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Akashi Seijuurou is the heir of a zaibatsu family, he is the top student of our batch apart from that he is also Teikou's Basketball club captain even though he's just a 2nd year.

A genius in everything, rich at birth, and his drop dead handsome profile… Who won't be attracted to someone like him? That's what I thought, but I remember that there was me..I'm uninterested to the following characteristics that I had just described about him.

Why? Well I'm just tired of his "cult of fangirls" who are always ogling at him and gossiping about him every time they have an opportunity and they would always do that at the library, the place which I considered to be my sanctuary, the place that I can have my quiet time away from all the noise, a perfect place to read my books.

That's when Akashi Seijuurou decided to ruin all that and hang out in the library practically every break, that caused his cult of fangirls to swarm in there too just to see him.

I thought while I again stare at the giggling group of girls on the table across me while they watch their prince as they called him walk towards one of the shelves.

I had enough of this and decided to return one of my favorite books: Koori no Kujika.
As I walk towards the shelves I saw a figure standing on the aisle in front of me.

"He won't notice me anyway" I thought while I continue to walk towards the particular shelf

"That book that you're holding.. do you mind if I have that?" I suddenly saw a pair of heterochromatic eyes on me, the same person that I was thinking about a while ago is now right in front of me and speaking to me for the first time

"I was just about to return it, here you can have it." I responded while I nervously handed it to him

"I always thought that he is tall but having him this close his height is no different from mine." a thought suddenly went over to me that made me break into a smile

"Hmmm.." he looked over at my smiling face with a confuse expression

"How can you notice me?" a thought suddenly escaped my lips which I immediately regretted

"What makes you think that I cannot notice you?" he flashed a mischievous smile at me

"I have a low presence." I blurted out immediately

"There is no such thing as a person with a low presence." He gaze at me seemingly examining my confuse expression

"What do you mean about that?"

"A person's presence is a case to case basis. When someone is an object of a person's emotion like hate, admiration, or love, his attention would always be on that person and he will always notice her no matter what." He said while staring at me and it's weird that I can hear my heart beat beating so fast

"Well I need to go now. It was nice to meet you." I hurriedly turned away while I felt my face go warm

I never became flustered just like what happened yesterday. I thought as I walked towards my special spot at the library which is one of the windows… a place where people rarely visit since the shelves covering it only have old books that you cannot borrow.

I sat on the window sill and started flipping on my book.

"Good afternoon" I gasped as I saw a red head facing me

It's been a long time since I became surprise.. because most of the time I'm always the one doing that to people

"How did you found me here?"

"I forgot to introduce myself yesterday which is just disrespectful of me. I'm Akashi Seijuurou" He gently smiled at me while he offered his hand suggesting a hand shake

"You don't need to bother yourself with something so trivial like that. I'm Kuroko Tetsumi, and of course I know you even if you don't introduce yourself." I shook his hand and a warm feeling came over as I look at his beautiful eyes

"Akashi-kun you mean when we first met you already liked me?" I looked up at the taller red head holding my hand while we walk towards the venue for the opening ceremony of Rakuzan high school

"A person's presence is a case to case basis. When someone is an object of a person's emotion like hate, admiration, or love, HIS attention would always be on that person and HE will always notice HER no matter what." He recited with a smile which caused a surge of familiarity in my heart

"That's what you said during that time too." I muttered staring at our hands clasped together

"I thought that by saying that you would already notice it, being an observant person that you are. But I was wrong." I looked up to him only to meet his eyes as he smirked at me

"Since when.." I muttered

"You don't need to bother yourself with something so trivial like that." He responded while he lowered his head to kiss my forehead tenderly

That is the same thing I said when I introduced myself nearly 4 years ago..

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