I don't own any characters that appear in this story as they belong to Ken Akamatsu.

Hello, this is my first Negima story. Given I'm writing Sailor Moon stories I thought it would be nice for a change of pace and decided to go with my favorite Negi girl; Chisame Hasegawa.

Chisame is enjoying her summer between junior and senior year of college but due to an event she winds up back in the magical world while visiting Negi with some of her fellow Ala Alba crew.

Due to unforeseen circumstances she gets lost in the jungles of the magical world once again and meets up with a certain idiot.

This leads to an unexpected adventure which will push her once again rediscover what she wants in life. Action will be scarce this time around as I introduce her and some of the characters.

Now I hope you like it and let's go!

Chapter 1

Why can't my life be easy?!

Chisame Hasegawa was bored. The fabled hacker/internet idol had nothing going on at the moment in her one bedroom apartment.

Laying on the bed without a care in the world the glasses wearing adult let her mind wander.

It's hard to fathom that I; queen of the net have nothing to do at this moment and it's barely the afternoon on my second week of summer!

That was a fact since she got passing grades for the classes she has taken, Chisame could rest easy knowing that she would be starting her senior year in just three months. Of course with the amount of free time she has at the moment she couldn't think of doing anything but contemplate her naval or whatever one does when your struck with nothing to occupy your time.

It wasn't that she disliked being home for the summer. This was her haven; internet access, a bit of AC blowing some nice cool air, a nice cold berry tea at her side and no wild adventures with a once screamish child, who was now a respectable teenager, still finding adventure and breaking hearts like no one's business.

She smiled briefly about her first interaction with Negi on how he discovered she was the fabled Chiu, internet idol! At the time it was an embarrassing situation since it proved she was crazy like the rest of the infamous Class 3-A classmates (to her displeasure).

Thinking about those days, it all seemed like a dream. After everything from discovering that her teacher was a mage to being part of the group from stopping Chao Lingshin from revealing magic to the world to being a part of saving the magical world and slowly revealing magic to the world her life wasn't exactly the same.

Sure she survived high school and her current college years by continuing being her cynical, snide, pompous, sardonic self to defuse any kind of admires and cult fanatics (especially the ones who got clingy) but a part of her enjoyed the fifteen minutes. It gave her a chance to not be as rigid.

Saving the world is no little thing but she eventually got bored with being part of the fabled "Boy who saved the world with a harem of underage girls."

There was only so much a person could take.

During that period before going to college she grew to become pretty and not as reclusive as she was when she was fifteen. Her light red/orange medium length hair went to the middle of her back. She lost her baby fat and had a lean body and her breasts were moderate, even though they couldn't compare to Chizuru's or Haruna's but she didn't care…much.

Her skills as a computer hacker improved as well. She had learned more skills of the trade and not relying much on her pactio item she got from Negi all those years ago. Even though she did continue training with it on occasion to make sure she wasn't lacking in the magical department.

Chisame and the rest of her former classmates had retained their pactio cards. Negi hadn't picked none of them as of yet and continued the probationary contract, even with Setsuna and Konaka and they were a couple, still going strong!

Not that anyone cares of course. Even if he did choose I get the feeling the pack would follow him to his honeymoon just to see if he was packing! She snarked in her head.

She walked around in nothing but a big dark blue shirt and wore red underwear. She made a face at the chose of undergarments.

She recently hung out with some of her classmates before they took their exams and how it got to the point of underwear blew her mind!

A thought crossed her mind as she stopped and remembered!

"It was that brat's fault!" She seethed clenching her hands! "He just had to appear out of thin air!"

She could see it clearly, she was with Asuna, Setsuna, Konaka, Makie and Chachamaru, who had some free time since Eva decided that the robot should get more hands on experience with humans.

Mostly Makie was talking about some random show about how small animal creatures had strange abilities were still on television with Asuna and Chachamaru adding commentary to that and Konoka embarrassing her best friend Setsuna about streaking for a practical joke! Let's be honest, you know Setsuna would have liked to see a flash of her perky bottom!

The analytical Chisame remaining quiet as she didn't talk much but enjoying their company until the ball dropped, Negi appeared with his teaching materials as he was done with his class.

He had grown tall, which is expected since he wasn't a kid anymore, his auburn hair still spiky but retained his kind facial features and he had a toned body as well. He continued wearing his glasses and stuck with the suit and tie.

Giving them a smile he had asked what they were doing and the ever happy Makie answered him. He looked at all his former students and partners with happiness and had asked if he could hang out until mother nature had decided to screw with them.

A gust of wind blew their hair and one of Asuna's pig tails went under his nose which caused his infamous sneeze!

Chisame and Setsuna tried to stop him but with an "ACHOOOO!" and with his magical power, he caused a wind tempest to rip the female entourage's clothe's right off!

They stared at their fine figures in aghast as guys saw what happened and took pictures with their cells, trying to get some good images of their breasts, navels and ass that made some scream God's name in euphoria for bringing them salvation.

Before it got out of hand Asuna and Setsuna had driven off the gang of wolves with a sword and fists and Chisame bashed her hand on the teen's head! Twice!

That brat, after that we had to buy clothes and then it went to buying underwear! I normally go for the white ones but Makie and that damn robot had to butt in and say get some sexy ones!

She dropped her head in shame! What the hell does an airhead and non-artificial gyroid know about being sexy? Are they being influenced by American culture again?

It wasn't like she disliked them since it was a change of pace for her. She turned on the light to see her face in the mirror.

Getting a close inspection she liked what she saw! Putting her hand through her hair like a fashion model she winked and gave a smile.

She took a shower to freshen up and afterward put on some clothes; a short-sleeved green shirt a blue sleeveless brown vest and jeans. Chisame placed her hair in a pony tail.

She decided that she should at least get some fresh air, pick up some take out from Chao Bao Zi and find anything to do!

Two hours later as she had completed her mundane tasks she headed to Mahora's famous Chinese restaurant run by Satsuki.

It was a crime to live off greasy food but Satsuki had found a way for it not to be high in cholesterol so Chisme didn't have to worry about fat. She could make only simple dishes so she wouldn't starve but nothing beat a dumpling with rice and a nice drink!

As it was almost evening she saw many students around eating and doing stuff that was inconsequential. She just looked at how everything was; plain, simple.

This is what I wanted in the end? A normal life with no responsibilities about saving the world! That's Sensei's department! She argued in her head.

In seeing how she was making faces at the internal dialogue she discreetly sat her butt down and waited for the kind faced girl with a big heart and short brown hair and eyes, who looked like a koala went to her kitchen area and started making her usual.

Chisame smirked. She knows me well without needing to come over? When did I become a regular here?

Minutes later Satsuki arrived with her meal and walked back off to accommodate more customers.

The female started eating her food and still thought about the way her life was going. True she was still an internet icon and could keep up with the latest things with her pactio item; which could manipulate data in any electronic device by using sprites to aid her but it was becoming boring.

What could make her feel alive? Her fellow classmates were doing stuff to make their lives interesting. Ayaka Yukihiro, Asuna Kagurazaka and Chachamaru Kakuri were continuing helping Negi with his plan to colonize Mars for future use; Yue Ayase and Nodoka Miyazaki were busy doing stuff that would benefit them (and a certain mage) and even the scandalous Asakura was writing a rough draft of a novel she would publish.

Chisame than choked on some rice and had to drink her water to get it down. What the fuck, why am I thinking about changing my life? I like it just the way it is! Nothing goes wrong; I don't have to fear for my life and not fighting over a teen that won't make up his mind on who he wants to end up with!

She had a look of dread. Why would I want Negi? Do I still harbor some feelings for him?!

As she slumped in her chair, Satsuki continued about her business and gave one of her special drinks. Chisame didn't think and chugged it down quick. The red/brownish hair adult gave approved thumbs up to the cook and Barkeeper.

It was true that during their adventures in the magical world she became his guardian when he wanted training from Jack Rakan, and that turned out to become a dire situation which one false step and he would have died and lost his magical abilities.

Her thoughts soon went to how Rakan was doing. Was he still traveling around and getting in trouble?

That idiot is a unique guy altogether. He basically defied all rules of reason and seemed invincible! He almost beat sensei…

She stopped her thoughts just in time. Why was she thinking about the thousand blade swordsman? It's not like she harbored feelings for him as well and why even? He was an idiot and a self-proclaimed pervert! From what she learned from Konoka when Ala Alba (White Wing) got separated at the time, he sexual molested Fate's girls to submission by taking off their panties and giving them a good whiff!

A sweatdrop fell on the back of her head! Not only was he uncouth and socially deranged he thinks fighting is the only way to solve any problem! Along with he always annoyed her with his ways!

I think hell will freeze over before I ever think of him in that way! She gave a roll of her eyes.

Checking the time she felt it was good to head back in and get some well-rounded internet play. Paying her tab she headed back to apartment.

As she entered the building she saw Chachamaru Kakuri, the long green-haired, blue-eyed android and attendant to Eva and Negi. It looked like she was waiting for her.

"Good evening Chisame!" She greeted polity giving a bow.

Chisame looked at her with curiosity mixed in with annoyance. Why would Chachamaru be here? Usually she is with Negi or Eva at this time of night. I hope she's not expecting me to entertain her!

"I do not expect you to entertain me, Chisame," She said to the hacker's surprise. Could she read minds?

Chachamaru shook her head. "I just know you well enough Chisame!" She said in her plain voice.

Chisame gritted her teeth. Of course she does! She was the main reason I ended up like this! Giving a sigh she took her to her room number.

A couple of minutes later Chisame had made a cup of tea for them to drink. She didn't have many guests so it was foreign to her how she should do this.

"There is no need for you to give me anything to drink," she began looking at the cup. "I am a robot and do not have taste buds and…"

Chisame rammed the cup to the robot's mouth. "Will you just shut up! If I have company I'm going to give you a beverage whether you want it or not!" She ranted as some tea dripped from the light green haired robot's mouth. "Besides you like getting the screws handed to you by Negi-sensei so don't be playing the 'robot card' with me!"

Chachamaru blushed fiercely at the what Chisame said about him "screwing her" and finished her drink. She slumped down as imitating someone full.

The cynical girl gave a swift kick to Chachamaru's leg to get her up. "Look that shouldn't have filled you up! I know from the schematics I 'borrowed' from Hakase that she has given you a program to imitate taste!" She brought up the genius (and rumored mad) scientist, Satomi Hakase.

The robot got up and sat down on the chair. "When you mean by 'borrowed' Chisame," She asked, "You hacked the system again using the artifact given to you by Negi-sensei?"

Chisame only crossed her arms. "I have to practice somehow and is always finding ways to upgrade her system and those other mechanical objects down there."

The blue-eyed android didn't say anything but she would have think about "training" with Chisame since she didn't want the hacker/cosplayer getting over her head with getting in Hakase's systems.

She changed the subject. "As it is summer for you and the rest our former classmates, Negi-sensei has asked me to invite you and some others to his newly acquired villa he has received from Nagi Springfield and Arika Anarchia Entheofushia."

Raising an eyebrow again Chisame had a look of surprise. "His parents gave him a place for him stay to invite his team of partners to a foreign land?" She gave the answer. "Not in a million years, the door is that way!" She jutted a thumb to the door.

Chachamaru didn't even look ready to give up. "Negi has requested your presence Chisame. He feels that you and some of his other closer companions could use a vacation."

"A vacation; listen I don't get why he would. I have a suspicion it's his father wanting to see us since his son surpassed him in having a lot of partners!" Chisame ranted.

"Firstly I don't even want to step to that magical world again! Second my life is perfectly fine just the way it is!" She exclaimed. "Just because magi exist doesn't mean I want it ruining anything in my life. I have finally accepted the fact that things won't be the same but I can at least stop the crazy from hitting home!"

She waited a couple of moments for the words to sink in. "Besides we both saw sensei a couple of weeks ago and he looked perfectly fine to me! If he wants to invite the others well God speed on his quest! I'm pretty sure Nodoka and Yue will be happily pleased at seeing Negi in some swim trunks where they can think about having their way with them!"

Chisame had sounded a little clipped at that. She didn't mean for it to come out like that but it did.

"He would like to see you too just as the rest," Chachamaru offered again trying to smooth things over.

This made Chisame leer at her. "Why the sudden interest with me, robot," She demanded. As well as Chachamaru knows Chisame it worked both ways as she knew when the robot could avoid answering questions just like their former teacher.

It's always interesting that the rules for robotics don't always apply in the real world situation. Isaac Asimov would have a canipse if he found out! She said in her head with sarcasm making a reference to the fabled author about robot rules.

Chachamaru didn't say anything as she looked somewhere else but Chisame wouldn't have any avoidance as she grabbed her cheeks and started pulling them.

To her surprise the robot felt more human than ever. It just proved that science was advancing. Hakase deserves an award for this. "Chachamaru as your friend and fellow Ala Alba companion I am demanding what you know?"

After a couple more tugs Chachamaru did. Even if she was a robot her skin had pain receptors now and everything was a new experience. Why if this kept up she could find a way to have a real body and experience the joys of the flesh! With that thought Chachamaru's face got red once again.

That didn't go unnoticed by Chisame as she gave a wicked grin. "Thinking about Negi sensei and his hands clutching your starter Chacha? You sly vixen you?!"

Chachamaru finally got her friends hands off her cheeks and calmed down her motor from springing a leak (in more ways than one).

"When we last saw Negi he didn't just bump into us by mistake as he wanted to invite us but due to his sneezing," She brought up the incident which curbed Chisame's annoyance to her friend back at the magi teen she grimaced. "He thought it unwise to say anything after…."

Chisame scoffed. "Honestly he always gets like that, he needs to become more assertive than he does with protecting us from some person wanting to destroy the world!"

Chachamaru's answered for her employer and love interest. "He is still learning about women Chisame so it will take some time."

This got a snort from the computer expert. "That's news; he's finally appreciating the female anatomy. Tell me does he have any porn magazines under his bed Chachamaru?"

This caused Chachamaru posture to straighten up quick.

Chachamaru never thought about her teacher having such filth under his bed!? It would be a crime against nature if he should want to see buck naked girls in provocative poses with their breasts hanging out and butts looking fine that you want to spank it and scream "Glory!"

"Negi would never fall for such trash Chisame!" She yelled excitedly as sweat protruded from her skin. Whoa that science stuff really is advancing for a story with magic?

Chisame held in a laugh at the robots expense. It was always funny seeing her act more life-like when it came to Negi. She pushed the joke along.

"Come on Chacha, he is a male and no longer a mere child that we have to guide." Her face turned cunning and her words as sweet as raspberry tea in the South. "He would get curious at seeing other females in sexual situations. Besides after all those times of ending up in certain situations with him and constantly surrounded by girls feigning for his affection, it was going to happen."

Chachamaru didn't want to admit what Chisame was saying having any relevance but it is true that is surrounded by the female population.

The only males he could ever bond with are Kotoro Inugumi, who was busy at the moment and had taken a "vacation", Takahata, who was away on business and Fate, who was busy with his own girl troubles.

Does sensei really have such a thing? I don't know what he thinks everyday so he could want to see the images of women doing naughty things to him? The long-haired android wondered.

An image of her, Asuna, Nodoka, Ayaka, Makie, the three cheerleaders, Anya, Chisame, Haruna and Eva (with a perverse and sadistic look on her face) being in S & M getups cracking whips against the pavement as Negi looked on with drool and lying on the ground like a pimp!

The picture gone as it came which sent Chachamaru's eyes spinning and fainting from the shock. Her power outlet cut off due to the over processing of data.

Chisame looked spooked at what had happened. She only wanted to tease her not cause her to shut down?

If anything happened to Chachamaru, Negi wouldn't be mad but disappointed but Eva would suck her dry, cast a freezing spell, feed her to some demonic dog from hell, revive her and kill her for doing that to her servant!

Pulling out a card with a picture of her in a frilly dress and a heart-shaped staff and with the word Sceptrum Virtuale, she said "Adeat" and summoned the artifact to her waiting hands.

Then seven sprites that looked like mice appeared. These were virtual spirits created to back her up when she manipulated data and protectors when she went to the cyber realm. The names to the sprites were Kincha, Hanpe, Konnya, Chikuwafu, Negi, Daiko, and Shirataki given to them by Makie when Chisame had to fight off a digital attack during the Mahora festival.

"What will you have us do today Chisame-sama!" Negi asked who was the leader to the group(not to Chisame's displeasure).

Kincha replied. "Do we need to up the ante with the pictures you posted revolving the chest?"

Hanpe sniped out. "Yeah add some spice to the mix to get more fans ogling your God-given magic?"

Konnya said. "Make it enticing to become blinded by your beauty?"

Daiko agreed. "Uh-huh get you in some poses to make to the poster child for teenage guys wet dreams!"

Chikuwafu exclaimed. "All right finally something to test how far we have gotten! Chisame-sama we will make this tastefully done, do you have a banana?"

Shirataki finished it off "A banana, come on how about a popsicle?"

Chisame bashed all six of the sprites noggins and placed them in a force field. She proceeded to scan what had happened to them and saw that a virus had infected them.

Damn that Hakase she was able to damage me some! She gripped. "Negi proceed to dump all useless data and get them back to how they used to."

Negi the sprite squeaked out a "Yes mam" and did t's job.

It took 30 minutes and finally her sprites were back to normal. Well normal that they weren't as perverted now. Apparently they found solace in reading harem shows and fan service situations. Chisame believed that since they were created out of the magic with Negi it somehow latched on to his un expressed tension of dealing with girls in general.

Of course that's a theory! Another way is that in a sense men are dictated by their biological urges to procreate…or in general terms fuck everything that moves!

That wasn't true just an opinion…a well valid one but still just an opinion.

After that the sprites started working on rebooting Chachamaru's operating systems. Transparent visual screens appeared around her body where Chisame and the spirits could see what happened.

There was some corrupted data that the hacker checked and saw her last memory of some of her classmates in leather attire with high heels! Chisame gaped at what she saw!

"Hey look they all look good as some S & M freaks!" one of the sprites said! They all concurred with that agreement.

A moment later they got tied together and about to get dumped in a boiling tub of water that Chisame created from cyber space!

While that was happening Chisame was able to flush out the old data not before checking a compartment with the word JK on it. Curious she tapped the folder with a finger and a memory file of Jack Rakan appeared.

Chisame felt herself getting flustered and warm from seeing him. It had been a long while since she saw him last. This must have taken recently when she went to the magical world?

The file played and Jack Rakan greeted Chachamaru by groping her chest and finding a way to get her cute kitty cat panties from her! This caused the robot extreme displeasure as she attacked him but he found a way to block her attacks and goosed her in an area which made her blush.

Chisame still was red faced at what he did and decided to fast forward the perversion until it looked like he was talking about something.

"…ll her I hope she's doing good with finding her bliss where ever she is." He smiled. "She knows how to throw a punch and was cute while wearing those cat ears! I regret not getting her in a maid outfit and serving me coffee!" His face had a look of perversion as steam came out of his nose. "Oh yeah, Jo-chan was working that outfit as well! It made me wanna bow chicka bow-wow and -!

Chisame stopped the memory file and placed it back inside Chachamru. Oh hell no, I am not going down that road!

Even though she thought that a part of her saw a glimpse of how he could be. That part made him less infuriating even though she wished he would act like that often.

Knowing that she peeked inside a file that Chachamaru labeled private for her she felt slightly guilty. She than proceeded to activate her functions with the sprites help (they pleaded to her and how they weren't going to become perverts) and moments later Chachamaru activated.

Chachamaru looked around to see Chisame with her rod out. "I believe I malfunctioned Chisame," She said embarrassed.

The light red-haired adult frowned at that. "Yeah that was my fault; I shouldn't have kept that joke going on if I knew it would cause you to crash like that!"

"Not to worry about it Chisame, I know how twisted you can be…" Chachamaru said smiling which put Chisame off. What did she mean by twisted?

After Chachamaru checked all her functions and saw that Chisame had nipped and tucked a couple of things that Hakase forgot to do she smiled. "Thanks for the update Chisame, you are really a good friend!"

Chisame's eyes widened and blushed as she turned away. Her tsundare attitude came in strong like a storm. "Don't be an idiot with those remarks, I just took responsibilities for my actions!"

The robot smiled. "Have you changed your mind on the proposition Chisame," She brought up again. "I can tell you aren't enjoying all this free time. It's like that time after the Mahora festival that you felt something was missing that the internet couldn't fill."

Chisame couldn't deny what she said was true. She did feel like she was in a rut and maybe could use a vacation with the people she thought of as friends.

She grumbled. "Yeah, yeah I'll go with you…"

Chachamaru placed a hand to her ear. "What did you say Chisame, I didn't quite hear you over the noise!" She then proceeded to hack her radio systems and a various rock song started. The sprites, which hadn't went into hibernation, rocked out with sake cans and fried squid. Where they got that stuff from is a mystery you know?


Go to random scene in the room above Chisame's. A random couple, we will call them Honey and Big Bear, were sleeping in a nice bed until Big Bear woke up with a start.

"Honey, I heard something just now!" He rumbled as he got up, his shaggy hair covering his face.

The ever calm Honey was still sleeping with a mask over her eyes as she mumbled sleepily, "I told you to lay off the beans and brussels sprouts at dinner dear! Now go back to sleep!"

This caused Big Bear to turn on his pretty wife. "What are you trying to imply?!"

Honey didn't even bother looking at him as she needed sleep from their bundle of joy. "Sweetie just go to sleep, I've lived with this for two years and used to it by now. Just relieve yourself and go back to bed."

Big Bear stood shocked and befuddled by what she said and these thoughts would haunt him for the rest of his life not knowing it was a certain glasses wearing female who caused him a fright. Oh well them's the breaks!

Get it? You know certain humor and...nevermind.

After Chachamaru turned off the music and Chisame returned her artifact back to card form, Chisame again said she would go to the magical world once again.

The gyroid then proceeded to hug the analytical girl. Chisame only gave an awkward pat on the back as she wasn't used to being touchy feely.

"Might I ask who will also be there?" Chisame asked. "When you say close partners it could only mean so much."

Chachamaru thought and shook her head. "You will know when you arrive at the portal in Mahora around 9:00 am in two days' time!"

Chisame thought about that certain areas of Japan had ports that connected to the world of magic and only designated people could operate it for normal folk to visit. The largest one was in Mahora since it had the most magical energy floating around.

She shook her head in exasperation. The more things stay the same as they say.

Chahamaru then proceeded to heading for the door. "I will see you in two days Chisame!"

Chisame gave a lazy wave and "Yeah,yeah…" and she was gone.

The hacker looked at the ticket. Back to the magical world she would go, where fantasy collided with her ever practical nature.

"Oh well it will get me time away from this place and I can see some of the others again. What could possible go wrong?" She said giving a chuckle.

Oh Chisame, one should never say those words of destruction.

Two days later in the heart of Mahora, Chisame Hasegawa had arrived to her location where the portal stood ready. A random guard asked what she was doing here and she gave him a response. Checking the file it said that there would be a small party going to Mundas Magicus.

Chisame checked her cell to see she arrived thirty minutes early which was a surprise to her. Usually it would be one of the louder parties starting up some nonsense. She spotted two figures; one with black hair in a side pony tail with a Nodachi attached to the hip.

The figure looked around twenty and she had a serious look but when she spotted Chisame she gave a tiny smile.

That was Setsuna Sakurazaki, master sword wielder of the Shinmei–Ryu style of swordplay. She also was a half demon. Setsuna is a powerful ally to Negi and her skills were essential in their last adventure.

The other one had long brown hair and a cheerful smile. This was Konoka Konoe, heir to the Kansai Magic Association (mages from western Japan) and the Dean's granddaughter. Konoka wielded powerful magic due to her lineage. She looked divine walking in the morning sunlight as her hair blew in the wind.

Leave it Konoka to prove how refined she can be…that won't last long. The geek beauty said.

The heir to the Konoe family saw her she ran towards her and hugged her tightly, traces of her refined elegance gone to the winds as she showed her silly side on meeting a fellow 3-A student.

"Chisame it's been ages!" She greeted laughing without a care in the world.

That's Konoka for you, always chipper and bright! "It's only been a month since the last time we hung out!" She sniped out.

"That's too long; we are friends and need to keep in contact!" She continued the hugging.

Chisame looked to Setsuna for help but the swords woman only shook her head as if to say "You are on your own!"

The three started talking about how their studies were going then noticed someone else show up. It was Nodoka Miyazaki or as her fellow classmates referred her as her nickname "Bookstore". She had short purple hair and the two sides of her hair angled around her face.

She looked more confident than she did when she was fifteen and she didn't have her bangs covering her eyes. Nodoka was also a good asset witt her artifact that could read minds.

Nodoka gave them a pleasant smile. "It's nice seeing everyone again!" she stated. Konoka went and hugged her while Setsuna and Chisame went with handshakes and a pat on the back.

Setsuna noticed that Yue wasn't around or Haruna. "Where is the gang bookstore?" She asked using Nodoka's nickname.

A thoughtful look appeared on her face. "Well Haruna is busy with working on her manga series and Yue is training in Mundas Magicus to get a certain license so we will meet up with her there."

"I wonder who else will show up next?" Setsuna wondered.

Then the team noticed Chachamaru appear with Kaede and Ku Fei.

Kaede was a tall tanned skin female with closed eyes like a fox and short dark green hair. Kaede Nagase was a ninja who knew many special techniques.

Ku Fei is Chinese with light brown skin, blonde hair styled in pig tails and had green eyes. Fei wasn't the brightest of all of Negi's students but she was a master in Kung Fu and she previously trained him when he was just ten.

"It looks like you two will be coming huh?" Chisame asked the two warriors. "You do know that there won't be any fighting on this trip?"

The two looked at each other.

"Of course we come, you may need protection when we arrive at Gateport!" Fei stated.

Kaede looked on calmly. "Certain things are going in Mundus Magicus after the defeat of Fate all those years ago." She showed her knowledge that she kept up with information going around Mundus.

This drew concern for the rest of the females as they remembered what happened last time they were there.

"I wonder what could be happening, I thought that world had achieved peace after Negi saved it?" Setsuna asked.

"Just because he stopped one thing doesn't mean all the evil has been eradicated." Kaede wisely stated. "However it's not something we should get involved in."

Chisame nodded. "Yeah no use sticking are heads in that mess. We will leave it to the professionals. Let's just hope Negi isn't planning on doing anything to involve in matters not about him."

"I don't know it matters to Negi sensei since he is still in the process of saving everyone there," Nodoka brought showing her belief in the boy wizard. "It would concern him in the long run."

Setsuna and Konoka agreed while the ever cynical Chisame rolled her eyes.

Nodoka soon noticed someone missing. "Um, does anyone know where Asuna is?"

The others looked around and noted that the orange two tailed girl wasn't seen.

"She is present in the capital of Ostia dealing with diplomats." The blue-eyed robot stated. "She says that she will find way to get free."

Chisame only scoffed. "The leader of the former Baka Rangers dealing with politics that's something I thought I'd ever here. Anyway robot we are ready to get this party started!"

Everyone gave her a weird look. It was peculiar for Chisame to get hip with things.

Chachamaru giggled a little. "University life has certainly changed you. Anyway let us go to Gate port. Once we arrive we will take a plane to arrive at Negi sensei's villa!"

With that the small group of friends went to Gate port.

It was instantaneous as they arrived at the bustling place filled with creatures only seen in fantasy movies or novels. After going through procedures they had arrived in front of the ship that would take them there; Parusama the III.

"It seems Haruna designed another one for this place to use?" Konoka asked.

Nodoka nodded. "She comes here from time to time offering up drawings for a butt load of money!"

This caused everyone to chuckle uneasily. Haruna could always make a profit no matter what.

They got on the big airship, which had fancy chairs, television and anything they needed. Chachamaru would fly the ship as she knew where they were going.

As they all got comfy Chisame wondered if Rakan would be there. Thinking about the man caused a blush to radiate on her cheeks.

"Chisame, you think about man yes?" Ku Fei asked curiously.

Said girl blanched out. "I am not thinking about anyone Baka Yellow!"

Kaede also added some commentary. "You wouldn't be reacting this strongly if it wasn't true?"

Chisame looked at her with murderous intent. "Back off, no-eyes!"

"It's all right if you are Chisame!" Nodoka told her. "It means you are being honest with what you want."

That was the nail in the coffin for her as she slumped in depression. Oh God even bookstore is teasing me? When will my misery end?!

Konoka chuckled at her friend's predicament and Setsuna could only shake her head. She knew that this was the easy group. If it were Asakura and Haruna, Chisame would be reaching for a machete to hack away at them.

"Please buckle up as we are about to take off!" Chachamaru said through the speakers.

Once that was done the Parusama the III took off from Gateport and headed to the vacation spot. An hour into the flight and all had gone smoothly. The small party was keeping themselves entertained by doing their own thing.

"Hey look out there Set-chan!" the brown-haired woman said pointing out the window. "Storm clouds and they look ready to go at it!"

Setsuna looked at with warily. "I hope we can pass by it unscathed?"

"Not to worry Setsuna-dono," Kaede answered. "Chachamaru knows what she is doing; it will be easy as eating blueberry pie on a hot summer day!"

Chisame raised an eyebrow at that. What the fuck did this turn into Designing Women?

After a couple of minutes they were in the storm clouds. The winds got choppy and rain started pouring heavily.

"Sure, Chachamaru can get us through no problem!" Chisame snarked. "It will be easy as eating pie my ass!"

Kaede didn't look perturbed. "It was blueberry pie…"

Chisame glared daggers at the ninja.

"Ai ya, what this," Ku Fei brought up as she noticed that raindrops were falling from the bulk of the ship.

Nodoka looked around. "I don't know but it's happening all over the ship!"

The half demon swordsman got up from her sit and noticed that a piece of the chair was burning.

"Everyone get up, its acid rain!" Setsuna yelled!

The passengers got up quickly to see that the rain was eating through the fine metal.

"Could this be the destruction of the magical world we've been warned about?!" Chisame cried gathering her laptop.

The three warriors shook their heads. "It feels more like an enemy!" Ku Fei replied getting serious

"Not sure how but my best guess is magic!" Setsuna said as she grew her wings to protect Konoka and Nodoka from the droplets.

Dammit what happened to peace and relaxation?! Chisame screamed in her head as Kaede placed her body to protect her.

"We are in a dire situation," Chachamaru's voice yelled through the intercom.

"No really, I had no clue from the burns we are getting stupid robot!"

"Please refrain from saying anything rude Chisame!" Chachamaru said as she cut of the intercom.

Nodoka looked scared. "What will we do; we can't stay here? I don't think this ship will survive the journey?!"

"I can't fly all of us." Setusuna said.

"We must think of something than, cause I'm not ready to die just yet!" Screamed Chisame.

Chachamaru appeared. "This plane is a lost cause. Kaede we will have to use that artifact of yours. I will fly you as you wrap up the rest of them.

Kaede concurred. "Adeat!" Than her pactio artifact appeared, it was a large cloak. Before she could wrap them up inside a lightning blast destroyed the roof of the plane. They all looked up to see a childlike figure but not the face.

Setsuna brought out her Nodachi and held it defensively.

Ku Fei used her own artifact and a pole appeared. Wielding it expertly she readied herself.

Chachamaru had long blade like extensions appear from her arms.

"Who the hell are you?!" Chisame yelled pointing.

Nodoka was about to bring out her artifact until the tiny figure fired a lightning blast at the girl's feet!

She reacted quickly and jumped away! But the blast destroyed the floor! Then the floor dropped from beneath them and they all fell!

They all screamed until Kaede got her cloak around Setsuna and Konaka. She than flung the cloak towards Fei Ku and Nodoka and was about to head to Chisame until a lightning blast struck her back!

Kaede screamed and she lost consciousness. Chachamaru caught the short dark green haired woman and maneuver her way to catch Chisame!

The winds were whipping and she couldn't see due to the wind and rain fogging up her glasses.

"CHACHAMARU!" She screamed as she reached out her hand to her friend. Hopefully this time she would hold her and not throw her away like last time! She was still miffed about that.

The battle robot still held to Kaede and flew through the torrent and reached her hand as well until a powerful gust of wind blew her of course!

Chisame couldn't believe her luck! She would die in this storm! And if she survived the fall would very well kill her! Tears appeared on her face. Dammit not again, I don't want to die! And this time Negi won't be able to save me!

Chisame then tried to get a better view before she fell to her death. She activated her pactio and pointed her staff at the figure.

I don't think this will work but if my artifact can manipulate anything electronic and lighting is part of that element, then hopefully this will work. "Hey ass-face!" She yelled trying to get the person's attention.

The figure turned around and looked surprised that she was still there.

"You should split!"

Then a lightning bolt struck the figure! Chisame had sick satisfaction what she did until the figure pointed and caused a tornado to blow her away!

As she was sucked inside to the tempest she screamed one thing. "IF I SURVIVE THIS I AM GOING TO KILL YOU NEGI-SENSEI!

Everything went black for the resident hacker.

In his villa on the outskirts of his mother's kingdom Negi awoke with a start! He noticed that it was going on eleven and got out of bed. Negi made sure nothing was going on in a certain area and headed out in his boxers. When he arrived he saw his mom and dad, Arika and Nagi.

Arika was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair that went to her lower legs, two different colored eyes and a firm disposition.

Nagi Springfield looked like Negi except didn't wear glasses and prone to being mischievous and rebellious. He was the savior of the Magical world before Negi and his crew did it a second time.

The princess of Ostia looked at her son. "Negi please put on some clothes while you are out of your room."

Nagi laughed it off. "Oh come on Arika, let him enjoy it, he is at that age now!" He gave his son man to man smile. "Let it all hang out son!"

Negi laughed with his dad as Arika only sighed. These were her boys.

The sixteen year old wizard went to the table and drank a cup of water that his mother left. "I felt something strange mother."

Arika looked on impassively. "About what, Negi?" She still wasn't used to using emotions but tried.

"I get the feeling someone stepping on my tombstone swearing to kill me?!" He mumbled.

Before Nagi could say anything Arika knocked him out with a punch combo. She knew this was something meant for the guidance of a mother, not the father. Yes she could have kept him quiet with a glare but he pissed her off when she tried telling Negi to put some clothes on and he refuted that. Hell, fury, the works!

Negi looked down at his dad and sweat dropped.

"I don't want Nagi influencing you as he already has," She shot a cold glare at him which made Negi shiver. Ever since finding his mother the three had decided to live as a family.

"Mother what should I do?" He asked her.

Arika went to her teenage son and hugged him. Negi looked surprised but hugged her as well.

After that she looked at her son's face. "Knowing that you have a lot of partners I will say it is a female."

He nodded as she continued.

"If that is how you feel you will accept whatever punishment she has in store for you!" She said.

Negi began banging his head on the table a couple of times not knowing what's become his pactio partners.

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