Introduction & Prologue

Author's Note: Hi guys! This is my first fanfiction so I hope you like it. I know those words can be a red flag for many people but if you guys give me a chance it would be greatly appreciated! This story will be sort of similar to the original but more action-y and a slight change to Maou's personality. Enjoy!

In the great sea of Ignora lies a set of five islands in the shape of the holy cross. Four pointed in each cardinal direction, followed by the largest island in the center. These Islands formed Ente Isla, the land watched over by the gods. All who lived here knew of the demon lord, Satan, who's name came to be synonymous with the terror and cruelty that was inflicted under his rule. He was the Devil, the ruler of demons, the king who's subjects were horrific creatures of the night. Satan's ambition was to conquer the human's world, to subjugate the humans and create a land for his kind to dominate in prosperity. At his command were the four great demon generals: Adramelech, the brute, Lucifer, the fallen angel, Alciel, the loyal provisions expert, and Malacoda, the dark sorcerer. These generals each launched their own attack on an island. The humans, of course, fought back, but they were losing. Until a lone hero, holy sword raised, rallied the human army and brought them to victory, reclaiming each island under, along with killing every general that got in her way.

Flashes of light and sounds of destruction and siege could be heard around the Devil's castle, the sound of walls caving in, pillars callapsing and roars of rage as enemies fought one another.

The Hero and her comrades after 6 weeks had finally fought their way to the top of the castle, and were currently battling the remaining occupants, The Devil and his last remaining general.

Albertio was one of the hero's comrades, he was a brawling type, and had the strength to back it up. But even he was overwhelmed as his body was hurled through one of the castle's towers, at the hands of the demon general Alciel.

Luckily he had backup. Alciel noticed her presence and looked up, a smirk spreading across his face. "A mere child. I almost feel bad. Almost." It was true, at first glance Emeralda simply appeared to be a short green haired girl, not much older than 11 or 12, this led to her enemies underestimating her, something each and every one came to realize as a mistake. Alciel was no exception. He was caught off guard when the small girl cast an advanced spell, however his surprise hadn't even begun when he suddenly was encased as a statue. But Alciel was stronger than that. It was Emeralda's turn to be surprised as Alciel suddenly broke free of his stone prison, immediately launching a counter-attack at her in the form of a terrible beam of darkness. The blast knocked her out of the sky, barely being saved be Albertio as she nearly plummeted onto one of the tower's pikes.

Meanwhile in the throne room, a much more one-sided battle was taking place between the high priest Olba and the Devil.

Olba yelled as he launched a wave of magic at the Devil, who casually sat on his throne waiting for the attack. The wave was well aimed, and appeared to had found it's target. Or so Olba thought. He immediately realized how wrong he was as he looked up to see the Devil already above him, but it was too late as Satan had already charged his attack. Olba was shot into the ground creating a pit in the center of the room with the groaning priest lying in the center, his old bones aching from the devastating blow.

"I'm getting too old for this." Olba thought to himself. "Yes, yes you are. Though age isn't everything. I'm far older that you human." Olba panicked as he heard Satan's mocking voice in his own thoughts. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Olba screamed as clapped his hands over his temples in frustration.

"No, I think I'll enjoy toying with your mind, little human." The Devil's fun was cut short however, when in a flash the Hero dashed at Satan sword-first. Satan's reflexes were far faster however, managing to dodge in the last second, and within a moment countering with a quick beam of hellfire. She managed to block the blast with her sword, however it still was powerful enough to knock her back a few feet. Doing a mid-air recovery, she immediately dashed forward again, this time aiming for the Devil's head. Once again Satan barely managed to get out of the way, staying true to the repetition as he launched another beam of hellfire straight at her, forcing her to once again interrupt her dash with a block of her sword. She was prepared for it this time, and wasn't knocked back at all. Taking advantage of this, she decided to take the demon king by surprise. Once again she dashed forward, Satan smirking as he launched yet another beam and watched as she was knocked back by it. Satan's smirk slowly disappeared disappeared. "Why didn't she try to block it this time…" The demon king got his answer when in an instant, the Hero launched herself to her feet, followed by a magic-infused slash of her sword, sending a ranged wave that was aimed straight for the demon king's face. Satan surprised at this, immediately attempted to dodge the attack.

Once the smoke settled Satan Realized his reaction wasn't quick enough. He managed to avoid his face getting hit, but at the cost of one of his horns, being sliced off a few inches from it's base. The Devil, seeing this, only laughed.

"You're a worthy opponent, but it will take more than the loss of a horn to kill me, human." The Devil stated mockingly. The Hero was about to reply when suddenly Albertio and Emeralda burst through one of the windows, standing behind their comrade as they helped Olba to his feet.

Alciel followed suit, landing behind the Devil. Noticing the loss of his master's horn the demon general quickly begged to know if he was alright. "Yes I'm fine, do not think me so weak as to be affected by the loss of a simple horn, Alciel." The Devil replied, disturbed by his general's lack of faith.

"Forgive me sire, I meant no disrespect!" Alciel replied desperately.

Their conversation was ended when the Hero suddenly threw her blade, aiming it straight for Satan's ribcage. When it seemed that the blade was just about to hit it's mark, a dark chuckle could be heard emitting from the Devil. Almost instantaneously, the demon king plucked the sword out of the air, taking a second to admire it's craftsmanship.

"Ahhh, I see. This blade is holy. Quite literally the work of an Angel." Satan mused, his voice suddenly seeming crueler when he said the word angel. Satan, seeing the sword start to steam in his grip, through the sword back at it's owner, who plucked it out of the sky in the same manner the Devil did.

Alciel had enjoyed the display, but remembered the situation. "My lord, our forces are diminished, they killed off the last of our army on the way up the castle." This brought a frown to Satan's brow. "I suggest we retreat, and try to rebuild our forces." Alciel continued, earning a small nod from the demon king. "I never Imagined a mere human could force us into such a situation. Dispicable." Satan replied, in a dark tone.

"NO!" the yell emitting from the Hero's helmet. With that she lifted up her sword, channeling celestial force, she prepared to land one final blow with all her might. Her comrades followed suit, Emeralda conjuring a bow, Albertio preparing to pounce, and Olba preparing a seal to launch a ranged flood.

"DIE, DEMON KING!" The hero yelled as she launched her attack, followed by all the other's. Satan was cornered. He knew there was only one thing he could do. With all his stamina, he launched himself through his castle wall, barely avoiding the lethal blow.

The Devil stood hovering in the sky, making sure his voice could be heard by all.


As he spoke his final words, a dark vortex formed behind the demon king, he then finished his sentence, and suddenly disappeared through the unholy portal, followed by his general Alciel.

As the two demon disappeared, cries of triumph could be heard throughout the continent, but none would be heard from the Hero. No, she would follow him, she would find him. He would NOT get away from her that easy.

Author's note: This was a re-write. The original was short poor and bland in my taste so I completely rewrote it. Hope you enjoyed this first chapter!

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