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Chapter 3

Rumors of danger

Evangeline cottage

In a random cottage in a forest at Mahora Academy Evangeline A.K. McDowell (a Shinsou vampire) played a random RPG to occupy her boredom.

The game had got good as she was playing Final Fantasy XIII and her party consisted of Lightning/Hope/Snow and had them fighting a rather large elephant monster.

Her mind was so occupied with the battle that she didn't notice a figure standing behind her watching it.

The figure bent down close to her ear and whispered, "Kitten, you shouldn't play games so much, you'll end up getting fat."

Evangeline screamed bloody murder, jumping from her spot and stood floating. Vampire casted daggers at the one who ruined her free time and saw that it was Albireo Imma, Nagi's companion and powerful mage who used gravity magic.

"What are you doing here, Kul;nel?" she screeched as she extracted her hand. Long nails extended in a threatening manner. Eva also remembered to call him by his nickname because if she didn't he would end up ignoring her. "And how did you bypass all my magical defenses?"

White-robed man chuckled in a friendly way at his "kitten's" reaction. "It's easy when you know how; I am older than you…" He responded with an air of indifference.

Eva scowled at him before turning to see she already died in her game. Lowering her head in grievance, she lowered herself back to the ground. Out of her former crush's companions, Albireo was someone she couldn't deal with.

The man wore his hair short with part of it in a tail that was over his shoulder-blade and had darkish eyes. Albireo aka "Ku;nel" personality was calm, shred and somewhat perverted, as he wanted Eva to wear Lolita-like clothing with cat ears!

The long-haired blonde asked him why he was here sitting her rump on a comfortable chair. Albiereo , with that aggravating smile, sat down right next to the vampire, which made her cringe.

"What I can't come and visit my lovely, eternally young vampire?" The gravity mage asked innocently enough.

Raising an eyebrow she waited. She knew he had reasons for being here and wouldn't let his quirky personality get under her skin…even if she wanted to take out his heart, stomp it against her heel and scatter it to the winds.

That would be a nice present for me! A sadistic smile appeared on her pale face.

"Kitty, that's not nice having such thoughts…" Spoke the man who caused her to stare in disbelief. Eva always had a thought he could be telepathic but he never let on what other abilities he could have.

He coughed and started talking. "I hear that part of Al Alba headed off to Mundus to visit Negi and his family and met with some turbulence."

Interest piqued she had a look of bemusement. "Really now…" She responded with the man continuing.

"Apparently a figure ended up separating the team." He gave her a knowing look.

Sighing with impatience Eva motioned for him to continue. "Stop pausing and get on with it!"

Chuckling he went on. "I see you're concerned for Chachamaru, are you?"

Turning her head she crossed her arms. "Chachamaru is capable of defending her and the ones on that trip," As an afterthought she asked who got separated from the party.

"My sources tell me that the computer expert ended up in the jungles of Mundus and has met up with Jack Rakan."

Eva laughed at that notion! "Hah-hah, the self-proclaimed 'normal one' ended up with that tower of muscles and testosterone? How I would like to be a bat on the wall to witness her agony!" moaning at the pleasure.

"Now, now, control that sadistic nature of yours kitten!" He spoke as he had a fan covering his mouth and got a couple of meters behind her with narrowed eyes like a fox.

Not paying him any attention she goaded him on to continue. "I believe that Chachamaru, Eishun's daughter, Kokonoe and her protector, Setsuna, are in the city next to the royal palace in Ostia while the mind reader, ninja and the strong fighter are in a small village."

"They wound up getting scattered that quickly; and to only one enemy?" Eva murmured to herself.

"Getting concerned for your former classmates Eva?" A twinkle appeared in his eyes as he mentioned that.

She scoffed at the notion. "I warned them a long time ago that the path of being part of that group would be hazardous and they let their guard down. Let them figure a way out of it!"

"Still in your 'Dark Evengel' persona I see?"

Eva looked at him with a firm glance. "You are not one to doubt what I say is correct, don't start now!"

He also had a grave look. "When it comes to matters like this never. I think your next question is who would attack Ala Alba and why?"

The long-blonde haired girl answered. "I'll say it's a fragment of the now, defunct, Cosmo Entelecheia."

The British vampire heard him clap for a couple of seconds before swiping her hand at his throat; she looked irritated. "Refrain from such actions, you pervert!"

Smiling all the while he lowered her hand. "You are correct on that matter. As Fate warned Negi, not everyone would be for his plan to terraforming Mars and unify the magical and normal worlds together. I do say they have something nefarious in mind."

"Hmm, evil never stays gone for long; it always finds a way back to the light. I wonder how boya and his team will deal with this mess."

"With his main group moving on with their lives he only has a select few to go with. I have no doubt that they got in contact with him and Asuna. With those two, I think we can see a miracle like we did five years ago."

The blue-eyed girl viewed it differently thought. "Who knows if that will happen this time around. But whatever is going on I want no part in this drivel!" Like a diva she tossed her hair and pushed out her nose.

Watching all those soap operas were doing wonders for her!

"Really, you don't want to help the son of the man you love?" He asked innocently enough but it dripped with condescension. Eva scowled at him.

"My, you still carry a torch for Nagi? You never stop with the surprises. Since Negi freed his dad and later found his mother; you have kept MUCH distance from the family?"

Her eyes squinted at him in annoyance. It wasn't like she wanted to keep away from her crush but ever since Arika came back into the picture it was like the ninth area of hell that froze over when ever they saw each other.

The last time she appeared to the Springfield family it almost ended up in duel of magic and no one, not even Nagi, could figure who would win in the battle with "The Advent of Evil," facing off against the "The Queen of Calamity!"

Eva loathed that cold hard woman for taken her love away from her like that! If she could she'd send Arika's soul to the blackest pit of hell!

"Kitten, be nice; Arika is a kind woman and doesn't need your jealous behavior running rampant like a frightened mouse." Spoke Albeireo.

"Enough with intruding on my private thoughts," Screeching at him once again she turned on him. "If I hadn't been busy at that time I would have stopped that reunion from happening!"

The man grinned like a cat and said, "Are you talking about that time when your body was in heat and you asked me too-!" Albireo jumped away as Eva sent a frozen icicle to impale him. The shard struck the side of her wall.

"Do not bring up that moment again!" She seethed as she quivered and her eyes got swirly.

The memory came like a tide as she could remember the setting; her resort, a full moon hanging in the distance, the smell of the sea crashing against the shore. She was in her adult form wearing a toga get up and him, in some swim trunks on her full-sized mattress.

"Lynx, lynx, LYNX!" She screamed getting into the moment and shouting the secret password.

"Shut up, you know you love it!" Alberieo yelled as the sword and sheath continued to the morning light and basking in the afterglow.

Waking up she felt like a person who just got involved in a scandal that threatened the political world as we know it! "…This never happened!"

"Of course not, I know the drill. Same time next year?" He hoped, for some reason he looked younger as if he regained some of his vitality! Of course he got some so…

Eva groaned and went to sleep.

Back from memory lane Alberieo smiled. "I for one thought it was a wonderful moment," getting closer he whispered the next phrase. "You are a rather naughty vampire. The things you came up with!"

The aristocrat's face turned bright red as she thought on the moment she was in heat. Curse the light of moon; of all the times to succumb to the pleasures of the flesh. She also put the blame on that tequila as well!

"Besides, Nagi loves Arika and you need to move on dear…." He tried reasoning.

Scoffing at that failed attempt she pushed the subject along. "Do you happen to know the name of the head of that tiny fraction?"

Getting serious he answered. "There's speculation that it's another puppet created by Fate of all people."

"Hmmm, most probably a fail-safe; it probably activated on its own."

Agreeing he continued. "The name of the figure in command is Lumen."

Once finding out Eva had a crafty smile. "Let's see if the children can figure out this puzzle shall we?"

In a broken ruin stood the cloaked figure that took care of the small group of Ala Alaba. Removing the cloak stood a fifteen year old male. He wore his yellow hair short and had gray eyes.

Lumen, as he was called, waited for two of his cohorts to arrive. He chose this place since no one ever came to the lower part of Mundus Magicus. The blonde crossed his arms and thought about how long has it been.

Lumen's memory

His first memory was awakening from his stasis a couple of years ago after Negi and Fate's fight. He looked about eight years old.

As a lot of things were going on during the battle to decide the fate of the magical world, no one knew he existed. He saw Negi and Asuna fighting and defeating the Mage of Beginning and made the choice to make himself scarce.

He knew his functions were to observe that the original mission got finished but upon seeing everything he decided not to go it. Being a replica of Fate, he was made to have his own thought and go about his own judgment.

Lumen knew he wasn't just a clone and made the choice to move away from this battle and make his own bonds. The blonde boy soon went about observing humanity. He was already aware of a lot of things and wanted to experience a place where he belonged.

That was the plan but it was met with disaster. A random family saw him wandering on the streets at one time and took him in on a whim. From some memories he had inherited from Fate, it was turning out like how Fate met Shiori and her elder sister before the latter met her end by his brethren.

Then one night he saw how this family treated their children; they were nothing but slave drivers looking for a quick buck. He was in disbelief that there were people who would do these kinds of things.

When the "father" found out about his snooping around he confronted him and demanded that Lumen get down in the pits for work but the confused but firm boy declined.

"You shouldn't be doing this," he said to the man. "Why would you force children, into slave labor?"

The grizzly like man bellowed out a laugh. "Why, because I can; the worlds not a kind place for street urchins and it's not like they had anything going for them!"

The "mother" showed and added on the jeering at the naïve clone. She had medium length red hair and her face was like a horse. She had a Cockney accent. "Only misery and death for the lot and don't be thinking you are better!"

Lumen stood his ground as he narrowed his gray eyes at them. "They don't deserve anything you have to offer. Let them go, this place is entering a new phrase of hope and-!"

Laughter stopped his sentence.

"You hear that, the boy thinks that just because the son of the hero is starting some absurd project that it will lead to peace and fucking harmony?" Father laughed out holding his wide belly full of jelly!

The mother had a fan and laughed underneath it. "Please, that's just a dream for a naïve puppy! The big wigs don't know the plight of the commoners! It would have been better for us to vanish but that dream has ended!"

Lumen looked curious at what she said and figured it out. "You were part of Cosmo Entelecheia?"

That stopped their guffawing. "How does a brat like you know about that?" The man rumbled. He grabbed the boy by the scruff of his neck and lifted him up.

"Hmph not that it matters, he will be in his own nightmare by the time we are through with him!" The Cockney accent woman sneered.

Lumen couldn't fathom why this was happening! He'd never thought that people could be this cruel and heartless!

Struggling he tried breaking free from the man's grip but the man knew magic that paralyzed him. "You will fetch us a nice price brat!"

The blonde boy didn't want to die. He'd thought that he could make a bond with someone! Something clicked within his head as he dropped his head and they couldn't see his face for a moment.

"Danger to existence. Proper procedure; kill all hostile!" He mumbled like a computer.

"What the fuck you say boy?" Bear man cried out before a white aura covered Lumen's body knocking the man into the horse face woman!

On the ground in pain and feeling embarrassment they saw they boy floating in the air as a magic circle appeared behind him, growing large.

Small orbs of light formed around him and struck the heinous couple through their necks. Not wanting to finish what he did he wrapped the bodies in a sheet of light and eradicated them from existence.

After he finished he lowered to the ground and checked behind him. The kids saw what he did to them. For an instant he thought that they would praise him but the look on their faces was anything but. They looked frightened at him.

Not knowing how to handle this new development he ran away from them. He didn't understand what he was feeling but he didn't like it. Was it this that made him feel pain? Upon stopping he saw a news report about Negi and his accomplishments of improving the world.

That's a lie… He thought as he glared hatefully at the image. His light doesn't shine on every place of this desolate world of illusion!


Opening his eyes from the memory he saw one of his compatriots. The figure wore a Lolita type get up as she had long brown hair and eyes. She had glasses on her face as well.

"I'm here, Lumen!" She called to him. Lumen waved back to her as she got closer. "You got back unscathed I see, just like Fate!"

The teen ignored her words. He knew that she was trying to goad him on to a useless argument. "Did you find your target?"

Tsukuyomi smiled happily. "I know where my sempai and the princess is!" Her face took on a sadistic turn. "Of course it took everything within me to contain my excitement of not dissecting them!"

The sadistic swordsman who went by Tsukuyomi has always been a pain for Negi and his partners, especially Setsuna and Konaka. Her skills with the sword are fierce and unyielding. Tsukuyomi has held her own with the half-demon girl.

Lumen kept a sigh to himself. He knew that hiring someone of her caliber was dangerous given she had history with two of Negi's partners. Upon starting up this rather small group he called her, going by memories in his head.

When he met the unstable girl she noted that he somewhat resembled her old employer but he showed and went by emotion more than his "parent". He explained to her his plan and she agreed to it quickly.

As she put it "I want to see Setsuna writhe in agony as I steep my blade inside her precious princess! So I will support you in this attempt but don't interfere when it comes to what I just said!"

When she said that he felt a devious power emanate from her. He compared it to a demon and it somewhat frightened him.

The young adult looked around in confusion. "Hey where is that other one?"

"She is on her way now; she just got caught up in something." He answered.

Giving him a look she asked him something. "Tell me, this plan of yours, how will you go about it? The Twilight Princess stopped that from happening so how will you go about changing the world?"

He corrected her assumption. "I'm not changing the world or placing people in a world of their creation, I'm ending everything."

She looked puzzled for a second. "You really think that's going to happen? I know you are a clone of Fate but do you really think you can go about ending the world as we know it."

"Yes, I can go about ending this wretched word that my predecessor couldn't do! I don't believe in Negi's plans and I will see it fall to the ground." He soon crossed his arms. "So to do that I need something that is in the Queen of Calamity's possession."

"And what would that be?"

He only smiled. "All in good time…"

Tsukuyomi whistled impressed. "It's worth noting that you seem to know all that goes about in that wizard's life?"

"I make sure to keep tabs on the important people in Negi's life." His thought then went to the teen wizards partners he separated while they were on that flight. Looking down to his shoulder he saw that his clothes singed from the attack that girl inflicted on him.

Strange, I never thought that one of his partners could hurt me, especially the one who works better with support…

He could remember the intensity in her eyes. She looked at me like I was some monster or something! I'll make sure to find her after I get this plan started!

Then another figure showed up. It was another woman with a friend behind her. "I'm sorry we are late Lumen-sama!" one of the females cried out.

Waving it off, he started talking. "Not to worry about it. Shirabe, I see you brought another to this faction?"

Shirabe had horns on her head and is a demi-human. She wore long purple hair and she was composed. She was one of Fate's Ministra Magi for a time but due to her hatred of what happened to her family she still held a grudge which led her to Lumen's side.

Another of Fate's magi was Homura, a female with pig tails and a fire spirit. Like Shirabe, she found her way to Lumen's side.

These two still held affection for their Magister but they couldn't stand him making nice with Negi. When they were at their lowest Lumen found them and treated them with kindness.

Seeing that this was how his new group was formed he began his plan. "I have separated Negi Springfield's partners for a time. With the distraction it will leave the main palace empty. During this time Tsukuyomi, you will fend off Setsuna and her group!"

This made the girl smile as she felt her body tense up in excitement!

"Homura, you will head off and take care of the mind reader! Her abilities are to be feared!"

The fire female had an evil glint in her eye.

"Shirabe, you are with me! " He looked at said person.

The horned female nodded seriously.

"Your powers have grown in these past couple of years, thanks to my enhancing them, except for you Tsukuyomi…"

The crazed girl only smirked. Yep, he was glad he did nothing with her. She was already powerful enough.

"Lumen, are you sure you want to go through with this?" Shirabe asked like a sister concerned.

He snorted. "This has given me a purpose. Negi Springfield's light is not beneficial for this world! This place needs to go, with all traces of magic extinguished!"

Homura and Shirabe looked somewhat scared of Lumen for a second.

Catching himself he apologized. "Let's get this over; you know your targets?"

The trio nodded. Taking their silence as a yes they headed to their destinations.

Razzle city

In a random city in the Magical world Setsuna and Kokonoe were headed back their temporary hiding place.

It's been two days since they got separated from Chisame and the day before they had ended up split up once again.

Setusna thought on that matter on what happened.

Setsuna Memory

Chachamaru had gotten Kaede back on land. The ninja released them from her artifact and everyone became concerned on what the gyroid mentioned about not being able to reach Chisame.

They immediately wanted to head to find her but before anything could happen the figure stood a couple of feet in front of them.

Setsuna, Fei Ku and Kaede gathered in the front while Chachamaru stood in the middle, protecting Nodoka and Konoka, as they summoned their treasures.

"What happened to our friend?" Setsuna demanded as she gripped her sword tightly.

She couldn't tell what he looked like due to his cloak but he did answer her. "Who knows, I saw her get carried by that wind tempest I conjured up. She could be dead on the ground or drowned."

The female group tensed at what he said and looked ready to strike at him.

"For your sake she better be alive!" Setsuna stated.

Kaede stepped a little ahead of the tailed girl. "Be cautious Setsuna-dono, we still don't know what he can do."

Taking her colleague's statement to heart she calmed down.

"What you do with us now?" Fei Ku asked, never taken her eyes off him.

The cloaked figure took off his cloak to show them what he looked like.

Nodoka was the first to point out the obvious. "He looks like Fate!"

"How is this possible; I thought that Fate was the last one?" Konaka asked befuddled.

The teen boy only smiled. "There is a lot you don't know about this world ladies and I for one can't have you intervene with what I have planned; Turbulance!"

He conjured a twister which sucked almost sucked them in until Kaede threw her cloak over it, sending it to a different place.

Eyes widening surprised Lumen glanced at the ninja with interest. Setsuna and Ku Fei struck next. Setsuna took out her Nodachi and used Zanganken (Stone-Cutting Sword) which infused with her Ki to strike him.

Lumen maneuvered away from her attack and sent a small orb of light to knock her away. Fei Ku used her staff and extended the length to impale him! Adding his light element to his hand he blocked the strike and sent curved light blades at her.

The martial artist flipped away from the assault. Kaede struck next as she threw her four-bladed shuriken at him, that linked by a chain to tie him up. Creating a barrier of magic it got deflected. Catching the weapon she started thinking on her next attack.

Konaka rushed to Setsuna to heal her while Nodoka was about to use her artifact. The boy saw this and quickly illuminated the area with a burst of light, blinding the entourage.

He couldn't afford that girl any chance to figure out his plan and used a teleportation spell to separate them further.

Razzle city (present)

That was the last thing Setsuna remembered from their battle with the boy. She was still beaten up about getting caught off guard like that. She thought she had gotten stronger but it seems she still had more training to do.

Konaka was still her cheery self and even though she was concerned for her friends they had to settled first. She explained it as Negi probably got a heads up on what happened and would find a way to find them.

Setsuna smiled at that memory. No matter the circumstances she will always find a silver lining!

As she thought about happy thoughts of her Ojasama, she didn't notice they were back in the room they rented.

Chachamaru was on the floor on standby mode. During the transportation phrase her circuits had gotten somewhat fried and could only talk for short intervals of time. She explained that it would take three days to fully get everything functional before she could send out a distress signal and it was already day two.

The long brown-haired adult had gotten ready to wind up the robot. Seeing her friend on cloud nine she giggled. "Come on Setsuna, I need you to come out of your world and talk to me now!"

Setsuna automatically snapped out of it and blanched at where they were. "How long have we been here?!"

"Ten minutes, Set-chan!" Chirped the heir to the Kansai association.

Before Setsua was going to start her five-minute speech about how unworthy she was, Chachamaru spoke first. "How was everything out their Konaka?"

"Everything is fine for the most part, nothing dramatic has happened since yesterday," A frown showed on her pretty face. "Of course we still haven't heard from Negi. I think he knows to come here since you tried contacting him yesterday but…"

Chachamaru sighed. "I never suspected my circuitry would end up in such a deplorable state. Hakase would throw a tantrum if she found out about this…"

"It's not your fault, we never suspected we would get attacked by an enemy so soon." Setsuna brought up. "Of course we have no clue where the others are and still no word on Chisame…"

They all got quiet on that. "We have to believe she's still alive, Set-chan," Konaka said. "We all survived somehow in this world and this time it will be no different!"

"Yes, but it's been years since that last adventure and not including that instance of saving Arika-sama, we pretty much haven't had that experience. Well some more than others."

Chachamaru agreed. "The likelihood of Chisame surviving is low but she's rather stubborn so I don't suspect she'll be in danger for long…"

"Why do you say that, Chachamaru?" Konaka asked in curiosity.

Going by her memory file she thought of Jack Rakan. "Call it woman's institution!"

This got a sweat drop from the two women. Uhhh, yeah she's a female too so of course she'd get it! They both thought at the same time.

Ostia Palace

In the palace of Ostia Princess Asuna Kagurazaka was finishing up her duties of state. And by that I mean she had Takamichi help to make sure she didn't fall asleep this time.

The princess of Twilight wore a regal gown and nice high-heeled shoes as she was heading to meet her partner and former teacher Negi. She had heard what happened to Konaka and the others. Of course once she did she wanted to drop everything to find her friends but Takamichi, Nagi and Negi convinced her not to jump the boat just yet.

It was incoming they had just discovered and as royalty she couldn't just stop it. So with a calm outlook she continued with her duties. The red-head girl with different color eyes had grown to become beautiful but she still had her tomboy spirit and still ragged on Negi for being reckless and whatnot.

Thinking on the matter she smiled briefly before opening the door to see her Magister with Nagi and her sister, Arika.

"Asuna!" The teenage boy cried as looked happy at seeing her.

Nagi also greeted her with a roguish smile. "I see you didn't start a war just yet, so I guess you are doing fine!"

Arika slapped him hard against his head causing him to fall to the ground. Asuna smiled at her sister which the ice queen returned with hesitation.

"I'm glad I was able to finish up everything before finding the others," Asuna started as she looked at Negi, who was still in disbelief on what happened.

"It's a good thing too, Asuna but I have to wonder why this would happen when they were coming to see me?" Negi pouted a little.

Arika was going to comfort her son until Asuna bashed him on the head. The boy blanched out and looked at her with a puppy dog face! "What was that for Asuna!?"

"Because I know you were going to start crying on how this was your fault and shit but let me tell you it's not!" She berated him. "No one could have figured that Konaka and the others would end up getting attacked by anyone! Of course if you think you are in the wrong, pull up your thong, get out there and look!"

Arika looked impressed on the way Asuna could handle Negi. It did her heart proud that she wasn't the only one to use force to fix the men in her life.

Nagi also grinned as he recovered. She's grown up nicely, still a bit hot-headed but that's just makes her who she is.

"So you ready to do this Negi?" She asked.

The teen nodded firmly. "I am ready and I know where Chachamaru is located. She was able to send me a brief message just before she shut down. She along with Konaka and Setsuna are in a city close to Ostia."

"If there that close I wonder why they couldn't come to us?" Asuna asked.

"Most probably they didn't want whoever did that to them to strike against us," Nagi offered up. "This enemy could have found a way to the castle by following them secretly. It's best we meet up with them."

Takamich brought up the second half. "I also got a call from a subordinate that Nodoka, Kaede and Ku are in small village away from the palace."

Negi grimaced at hearing Nodoka got involved as well. He only knew that Konaka, Setsuna , Chachamaru and Nodoka was coming he didn't know about the rest. "What about Chisame?"

The white suited man hesitated at that. "Apparently she is not among them as of yet…"

Asuna and Negi gasped a little.

The teen wizard said, "Wait, she's not there with them?!"

"I'm not sure what happened to her but all I know is that she wasn't among them!"

"You don't think she is…" Nagi said before Arika silenced him with a glare.

"We cannot come up with self-made theories. We need to gather all the facts," Arika took charge of the situation. "Asuna, you will go see to Eishun's daughter and company," She looked at Negi next. "Son, you will go to meet Nodoka and her group."

She then glanced at Takamichi. "Stand guard at the palace and bring in some of the secret service agents as back up. Something tells me this is a step the enemy wants! Now let's move!"

They all stood surprised on how quickly she issued the orders.

"I SAID MOVE!" She yelled out.

The group quickly dispersed with a "Yes mam!" and rushed off.

Nagi smiled at her. "I always liked how you cracked the whip, Arika-chan!"

She only gave him one of her stoic looks which Nagi could tell something was wrong. "What's wrong?"

Placing some of her hair behind her ear she answered. "Something is going to happen soon that will change everything we know!" She said in a wispy voice.

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