AN/ Hey everyone! This is my first fanfic ever! i have been readiong stories on this site since like forever but never really uploaded any of my own, until now. Please be gentle.

Disclaimer: i do not own any youtubers that are invovled in the fic or youtube itself.

Dan's pov

My breath came out in short pants. The sensations that were running through my body were almost too much for me to handle. Our combined heat was making my hair stick to my face. No, I want to be able to witness every touch. A hand came up and brushed my damp hair out of the way. Then I saw the deepest blue orbs gazing into the depths of my chocolate brown eyes. He placed sweet kisses down the crook of my neck while his hands wandered my young anxious body…


My eyes shot open. What the hell was that? I shook off the disgusting feeling making its way up my throat and was blinded by a bright light illuminating from my window. I must've slept in. After yawning and stretching a bit I sat up in bed. Okay I'm officially awake. I pull off the covers then look at my alarm clock.

"What do you mean its 5:00 am!?" i grunted.

This has been happeneing a lot lately. Well since I'm up I might aswell post a new video. I have been way too busy with going to all of these conventions and music festivals with phil, my fans are starting to get worried. I grab my laptop, ruffle my hair up a bit and clicked record.

"Hello internet, I know I've been awol as of late, I'm sorry but as some of you might know me and phil have a radio show and we're super busy with that and going to festivals and traveling. It's been pretty hectic. But this video isn't about my excuses, though I am terribly sorry. I apologize for my hobbit hair but I haven't really been getting enough sleep. Probably because I make videos at 5 in the morning. I know what you're thinking"

Cue high pitch voice "dan, what the hell are you on about now?"

"Well my rambling is not invain. I actually wanted to talk to you guys about something that's been troubling me for quite some time, Phanfiction. As i n- fiction, as in fictional stories about me dan and by friend phil. I have always liked regular fanfiction about like my faorite tv shows and stuff so I'm not foreign to it. But one day when I was browsing through the archive I found something called "A Phan love story" don't question why I decided to click on it because I don't even know. And it was, well let's just say I have been permanently scarred, FOREVER! To give you a glimpse of what I mean allow me to read you an excerpt from this smut ridden monstrosity, sorry btw to whoever wrote this and might recognize it."

I opened up a separate tab and searched it up again. I scrolled through trying to avoid reading the cringe worthy parts, though to be quite frank is pretty much all of it. When I found something that was digestable I began to read aloud.

"okay listen to this and tell me it doesn't make you want to vomit everything you've ever eaten ever"

Phil ran his hands down my spine as we lay in the bed where everything would come alive. I stared into his lovely eyes, the eyes that were deeper than the sea and could wash me away onto the shore. He trailed kisses down my neck and I arched my back in pleasur then he attacked my soft void lips with passion and viguoruosly fought my tongue for dominance. I let out such a deep moan and could have exploded right then and there but was being patient for phil.

I started laughing. "but wait there's more" I said then continued on

his hands traced butterflys on my stomach and made their way down to the rim of my boxers then he said "since they are always showing, ripping them off won't be as diffucult.

"Oh god! Why? Why would someone write this? It only get's worse from there. And of course you being the horny little dangirls you are are probably looking up this story right now aren't you? But honestly I'm a little bothered with the idea of there being written porn of me nd Phil just floating around on the internet.i am literally having nightmares about this story, girls hold your ovary explosion, key word NIGHTMARES. By the way I haven't shown Phil any of this. Should i? I don't know I think it would freak him out, expecially since I would be the one showing it to him. Tell me what you think in the comments and I will see you next week, bye"

I shut off the camera and uploaded. Within minutes comments started streaming in.

omg dan that was my story!

– My ovaries exploded the moment you started reading


Show him!-

you should show it to him and record his reaction

- omg you and phil should make a series where you read fan fics about yourself, that would be so awesome

- omg yes, dan and phil read phanfics!

- I can't believe that just happened.

The comments started going too fast so I stopped reading, Although, that suggestion didn't seem too bad. I have been looking for something new to give to my viewers since superamazing project ended. But then again, doing that would require sitting through more of that putrid waste. I shrugged deciding to think it over and went to go get a bowl of cereal. Then the light flickered on in the bathroom. Oh good Phil is up.