A/N: The idea for this ending came from one of my reviewers, Reave the damned, so some credit goes to him :P

"NOOOO!" Excalibur yelled, on his knees and broken, he slammed his fists into the ground repeatedly, his anger causing him to create cracks in the Orokin surface. He slowly began to sob. Banshee, Rhino and now Saryn, all…gone. He told them to run. Why!? He yelled inside. "WHY?!" this time aloud.
"Why? Well because her poison doesn't affect me, that's why. Stupid women, never stood a chance" the Stalker said casually as he stood up leaving Saryns body. He dusted his arm off, "That silly miasma is an old trick, she needs to learn something else". His casual tone was starting to get to Excalibur now, his tears had been shed and now he was filled was a raging fire from head to toe. He slowly rose from his knees, he was so angry his warframe became confused and started blaring warnings. He ignored them all and slowly stepped toward the Stalker.
"She really wasn't your type you know" he continued
"Shut up!" Excalibur said, his voice saturated with rage
"Sorry?" the Stalker said cocking his head toward him, all the while staying casual
"I SAID SHUT UP!" Excalibur yelled launching himself and the Stalker. He super jumped, horizontally toward him and punched him in the chest. He had no sword but he still slash dashed. There was so much power in that one dash that he broke the sound barrier and the walls around him buckled. The Stalkers eyes grew wide and he was punched so hard he flew through a door behind him and then through a glass wall in the next room. Four of his ribs broke and he scrambled to him feet. Excalibur kicked the rest of the door out of its socket and walked briskly toward his enemy. The Stalker smiled, "Now this, this will be fun", Excalibur practically roared, and threw a punch at the Stalker. The Stalker blocked it but his arm was nearly shattered in the process. Excaliburs warframe began pulsing blue, he must be using a lot of energy, the Stalker thought, no one has thrown punches that hard at him.

The stalker disappeared then reappeared with his scythe, "Coward, fight me fairly" Excalibur growled
"This fight was never fair from the beginning" the Stalker replied. They were positioned on a rectangular platform that was a little higher than the rest of the room, creating an arena of sorts. Excalibur was angry, very much so, and when you're angry you tend to make mistakes.

Excaliburs first mistake was forgetting the Stalker had explosive arrows. The Stalker tossed one at him and he caught it angrily and snapped it in two and then it exploded. The explosion made him stumble backwards and the Stalker went for the kill. He brought his scythe down in an arc, aiming for Excaliburs neck, but Excalibur grabbed the scythe by the handle holding it there until the Stalker kicked him and he let go. The Stalker swung again and Excalibur dropped and kicked the Stalkers legs out from under him. He fell to the floor and Excalibur grabbed the scythe and tried to turn it on its owner but the Stalker disappeared. He reappeared in the air above Excalibur and was about to stab him when a strange shockwave pushed him away. The Stalker, already in the air, flew into a wall head first and dropped to the ground. Excalibur turned to see what caused it and he almost collapsed.

"Banshee", he said in disbelief. There she was, standing tall and proud, no longer bleeding from her wound. Then he noticed behind her near the door was Rhino, leaning against the wall hunched over. And off to Rhinos right was…No. This time Excalibur did fall to his knees. "No" he breathed. In front of him, was the very person he watched die only moments ago, the only person who he had shed tears for, "Saryn?". There she was, with her arm draped around someone's shoulders looking at him, no whole in her chest and no wound under her breast. The man she was draped over was wearing a warframe. A white warframe with a green line down the middle. Excalibur was over whelmed, just a few seconds ago he was burning with rage from the loss of a loved one, and that same person is no longer lost. The threat of the Stalker seamed so unimportant right now. He got up and walked toward his team, the Stalker seeming unconscious, for now, completely left his mind.
"Banshee, Rhino, I don't understand" he stuttered
"Ask him" Banshee said, jerking a thumb at the warframe user. Saryn left the man's shoulders and stumbled toward Excalibur. He caught her before she fell, holding her in a tight embrace, not wanting to ever let go, never again. But none the less, she gently pushed out of the hug and looked at him. "I'm sorry" she said breaking down into tears. Excalibur didn't reply he just hugged her once more and then said, "Its ok. It's over now", if could he would have kissed her but right now their hug was saying more than anything else could ever say. The stranger walked up to them and he cleared his throat loudly,
"So it looks like my alarm clock went off at just the right time, hey" he said jokingly
"Who are you?" Excalibur asked breaking the hug
"I, my Tenno brother, am Oberon".