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Chapter 4

Tsundere's opening heart

In the jungles of Mundus where wild life bloomed and ran rampant, at a certain home of an idiotic warrior, Chisame Hasegawa was once again contemplating her luck.

To put things in perspective, I wound up in the mystical land of magic once again, she pegged off in her head. Thanks to a hooded freak who attacked us. I get blown by a storm and conveniently land in a jungle, get chased by who knows what, wind up in a ruin, take a bath and almost get raped by a man-eating plant…again!

The memory ran like a strip of film in her head as she thought she'd end up dinner and worse yet, molested by tendrils. And finally I get rescued by the one person I've been thinking about for a time!

Next memory of the muscular Jack Rakan appeared. And he takes care of the plant creeper and now…

She looked down as she was stuck in bed at the moment. I catch some cold by that damn plant? What the fuck, why does this always happen to me?

The red/brown head teen grunted annoyed at her luck. It's been two days since that happened and been bed ridden. Currently Rakan was out on another run for medicine.

It began as she had felt weird after getting dressed and collapsed on the ground. Rakan, who was marveling over her attire (bra like shirt and toga wearing skirt), caught her before gravity hit its course.

The brown-skinned man noticed that she had some nicks on her flat stomach and said she got infected with the plant's virus. For a second Chisame thought that would be a death sentence but he explained that it's typical for that to happen and were like a human version of a cold, except feeling like crap!

Chisame rolled her eyes at the memory on how he explained it! Did he really have to say it with a smiling face?

Jack soon came back with a bowl with what appeared to look like soup with a spoon. Lowering down to her level he scooped up the substance.

Why do I feel like this isn't going to go well? She wondered as she gave a small scowl.

"Okay, Jo-chan, open up the hatch so the airplane can swoop on in!" He made flying motion and airplane sounds like she was a kid.

Yep her thoughts were right on this one! Woman institution had its moments!

The last thing he saw or felt in this matter was the end of her fist clobbering his head! "Do that again or I'll kill you!" She screeched as if a banshee from legend possessed her!

Chuckling he fed her the medicine which had a bland taste. "Ugh, come on I can feed myself, big oaf…" she didn't get to finish as that last burst of energy left and she relaxed on the bed.

"That sickness weakens your muscles and energy, Chisame," He said as he scooped up the substance once again and fed her (to her annoyance). "So I'd be careful with what you do with the moments of madness, Jo-chan!"

The hacker caught that he referred to her by her name. Glancing at him, Rakan's normal goofy grin ended up replaced with concern. A blush radiated her cheeks as she placed the blanket over her face.

Dammit, why am I being shy now? It's Rakan for goodness sake! She peaked as he waited patiently for her to stop the episode.

Ugh…this is not what I expected! No sir, of all times to act complacent! She was getting agitated every second. Why did she have to rely on a man's help to get better?

What happened to the independent woman with ambition and drive? Where was the lioness that screamed "I am woman, hear me roar!"

She's been doing fine on her own after "retiring" from Negi and Ala Aba's adventures! Of course she occasionally helped out like that time with Negi's mother but she was mostly the support on the tech side of things.

Chisame stopped her prattling and eventually finished the yucky substance. He then did something unexpected, he placed an arm around her back and looked in her eyes.

"Wha…what are you doing, fool? I need to get my rest?!" She squawked out as she felt another rush go through her cheeks.

Why does he look serious? She felt like some heroine in one of those romance novels that half her former class liked back in middle school; the one where a man and woman embraced on some scene with a burning log cabin.

She wasn't ready for this! Yes, he was helping her but this was getting too close. Chisame was going to say something until she felt a pat on her back which confused her.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

His eyes widened. "Oh, I'm trying to burp you!" He spoke. "Let's see if I can get you to do a good one! Maybe it will be better than my earthquakes!"

She felt like her world exploded at that instant! She felt like an engine as steam came out of her ears and her mouth hung open.

Hell opened that day for Jack Rakan and it wasn't pretty. He sensed a maniacal presence and it came from Chisame. He backed away for an instant. "Uh, Jo-chan, you ok? It's all right if you gotta let one go, I'm cool with it!"

Her eyes opened like a demon possessed; blood-red. Her hair flowed up as if the spirit of Medusa protected her.

This made Rakan sweat bullets. Oh shit, I think I said something I wasn't supposed to? Damn, girls don't do stuff like that!

Two hours later Rakan woke up on the floor. He felt like he just got beaten up and he did. He vaguely remembered two kicks, a slap and an uppercut that plastered him to the ground.

Groaning he got up and noticed Chisame wasn't in his bed anymore? He grew concerned and moved to the other rooms (outside bath spring, living room) and didn't' come across her.

He was about to head out until he saw her come through the door. To the man's relief and surprise he saw Chisame, she switched from the Jane wearing toga gear back into some normal clothes, which consisted of a yellow hoodie and skinny blue jeans that showed off her belly button.

Honestly I'm actually happy I paid attention Kakizaki's fashion tips at that one party. She knows her stuff I'll give her that the glasses wearing woman said in her head.

He gawked at what he saw which caused her to snarl and punch that rock hard noggin once again. After that he smiled at her.

"Seems the medicine kicked in, eh?" He asked grinning.

With a fold of her arms she responded. "Ugh, I don't ever want to eat something that gross. Ever. Again."

Guffawing like he came from a feast he patted her shoulder. "Glad you that spunk back. It would have taken that stuff another couple of days!"

She scoffed at him as she pulled out her pactio card as an answer. "Yeah about that, I hopped on the internet after knocking you for a loop and had my servants find something to speed up the process."

He had a blank look on his face. "Wait, you can check this internet thing, here?" Jack said in disbelief. "I didn't think I could do that being out in the sticks!

Chisame sweatdropped on what he considered "the sticks". This place was an orgy full of dragons and bugs! She continued her explanation. "Upon finding it I just hacked the system to speed deliver here, which they used a teleportation spell."

Magic had its upside. "So I guess you didn't need the medicine I gathered after all?" He sounded surprisingly withdrawn.

The long-haired woman felt like she stepped on a bomb. "Uh, no, I did need that stuff you gave me. It gave me the boost I needed. This," She showed the small brown bottle. " Worked as an enhancement to what you gave me."

"Oh, so it did come in handy?"

Seeing that look on his face she couldn't help but smile. "Sheesh, yeah it did. Even though I'm surprised you couldn't have gone to town!" She sounded a little ticked off. "Upon linking up I saw that we are only a couple of hours from some small town!"

"Uh, well I rarely go there due to an incident I caused there once!" He answered sheepishly.

Quirking an eyebrow she wondered what he meant.

As if answering to a wife he went to a minor explanation on how that town hired him for a hunting job and they would pay him his high ransom fee. The job went all right until it came to brining the bounty back.

"Apparently I didn't kill it thoroughly and it somewhat, kinda, rampaged! You know like that giant lizard in Japan you guys are used to!"

Her glasses went white. That bozo knows that's just fiction right?

"So I was banned for life!" He laughed loudly at that accomplishment. "Of course I found a way to get the money so I was laughing all the way to the bank!"

Chisame face faulted once again at his explanation. At least he knew what he wanted, right?

Shaking her head she responded. "Well anyway I think I spent enough time here as it is!" Chisame remembered she never got a chance to explain why she was here.

Jack Rakan guessed what she was going to say next. "If you're wondering I know about your trip to Nagi and Arika's place."

The hacker looked surprised. Did she mutter in her sleep during her sleep? She asked him the question.

"Nothing like that, Takahata makes sure to keep us in the loop when it comes to Negi's group coming to this place," He explained. " I was planning on heading up there myself before I sensed someone's presence at my place, which was you!"

He gave her a wolfish smile. "Glad I decided to check it out, huh?"

Chisame frowned at that before muttering. "I guess, even though I didn't expect to see you…"

"Huh, why's that Jo-chan?" He asked before he had a child like grin. " Could it be you missed me or something after all this time?"

Chisame collapsed to the ground. Crap was she that transparent with her feelings as of late?! That idiot, I keep forgetting he's observant when he's not acting like a fool!"

"You okay?" He asked going to lift her up but she slapped his hand away.

"Look, I don't need you worrying about me, I'm fine!" She said with force, getting up.

Rakan backed off for a second.

"I'm grateful to you helping me, even though you didn't have too…I just don't want to be a bother to you!" She exclaimed.

"You aren't a bother to me, Jo-chan," He began before she snapped at him.

"Stop being so understanding; just leave me alone!" Once she said that she ran out the door. Jack called to her but she ignored him.

"Damn, I don't care if she is fine but she might still be fatigued and going out there is dangerous!" He stated heading out to follow her. "I have to make sure she gets back to Negi safely; he wouldn't forgive if anything happened to any of his partners!"

Chisame lamented her choice of action as she ran deeper into the forest. Why did she act like a jerk? She stopped moving her legs as she appeared in a clearing; the grass was short and the trees were huge.

"Way to go, Hasegawa!" She muttered kicking herself. "You come across as an ungrateful bitch even though the big lug took care of you!"

She held her hand to her head. Chisame still felt dizzy. Even though the medicine worked she still needed it to take its course.

"Dammit, I need to suck it up and go back and rest! If Rakan does know why I'm here I need to stick with him and get in contact with Negi and the others!"

That's right they didn't know what happened after that figure separated them. She didn't know what that guy or girls damage but she'd make sure to smack him upside the head with her baton when she got the chance.

Sitting down for a moment she pulled out her pactio. She would have tried to get in contact with Negi but something was jamming the telepathic frequency. The cynical girl would have tried the internet as well but that also sketchy at best even with her skills.

I'm wondering if something or someone is jamming it on purpose. She contemplated. What is the answer in that?

As she started feeling a little better she got up but not before seeing a figure a couple of feet ahead of her. Shit, where did he come from?

She recognized the cloak and got up fast. "It's you… the one that started all of this!" Chisame yelled.

The cloak figure pulled down the hood which made her gasp; he looked like a miniature Fate!

"How is that possible?" She whispered fearfully as memories of the last battle ran through her head. Fighting to get Asuna and fending off copies of Fate along with his little harem of wannabe Charlie's Angels.

The gray eyed teen look despondent. Yep, he reminded her of Fate all right with that look.

He pointed at her. "You shocked me with that little tool of yours a couple of days back."

Chisame remembered that, how was she able to do that? "I wouldn't say shock as it was lightning but hey, whatever works!" Why was she trying to put on a front when she was terrified.

"Why are you here? And where are my frie…my friends?" She hesitantly spoke.

He gave her a look. "They are still alive if you are curious." He spoke. "Of course that could be changing."

"What do you mean by that?" She called out.

"Well you see, I was going to have my plan go into action but I decided to give those friends of yours and you a fighting chance!" He stated easily. "It wouldn't do me well if the game ended quickly.

Her eyes got wide. "Wait so you are playing with us?!"

"That is correct, along with figuring out you have been sick. But I believe the correction is void, correct?"

Chisame cursed in her head furiously. This brat could have ended her anytime he wanted to? That is until a thought came to her head. "Wait, you know I'm with a certain idiot who thrives off battle right?"

He looked confused until whom she referred to. "Oh, Jack Rakan of the blades; yes I am aware of how strong he is. He gave my elder brother some trouble. I don't think I could match him…" The teen gave a smile. "Of course you aren't with him at the moment, Chisame Haseawa!"

FUCK, WHY DID I ACT LIKE A CRYING BITCH! She wailed in her head as sweat went down her face. And wait, he knew her name?

"I make sure to find out my targets name before killing them," He said. "Lumen…"

It was her time to give a confused expression.

"That is my name, Lumen!" He said again.

Chisame's Latin wasn't the best but she figured his name meant Light?

"Now, I'm going to end your life as a way to get Negi angry!" Lumen stated as a ball of light gathered in his hands. "With lowering his number down I can get to the palace!"

Chisame didn't think she could win; fighting wasn't her forte. She reached in her pocket and held her pactio. Should I risk it?

As Lumen unleashed the magical ball of light Chisame felt someone grab her and moved away from the attack.

To her shock it was Jack Rakan once again saving her life! "Man Jo-chan, you know how to run fast with those skinny legs? It's hard getting through that jungle!" Jack complained landing on the ground.

"Jack…" She whispered until she felt a hand on her head.

"Don't do that again, all right?" He said dead serious which she didn't argue. She only nodded her head.

"Now that's the Jo-chan I know!, now You little squirt!" Jack said moving his attention to Lumen.

"You are Jack Rakan?" Lumen asked him.

The big bear man pointed at himself. "That's right, I'm the mighty warrior of the heavens! When my name is uttered people fall to the ground in worship!" He posed dramatically as if he was on a superhero show.

This caused both Chisame and Lumen to sweat drop. Did he really need to do that?

Laughing it off he continued talking to the boy. "Now, squirt, I heard from that bravado you have a plan of sorts, right? Along with trying to kill the missy here?" He walked up to the boy and looked down at him. "Look I'm not one to get up in yo' business but…"

His eyes turned dark as Lumen felt fear go through him.

"I won't have you kill this girl, you got me?"

Chisame shook as she could feel a heat radiate Rakan's body. She recognized this from Jack's battle with Negi all those years ago. He's about to go all out?!

Lumen tried hiding the fear but couldn't.

"If you wanna act like a man then fight me, not some girl!" He pulled down his fist to pound Lumen to the ground. Lumen leapt away as Rakan's punch crushed the ground to rubble.

Jack Rakan narrowed his eyes an pursed the boy. Lumen looked amazed at the speed Jack could do and flipped away from him once again.

He's stronger! I got no chance against him, unless, He looked at Chisame and back at Rakan. Landing on the ground Lumen moved his hands in an intricate way as a glyph appeared.

Jack covered his eyes from the bright light. It felt like they were burning from his sockets!

Chisame also covered her eyes.

Lumen took his chance and sprinted towards Chisame. Opening her eyes she noticed he was almost to her!

Taking a chance she yelled, "Adeat!" and transformed to her "battle attire"; a black school girl get up with black devil wings, tail for decoration (they were fake). Twirling her baton she thought quickly and summoned three of her sprites which created an electrical shield.

Lumen crashed into it and fell back surprised!

Chisame noted what she did and was surprised. I didn't think that was going to happen? She only knew she could manipulate data and hack her opponents abilities (along as they were electronic). I'm not complaining of course!

"Don't underestimate me, brat!" She called out to him before she felt fatigued and went to her knees. Not now…

As Lumen made another pass at her Rakan emerged and grabbed his ankle. With a snarl he slammed the boy to the ground hard! "What did I tell you, squirt?"

With another swing Jack slammed Lumen to the ground again! Lumen turned to light and appeared behind Rakan and went to impale him until the mighty warrior grabbed his wrist and snapped it.

Yelling in pain Lumen moved away once again. He knew he couldn't get to Chisame just yet. Oh well, I might as well hold off until I get that thing from Arika first…

Lumen looked at the duo. "Don't think this is over, fools!" He soon vanished.

Rakan scoffed. "Bah, do they always gotta have the last say? Butt wipes!" He soon went to Chisame who was on the ground.

"Come on Jo-chan, let's get you back and rest," He told her as he brought her in his arms. "I promise we'll make this excursion in a couple of days."

Chisame nodded as she felt safe in his arms. "By the way; thanks for your help, Rakan…" She whispered.

This brought a smile to the man's face. "Oho, I see you aren't using a suffix? You sure you wanna do that?" He asked mischievously.

She caught what she said and punched his face. "Shut up, not like you care what I call you," Chiame looked down. "I don't mind if it's you though…"

Rakan smiled at her kindly.

"One more thing, why did you try to burp me, you boar!" She asked curious.

"Oh that; you were acting unlike yourself and wanted to make you laugh!" He said laughing. "Of course I just remembered women find stuff like that immature and next thing I know, you kicked my ass!"

She gave him a look and sighed. "Idiot…" Chisame found her eyelids getting heavy. Before she went to sleep she muttered something. "I'm glad I get to see you again, Jack…"

Rakan vaguely heard that and asked what she just said. She didn't answer as she was already asleep.

"I'm glad I get to see you again to, Chisame." He whispered as he walked back to his home.

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