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P.s most chapters will be in Dan's POV so just assume so until told otherwise.

So the 4 of us are back at pj's again for a night of "Bondage" as Chris put it. He meant bonding but he insists that word was most appropriate. Currently we are merathoning doctor who because yet again we're oh so bloody British.

"Do you think captain jack would like to jiggle my skittles?" he asked.

I pushed him off of me "What the fuck Chris?"

Pj laughed "I knew this was going to get weird sooner or later"

Phil sighed "Can we watch avengers I've already seen this episode"

I cleared my throat "Peej can you tell Phil that he's the only one of us who hasn't watched avengers yet"

He straightened and scowled at me "And Chris would you explain to Dan that it was his fault for scheduling a movie night while I was in Manchester"

I scoffed "Oh and you might want to inform Phil that not everything revolves around him"

He stood up and walked towards me "Chris, be sure to add that it's not fair to be inconsiderate of your friends wishes"

I stood and we met at eye level "Don't forget to mention how annoying it is to be a selfish twat all the time"

"I'm Selfish?!"

"Good to see you've finally come to terms with it!"

"The only thing I've come to terms with Dan is that you never care about anyone but yourself"

"Which is why I always do everything with you, hence the reason we share most of our fan base"

"It's not my fault you drag me into every stupid thing you want to do without asking how I'd feel about it!"

"And exactly whose idea was it to do super amazing project Phil?"


"No, it was ours, both of us" I corrected, his face softened. I paused and waited for him to say something. Upon realizing that he wasn't going to I sighed deeply.

"I know that I always mess with you all the time, but I honestly didn't know you were so serious about not wanting to read the fics"

"That's the point dan, you didn't know, how can you call us best friends when you can't even tell whether I'm joking or not. Probably because everything's a joke to you. Part of being partners is acknowledging when you've crossed a line"

"But we tolerate each other so well because there usually aren't any lines to cross. I really didn't know I was doing it"

"That's probably on the account of the fact that you don't really know me as much as you think you do"

"Bloody hell Phil, I'm sorry okay, I fucked up, but we're friends, friends always piss each other off once in a while but whether you like it or not, we're a team" I paused for a moment waiting for him to speak.

Chris and Pj were huddled together on the couch sharing a popcorn bucket and staring at the two of us with intense focus. It felt like forever and a day until Phil spoke.

"That's not a team I'm sure I want to be part of anymore" I swallowed and involuntarily jerked forward. He looked at me, eyes suddenly filling with regret.

"What are you saying?" my voice was laced with fear. Regardless of how many times we fight, he's still my best friend. This is just a stupid argument, it wasn't supposed to go this far. We just stood and stared at each other until the silence became too much.

"Okay, I've had enough of this" pj stood and grabbed his camera. At the same time Chris dragged me and Phil and sat us at opposite ends of the couch. He sat between us as the camera clicked on.

"What are you doing?" I asked him

"It's been 2 weeks since you last posted anything" he started

"And I think it's time we make a little video" Chris finished.

"I'm not comfortable being filmed right now" I said ignoring the groan of annoyance coming across the sofa.

"Well too bad cuz its happening" Chris said then turned to the camera.

"In 3" he counted

"I'm serious guys" I protested

"2" pj continued

"I'm not up for this either" Phil whined

"Hey internet!" Chris said.

"So dan and phil haven't exactly been getting along lately and that as you all know, will eventually put the universe in peril"

I glared at pj and rolled my eyes.

"So it's now time to play a game yaaay" With that said, chris got up and disappeared into pj's room. He returned soon after with two white boards and some markers in his hand. He handed us the supplies than returned to the couch.

"Okay" he said. "The rules of the game are simple, we ask a question and you have to write down the answer, we all get a cheap laugh and learn a lot about each other in the process"

"And begin!" Pj yelled

Before either of us could protest chris was asking the first question

"What is phil's hidden, well poorly hidden, ultimate fetish?"

I was about to call chris out on the stupidity of this whole idea but then saw phil scribbling furiously on the white board. I wrote down what I'm pretty sure was the answer and when peej called time we held up our boards.

"0 points!" chris shouted. I looked to my left and sure enough phil had written down something totally different.


"The irony" pj, shook his head.

"Wow, I don't know whether to laugh or scoot a couple inches to my right but anyway we're moving on, next question! What was the name of the little boy Dan shagged at summer camp"

"I'm not writing that down!" How was Phil even suppose to know that?

"5 seconds" Chris reminded us.

I reluctantly wrote down the name at question because chris had obviously drugged me prior to this. The time ran out and we held up our boards.

"0 Points"

I looked at the name phil had written

"Wille" I deadpanned

He shrugged then looked at my board. With a poorly concealed snicker he said "You actually bummed a boy called Charlie?" Chris doubled over in howling laughter.

"Oh Charlie" he said once breath was available.

"Last question"

Phil and I both straightened, getting into the game.

"If you were porn stars what would the other's name be?" once again we wrote quickly.

"Alright hold em up!"

We did as told and seconds after, we all fell into uncontrollable fits of laughter

"Luke thigh walker?" phil managed

"Pelvis pressly!?" I retorted.

"And the final score remains at zero!" chris announced. Pj shut the camera off and joined us on the sofa.

"That game was pointless" phil said.

"Yeah but atleast you learnt something from it"

"What?" I asked.

"We're all very disturbed people" chris answered.

The four of us agreed. I looked at phil. Time to face the issue at hand.

"I really am sorry, are we still bromigos?"

He smiled

"As long as you never say bromigos ever again"


The rest of the night, we lazed around on our laptops in comfortable silence until Peej said

"What the actual fuck!?"

Seeing as how he doesn't curse often the rest of us ran over to his screen to see what was up.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's a fanfic" he said.

We looked at each other in confusion

"And…?" phil urged him

"It about me" he paused "And chris"

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