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Loop-de-loops, loop-de-loops, loop-de-loops.

The name was just satanic to me now as we rode off into the slippery caverns of North's workshop, where apparently this was a normal take off every Christmas. He called a bunch of angry yet badass looking reindeers pulling some rickety, old yet modern sleigh through what appeared to be Satan's highways themselves normal? Yeah, I was missing something here, obviously. At least Bunny felt the same, since he dug his nails into the wood as the sleigh was picking up speed towards the beginning. While it was extremely funny, the ride itself was a living nightmare. I'm glad we were just finally in the air, soaring high above the snowy grounds below us that were the North Pole, a bit more relaxed now. Sandy and Jack sure enjoyed that takeoff, since they seemed pretty cool about the whole thing. I, on the other hand, was sitting with my knees to my chest and my arms hugging them close, taking a few deep breaths to calm my upset stomach. The winter spirit next to me chuckled, and I shot him a glare. "What's so funny, frostbite?"

"No, nothing," he held his hands up in defense, his eyes still laughing. "Just that I remember you saying you didn't like roller coasters before."
I groaned, covering my head with my arms, my reply muffled, "For the last time, I don't know you!" What will it take for this guy to get off my back? It's his fault I just went through hell! At first I was grateful for having met the Guardians and all, but now I just wanted to get back to my life of music. My guitar that was strapped to my back seemed heavier, maybe since I haven't played it in a while— a couple of hours? That seemed like eternity for my guitar and I. Jack seemed to get an idea as he mischievously smirked and hopped onto the back of the sleigh.

"Hey, Bunny, check out this view—WOAH!" Just like that, he fell of the sleigh! More like freaking soared off the sleigh, but either way, it freaked Bunny out while I tried to keep my laughter in check.

"Wha—North! He just—" we both peeked over the edge of the sleigh to find Jack casually lying on one of the wooden stoppers that was connected to the bottom of the sleigh.

He smirked again, "Aw, you do care."

Okay, that was pretty funny, but I rolled my eyes and instead focused on the sudden swirling portal that we were apparently headed towards, bracing myself for any sudden impact, but felt nothing. I looked over the edge of the sleigh's door and found we weren't in the North Pole anymore, but instead we were somewhere different, with several mountains in the distance, small clouds forming around them; we were pretty high up in the air. It gave us a perfect view of the giant mountain that stood out from the other smaller ones, and the multiple black smudges emerging from the structure. North slowly lowered the reins, muttering the word we were all thinking, "What..?"

As we neared closer, the black objects appeared to be black stallions, furiously trotting past us and almost hitting some of us. Leaning over the side of the sleigh, I saw there were tons of stallions, all headed away from the tooth palace, and on closer inspection, they carried small, flittering objects in their see-through stomachs. I squinted - they looked like the tiny tooth fairies that Tooth had with her back at the Pole!

"They're taking the tooth fairies!" Jack shouted, darting up just in time to save one of the shiny-feathered fairies. He landed with the creature in his hand, asking if it was alright. The sleigh was suddenly taken into one of the mountains, towers hanging upside down and right side up creating an obstacle-course for us to weave our ways through, while also trying to fend off the black, sandy stallions that were running into us. I thought I should at least try to help, so with my trusty music bombs, the stallions avoided us due to the loud noises and thick gas messing with their vision. Finally, after North gave Jack the reins to the sleigh, we landed shakily on one of the multi-colored, shiny towers and hopped out, looking for Tooth.
"Tooth! Are you alright?" North asked, swords out of their scabbards and ready for action if need be. Said fairy was darting from tower to tower flusteredly, clearly worried about all of this.

"They- they took my fairies! The teeth- everything..." she slowly sank down to the floor, her wings ceasing their flittering as Bunny, North and Sandy comforted her.

This was where they kept the teeth that she collected? From everyone around the world? That was pretty cool, I had to admit. She must have been very keen on her job and keeping everyone's teeth at the top-most priority - just like North, Bunny and Sandy, I mused. They all took their jobs so seriously, while me? I just lazed around and spread music when I want to. Does it even make anyone happy that I do what I do? Not from what I've seen. Everybody just ignores it and moves on, mostly. Very rarely do I see people start dancing or jamming out.

"I have to say, this is all very, very exciting," a smooth, slender voice cut through my thoughts, and I whipped my head upwards to try to find the source of it. I bumped shoulders with Jack, and for a moment, I felt safe - but before I could try to figure out why exactly I felt like that, the voice continued a bit merrily, "The big four, all in one place. I'm a little starstruck!"

Then, he revealed himself. Tall, dark, sinister and downright menacing. He was cloaked in a black robe with sleek, black hair slicked back, and gray skin to top it off. His eyes were a bright gray, as well, matching his fashion sense. Except, who was he? Everyone around me was glaring up towards him, dead-set on tracking his movements. "Did you like my little show on the globe, North? Got you all together, didn't I?"

That was when Tooth darted towards the figure, yelling, "Pitch! You have got thirty seconds to return my fairies!"

"Or what?" the figure disappeared into the shadows and reappeared on another one of the glittery towers that hung from the walls. "You'll stick a quarter under my pillow?"

North questioned, "Why are you doing this?"

The figure, or as I knew now as the boogeyman/Pitch, suddenly grew grim and serious. "Maybe I want what you have. To be believed in,"

That caught my attention. Was he...was he like me?

Before I could think about it, he continued, "Maybe I'm tired of hiding under beds!"

Bunny stepped up and snapped, "Maybe that's where you belong!"

Pitch left the tower he was standing on and suddenly appeared beneath us, standing upside down. "Oh, go suck an egg, rabbit." And like that, he was gone once again, slinking into the shadows and reappearing somewhere else inside the palace. Jack and I stood back to back, until Pitch's voice startled us slightly.

His tone held an amused tone to it as he asked, "Hang on, is that Jack Frost?" Then a chuckle, smooth and silky, making me shiver involuntarily. "Since when are you all chummy?"

The winter spirit hesitated. "We're not."

The gray-skinned man appeared leaning against a column, a bored expression on his face. "Oh, good. A neutral party. Then, I'm going to ignore you...but you must be used to that," he turned to leave, but not until he caught sight of me, gray irises scanning my form. "And who's this little tike?"

My eyes narrowed as I crossed my arms. "Yeah, as if I'd tell you."

"You're that newbie, Lyric," he remembered, snapping his fingers. How did he know who I was? I didn't even know about him up until today, and I usually didn't advertise myself. "What are you doing with these weirdos? You seem like you can do better."

Bunny snapped at the menace, grabbing his boomerangs from their scabbards, "Pitch! You shadow-sneaking rat-bag, come 'ere!"

Tooth took this as her chance and swiped one of his boomerangs from his paw and darted towards Pitch, who had reappeared on a different column. He looked unfazed by all of this, just standing there with bored eyes and a slight smile. Once the fairy got closer to him, a flurry of black sand emerged from the ground behind him, forming one of the stallions we saw before. It's bright yellow eyes glared at the fairy, almost landing a hit on her before Pitch calmed it down. "Woah! Hey, easy, girl. Easy," taking some black sand between his fingers, he turned to us. "Look familiar, Sandman? Took me a while to perfect this little trick— turning dreams into nightmares."

Sandy looked shocked and angered. I guess he thought it wasn't possible for anyone to imitate his power, and I was pretty surprised, too. This guy wasn't joking around; he was actually prepared for everything. He completely took over Tooth's palace and stole the teeth and fairies in less then a day! I hated to admit it, but he was powerful. We all looked on in disbelief and confusion as he grinned. "Don't be nervous. It only riles them up more. They smell fear, you know."

The pooka scoffed, taking his boomerang back from Tooth. "What fear? Of you? No ones been afraid of you since the Dark Ages!"

It might have been me, but a look of anger flashed across the nightmare king's features before he smiled once more, replying with a nostalgic tone, "Oh, the Dark Ages. Everyone frightened, miserable, what happy times for me! Oh, the power I wielded!" The man suddenly turned dark and grim once more, obviously not too fond of this next part. "But then the Man in the Moon chose you to replace my fear with your wonder and light! Lifting their hearts, and giving then hope! Meanwhile, everyone wrote me off as just a bad dream, 'Oh, there's no such thing as the boogeyman!' Well, that's all about to change."

Just as he said those words, the columns and towers floating around us began to crackle and crumble slowly, the paint chipping and flittering away. He chuckled, "Oh, look, it's happening already."

I turned to the Guardians, "What's going on?"

"What is?" Jack added as Tooth's facial expression melted into one of pure sadness.

Pitch answered, "Children are waking up and realizing the Tooth Fairy never came. I mean, such a little thing, but to a child..." His voice trailed off happily.

I looked up towards him in confusion. "What did you do?"

The fairy's small, quivering voice came, "They don't...they don't believe in me anymore..."

"Didn't they tell you, Jack? Lyric? It's great being a Guardian, but there's a catch. If enough children'ss top believing, everything your friends protect— wonder, hopes and dreams, it all goes away. And, little by little, so do they," the menace added cheerfully and matter-o-factly. "No Christmas, or Easter, it little fairies that come in the night. There will be nothing but fear and darkness, and me. It's your turn not to be believed in!" My eyes widened slightly at this news. This really happened to people who aren't believed in? They...disappear?

Bunny took this chance to throw one of his boomerangs in Pitch's direction, making him dodge it quickly and duck onto one the of black stallions and make a quick getaway into the depths of the castle, everyone following suit behind him. I was about to jump before Jack grabbed my hand, darting off the side of the column we were on and bringing me down with the rest of the others. I didn't even have time to scream as we landed swiftly on a grassy surface, jerking my hand away after North declared Pitch was gone. The winter spirit gave me a small smile before going to comfort Tooth, who was sitting on the ground with one of her tooth boxes sadly. I sighed, feeling extremely confused and upset and sad about this whole ordeal.

"So, that was the boogeyman?"I asked finally, turning to Bunny and North. "I pictured him scarier."

The two smiled slightly at my statement before Bunny explained, "He's been around for ages, always scaring kids and makings mess of everything."

"What he got against you guys?"

"He's jealous," North answered, rolling his bright, blue eyes. "The Man in the Moon chose us to replace him!"

Wow. Little shit was just getting payback.

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