Aladdin woke up to the sound of the sea outside his window. The sound of the birds lulled him for a few minutes as he peacefully came to. His eyes looked up at a nice high ceiling over his head. He looked around at the room, feeling lost.

Where was he? He didn't recognize this place.

These were not his clothes either. He looked at the oversized shirt for a moment before he sat up. His hands held the shirt in front of him a bit more.

He didn't recognize the words on it, but it looked like a tourist kind of shirt.

The bed was really comfy. Wherever he was, it looked like he was safe. He couldn't argue about anything when it was all nice and set up for him. It felt weird to lay back down though, his arms grabbed another pillow, holding it over his chest before he heard the door open.

"Well look who finally woke up."

Aladdin grinned at the sound of that voice, moving the pillow out of the way a bit so he could look over it at the raven haired man. "Judal!"

"Hey there, Chibi." Judal leaned against the doorway and smirked at him.

"You're fine?"

"100% complete and running," he replied.

"We're safe?"

"We are in the Caribbean. I'm not too much of a fan of islands normally, since they usually hate motorcycles, but I piloted us to this one myself. There's absolutely no one else on this little island." Judal moved into the room a bit more, shutting the door behind him. "We can do anything."

"That's great!" Aladdin beamed at him. "What did you do with the others? I know Ja'far was being really-"

"Don't worry about them," Judal interrupted him to say.

A strange chill went through Aladdin at the sound of his voice. "What do you mean?"

"I mean," Judal climbed onto the bed, crawling up towards his body, "Don't worry about those people. They're gone."

Aladdin squirmed beneath the covers only to frown. "…Judal, there's something around my ankles."

"It's only a precaution." Judal climbed over him, hands pressing down on either side of his face. He couldn't look away as those red eyes gleamed. "You remember what your deals were between us, don't you?"

"No games to your own ends," Aladdin replied. He shifted some more before his eyes widened. "Are…are these shackles?! What the hell!?"

"Keep going. What were the other two?" Judal's mouth pressed against him before Aladdin shuttered.

"They were don't leave me and…" and to take him far away from everyone. His own promises he had made the other give were a little dark now that he thought about it. Judal could do- had done anything to him.

"Don't look so stunned, Chibi." Judal's voice sounded sickly sweet as his hands held onto Aladdin's now. "Like I said, this is just a precaution. I knew you would be hesitant when you would find out I killed the mafia families. I'm just making you let me keep my promise. I won't leave you, but I had to be sure you wouldn't leave me."

Aladdin could see something wrong now. There was a strange energy in his rukh. Something had been done to that cure. Judal may or may not have been complete, but there was something wrong with him. His mouth began to suck on his neck, his teeth biting him enough that Aladdin couldn't help but to mewl weakly beneath him.

"Let me go," Aladdin moaned.

"I won't let you leave." The other told him calmly. "Relax, Chibi. What happened to loving me?"

"Loving you?"

"Outside the hotel in Zurich," Judal's hand was slipping beneath his shirt. He couldn't breathe as that mouth spoke so calmly into his ear. "I want to hear you tell me that again. I want to hear you scream it. We don't have to worry about anyone hearing out here either. You can stay with me from now on. We can enjoy the beach and lay in bed all day. No more pain for you. You wanted me to leave the killing behind. I will play with you instead."

"Judal… there's some-"

His lips were taken by the other. His body pressed down into the mattress. He couldn't think anymore, not when the other was touching him, when he was preparing him, not even when he was thrusting into his body. He moaned and cried. He tried to make the other see reason, but Judal was gone.

"I love you, Chibi," he told him, making Aladdin feel tears come to his eyes.

The other left him only long enough to grab a towel to wipe them both off with.

The actions were repeated the next time he woke up.

The cycle continued every day, up until Aladdin held onto Judal's shoulders and repeated the words back to him.

"I love you, Judal."

Judal's lips pressed against his again before he said it back. The sentiment being murmured until they were both asleep. When he woke up in the morning, free from his shackles, he looked over at Judal.

"You know, Chibi," Judal told him. "It was destiny to be like this. I knew there was something about you since the day Solomon and you found me." His red eyes looked over at him with a possessive look in them. "You're mine."

Aladdin closed his eyes at the statement, trying to calm the fear he had for the other.

"Chibi… I'm being talkative again. Talk to me," Judal demanded.

"Let me hold you," Aladdin murmured, earning an eyeroll before the other pulled him into his arms. He snuggled against the other's chest and shivered. There was nothing left of himself and nothing left of Judal. They were both hollow inside. Everyone around them had been killed.

What use was there to fighting anymore?

He couldn't hold on anymore. He couldn't keep fighting. His body felt tired. His will had been withered away trying to talk sense into Judal.

They were free and safe.

Aladdin leaned up and pressed his lips weakly to Judal's chin.

He belonged to Judal. There was no longer a past for him.

"I love you, Judal."

Author's note:

You have reached the bad ending for my mafia au: The Lost Magi.


It's a pretty bad end for a lot of characters. If you want to read the real ending though, you can head to my tumblr. You might be rereading some parts, but you will find that things don't end like they do here.

Til then, my dear readers.