnarok?" Crona muttered in a low voice. "She said there's extra…I'm sure it's in the kitchen. I could fix you a plate."

The black demon emerged from Crona's spine, resting on the messed pink hair of the meister. Ragnarok had a surprisingly concerned expression on his little black face, his ping pong ball eyes crossing as they stared down at the boy. "Are you serious right now?" Ragnarok spoke, poking softly at the meister's cheek. "You go nuts and kill the snake bitch, and then you sit down for a fucking plate of pasta? You're more screwy than I thought."

Crona swallowed the bite of food in his mouth and glanced up to the demon. "So, what? You don't want any then?" he asked, twirling his fork in the pasta again to gather up another bite. "I might actually finish this whole plate then…I might even get seconds…I might eat it all."

"Slow down, fat ass," Ragnarok glared at him. "I never said I didn't want any! It's just…" He paused, turning to glance at the painfully obvious dead body still lying in the middle of the floor. "What are you going to do now?"

Crona swallowed another bite and scraped up the last of the sauce on his plate. "Well…I think I'll go get some more food…then I'll shower. There's blood all over me," Crona mumbled as he glanced down at his bloodstained robe. "And then…then I'll go shopping." He stood up and walked his plate to the kitchen.

"Shopping?" Ragnarok held on tight to the meister's pink hair as he traveled to the kitchen. The demon glanced back at the body again, as if he were making sure Crona knew of its existence as well. He hated to admit it, but Ragnarok was really concerned about his meister. It was almost as if Crona had snapped. He had gone completely crazy when killing Medusa, but once the act was over, he was frighteningly calm. The demon tugged on Crona's hair again. "What the hell do you mean?" he demanded, growing impatient.

"I don't want to wear this robe anymore, so I'll go shopping for some different clothes," Crona stated simply, piling more pasta onto his plate, then turning to the pot of vegetable sauce as he licked his lips. "This sauce is my favorite…do you want any?"

For once, Ragnarok did not want to eat. Instead, he wanted answers. "Crona, damn it you moron, give me a straight answer!" he yelled as he banged his fists into the meister's head. "What the hell are you going to do?!"

Crona walked back to his place at the table and sat down, twirling up another bite of pasta, his second helping this time. He was silent as he ate, clearing his plate and gulping down a large glass of water before deciding to speak. "What am I going to do?" Crona mumbled the weapon's question. "I'm going to do whatever I want."

"…what?" Ragnarok stared down at him, dumbfound.

"I'm free now," Crona turned to Medusa's mangled body. "I can do whatever I want." He stood up from his place and walked over to the witch's body, kicking it over to free a purple soul floating out of her chest. He grasped it in his hand and raised it up. "You sure you're not hungry, Ragnarok?"

Ragnarok blinked his large white eyes, a bit of drool trickling out of his mouth as he spotted the soul. "Damn…a witch soul," he hummed to himself. "You really mean it? I mean, this won't fuck you up in the head if I eat your mother's soul, will it?" The demon tapped a fist against Crona's head.

"She's not my mother," Crona sighed, glancing down at the body again. "She's nothing but a pile of blood and flesh…red blood." He looked back up to the purple soul again. "Just a witch. Nothing more… So, you want it? If not, I'll just turn it in to Lord Death."

"Shut the hell up," Ragnarok pressed down on Crona's head as he leaned forward, extending a long pink tongue to lick up the soul and swallow it in one bite. With a purple glow, the demon grew a bit larger, but not by much. His white eyes rolled around a bit as he grinned. "Goopi, that was good!"

"You're welcome," Crona said simply. He gripped his arm as he stepped past Medusa's dead body and walked towards the door. Glancing back one last time, he stared down at the blood. That woman was never really his mother, at least, she wasn't what a mother should be. She didn't deserve to be called a mother. She was evil and vile, and he was glad that she was finally dead. Crona turned, walking slowly out the door. That was the last time he would ever see that house again.

A/N: Hey there! Hope you liked it so far. Obviously, this story takes place after Crona kills Medusa in the Manga, however I have branched off onto my own story after that. If I get reviews and such I will continue on with the story, and any following chapters will be longer than this one. Thanks for reading!