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Chapter 5

A single moment with you

After the surprise of seeing Lumen, the crazed sword-wielder and smart but cynical hacker made it back to the muscular man's domain. Seeing how Chisame had gotten back on her feet rather fast and now looking like she was in pain Rakan did the first thing that came to him as soon as they went through the front door; he held her like they were a blissfully in love couple walking to their honeymoon.

Blushing like mad at his sudden gesture Chisame tried wiggling her body out of his reach. "Hey loudmouth, put me down! I can make it on my own!"

Not paying her attention he made his way to her current bedroom and lay her down. As if sensing the glasses tsundere was about to go on another tirade Rakan placed his hand over her head and checking her temperature and in doing so silencing her protest.

Getting a look at his face the long-haired hacker noted he looked serious. It's like that time he battled Negi that one time in that tournament. He gave everything in that battle and now it's like he's…giving everything of himself to get me back on my feet?

Chisame Hasegawa was never one for the concept of romance nor to finding a boyfriend to hang with and get to know. Sure maybe once upon a time when she was a child and dreaming of her prince charming riding in on a brown horse (she never cared for white horses) and taking her far away to land where dreams and wishes came true but that didn't last.

My cynicism came in when I was eight years old! Chisame didn't have a rough childhood like Negi or a privileged upbringing like Konoka but average. On an average day she realized that life wasn't a fascinating place it made it out in stories she read up to that moment. Boys were nothing but nightmare for her; with their lowered inability to make conscious bodily function noises on a whim to playing pranks and soon becoming teenagers with nothing but one thing on their mind; when to "tap that".

It's not like they came to her and said she was pretty or beautiful. Not even once and she felt like the invisible girl. It's not like I'm beauty queen or something. I'm just a nerd who lives her life online since I don't want people wanting to know the real me…

Even though she was older she couldn't help but feel like that awkward girl from elementary school. Chisame couldn't escape her own demons that lurked in her heart. And now, she eyed the door that Rakan just went out of. This gigantic doofus, who should be the last boss in an RPG, is taking care of me?

She became self-conscious as her eyes turned to the mirror of the room and her reflection stared back at her. "Dammit Hasegawa, why are you being plagued by this; it's never done you any good to think of romance and this shit!"

The light-brown haired hacker couldn't even fathom in developing feelings for someone. Sure there was Negi but it felt like the entire (former) class of 3-A still held out that he'd pick one of them. Being the civil girl she was Chisame wouldn't want to go down that path again. That is why she had worked hard making her own path for herself. Sure, she was a shut-in at times but had pride in the fact she wasn't secluded as she once was.

And now due to my melancholy of wanting change I wind back up in this place and possibly dealing with a scenario that will determine the world. A thought soon came to her. Or that I somehow have ended up in one of those situations where I'm about to unlock a H-scene and he'll start being perverted in what he wants to do with me!

Thinking on that matter the hacker had a vivid daydream of her being in a bed while he is coming in the room. He has a sock on his…member and telling her to get one off! The ecchi thought ends with her covering her eyes. "WHY WOULD I THINK OF THAT?" She internally blamed Saotome for giving her that one game to play one time!

In the kitchen area Rakan decided to make her some tea. But given that he never made such delicate stuff like that before he was stumped. How could he make her something to drink? Sure he had that stuff he gave her before she left in a huff but this was different! Being that she was Japanese he needed to make her some good tea from her culture! Wait, isn't that me classifying her as a stereotype? This proved complicated.

"Bah, it's just some tea, what could possible go wrong!" He declared as he grabbed a box of tea leaves and held it to the sky! "I'm Jack Rakan, if I can kick the asses of a thousand army wimps then I can make some stinking tea for Jo-chan to enjoy and get her yen on!"

Ten seconds only passed and the entire area was fool of smoke, a fire on his stove (Arika and Nagi had helped him modernize some parts of his living are), three good fashioned wood cutters were destroyed and for some reason pots were stacked in the sink with some strange substance on it.

Looking at the mess Jack wondered how he did all that before he laughed. "Hahahaha, that's what happens when an idiot tries to do stuff out of his comfort zone!" Before he could continue his boisterous laughter until 7 electronic sprites floated around him!

"Huh, what's this; don't you belong to Jo-chah?" He asked grabbing one by their tail and twirling it.

Tears streamed out of the poor things eyes. "Waaahhhhhh, please let me go Rakan-sama!"

Laughing at the sprite the head mouse (Negi) floated near his face and gave a kick to his nose. "Will you stop that you; we've come to help you!"

Letting the poor mouse go he gave an infectious grin. "Eh?"

Kincha, Hanpe, Konnya, Chikuwafu, Daiko, and Shirataki got in a row and saluted behind Negi. "We want Chisame-sama better! We'll help you!"

Than just like that it turned into a Disney movie with digital sprites being like woodland creatures and brewing tea, cleaning up the dishes, taking out the fire and scrubbing the floors while Rakan looked on bewildered by the happy atmosphere.

After some minutes passed the kitchen looked spanking new, it even had a glitz to it that would make any stay at home mom cry tears of joy. Whistling Rakan saw the tray of tea with some soup. "This looks well done but how are you guys even here?"

Hanpe squeaked out an answer. "Thanks to linking up to the net, we can come out anytime we please!"

Shirataki spoke next. "And are Mistress is still fatigued so we want her better!"

Konnya and Chikuwafu floated near Rakan, holding something. "If you want compensation, you can have this!"

Getting a gander at the picture the dark-skinned man gave a wolf-whistle at what he saw; Chisame in a pink bra and panties with her glasses off and her brownish-red hair in a pony tail. "How'd you get this?"

Daiko replied, "She just finished her daily blog; Chisame-sama was really working it that day and we wanted to capture her beauty!"

Kincha said, "So we just got a quick picture of her! Along with this!" The sprite had another one but this was classy; she had on regular clothes and apparently looking at the camera as she took a "selfie" of herself. "Jo-chan has a nice smile!" He wouldn't have known given she always had a scowl on her face.

As he glanced at the picture he came to the sudden conclusion that he had been fascinated with her, which is shocking since he never would have put a big word like "fascinating" in any sentence that came out of his pudding brain! He's not sure when it began but when it came with her, he always liked picking on her. From seeing her when she and Negi came to find him so the latter could train to get stronger to face Fate. Then she had the "Chibi' form to hide their identity, he always liked how she had those cat ears and tail along with giving him a good knee-kick to his face when he actually "borrowed" her pactio card from the naïve boy wizard.

Jo-chan, you certainly are something, you took everything in stride with a rational mind and didn't let the fantasy stuff get the better of you like the rest of your classmates, he thought. Rakan had never once thought of stuff like love given his own situation with being born a slave and knowing nothing about it only except for fighting. Sure he WAS a pervert that liked goosing girl's bums and breasts and seeing some fan-service and he even had his own secret stash of porn in his closet but that's just superficial shit.

Bah, what would I even know about it? I usually left that stuff with Nagi and Arika; and the way she treated that sap, do I really want to go that route? Giving an exasperated sigh he noted that the sprites were waiting for him to do something. "What's up, you want some cheese or something?"

All seven face faulted before Negi spoke. "No, we just want to say take care of Chisame-sama for us!"

The other six agreed and held up sings of "GO GET HER!" or "MAKE IT WORK!" with projections of confetti falling. Negi continued. "You see, she doesn't know it but we are linked to her in an empathetic sense as well and we know what she feels. Chisame-sama is confused at the moment but the focal point is all about you, Rakan-sama!"

Rakan 'hmmm'd" to what the electronic sprite stated.

"She's not honest with her feelings as you already know," He continued as the mouse pulled out a handkerchief and blew his little nose. "So it does my tiny heart good knowing that's fallen for someone besides daddy!"

The others agreed solemnly while Rakan had a questionably look on their "daddy" before figuring it out. "You mean Negi is your dad?"

They nodded with enthusiasm. "We were created when she kissed him so that technically makes us our dad!" Negi responded.

A nod came from the light-blonde haired man. "Well don't let her hear you say that or she'll kill you!" He soon grabbed the tray and headed back to her room before speaking to the 7 sprites. "This is all rather shocking, I don't think Jo-chan would be happy with me given my profession and I do live in the 'fantasy world', as she likes to say. I'm not sure I'm what she needs!"

The sprites gave each other a knowing look before Negi spoke for all of them. "Even if that's the case, at least acknowledge her feelings. Who knows, it might surprise you in the end as well?"

After hearing that he stood for one/fourth of a moment before walking off contemplating what the data sprites said.

Kincha asked a question. "You think you should have told him all that, Negi?"

Negi maintained a firm disposition and answered. "We are sprites created for Chisame-sama, even if we overstepped are parameters I, as an individual, want her to experience any kind of happiness."

Konnya agreed. "Even if it's a short-lived romance, she needs to know that there is more to life than internet fascination."

Konnya and Chikuwafu spoke as one. "She is still young, not some old crone woman.

Daiko spoke. "Besides it's not like she'll get Negi, this is the next step for her to take!"

Hanpe concurred. "He'll also learn something from this!

It feels like the 7 sprites know more than the let on it seems?

Back in the bedroom Chisame saw Rakan come back in with some tea and even porridge! She eyed the content with suspicion. I don't believe he made this, I don't think he knows how to heat up a tv dinner let alone cook! "This looks…good?" She didn't know how to wrap her head around it.

He placed the tray in front of her. "Thanks, there's no medicine involved this time since you've already have a bunch of stuff floating around that system of yours so this is the mundane way!" Rakan spoke proudly.

Narrowing her eyes she nodded. Picking up her spoon she moved it around the contents. Ok, no floating eyeballs or lizard tongues in there, she scooped up the contents and sniffed. Doesn't smell like socks or anything weird. Chisame blew on it and popped it in her mouth. And it actually taste normal…"Hmph, I guess you aren't a total cave man?"

He gave her a confused frown. "Caveman; you want me to scratch my pits or something?" Rakan got his hand ready to do just that but she spoke fast saying not to do anything of the sort!

After taking her time in eating it she drank the green tea and it was decent. She finished up her tea and placed it back on the tray. "Okay, that was a good meal…" She scratched her cheek with a finger. "I guess you can cook?"

Seeing her compliment his cooking (even though it wasn't) he gave a laugh. "Glad you liked it Jo-chan!"

The glasses-eyed girl tried holding back a roll of her eyes but she changed that plan to an actual smile. She didn't grasp why seeing him that joyful made her have a twinge of affection but it's not like she disliked the feeling.

Rakan also noted she smiled and he found pleasant, it was unlike anything he's witnessed with her. She's grown to a cynical woman from when she was 15 years old but she still has that soft-side to her that's always good to see!

While relishing in the moment the duo found themselves staring at each other without even noticing before Chisame changed her facial feature to one of irritation. "Look, take a picture if you want to gaze at my loving face!" Her tsundere side came out like a hurricane. A blush radiated on her cheeks. "I'm feeling rather tired so let me work off the drugs in my system so I can be well for the morning!"

Bringing a blanket over her face that seemed to end the conversation. Rakan picked up her tray and walked out.

Returning to the kitchen he didn't see the flying sprites anyway and guessed they were in hibernation. Putting the object in the sink he wondered if this was really right having these feelings. In his mind Rakan saw himself as someone who has killed many people and perverted in pleasures of the flesh. And once obtaining his freedom and being a kind of free-lance, he actually helped saved the world. He could never see himself being with someone other than knocking each other's bones and he didn't think about wanting to think of Chisame as a piece of bloody-meat on a plate.

Growling he hit the counter with a fist which caused a crack to form. "This is not what I wanted, someone like me is not made for happiness…" He whispered. "I live for battle, I'm greedy for money. I can't even picture having a stable job that doesn't revolve around danger! I'm not the one for Chisame…"

He was denying his own feelings for the hacker and he had some valid reasons. This was proving annoying so he pulled out a giant gourd from the sink; it was his secret stash of saké that Nagi got for him on his last trip to Earth. The muscular man headed to the back yard of his ruin and took a long gulp.

The alcohol felt nice as it sloshed in his belly and made things calmer as his endorphins got released in his brain. He soon saw a full moon. "I never cared for the moon; it always brings an empty feeling of twisted and darkened emotions I care to forget about!"

Another long gulp insured and he continued the process for the night.

The next morning Chisame got out of bed feeling refreshed and actually happy; that sleep was all that she needed! Running her hand through her long hair she felt sweaty and smelled! "Ugh, crap. I need to take a bath…but" She still remembered almost being a man-eating plants lunch! Chisame went through the options in her head if she should wash up.

If she did do this, she'd be relaxed and smelled nice! B) if she didn't, Rakan would congratulate her on for embracing the "manly way of life".

Groaning at that she headed for the hot spring and to her shock, saw Rakan waiting for her. With clothes on!

"Hey, morning Jo-chan; I had a feeling you'd want a bath so I made sure that no plants or wildlife were around!" He spoke happily as she cautiously approached.

The water looked clean enough and nothing out of the ordinary popped out. Giving him a glance she gave out a "Thanks" and he left her to her own devices!

Taking off her sweaty clothes she dipped her leg in the water and gave a sigh of relaxation. Soon her body ended up submerged. Hmmm, that's odd; he didn't even say anything about wanting to bathe with me or didn't even give my bottom a good spank! She soon caught what she said and splashed water on her face for the naughty thought. Not…not that I want him to spank me like I'm some cow on a barn! Besides my ass isn't huge…I don't think?

To make sure Chisame got up and looked at her nice pinkish-bottom; it wasn't "fat" or "phat" as she heard and it was just perky. She soon dropped her head. "By the gods, when did I start caring if my body is a wonderland?"

She soon sat back down and continued her contemplation. While that was happening she didn't note seeing a four-legged creäture drop in the water and move its way towards her. I wonder if Rakan has gotten in contact again with Takahata-sensei? If he knows what's going on then I'm positive Negi is trying to find the rest of us!

Noting that she has spent enough time in the water she was about to get up before she felt something on her naval? That's funny…She placed a hand to feel what it was and felt something that was apparently between the legs! Mouth gaping she soon felt something get elongated and she freaked!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She wailed her body leapt from the water!

Hearing the maiden scream Rakan rushed back out fast to see what happened. "Chisame, what's the matter?!"

He soon felt her arms around his neck. Her naked body pressed against his open shirt and he wrapped an arm around her waist. "Something…something's in there?!" She shook as some tears fell.

Eyes narrowing in suspicion Rakan gently pushed her to his back and got closer to the spring; he did indeed see something and it was a light-green monster of some kind. It had scales and a little horn coming from the cranium and folded wings. It was the same size as a Corgi puppy and Rakan knew what it was.

"Jo-chan, I think that's a dragon!" He spoke as she peeked to see the poor fella!

It was indeed a baby dragon that had flown into the hot spring! Wait, was that what she felt? Her eyes went white for a moment. That thing is a dragon? So what I felt in my hands was it's…

She didn't finish the thought as it would have caused her a mental breakdown. Rakan picked up the dragon and saw that its eyes were swirly. "Looks like the little guy is out of it,"

"Please, that horrid monster molested me!" She barked at him pointing. Chisame remember feeling something get licked on a region she didn't care to say or think about! "It's a pervert, like you!"

He gave a chuckle. "Oh come on Jo-chan, he's a baby and probably lost its mother!"

"Well it better waddle off somewhere else cause I'm not taking care of anything living!" She snapped.

The light-green dragon opened his eyes and saw Rakan. It appeared it didn't fear the big lug and oriented on Chisame. The hacker gave it a glare of a woman scorned. "Don't be staring at me with those baby-blues of yours, stumpy! Move that tail of yours along!"

It gave a friendly growl and floated towards Chisame! She blanched as it came at her with the force of a cute puppy! Then it was about to fall before her instincts kicked in and caught him! Holding the dragon to her chest she realized what she just did. "Oh crap…"

A laugh erupted from Rakan. "Looks like he won you over, Jo-chan!"

"Bah, he didn't win over me, it's just practical; I won't have some magical version of PETA getting on my ass about magical creature negligence and stump me for money I don't have!" She argued as the dragon looked rather comfy on her decent-sized melons.

"Yeah, he looks good and fine all right?" He chuckled.

Feeling the head of the dragon rub her presents she dropped him like a bag of potatoes. "Perverted dragon!"

The stumpy dragon shook his head and floated back to Chisame and licked her face which made her flinch! "God dammit, go away!" It stayed right on her shoulder.

"He likes you, Jo-chan, why not just keep him?"

Her analytical way of thinking kicked in. "I can't possibly keep him, he might find his mother or something so there would be no point!" The dragon, as if answering, coughed out a small lightning bolt.

"Hmmm, so it's an elemental dragon of lightning? Those are rare, I believe they come from a certain region to the north of here, it's actually where that village is!"

"Well then, that's where we are headed!" She took charge and marched inside to get some clothes on. The tiny dragon followed her.

Rakan grew concerned that a dragon like that couldn't make a journey to this place. Someone probably dragged it out of its nest to bring here and have Chisame find it? I wonder if this is that brat's doing?

Chisame was in her room and saw the dragon floating (or trying) next to her before giving a sigh. "You aren't going to leave me alone, are you?"

"Rawh?" He spoke with a confused look.

"Get in here," And he did.

The chapter ends with an unexpected guest!

This dragon will be a companion for Chisame and Rakan as they make their way to that village to the north! Who knows what will happen when they get there?

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