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First person PoV and Humanized.

Is such crazy world, you either born luck or you are on a pinch, this is my case, I brush my hair out of my face, is a strange shade of green, to see the guard of the cell opening the bars. Both of his hand out, this is kind funny but he got a white mark on his, or at least what there was of it, arm. This make him a luck one, or so I guess.

"Lockluster, Flippy Lockluster you are being released, not that scum like you deserves freedom." The guard gave me an angry look, well I think people like him don't need to think about my feelings anyway, such disgusting nature the one of this world.

"Might I know why, Handy"? His face distort in a disgusted grimace, not giving another look or reason why I am free, he took me out of the prison, and got back to it dark corridors.

I look onward to see a angry Spencer, he usually bills me out, but rarely ever look happy to do so, I think I should be more grateful to him, even after he have left the Orphanage Happy Tree, I was the only one of our branch not to be adopted.

"Hey, Spencer thanks for...you know." I look down trying to avoid eye contact, I wonder how much is he mad at me, putting his hands on my shoulders trying to find words.

"Flippy, why you keep doing this, can't you just lay down, I know that you have been through a lot, but is no reason to go bar in bar, breaking down, and ending up hurting someone, especially when...you know, your soul is...at the point." His voice sounds dreary, I know that everything he feels for me is pity.

I look at him, is no use, the guy have charisma, I give a friendly punch on him, and walk away no words needed, Spencer know better who I am by now.

"Mister Keylight, the car is waiting for you, is your friend going with us?" I look back, this must be his new secretary, is a slim girl with lilac hair tied up in a bun and bangs at the sides. She is probably cute, the mark on her hands show a common heritage, probably her first job judging by her age.

"See you, Mister Keylight." I give him a smug smile, the mockery of this title goes way back, and he don't see to mind, but by the look in the girl's face she is less than pleased.

"Watch you mouth..." The girl started, I turned around putting a grin on my face and inclining me towards her, a gesture which made her give some steps behind. Spencer calmly put his hand between me and her, for the sake of saying so since I am at least five meters from them.

"Ms: Flecy, please, I don't mind." Then Spencer gave her that look, the one that he always give when he is trying to calm someone down, the same one he used to give to his foster mother when I went to visit.

"Bu-but sir...people like him...they shouldn't be allowed to..." The girl kept babbling, giving an uneasy look to me, like most people.

"Lammy, please don't act like that, he is a close friend of mine." Giving a final look to me while I show to her a little penknife, which made her yelp, I can't help but laugh at this, is really amusing what a little mark can do for your presence...Eyes on the ground, is better to go home, before Spencer lecture me.

"Bid you farewell my friend..." Is no use, before I enter in the bus, I can't hold any longer a loud laugh come out of my mouth, but strangely I could swear he was laughing too.

The bus is empty after paying the pass, I take a small sit on the back in the window side, the sky in clouded and is most likely to rain, I enjoy the cold, most people shiver to it, but I like it better than the warm, maybe is only because I don't get many chances to be on the warm, I feel the bus slowing down a little, a small girl enter, she have red hair and a innocent face, I am pretty much sure she is about my age.

"How much?" She asks to the driver with a low voice, after hearing an emotionless response, she gets her sit, not so far from mine, I can see her face clearly, a frightened expression she is trembling, her small hand start rub on each other to find warmth on the friction...

For some reason I see fear on her eyes, and this attract me, the fact she is so vulnerable there...makes me smile and...Oh God, what am I saying...But I do want to get to her, so I stand and go...my legs goes mechanically on her way, taking the sit beside her, she press herself on the wall to avoid contact.

"Hey, are you ok, little girl?" My voice is a soft as possible, but emotionless as always.

"I-I'm fi-fine, thanks for as-asking."She must be really cold, taking out my coat and offering to her, I am with long sleeves so I won't mind it too much, she give me a confused look, the bus is not lit enough to her see my mark or so I hope.

"Than-thanks bu-but, I-I couldn't and.." She waves her hands frenetically trying to push it back.

"Shut up and accept my goodwill." Cutting her off abruptly, she give me a surprise look and take it.

An awkward silence keep it between us, my stop is one of the last so I hope she speaks something before I get out of here out, just out of discomfort.

"My name...is Flippy Lockluster, which one is yours?" I try to remember how to be polite, or so what Spencer told me it would, never ask as girl's name without saying your first.

"Flaky...Flaky Riddans, than-thanks." She speaks with a soft voice, her hand clutched together.

"Oh, he-here is my stop." She then give me my coat back and go away, giving me a shy smile with I try to be retributive but I suck at smiling.

I get in my small apartment, is in an lesser part of the town, a gift from Spencer, the location was chosen by me since I would...be less tan welcomed in the better parts of the town.

In the small bathroom my reflection looks back at me, a expressionless face, dark circles under my green eyes and a sickly pale skin and there it was the mark that cursed my path forever.

When you born, your soul is already formed, so there is three kind of mark, each one reflect the kind of soul you have, and so the way how people will treat you.

The bless mark: People like Spencer that are good by nature and tend to have a good life, they efforts thrive, those are rares, but not all of them are above being bad, but due to common sense they never seem to do anything bad...even murder is forgiven depending on the circumstance.

The human mark: People that have light and darkness on them, that they efforts are important to the rest of the world, they face conflict, but they can have more light or darkness, that depends on they upbringing.

The curse mark: Second class citizens, they say that one with such mark is the bringer of destruction, thus treated as scum, no forgiven shall be given, mostly become the shadows of the crime...people like me.

The fact that my mark is on my forehead don't help to socialize.

I'm Flippy Lockluster, was raised on a orphanage and my destiny is locked on this circle of agony, I know I am a monster deep down on my soul, and destiny is write down on stone...

This is my story...this is my untrue chance.

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