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It was just an ordinary boring day for him, class after class and a basketball practice after school. This must be the curse of being a perfect student, everything is dull and lifeless because perfection is just normal and winning is just natural as breathing.

At the end of the classes, being the class president he was tasked to go to the library and borrow a book that is needed for tomorrow's lesson. While walking along the hallway headed towards the library he thought of the times when he spent his free time at the library but he stopped going there when he noticed that more and more people especially girls started swarming at his quiet place so he now preferred to settle at vacant classrooms during his breaks.

"It has been quite a long time since I visited.." he whispered while pushing the doors of the library

An empty library welcomed him, the once crowded room filled with giggling girls, group of students clamped together in the tables and students going to and fro the shelves…are gone, all it was now is just an empty place with him alone or so he thought...

At the corner of his eyes he noticed the sunset rays glistening at a blue haired girl with a vacant expression. She was reading intently at her book and was so focused to it that she seemed to be in a world of her own. She was filled with a very mysterious aura.

"How come I didn't notice her." Akashi whispered with a puzzled expression while still staring at the girl sitting at the library counter, a place for the student library representatives

After a few minutes of just staring silently at her and still standing by the library entrance, he remembered the reason why he is at the library.

It was rare for him to be on a trance like that.

Realizing it Akashi walked towards the shelves and immediately found the book that he was looking for, it was a copy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. He walked towards the library counter with the girl still seating silently there and still submerge in her own world.

He faked a cough in order to catch her attention, but that did not work.

He tried again.

"Can I please checkout this book?" he spoke in his usual authoritative manner, but that did not also work.

"10 minutes till the practice starts.." he thought while still staring at the book in between them

He was never late in any meetings, he was always on time.

Running out of any other options he snatched the book away from the library girl.

It unveiled a girl filled with tears in her eyes. The sun rays lighting up the bluenette's pale face that makes her tears dripping down her face glimmer like crystals.

Akashi Seijuurou for the first time was taken aback, a warm sensation in his heart suddenly came over. It is a foreign feeling and he doesn't even have a clue why his heart was beating so fast than ever and he cannot stop staring at the crying face of this girl…it was affinity.

She was so immersed in the tragic love story that she was reading, and she was already on the climatic of the book which was the part where the main character will die.

"Not a day goes by that I don't think of your love, 'cause you love the me that's full of faults.
Life is just so much better from your love."

The book was snatched from her hands, but she didn't care. One by one the tears comes trickling down, and tears soon filled her eyes and all she can see is a blurry outline of the person who took her book. But Kuroko Tetsumi didn't care because those last lines of the book still lingers in her, the pain, the heartbreak of that last line. Though painful she yearns that she can experience that kind of love too.

Those lines from the "book" is actually from a song by ONE OK ROCK titled: Notes 'n' Words please search it in youtube you won't regret it and please tell me your feedback please.

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