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• {Future of Despair} •


Back away! I won't let you hurt him!

"Hey, Lucina..."

You have already stolen my parents from me; must you take my little brother as well?


It can't happen - I won't let it! I'll kill you first!"


Lucina woke with a horrible jolt. A sharp pain pierced the back of her skull and raced downwards, awakening other aches as it coursed throughout her stiff body. Her face felt feverish and sticky with a cold sweat. Her hands looked extremely pale and were slow to respond to any command. Her chest heaved rapidly, her heart beating wildly against her rib cage, as if fighting to break free. The ghost of terror still held her in its jaw, leaving her whole self weak and shivering.

Lucina hated being pregnant. Her never-ending exhaustion, in only seven months, had erased years of patient training. Once, she had been able to snap herself awake before she fell into a nightmare, but that highly-valued ability had long been overwhelmed by the constant need to rest.

"Lucina!" The woman finally noticed her brother, who stood bending over her. She briefly pondered what Morgan was doing in her room, but she was still too groggy to speak.

"Lucina, you better answer me this time, before I get Mom and tell her you had a stroke!" Morgan shouted, his voice a desperate plea rather than a threat.

"Morgan...? I'm sorry, I didn't hear you calling me. Are you alright?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" The boy asked in exasperation. His face was unusually serious and aged by worry. "What happened to you?"

"How do you mean?"

"You were screaming in your sleep! I wouldn't have disturbed you otherwise, but I sort of anxious, so..."

Lucina's attention drifted from her brother, now drawn to her curious surroundings. She wasn't in her bedroom, but in a much smaller chamber with only a single window stuck in the far corner. The four walls were made of thick wood paneling, with shelves of the same material hanging off each of them. Books, countless volumes, took up every free space, even crowding onto the floor and desk in large, unstable stacks. Papers littered the floor and dust blanketed the sitting chairs and even the couch Lucina had been sleeping on. Certainly, this was not her elegant bedroom.

"Where am I?" She asked, pushing herself to a more dignified sitting position. The baby kicked her hard in protest.

"In my study," Morgan said matter-of-factly. "You fell asleep while I was reading you a history of Falchion."

Lucina's eyes widened as she suddenly recalled their conversation about their family tree and the other books Morgan had pulled out to try and interest her in. While he had been droning on and on about some fantastical adventure involving the sacred sword, she must have laid down and accidently drifted off.

"I'm sorry, that was rather rude of me, hm?" She smiled weakly at her brother.

Morgan crossed his arms. "I'll say! If you thought the story was boring, you could have just said so!" Lucina chuckled, but he didn't join in. His gaze fell towards his feet, which he shuffled nervously. "I'm sorry if- I mean... I hope those histories I read aren't responsible for your nightmares."

"Oh no, Morgan! You have no need to apologize or feel guilty. Truly, it was not your fault."

The boy slowly raised his head, a smile creeping back onto his face. "You sure?"

"Of course."

"Well, alright then." He was quiet for a minute longer before he jumped into his next request. "So, what was your dream about?"

"I'd rather not speak of it." Lucina cut him off quickly.

"Aw come on, Lu! I wanna know!"

"Why on earth would you want to hear such a grotesque story?"

"Because I don't have any of those memories, even though I deserve them just as much as the other Shepherds." Lucina gave him a strange look. "I mean, I was there too, yet I was the only one to escape without any scars. It's not fair; I should be able to relate to you guys, be there and be supportive. I'm your brother - you should be able to depend on me for this, at least."

Morgan trailed off again, turning his face away from his sister. Lucina bit her lip, suddenly unsure of how to respond. She had never even supposed that Morgan could be hiding such emotions behind that happy-go-lucky demeanor of his.

The princess sighed. "Fine, I'll tell you, but sit close by and listen carefully, for I'm not going to repeat myself."

Morgan instantly perked up. "Really?"

"I don't see you sitting."

The boy plodded down in front of his sister, his eyes wide with excitement. Lucina couldn't help but smile. I suppose all he really ever did want in the future was to make me happy. If this is what he thinks will work, then I can at least give it a try.

She closed her eyes and let those surpressed images of her nightmare reenter her mind. She took a deep breath and slowly began to string the pictures into words.

Thunder tore the black heavens open with its ferocious bombs of sound, shaking the very earth to its foundation. Rain poured from the sky's wound, changing the ground into a shallow ocean of swift, uncontrollable currents. The only light came from the frequent bolts of lightning, sometimes setting trees to fire with their touch. The deluge, though, quenched them all almost immediately.

Something to be thankful for, I suppose. A young girl thought cynically. A flash of lightning struck something beside her, followed by the boom of thunder. She screamed in surprise and tumbled backwards, sitting down hard in the ankle deep pool surrounding her. A few tears began to trickle down her white cheeks.

She rubbed them away impatiently. "I... I have to find him." Lucina told herself out loud. Slowly, she moved to get up. She had already been soaked by the rain, but the water was colder still. Within minutes, she was shivering violently, her teeth chattering and head rolling in pain.

Her heart beat dully in her chest, heavy with sudden guilt. There were so many people whose very lives were in danger, countless citizens from the now nonexistent countries that once separated the lands. She, however, could only stay focused on one. One boy - a small boy who was a poor asset at best for their ragged army. Still, he was the only one she searched for, risked her life to find, on that nefarious night.

The girl could barely wade through the quickly rising water. Her boots constantly sunk into its muddy bed and became lodged there. She pulled and twisted to get free, only finally earning her freedom after splashing head first into the water. Each time, Lucina rose again, coughing and sputtering mud.

Morgan, why did I let you go to the other camp? Why did I let them convince me it was a good idea? She moaned silently.

She hadn't seen her brother in two days, because their small company of survivors had separated them into different camps. The army - made solely of human refugees from the broken world - was split into four diverse sections, callled "camps". The first section and usually the smallest was the Camp of Soliders. Whenever there was a battle, the army would be comprised entirely from this camp. The second and smallest camp was for reinforcements, but there were times when the shortage of healthy and capable men made this group nonexistent. The third camp and at times the largest was for the sick, elderly or those incapable of fighting. They were tended to by the few healers left in their ragged band, along with a few soldiers to defended them in case of attack. The last camp was always large and sometimes even exceeded the Camp of the Incapable (as some had dubbed the third camp). It was the Last Camp, the camp where men and women who had given up their fight traveled in horrible silence, their feet moving mechanically, their eyes glazed over, staring only straight ahead. A friend of Lucina's had once described them as bodies whose hearts had stopped beating, though the rest of them had yet to realize it.

And my brother is in that camp. Lucina thought to herself, bitterly.

Morgan was a bright child, always ready with a smile or a joke or a helping hand, despite the ruins he had grown up in. It had been suggested to Lucina that her little brother, if sent to the Last Camp, might be able to cheer up the sorry company and convince them to join and strengthen their allies. At first, the girl had stubbornly refused and would not hear it discussed again, but Morgan convinced her to let him try.

"I'm not much good at anything else. I know some of Mother's old tactics and a few spells and even a sword trick or two of Father's, but I can't really use them, not yet. You don't need another tactician and I'd probably just get in the way in battle. Please, please let me do what I can to help. Please?"

Sadly, Morgan was right. He was too young and naive to be of any help in warfare. Yet that had never bothered Lucina, before, for it kept him off the battlefield. It was dangerous enough just his being in camp, where she could keep an eye on him and protect him.

Eventually, though, Lucina had to give in. For one thing, sending him to a different camp, though it would separate her from him, would certainly keep him away from the frontlines. And if they were ever going to survive, they needed every able man to help them and Morgan could be the hero who could bring that blessed dream a little closer to a reasonable reality.

A sudden arrow whizzed over Lucina's head and lodged in a tree a few feet in front of her, instantly scattering her reminiscence.

No... The Risen have followed me? But how?

She turned around to see a single bow knight charging at her. A greenish light lit up the darkness for a moment, causing the silver sword in her assailant's hands to glow.

Lucina drew Falchion from its sheath. Its handle was wet and slippery in her trembling grip, but she prepared a stance to fight, anyhow. She carefully planned her position, hoping to leap and strike the enemy on the head which, although not killing it, should be enough to knock the Risen off its mount. Then, while it was still recovering, she could send a clean strike straight through its heart - or whatever it was that kept the undead alive.

She waited anxiously for the perfect moment to spring. The space between princess and monster closed rapidly. The horse of the enemy seemed to find no trouble in navigating through the roaring waters. Lucina, though, could feel her balance lessen. She was no longer sure if she had enough of a firm footing to jump above the towering Risen.

Then, with a horrifyingly loud squish, she felt her boot sink completely into the mud. The jolt sent a pain up her leg, causing her to bite her lip to hold a cry. Her free leg collapsed beneath her, bringing her to her knee. Falchion almost slipped out of her hands and disappeared with the current, away and out of her swiftly fleeting life, but she caught the blade just in time.

Morgan... I'm sorry. I just wanted to protect you... You were all I had left.

She looked up towards the Risen who stood above her, cackling and obviously enjoying its easy victory. Lucina attempted a stab at the horse's legs, but the black creature reared up in time to avoid the halfhearted attack.

"Prince... ess... DIE!" The blade came down with astonishing speed. Lucina closed her eyes tight for the impact. A gasp of pain flew from her lips as the sword met her shoulder, easily sliding into her skin. The Risen had only created a shallow gash when the sword came to a sudden stop.

"Nobody... Is allowed to kill... MY sister!" A little boy shouted, tears streaming down his pale face.

Lucina opened her eyes, just in time to see her would-be murderer slowly disintegrate into purple ashes. The fading body of the horse and rider were badly charred and smoking, as if hit by some great blast of fire. And, standing before her on a rock, out of the stream, was her little brother.

"Morgan!" She screamed, relief flooding in to calm her wildly beating heart.

"Lucina!" He greeted her, trying hard to smile and hide his weeping. He clumsily climbed down from the mountain of stones and ran to help her out of the mud.

"Are you alright?" She demanded of him as soon as she was free.

Morgan nodded earnestly. "Yes, I'm fine! There were a few Risen in the First Camp, but Curly, Shorty, Pock and Spoon beat them off real quick. I came looking for you, because I didn't know if you saw the Risen yet so I wanted to warn- Oh..." He trailed off, noticing her wound. "Lucina, you're hurt!"

"Who on earth is Curly, Shorty, Pock and Spoon?" The girl brushed the question aside, trying to ignore the stinging pain. "And which is the First Camp?"

"That's the new name for the Last Camp! And Curly and his brothers are all really strong men who want to join the Army Camp, if you have room. I told them there is always room, but they just wanted to make sure it was okay with you. And I changed the name to First Camp, because Last Camp is just so pessimistic, you know? Should I go get a healer for that?" He pointed at her shoulder, still overly concerned.

"Wait, so... you did it? You succeeded in convincing the Last Camp people to join the rest of the company?"

"Well, maybe not entirely. But there are at least eight people interested in hearing more of my 'great ideas', like the new camp name, for example. Is that... sort of succeeding?"

Lucina looked at her brother for a moment, her mouth open in awe. "Morgan, I have never been more proud of you." She grabbed him by his shoulders and brought his against her chest. Morgan wrapped his thin arms around his sister's waist, not resisting the hug. She could feel him trembling with relief and cold.

"P... Princess...!" Something hissed in the darkness of the trees.

Lucina was instantly in front of her brother, prepared to shield him from the invisible enemy. In seconds, a small force of warrior Risen had surrounded the two siblings, axes and bows of pure silver gleaming nightmarishly in the lightning's glow.

"Stay back!" Lucina commanded her brother, her voice catching at the end of her words. She resisted the urge to touch her injured shoulder.

She could feel Morgan's eyes staring up at her, his fear evident in his quivering voice. "You're hurt. You can't fight."

"I will fight, because I must. Now stay back!" The enemy prepared to advance and Lucina charged.

She ran and ducked under the first warrior's arrow, sliding messily in the water and mud. With a quick thrust, she sent Falchion into the Risen's chest and clean through to the otherside. The monster disintegrated immediately and she moved on.

The next Risen was more prepared than his late comrade, as golden armor shone protectively over his chest. It seemed eager to take the princess head on, for instead of a bow, a huge double-headed axe was held loftily in his fist.

The tomahawk came soaring through the air at her, Lucina dodging it only by the blessed chance of her tripping on some unseen rock. "Lucina!" Morgan screamed. The princess lept up immediately, stabbing the Risen warrior's helmet and knocking it to the ground. In a moment, the Risen was fading with a sword point in its left eye.

The three other undead all moved in closer to surround Lucina, not even giving her enough time to wipe her blade clean from the first two. She paused to calm her rapid breathing, glancing around and trying to assess her foes. The brave axes and one longbow left a single impression; strong.

She took a large gulp of air, before plunging into the fray. Lucina flew about the small arena, dodging all attacks and striking only when it was safest. Flawlessly, she danced the dangerous steps of battle, gracefully weaving her body in and out among her enemy, her deadly blade becoming a mere extension of her arm. The cold rain water on her face, the flood reaching to her knees, the terrible booms of thunder and the vicious flashes of lightning completely faded. Even her injury stopped stinging. Time itself became meaningless and lost all thought and value in those few moments.

And suddenly, it was over. The last Risen crumpled to its knees, its final words a groan of vengeance before disappearing into nothingness once more. Lucina finally paused, Falchion still poised where it had struck the monster's abdomen. Her breathing was shallow and raspy.

Morgan was beside her again, exclaiming loudly about how amazing she had been and how no Risen could stand up to her blade. His words became meaningless garble, as the pain of her stressed wound suddenly caught up to her. A nauseating dizziness violently seized her mind. She cried weakly, her shoulder feeling as if on fire. She lost her balance and swayed dangerous, Morgan just barely catching her before she fell once more into the muddy waters, his strong, thin arms wrapping around to support her.

She drifted in and out of consciousness, a black haze clouding her vision. She was faintly aware of Morgan dragging her through and eventually out of the water and them leaving the woods behind. The storm cleared up and only a drizzle remained. Seemingly far, far away in the mists that quickly sprang up after the storm, a light like that from a bonfire flickered hopefully in the distance.

"Morgan, did I... protect you?" She whispered hoarsely.

"Yeah, you did." The boy answered softly. She nodded.


Whether she then purposefully fell asleep or lost consciousness, she could never tell. But Lucina was certain that, just as her eyes were closing, Morgan promised her in a quiet, gentle voice, "Next time, though, I'M going to be the hero."

"Did that all really happen?" Morgan asked, his face clouded by both surprise and grief. Lucina nodded silently. "I... Can't believe I forgot all that."

"Well, I am pleased you did." Her words instantly caught her brother's attention. "As I said all those years ago, Morgan, my only wish is to protect you. I don't want you to experience anymore pain, whether it be physically or mentally. I couldn't be more happy that you lost your memories of the future... If only you could remember me, though."

Neither sibling could look the other in the face for a moment. Lucina couldn't help questioning as to whether sharing such a dispiriting reminiscence was a good idea. Then again, how could it be? What was she thinking, allowing Morgan to partake in these burdens!

A sudden hand caught her own, calling her attention back to her younger brother. Morgan was smiling again, his usual, confident grin. It warmed her heart to see it back.

"Lucina," He spoke coolly, never losing his smile. "I made a promise ten years ago that I would take a turn protecting you for a change, no matter what the cost. I can't recall if I ever kept that promise, but if I didn't - or even if I did - I would like to renew it and solemnly swear that I, Prince/Uncle Morgan of Ylisse, shall forever guard and keep thy child safe and secure, no matter what the hazards to my own safety."

Lucina stared at him for a moment, before tears sprang to her eyes. "You sound like Owain." She laughed weakly. Morgan frowned.

"That doesn't matter! Do you accept my oath or not? 'Cause I'll just keep repeating myself until you do."

"There's no need for that," The princess shook her head, squeezing her brother's hand. "I accept your oath; I would trust no other man more than you to take care of my child."

Morgan grinned. "That's nice to know. Now come on, let's get something to eat. I'm famished!"

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