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Last time as Chisame along with Setsuna, Konaka, Nodoka, Ku, Kaede and Chachamaru are in Mundus, going to visit Negi until a mysterious figure attacks them.

Chisame is separated from her friends, so what will happen to her now? Along with will Negi find out what has happened to his former students/pactio partners?

Will Jack Rakan appear since this story is supposed to be about them?

Find out now!

Chapter 2

This has happened before!

Somewhere in the jungles of Mundus, Chisame was laying on the ground unconscious.

Before she blacked out she got sucked in a tornado and just like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, it brought her to a strange place.

Waking up she saw that she was surrounded by the serenity of nature! Plant life grew like it was in style, some magical animals scampered away and a rather large dragon flew overhead like a jumbo jet that took off from a hanger.

One thing could only be said. "I hate nature!" She muttered as she tenderly got up from the ground.

The grand outdoors was never going to be her best friend as she always wound up in some situation even if you took magic out of the equation; tech was her thing since you could control it!

Wiping the dirt from her clothes she noticed that her pactio item had returned to its card form and wondered how she survived.

"F'n A, I'm back in nature's embrace!" She snarked as she rubbed her temples. "Honestly, even after all this time I wind up back in the middle of a jungle!"

Seeing the first thing she saw, Chisame kicked a rock and unfortunately it hit a hornets nest! The swarm came out mad and started after her.

The brown/red-haired adult fled for her life!

"Dammit, stupid Negi-sensei, even planning a trip with your name in it brings disaster! I swear the next time someone decides to convince me otherwise, I'm going to slap a witch up!"

The hornet's didn't tire as they continued running after her. She had to think of something fast or she would get all sorts of blisters and she didn't want to go through that!

She saw a watering hole. Taking out her cell phone and charger she tossed it to a place that could be seen and jumped in the water!


Chisame held her breath as she looked up to see that the wasp hoard floated around for a couple of moments.

Will you bastards just go already! I can't hold my breath indefinitely! The words rang in her head as she covered her mouth.

Thinking she would die in a watery tomb and wondering if her lungs would fill up with water the hornet left and she swam to the surface.

Taking a needed breath she wiped her hair out of her eyes and looked exasperated.

"This shit is for the birds, I swear I'll just stay home and be some Hikkikomori or something!" She decided as she swam to dry land.

She grabbed her cell along with the charger and was happy she hadn't gotten them wet. It was the only thing she had since her luggage was blown to the winds, literally!

Pressing the on switch the cell came to life and charged fully. Pulling out her pactio she summoned her artifact and the seven electrical sprites came to being.

They all looked frantically around wondering where they were at. Negi got a good look at her and asked if she decided to do a wet shirt contest.

A vein appeared on her head as she conjured a steaming hot-pot of water and the mouse was hanging by a tail.

"SORRY CHISAME-SAMA!" He yelled in a voice that sounded just like his namesake.

Sighing in disbelief she turned off the image. "All right fellas, I'm in trouble. By god knows why, I am separated from my friends…again. I need you to run a scan of the area so I can avoid any dangerous places!"

The seven sprites got to work as she looked at all the data they were giving her. During this times she thought about how she ended up here.

This is not something I expected; why would we get attacked while on our way to Negi's place? Along with who was the small person, does he have a grudge against us or something?

After a couple of moments a cybernetic map appeared which she downloaded to her cell.

"This is all the data you accumulated?" She demanded.

The seven sprites nodded with cries of "Yes Chisame-sama," and "Hime". Giving her servants a nod she had no choice but to move forward.

"My best bet is to travel this way!" She looked at the cell and a holographic compass showed and pointed northwest.

De-summoning her sprites she got moving. Walking over roots, avoiding dangerous monsters in the process she wondered if she could make it out of here in one piece. Last time Negi (and Chachamaru) had been able to find her first during their excursion in the wilderness but not before she almost got eaten by a clothes-eating plant.

This caused Chisame to shudder, thinking of the memory. I refuse to end up in that precarious situation. I'm no Miko Mido expy!

The long-haired girl looked down and saw that it was now the evening. She had walked a bit of ways from her last point.

This made her crack a smile. "Hmph, I guess all that exercise is paying off, I should thank the Narataki twins for getting me into that walking around campus thing?"

She also noticed that she was near a ruin, like a Greek or Roman Cathedral. Curiosity getting the best of her she walked around, seeing nothing but pillars on the floor, moss growing around structure and what looked like a living quarters for someone?

Chisame had to look again to make sure she caught that. Yep, there was something close to a bed, an area that looked like a kitchen and even a back area that led to a waterfall.

Having a suspicion that area was supposed to be a bath she wondered who could have lived here?

As she was about to leave she noted that she smelled of sweat. Making a groaning noise, she had momentarily forgotten she traveled through a jungle where there was no human life (for now since she found this place).

"I don't think this person would mind if I washed up? " She muttered as she walked a couple of meters to get to the waterfall bath.

When she got there she stood in disbelief! It looked like a bath house! She smelled the fresh water and it seemed to beacon her forward!

Whoever built this place deserves a helping praise! With that she took off her grungy clothes and left it in a pile.

The last thing to take off were her glasses as she placed them on a rock and stepped her lithe body in the water.

To her bewilderment the water wasn't cold but somewhere between to beat the overbearing heat. Chisame gave a squeal of happiness as she let the water hit her body.

She spotted a bar of soap and shampoo as well. Looking at it with a critical eye she could only guess the person took care of his or herself well enough.

Chisame washed her hair and her body and she started thinking on what she had to do now.

I have to get in contact with Negi. The others will be fine since they have an assortment of fighters who can take care of themselves. That doesn't mean I don't want to see how they are along with that figure? Why did it attack us?

With all this going through her mind she didn't see a slither of something enter the water. Giving her hair a nice rinse she flung it back in a sexy way. She stopped as she noticed what she did.

"Great Chisame, you are acting like you are on some honeymoon with a husband who is waiting to get aroused!" Rolling her eyes she got from the torrent of water and slowly sloshed her way out.

Its peculiar why they wouldn't keep the shore near this place, it's like waiting to get attacked or something!

As she reached the edge to salvation she heard something and turned her head around!

"Come on, it can't be anything, this place is secure…" Taking another look back she whimpered. "I think!"

Chisame got out until she felt a tendril wrap around her body! Giving a yell she turned to see some plant monster with sharp teeth!

"OH CRAP, NOT AGAIN!" She screamed as pulled back in the water. Chisame tried moving from the monster but couldn't and it broke to the surface, giving her much-needed air.

It roared in what could be described as ecstasy as it held her over its mouth.

"No, no I don't want to get eaten!" She hollered.

Little tendrils burst from the sides of its mouth as they started rubbing against her soft skin. It moaned in pleasure as it did, to the hacker's displeasure.

"Stop getting off my moans of torment, dick!" She screamed but it started down on a particular area that caused her to scream.

"EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!" A blush came on her cheeks and her eyes momentarily dilated.

To her amazement she got out that trivial word!

For a moment she wondered why she would scream like someone who just got kidnapped by a robber and placed on a railroad track; she wasn't Penelope Pipstock dammit!

As she tried fighting off screaming (in fright and to her chagrin, pleasure) Chisame thought that she would just die like this. Not even figuring out why all this happened.

Trying to stop tears streaming down her face she closed her eyes and waited to get molested by a horny monster and left for dead in a stupor of sick pleasure and regret.

Looking to the heavens she thought it would be too late to start praying now. Look I know I don't do this as much as I should but if ANYONE is listening please save me!


A second later she was in the arms of a masculine presence. Her face displayed one of disbelief.

"Hey, looking good there Jo-chan!" The voice rumbled as a wild smile appeared over his face. "Kind of happy I bumped into you!"

A gasp escaped her lips as she recognized the brown-skinned man with long mane of wild light blond hair and yellow eyes.

It's Rakan…? She exclaimed in her head, the man who defied the concepts of reality.

Jack Rakan held his artifact, Armiger Milliplex; a weapon that could take on any form that Rakan could think of and it took the form of a giant broadsword.

The weird plant monster roared as it got a tendril cut and tried striking with more tendrils. While still holding a bewildered Chisame, he hacked away at them. Purple blood spilled over the water which he didn't like.

"Hey, that area is for me washing off my body, prick!" He yelled. An intense yellow aura showered over his body as Chisame froze.

Does this idiot know I'm still here! She screamed as her eyes got swirly. Taking the initiative she smacked him against his head as he looked down confused.

"Oh hey, didn't think you'd still be there Jo-chan!" He rumbled as he gave a laugh.

Chisame slapped him again! "How can I leave if you are holding me? You oaf!" With that she gave him a swift punch to the chest.

Smiling he placed her on the ground. "Take a couple of steps back Jo-chan, this is going to get messy!"

He leapt at the monster, not before Chisame felt a hand on her buttocks! Shrieking she turned to see Rakan caught in the act. How in hell did he get back there?

A blush radiated his face as he moaned. "This feels so good!"

Mouth gaping she gave an almighty kick that would have done Asuna proud and sent him toward the monster. "JUST GET OUT THERE AND KILL THE DAMN THING!"

Embarrassment rushed through her as she couldn't think why he goosed her like that! She hasn't been touched like that before; if you don't count the first with a plant creäture who had a thing for clothes in her first outing in the magical world.

Rakan hacked, slashed, dodged and punched the monster until it was destroyed! Laughing at what he did he pumped his fist to the air.

"That's right, who da man!" An explosion appeared behind him as if he had a massive crossover of the Rainbow Rangers or whatever that show that came on years ago that Kotaro and Negi watched as kids.

Chisame palmed her head as she wondered why she missed the dude in the first place.

He approached her and smiled. "Glad you didn't get eaten by that Jo-chan," he gave her a pat on her bare shoulders and had a perverted look as he felt her bare flesh.

The hacker looked at him for a second and had a warm feeling. During this time she hadn't thought about getting back to her friends or back to civilization but only that something different in her life wasn't the same or boring.

After the drama calmed down he looked down at her. "Looks like you have a lot to explain to me Chisame…" He stated and walked out.

"Hey, where are you going?" She called out about to chase after him.

The muscular man gave her a questionable look as he raised his eyebrows. "I thought you wanted to get yourself together but if you want to be walking around naked I won't stop you?"

His eyes squinted before a smile dawned on his face. "Since we are in a paradise like setting, I could just lose my shirt and pants as well and we could be like Tarzan and Jane!"

The look on Chisame's face screamed 'Hell no!' "You already don't have a shirt or pants on you crazed sex gorilla!"

There stood Rakan with a well placed bush to hide his junk (to her relief) and gave an all mighty laugh like he was a god! "Nothing wrong with that Jo-chan, I could give you-!"

He didn't have time to finish as Chisame landed a flying knee kick to his face to send him reeling to a tree trunk and a boulder sized fruit fell on his head and gave him a knot!

"Get the fuck outta here!" She yelled and he moved his butt not wanting to ensure her wrath of judgement!

Taking a couple of breaths she lowered her body back to the warm water as the blush on her cheeks steel radiated heat.

"That jerk, I am not going to end up like one of those bitches on Lifetime that put up with that nonsense; Not me!" Gripping at his way of thinking.

A couple of seconds later a smile appeared. "At least I get to see him again…"

She took a couple of minutes to wash up.

Rakan, who had his clothes back on, had known someone had entered his home but didn't expect it to be one of Negi's partners, especially Chisame?

Glad I came back when I did but why is she here? This is a bad time for her to come back because there is an upheaval happening…Jo-chan I better make sure you get back home safely, you don't need to get involved in this…

His face took on an unlikely serious expression.

What is happening in the magical world that is causing someone like Jack Rakan to be concerned?

Will Negi get involved with whatever crisis is happening? Are Chachamaru and the others all right?

Find out next time!

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