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"We're finally here!" Sumi said happily. She held Zee in her arms as she and Skyy walked through the gates of the small town of Viridian City. The buildings weren't very big, kind of spaced out, and it looked like it was mostly a residential town, not much in the ways of a market.

"Which, unfortunately, means this is where we part ways." Skyy said.

Sumi looked up at him curiously, then got a saddened look. She'd forgotten that he was only accompanying her until she got to the city. "That's right… I'll miss you, Skyy." She said.

{Me too. You were nice.} Zee said, jumping up onto Sumi's shoulder. He used that to jump onto Skyy's shoulder, nudging his cheek with his nose.

Skyy chuckled, petting Zee with a smile. "Don't worry, you guys. I'm sure we'll see each other again someday. After all, I'm a Ranger. I go where they need me, and with there not being more than a couple of Ranger Bases set up here in Kanto, I'll be everywhere." He explained.

"Then I guess this isn't goodbye, but more of 'we'll see you later'?" Sumi asked.

Zee leapt from Skyy's shoulder to the ground. {Too bad you can't stay with us longer. You know a lot about Pokémon, and you might be able to help Sumi train.} he said.

Skyy shook his head. "You know I'd like to do that, but I have a mission to complete." He said, turning to a large building with a Pokéball sign over the doors. "That's the gym, and I'll be there for a while, looking for information on the missing leader."

"Maybe if you're still there, we'll come say hi to you before we leave town?" Sumi asked.

"Yeah, maybe. But first, you should go bring your Pokémon to the Pokémon Center. Zee and Prince took quite a beating in that battle." Skyy suggested.

Sumi nodded, looking around. The Center wasn't too difficult to spot. It looked like a large, round building that had a replica of the top of a Pokéball as a roof.

"Well, goodbye for now, Sumi. Good luck on your journey! You'll make a great Pokémon Master!" Skyy said, waving as he went on his way towards the gym.

"Thanks!" Sumi called after him before walking towards the Pokémon Center. Zee followed at her side, but he was wobbling slightly. Sumi noticed this, giggling slightly. She knew the little guy was too stubborn to admit that he was very weak from taking that last attack head-on, but if he was going to try and hide his pain like that, he was going to collapse. She just thought it was cute how strong he was trying to be, remembering his concern earlier when he thought he was weak.

She knelt down, wrapping her arms around him and lifting him into the air. {Hey! I'm fine! I can walk on my own!} Zee complained, struggling weakly in her arms.

"Stop it, Zee. I know you're hurt. I don't want you to hurt yourself more by pushing yourself too hard." Sumi said as she walked into the Center.

As soon as she stepped in, she was greeted by a young woman. It was an adult with bright pink hair. Her hair was pulled into a pair of rings behind her head, the ends of which hidden underneath a small, white hat with a red plus on the front. Her bangs were curled, and hung above her deep ocean blue eyes. Her dress was simple and pink, with a white apron over it.

"Hello, miss. Can I help you today?" The woman asked as Sumi walked in. She was standing behind a large desk built into the wall, which led Sumi to believe she was the nurse in charge of the Center.

"Um, yes… My Pokémon got hurt in a fight earlier…" Sumi started, looking down at her exhausted Pokémon.

"Oh my! Well don't you worry. Your Pokémon just need some rest, and they'll be just fine in a few hours." The nurse said. She pressed a small button on the desk, and a pair of large, pink Pokémon carrying an egg in a pouch on their stomachs came out from another room, pushing a stretcher.

"What are those…?" Sumi asked, pulling her Pokédex out.

Chansey. The Egg Pokémon. A kindly Pokémon that lays highly nutritious eggs and shares them with injured Pokémon or people. It lays several eggs a day, but won't share them with those who have evil in their hearts.

"Don't worry, your Pokémon will be safe in our care, miss. I promise." She said smiling.

"Thanks…" Sumi said with a worried look, laying Zee down onto the stretcher. She pulled Prince's Pokéball from her belt, placing it next to him. As she pulled out Firefox's ball, she just held it for a moment, looking up at the nurse. "Is it all right if I keep this one with me? She hasn't fought at all, and I don't want to be out here alone." She asked her.

The nurse nodded with a polite smile. "Of course. That won't be a problem at all." The nurse said as the two Chansey wheeled the stretcher into a back room. Zee looked up at Sumi with a shy look, nervous about being left alone.

"Don't worry, Zee! I'll stay here while you're resting! I promise, I won't leave you here alone!" Sumi said with a smile, watching Zee. It was reassuring to the young Pokémon, his nervousness being exchanged with his normal confidence.

Sumi pulled Firefox's ball off of her belt, pressing the button to grow it to its usable size. She held the ball in front of her, smiling lightly. With a flash of white light, the small Vulpix was released from the ball, sitting and looking up at her with a cute smile.

"Firefox, can I ask you a favor?" Sumi asked, knowing that Pokémon were normally pretty smart.

Firefox tilted her head, a curious look in her eyes.

Sumi reached into her pocket, pulling out some money. She walked up to the front desk again, up to the nurse. "Um, excuse me, miss? Do you have some paper I can use?" she asked.

The nurse looked up from her papers, looking curious. "Why, yes we do, sweetie. And go ahead and call me Joy." She said with a polite smile. She pulled a piece of paper out of the tray of a nearby printer, holding it out to her.

Sumi took it, uttering a quick 'thank you' to her, before grabbing a pen and starting to write. She wrote down a list of things, then folded the paper up like an envelope. She slipped the money inside the paper, folding it tightly so it wouldn't fall out, then knelt down next to Firefox. "Can I ask you to bring this to the Pokémon Mart we passed on the way here? It was the building with a blue roof. Bring it to the shopkeeper please." She asked.

Firefox nodded, taking the makeshift envelope in her mouth. She turned quickly, running to the doors of the Center and exiting through them.

Sumi walked over to a large, plush couch in the waiting room, turning and sitting on it. She pulled her backpack off, holding it in her arms in front of her. "Well, now there's nothing to do but wait." She mumbled to herself. She glanced up at the small television they had playing in the corner of the room. It was one of her favorite channels, one of the ones that she used to watch at home all of the time. It was about a pair of reporters, who were also Pokémon Trainers. They'd go around, battling tough-looking trainers with Pokémon they'd get from the producer, but they always had their own personal partners as well. They'd go around different areas, challenging worthy-looking trainers as the saw them pass, the beautiful female reporter always using a just as beautiful Dragonair at her side. The strong male cameraman was noted for using his own personally trained, and equally strong, Luxray. The two had only been beaten by a few trainers so far, ones that had been on their journeys a while. Right now, they were over in the Hoenne region, challenging a young boy trainer. He'd defeated the Pokémon the producer had given them, but he was having a problem with their personal Pokémon.

Sumi watched the show, a small smile forming on her face. She closed her eyes, her thoughts drifting of what a battle would be like if she'd been able to fight them. She knew with Zee, Prince, and Firefox at her side, she'd win for sure. She knew she'd have problems with the reporters' personal Pokémon, but she knew that together, they'd be able to prosper in the end.

Before she knew it, she had drifted off to sleep.

Sumi's dream this time was a strange one indeed.

She was in the middle of a storm. She couldn't see anything else, but torrential rains and violent oceans. The waves were cruel and unforgiving, the storm egging them on. If any ships were to try to pass through, they'd be capsized quickly, any Pokémon had to travel under the water.

She was, however, under the water already. Underwater was calmer than above, but she was still being pushed around a little, She was floating in a light pink bubble, floating up towards the surface, towards the angry waves.

As soon as she broke the surface, however, the scenery seemed to change. She could see the rain and waves from under the water, but passing through the surface, she seemed to have passed through a portal or something to another dimension. The ocean was calm, the waves almost nonexistence. The sun was shining, cottony clouds floating through the blue sky.

She heard a high-pitched cry behind her and turned in her small bubble. She was suddenly face-to-face with a pair of large, crystal-blue eyes. The pink, cat-like creature flying in front of her was looking directly at her, its head tilted slightly as it floated in front of her bubble.

It took Sumi a moment to remember, but she did notice something familiar about this strange, new Pokémon. She reached back for her Pokédex, but she gasped. She didn't have it! In fact, her entire backpack seemed to have just vanished into thin air!

"Wait, I remember you! You're that Pokémon from before!" she said, an excited look forming on her face.

The feline Pokémon seemed to smile cutely. "Mew!" it cried out, flying closer to her, almost in response to her reply.

The Pokémon brought its paw up to the bubble, poking it suddenly. With a small 'pop', the bubble burst.

She fell, falling back towards the water.

She jumped, awaking with a start and uttering a small squeak. She quickly looked around to check her surroundings.

Plush couch underneath her, television in front of her. She was in some sort of a waiting room, and was holding her backpack in her hands.

It took her a moment to come back to reality, remembering that she was still in the Pokémon Center. There was something small and warm on her lap. Looking down, she saw the light, reddish brown fur, and the two large, deep brown eyes looking back up at her. It was Firefox, curled up in her lap. Seeing her awake, it got a happy look, cuddling into her lap. There was a white plastic sack on the floor at Sumi's feet, the bag that she'd brought back with the things on the grocery list.

Sumi smiled, stroking her friend's fur. "Sorry if I scared you. I had a strange dream." She said.

"So it really is your Pokémon. How'd you manage to get a Vulpix already?" a familiar, obnoxious voice came from next to her.

Sumi made a small grunt of surprise, looking to her right, where the voice was coming from. Sure enough, it was exactly who she thought it was. The same obnoxious person she always had to deal with, sitting next to her with his hands resting behind his head.

"What do you want, Blue…?" she asked, rubbing her eye. She was still groggy from sleep, and wasn't sure if she didn't want to deal with his attitude.

He got his usual overconfident smirk. "Is that any way to talk to the future champion?" he asked, giving her a fake hurt look.

"Future champion my butt, Blue. I'm going to be the one to beat the Elite Four and get the title of champion!" she said, a confident look on her face.

"Hah! I'll believe it when I see it." He said with a grin.

Firefox stood on Sumi's lap, growling at him. Seems she sensed that Sumi and he didn't get along, and she didn't appreciate someone treating her trainer like that.

Blue just laughed. "Hey, calm down, Vulpix. It's just a bit of friendly competition." He said, getting to his feet. "A competition that I'm definitely going to win, anyway!" he said with a laugh.

Firefox stopped growling at him with that, but continued to glare at him.

"Well I've got to go. Pewter City's just past the forest, and I plan on getting the Boulder Badge by tomorrow!" he said with a large grin.

"I'll be going and getting it too! The eight gym badges needed to get into the Pokémon League, I will get all of them!" she said, moving Firefox to the seat next to her and standing up.

Blue laughed, grinning. He held out his hand to her. "Then I guess that makes us official rivals! I doubt you'll be better than me, but I invite you to try!" he said.

Sumi grinned. "Rivals. That sounds good. And I will become a Pokémon Master! You can count on it!" she said, taking his hand. They gave each other a friendly handshake, smiling at each other. Even though they weren't really fond of each other, was this some kind of friendship starting to bloom?


Zee's voice came out of nowhere before the little body jumped into her.

Sumi stumbled back a bit, but managed to catch him. "Zee?" she asked, then smiled happily. "I'm happy you're okay!" she said with a large smile. She held him in front of her, smiling.

{Yeah, that nurse lady treated me really nice!} Zee said happily, rubbing his face against her cheek, before looking over at Blue. {Wait, what's he doing here?} he asked.

"Don't worry, little guy, I'm leaving once my Pokémon are back. The Center's healing them after our training session." Blue told him.

"Training session? So that's why you're here?" Sumi asked curiously.

"Of course. I'm training my Pokémon to get stronger. Why, what happened to get you here?" Blue asked with a confused look on his face.

{Just training? You've got a long way to go to catch up with Sumi and me!} Zee said with a little snicker.

"What's that supposed to mean, little punk?" Blue asked, getting a bit of an angry look.

{Sumi's already beaten three people at once!} Zee bragged.

"We were attacked by some people who called themselves Team Rocket. They wanted my Zee, but we beat them. With Skyy's help, anyway. And little Firefox helped us out in the end, too!" Sumi said with a small giggle, petting Firefox's head. The little Vulpix got a happy look with the sudden attention.

"Team Rocket? Never heard of them before. Maybe I'll ask Gramps about them?" Blue said, but shrugged.

"Excuse me, Blue?" Joy said, coming up. She was holding a full team of six Pokéballs on a tray in front of her. "Your Pokémon are all healed up and ready to go." She said, but she looked a little unhappy.

"Thanks!" Blue said, reaching for the tray.

Joy, however, pulled it just out of his reach. "The poor things were exhausted! You ought to be ashamed of yourself for pushing them so hard!" she scolded.

Blue actually looked surprised, the spoiled brat probably not used to being yelled at. "I… Um…" he tried to speak, but couldn't form a sentence.

"Now just stop pushing them so hard! Treat your Pokémon with a little respect, got it?" Joy said before holding the tray out to him.

"Y-yes mam…" he muttered, taking the balls off the tray and adding them to the slots on his belt.

Sumi couldn't help but giggle at this. It was rare to see Blue on the defensive or embarrassed like this.

"Oh, and this one is yours, Sumi." Joy said, holding out another Pokéball. Through the transparent red top, Prince could be seen, looking up at her excitedly.

"Thanks!" She said happily, holding Zee in one hand and taking the ball and adding it to her belt, like Blue had done, with the other.

"Zee explained to me what happened. Just try to be a little more careful with your Pokémon during battle, okay?" she asked.

Sumi nodded. "Of course. We're going to do our best to get stronger. But I promise not to overwork them." She said. Zee agreed with a nod.

"Well I'll see you later. Maybe next time, we can gauge how well you've gotten with a battle?" Blue asked, grinning.

Sumi nodded. "We're ready to take you whenever you're ready to battle!" she said with a confident smirk.

{Yeah! We'll kick your butt, too!} Zee said.

"We'll have to see about that, little man." Blue said. He picked up his backpack that he had sitting on the couch next to where Sumi'd been sleeping, slinging it over his shoulder.

{Just make sure you're ready! Because we're not going easy on you!} Zee shouted. Sumi nodded in agreement.

"If you say so. Smell you later!" Blue said as he turned, taking off towards the exit and out the door.