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I kept looking to the sides, it was a very nice place, probably more than what I could afford, Splendid's foster-mother gave me an emergency credit card, since I was always around Splendid she told me to at least look presentable, and if I needed something for Splendid I could use the card too, well she became somewhat fond of me in the end I guess, well at least a not sweet fondness.

Flaky kept looking at me, she was dressed nicely, wearing a vivid red skirt, black lace choker and a faint red of the shoulder shirt. Smiling, she always tried to speak, but would end up just smiling to me.

"So...you look...pretty...well you know...cute and stuff." I spoke in a clumsy voice while trying to avoid direct contact, I should just punch me in the face, this was probably the worst starting line in the story of dates, way to go Flippy, smooth as a porcupine.

"Well, you look nice too, but is not very gentleman, the way you spoke." She sipped her apple tea, a vivid red liquid, her voice had that fake gleeful sweetness that she faked to her mother, this made me shift uncomfortable, I really did expect her to be just as awkward as me in this situation.

"Hehe, I am sorry, I really didn't mean this, is just I need to pull this act so often that I..." Before she could say anything else the waitress came with a wide smile, she held a tray close to her chest.

"Welcome to Sweet Petal, I am Giggles, I hope I can help you, ready to order?" This place sure have a girly name, but since it was Flaky's choice, it really don't surprise me, looking at the menu I realized that this place was an ice cream parlor, a little childish , it has been a while since the last time I had ice cream anyway, I hope they have mint here.

"Good Afternoon, I will have flakes with strawberry, I am a little of a sweet tooth." Flaky gave me a small giggle, I tried to smile, but as most of the times it ended up a little mechanic. The waitress then turned to me, giving a small glance to me, backing some steps, she spoke in a half choked voice.

"And you sir?" Her reaction annoyed me, clenching my teeth I tried not to explode, Flaky held my hand, giving me a warm smile, this calmed me down a bit, I tried to smile to the waitress, but it came out even more mechanic than the last one.

"I will have mint with chocolate." My voice was no more than a whisper, both girls kept looking at me with puzzled expressions, I could feel my cheeks burning, this was definitely not good.

"This is so cute." For my surprise the waitress spoke in a gleeful voice, picking my hands and looking me in the eyes she spoke softly.

"No matter what they say, you are not a monster." Sitting with me and Flaky, Giggles shot a smile to the other girl, and asked for a waiter not far away, saying our orders and her own.

"I told you he was a nice person." Flaky spoke to the girl in a low voice, leaning my head as both exchanged remarks. What in heavens, is happening?

"I am Giggles, Giggles Valentine, from the Bless Mark family Valentine, and you are mister Lockluster, my dear friend's love interest, so I wanted to make sure you are right for her." Shooting a glare to Flaky, I could see that the girl too was not very comfortable with the situation, Giggles kept speaking in that gleeful tone of hers, the funny thing it sounded very natural to her, I wonder if Flaky mimics her with the intention of acting "correctly", putting my hand in my chin I look down as a reflex of my lack of interest, there are some ants, good lord I am bored, wait a second...she just called me a "Love Interest."?

"Wha-what do you mean by love by love interest?" Choking each word, I look at her perplex.

"Oh, don't you know, Flaky is madly in love with you, you are pretty cute, but definitely not my type." Giggles lazily explains the situation, but this doesn't sound right, I try to find some clues in Flaky's reaction, problem is, she too is red as her hair.

"Gi-Giggles, do-don't start it." Flaky waved her arms trying to make stop, the other girl who is slightly taller was able to dismiss her friend, closing my eyes I tried, but I couldn't I had to giggle, and for my surprise I ended laughing for real.

My face hurts, it is definitely not used to stretch so much, opening my eyes I see both girls giving me a perplexed look. I bury my hand in the pockets of my coat and look down trying to avoid the shame, what the hell, this is not like me, at all.

"My my my, to see the day an accursed one would laugh at such trivial matter." I look at Giggles, she have a triumphant grin in her face, I bite my inner cheek too hard, I can feel the metallic taste of blood.

"And why is that?" I try not to scream, but even so my voice comes out a little louder than the normal.

"I just thought." She tried to explain herself, but what is wrong with those people.

"I am a human being, just like you, can't I even laugh?" I feel a sharp pain in my head, and a small voice mischievously say:

Annoying little brat, what is she is thinking, if this can even be called thinking, I should just show her some pain, this will teach her.

I gasp with a thought that is not mine, I can feel my body heavy, the very gravity is torture, this cannot be, he is getting stronger, I need to get out of here, the pain is getting stronger and my body is trembling, my vision is getting darker, all I can see is Flaky's scared face, she takes my hand, softly caressing she opens and closes her mouth not saying a thing...

"FLIPPY!" Flaky scream in a worried voice, my eyes shot open, and everything feels like happened long ago.

"I am sorry, I really am so sorry I got to go." Trying to get up, I feel a hand on my back, Splendid looks down on me smiling.

"Hello Misses Valentine, I hope you are enjoying the company of my close Flippy." Every time I heard Splendid saying "close", it always made me feel like he was threatening the other person, in such subtle way,the person only understood the real intention of the word in their head.

"I am sorry, to kidnap him, but you young ladies had enough of this charmer for a day, haha."

I allowed Splendid guide me, everything is too cloudy to me, I feel like I could sleep, before I close my eyes I hear Lammy's voice.

"Is he all right?" She ask softly, I can barely whisper, an answer, why I am so tired?

"Flippy, just rest a little ok?"

Before anything else could be said I hear a car's door being closed, after that I cannot do anything but give in to this exhaustion that I cannot understand...