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Block, parry, dodge, thrust, slash, backhand, overhead, block. Blades whirled and clanged together as two warriors fought each other. One a male, wielding a single blade, long and razor sharp, expertly crafted. The other, a female, wielded two blades, one shorter than the other. They continued to battle, a seemingly equal fight. But the tide of battle was about to shift. The pair ended up at a standstill. The female had her two swords crossed, making a 't' shape, pressing down on her opponents blade as he tried to keep her swords a safe distance away from his body. He held his sword horizontally, pushing against the two swords in front of him, he thought to himself, 'something must be done.' Then he acted. In a risky, yet affective move, he sacrificed his balance to push her away. In one smooth motion, he lifted his left leg and kicked the woman, square in the chest, sending her sprawling backwards. She fell, losing her grip on her weapons. They slid across the floor beyond her, clinging as they did so. Now his opponent on the floor, disarmed and vulnerable, he acted without mercy. He quickly stepped forward and thrust his sword down into her chest, but didn't hit flesh but instead, steel. The female quickly rolled to the side and leapt to her feet. She side kicked her attacker, hitting him in the chest. He stumbled backwards and turned to face his opponent once more. He glanced over to the two swords, off to his left about 15 meters away. He could see his opponent, quickly glancing at them, planning to retrieve them. And she did. Well she tried to. The man standing in front of her was very quick, and smart. He had anticipated her move, and lunged to intercept her path. He reached her before she even moved 10 meters, and brought his knee up into her stomach, knocking all the air out of her lungs instantly. She stumbled back and was about to fall when the man grabbed her by the neck, lifted her off the ground and drove her backward. She was defenceless all she could do was try to pry the man's hands off her neck, but to no use. Her back slammed against the wall, pain surged up her spine, causing her to grunt. As soon as the man rammed her into the wall, he brought his sword up and plunged it into her torso at an upward angle, piercing her side and reaching up to her chest.
But there was no pain, no darkness, and no unexplainable peace. What was there was a monotone female voice that said, 'Simulation terminated'. The man released her, and the sword in his hand wavered and disappeared. There was no blood or gaping hole in the side of the woman, not even a scratch.
The monotone female voice resonated through the dojo "training session completed. Shutting down."

Excalibur sat down on the bench with a grunt and a sigh. He leaned back and closed his eyes, another training session, and another bruise. His eyes reopened when he sensed someone else had sat on the bench. He turned his head at saw Saryn sitting next to him, legs stretched out in front of her.
"You did good" Excalibur complimented as leaned his head back once more. "You too" Saryn replied, a little disappointed.
"stop being hard on yourself. You did a great job" Excalibur said, sitting up straight.
"you beat me!"
"so what?. Not every battle will be a success, some are beyond our ability to overcome."
"I shouldn't have gone for my swords" Saryn said in a low voice.
"you've just got to be more confident in yourself. We can't always rely on tools to get us out of sticky situations." Excalibur responded, knowing that even though Saryn can be very unforgiving to others, she shouldn't be to herself. He got up and stood in front of her, arm stretched out, "C'mon, let's get out of here". Saryn, swatted his hand away, forcefully "I don't need your hand" she replied, with a hint of poison. Inside his helmet, Excalibur smiled.

They began to leave the dojo and then Banshee walked in and said, "Briefing in ten". It was a strange sensation every time Banshee spoke. Banshee never really did speak, come to think of it, she's mute. This is highly ironic, seeing as she wields sound itself. The way she does talk though, is by creating sound waves and morphing them into a 'voice'. This 'voice' is unique to Banshee like anyone else's voice, but it just feels strange to her comrades as they hear it directly in their ears, and not as if it's travelled through air to reach them. Excalibur and Saryn nodded simultaneously, walked out of the dojo and headed for the briefing room.

They stepped outside and walked down a huge corridor that had other walkways branching out of it on either side. They soon turned left, through an automated metallic door that closed silently behind them. They passed Mag and Ember, who were talking amongst each other. The trio briefly said hi to the pair and quickly moved on. After about five minutes of more walkways and doors, they came to their destination. They stood in front of a large, metallic door, like the other but a bit bigger. "I wonder what it is this time." Saryn said a little annoyed. Then the three Tenno agents stepped in.