An announcement

I know I know, this isn't chapter 8. And I know how much you guys hate these things so I've really tried to stop using them all together, but this time it was just too important. Don't worry chapter 8 is already about 60% done, but theres something you guys need to know.

This being my first fanfic and all, I've obviously run into a few problems. My writing skill for one started out mediocre, which is evident in the first few chapters. But the biggest problem was the story.

I was making it up as I went.

I started this fic with the basic intention of having Maou act how I thought the Devil should. Even if he isn't the biblical one, I still couldn't really understand the whole genuine human act that didn't seem like an act. Though as I went through writing the chapters I was constantly thinking of ideas for a central plot that differentiates from that of the canon story. But the problem with that was that I never stopped thinking. So even if I did leave something to start it off in one chapter, I was later having a completely different idea on how I want the plot to go and thus left numerous inconsistencies that made it nearly impossible for anyone but me to pick up on any hints as to it's contents. But now I'm proud to say that I've finally decided on what I want to do with this story.

However, because of all the inconsistencies, paired with a new plot and desire to make the story more linear as well as improve upon the first few chapters, I've decided that I am going to do a mass-edit of this story, which will include complete re-writes in the case of the first three-or-so chapters. Perhaps more.

I will also be editing/maybe re-writing the side story/prequel, though that will come last so I don't further delay the main fic.

In short, chapter 8 will not be out for some time, and the current chapters in the story will be vigorously edited if not completely rewritten in favor of a more smooth and progressive plot. I know this may upset some of you but I hope that after this is all said and done you'll be happy with the results. I should also point out that because of the plot in which I have decided, the story shall be much farther from cannon. It will practically be an AU with some of it's differences, especially in regards to the personality/background/overall character of Maou/Satan.

Sorry for being a dick,


UPDATE: December 1st, 2015.

Heya! I know alot of you have been patiently waiting for an update, and I've been getting plenty of messages asking me if I've abandoned the story or whether or not I continue on completing it. The answer is no, I am not abandoning the story. I know it has been a VERY long time since the last update, but the fact of the matter is I've got a busy life that's been getting even busier. I'm currently in my senior year of high school and am working on my portfolio to submit to an art college, which for those of you who've gone through something similar know is very time consuming, and I'm on a very tight schedule as it is to get it done. In regards as to why I haven't posted any new chapters or updated the ones with the rewrites, know that it hasn't been because of negligence. Before my portfolio, I was actually working on the story quite a bit in my spare time, but being the perfectionist I am, I scrapped multiple drafts, most of which were several thousand words long. I want the story to be a good one that I won't have to go back and edit again, and that will hopefully be a little less cheesy and more dramatic and serious than the original story was. I'm DEEPLY sorry for how long it's been since the last update, and it touches me deeply to see people still reviewing, liking and following the story when I check my inbox. I don't want to reward all of you who have waited patiently and been so gracious to still follow my story with further silence. I've been responding to many of the reviews and questions people have been asking privately regarding the story's future, but this time I wanted to reassure everyone who might read the story that I'm not letting it die. My portfolio is due in the beginning of February, and after which I plan to buckle down and get to finishing the rewrites and continuing the story. I'm also planning on making the chapters shorter so that updates can be a bit more frequent.

You have no idea how humbling and flattering it is to see so many people still enjoy this story and that people are still hoping for more. You have my deepest apologies for my absence and gratitude for your continued support. I look forward to continuing the story when I have the time. Until then, feel free to message me privately regarding any questions you might have, and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Once again, sorry for being a colossal dick,