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Chapter 1 – Green With Evil

One afternoon after school in mid September 1993, Kimberly Hart, Trini Kwan, Zack Taylor and Billy Cranston were watching their friend and fellow Power Ranger Jason Scott compete in a karate tournament held at the Youth Centre. The annual karate tournament usually ended with Jason winning. At least it had ever since pre-pubescent middle schooler Jason Scott had started competing. This year, however, was different. A teen, new to Angel Grove, competed against Jason, ending the tournament in a tie. After the match, Kimberly watched from afar as her friend, her brother for all intents and purposes, congratulated the new kid. She couldn't help admiring his tall, fit physique and long dark brown hair. Well, couldn't keep her eyes off him would better describe Kimberly's behaviour. Behaviour that did not go unnoticed by her best friend Trini.

"Hey Kim are you coming?" She asked.

"Huh?" said Kim articulately. Trini smiled.

"He is gorgeous isn't he?"

"Yeah, you can say that again." Kim breathed, her attention never leaving the green clad man some twenty feet away.

"Maybe you'll catch him in school tomorrow." Trini said as she began to lead her friend away.

"Yeah…" Kim trailed off as she hesitantly allowed herself to be led away.


The next day Kim arrived at school extra early hoping to see the new kid and have a chance to talk to him. She scanned the yard as she went inside and made it all the way to her locker without seeing him. Sighing Kim opened her locker and grabbed her books for first period, all the while thinking of him. Her thoughts were interrupted, however, by the arrival of two of her least favourite people.

"Hey babe." Skull crooned sickeningly as he sidled up next to her. "Need a big strong man to help with your books?"

"Dream on, Skull." She shot back. Skull looked to Bulk who put his doughnut in his pocket.

"Time to teach her a lesson." He told Skull who nodded.

"Hey!" came a voice, and all three turned to see the imposing figure of the new kid walking over to them. Kim smiled seeing him, her heart skipping a beat. "Didn't you hear the lady? She said no." Bulk and Skull shared a look before smiling themselves, though their smiles were anything but pleasant.

"I think it's time for somebody else to be taught a lesson." Bulk said as he and Skull prepared to attack. Their plans were cut short, however, when the new kid launched into a series of karate moves performed one after the other in quick succession. None of them hit the bullies, as he intended them not to, but they had the effect of scaring them off.

"M-m-maybe we'll teach you that lesson some other time." Bulk stuttered as he and Skull literally ran away. Kim laughed at the bullies' quick retreat then turned to face her saviour.

"Thanks. That was really great." Kim's heart skipped another beat as their eyes met for the first time. She found herself drawn to him, unable to turn away.

"Sure." He acknowledged her gratitude and paused for a few moments, feeling exactly as Kim did. When his brain began to function again he realized they had been standing there staring at each other and he really had no logical reason to stay.

"Well, I'll see you around." He said hesitantly, reluctant to go, but turning away none the less.

"Hey!" Kim called after him, not wanting him to leave just yet. He turned around a little too eagerly and all but ran the two steps back to where she was standing, happy that she had stopped him from leaving. "I'm Kimberly. You're new around here aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'm Tommy." He held out his hand for her to shake and she did not hesitate in taking it. A shock went through them as their hands connected, the pull they felt towards each other only growing.

"Um…listen, do you wanna get together with some of us after school? You know nothing major, just hang out at the Youth Centre?" She held her breath, hoping he'd say yes. She needn't have worried though as a big smile broke out on his face.

"Yeah, that sounds great." A smile broke out on Kim's face too.

"Ok." The two stared at each other a moment longer then became aware they were still holding hands. Laughing awkwardly, not knowing what was happening, the two dropped hands.

"Well, I'll see you then. Bye."

"Bye." This time when Tommy turned to go Kim didn't stop him, though she desperately wanted to.

'What was that?' she asked herself, turning to head to her own class. Being a Power Ranger she'd dealt with her share of weird, but nothing like this. She resolved to talk to Trini about it at lunch, hoping her friend would have some insight. Kim spent the entire morning thinking of Tommy, a fact that did not go unnoticed by her friends. When lunch arrived the five friends made their way to the cafeteria and Trini all but had to lead Kim by the hand to the table as she was too busy looking for Tommy.

"Ok, Kim, spill." Trini said the moment Kim was safely seated. "You've been in a daze all morning. What's going on?" With one last look around Kim turned her attention to the question at hand.

"It's Tommy." She said, a small smile forming on her face just by saying his name.

"Tommy?" Jason asked, his attention snapping her way from his conversation with Zack upon hearing his sister's thoughts were on a boy. As her big brother (he conveniently ignored the fact that she was born eight months before him) he needed to know about any boy that got close to her.

"He's the new kid, who fought you in the tournament yesterday." Kim supplied. "He helped me out with Bulk and Skull this morning, I was hoping to catch him at lunch. Oh and I invited him to come to the Youth Centre with us after school."

"Isn't he a bit old for you?" Jason asked. Kim rolled her eyes.

"He's a freshman too, Jase. And you can quit the overprotective big brother act. After all I am older than you, remember?" Kim loved reminding him of this fact when he got overprotective. Jason scowled but wisely kept his mouth shut.

"So you talked to him? Is he nice? Is he still as gorgeous as yesterday?" Trini gushed, effectively achieving her goal of turning off the boys' attention, none of them wanting to hear the girls' boy talk.

"Alright talk." Trini said seriously when she was sure the boys' attention was firmly placed on whatever they were now discussing.

"He's amazing, Tri."

"Amazing? That's a pretty bold statement for one meeting."

"Well he is. He handled Bulk and Skull as if he'd been doing it his whole life, he was nice and still absolutely gorgeous. And…" She hesitated, not entirely sure how to describe the connection she had felt.

"And…?" Trini prodded.

"I'm not entirely sure, Tri. When our eyes met my heart skipped a beat. When our hands touched I felt a shock go through me, and I'm pretty sure he did too. I know it sounds entirely cheesy, and if we were anyone else I'd write it off as a big crush. But we're…us…weird shit has happened, and I know you remember the shock we felt when we held our Power Coins for the first time and accepted The Power. It wasn't unlike that…I don't know how to describe it." Kim bit her lip, wondering if Trini thought her as crazy as she thought herself. As if sensing her friend's distress, Trini wrapped an arm around her.

"I don't think you're crazy, Kim. I don't exactly know what's going on, but I don't think you're crazy. The only thing I can tell you is wait and see what happens."


That afternoon, Tommy never showed at the Youth Centre, but Kim was slightly relieved as Rita Repulsa launched an attack and the Rangers were called into battle. During that battle (sometime between the defeat of the Putties and the defeat of the 'monster-of-the-day' as the Rangers liked to call them) a new enemy showed up. But not just any enemy, it was another Power Ranger. A Green Ranger, who for some unknown reason was evil and completely under Rita's control. After the Rangers basically had their asses handed to them by the Green Ranger and his Sword of Darkness, they returned to the Command Centre, hoping to get some answers from Zordon. Teleporting in, they were shocked at what they found.

"Look at this place." Jason muttered.

"The control panels have been ripped out."

"Aw man, this place is totalled."

"Look!" Kim cried, pointing up to where Zordon usually looked down on them. "You guys, Zordon's gone." A bang drew their attention to the edge of the main platform where they saw Alpha wavering on his feet.

"Alpha!" Billy cried, running over to their robot friend. "What happened?"

"Rangers, Power Rangers, come in, I need help." He said, his voice sounding even more like a robot than usual.

"What's wrong with him?" Trini asked.

"Someone must have fed a virus into his databank."

"Billy, can you help him?" Billy looked Alpha over, searching for any signs as to the virus' origins.

"Affirmative!" he said, noticing a disk stuck into Alpha's back. Pulling it out, Alpha stopped twitching and turned to face the Rangers.

"Power Rangers you are here!" he cried, joy filling his voice box.

"Alpha, who did this to you? Where's Zordon?" Zack asked.

"My memory chips have been scrambled. Aye yai yai!"

"Well someone broke in."

"But who? Nobody has access here unless they have a Power Coin."

"The Green Ranger." Kim said. "Evil or not, if he's a Power Ranger he has to have a Power Coin, right?"

"An evil Power Ranger?" Alpha questioned.

"Yeah, a green one joined Goldar and the putties in attacking the city." Answered Jason.

"But that's impossible! A Power Ranger cannot be evil, the Power Coins were created with entirely positive energy. They cannot be turned evil."

"But what about the user?" Billy asked. "Rita's magic was able to turn Kim and I evil, or into bullies anyways. Could the person using the Green Ranger powers be turned evil and then be using the Green Ranger powers for evil, even though the powers themselves are not?"

"It is possible. But who could the Green Ranger be?"

"That's what we gotta find out." Jason said. "But we also have to get Zordon back."

"Trini, Alpha and I will begin repairing the Command Centre. We'll work on locating Zordon as well." Said Billy, not wasting any time and moving to the nearest control panel. Just then the alarm blared and the Viewing Globe lit up, showing the Green Ranger attacking with his Dragonzord.

"I guess that leaves us with him then." Muttered Zack.

"Alright back to action!" called Jason and he, Kim and Zack teleported out. Their fight was long, as was the repairing of the Command Centre, which had to be stalled as Billy and Trini were needed in battle. By the end of the day, the Rangers were bruised and tired, having barely been able to hold off the Green Ranger, and they were no closer to finding Zordon.

For the rest of the week, when Kim was not fighting Rita and her Green Ranger, she was trying to figure out the mystery that was Tommy Oliver. Tommy had seemingly changed overnight. He went from being a nice guy who saved her from Bulk and Skull, to ignoring her and being rude whenever he couldn't ignore her. After their first such encounter Kim questioned whether the connection she had felt was real at all. She had been sure Tommy had felt it too, but the one thing she knew about the connection was that it was a good, positive feeling. She hesitated to use the word love, though if she was honest with herself that's exactly what it felt like. Tommy's actions and attitude towards her, however, bespoke the exact opposite, and so Kim questioned what she felt, though she still knew she felt something. Every time she tried to talk to Tommy he brushed her off, only for her to feel his eyes on her all throughout class…and lunch, and after school at the Youth Centre. It was as if he couldn't get his mind off her, though by his actions she had no idea why, and she was beginning to get frustrated by all the mysteries currently in her life.

The battles with the Green Ranger became bigger and more intense and Kimberly could have sworn the Green Ranger had singled her out in battle more than once. His Dragonzord was as powerful, if not more powerful, then all their Zords combined and the Rangers were finding that they, and their Zords, were coming out of each battle more and more scathed. They knew it was only a matter of time until they didn't come out of a battle alive. But they also knew they had to keep fighting. Earth was counting on them. Though they lost more and more battles, their resolve strengthened each time they saw the destruction the Green Ranger caused, and so they continued to fight. A break came at the end of the week when Billy and Alpha were finally able to locate Zordon and bring him back. With the return of their mentor the Rangers were able to get some answers to their many questions, mainly as to the identity of the Green Ranger.

"Aw man."

"No way."

"Kimberly, look."

"I don't believe it…Tommy?" Kim gasped, unbidden tears forming in her eyes. Trini pulled her into a hug and Kim hid her tears against her shoulder.

'Why am I crying?' she thought. 'I barely know him. We've talked once before he turned into a jerk. Though now I guess I know why he turned into a jerk.'

"We have to find him and reverse Rita's spell." She said to her friends, quickly wiping her tears away. Jason nodded, something wasn't right with Kim, and hadn't been for over a week now, but whatever it was would have to wait.

"We'll split up and look for him." He said taking charge. "If you find him contact the rest of us immediately, do not approach him, we know what he's capable of and if he learns we know his identity, who knows what he'll do." Everyone nodded and teleported out, starting with the park, school and Youth Centre.

Kim landed in the back of the Youth Centre, somehow knowing she'd find Tommy there. Heading into the main room, she sighed when her suspicion was correct and she spotted him lifting weights. Looking around and noticing everyone going about their normal business, not paying any attention to her, she approached him, knowing Jase would be angry with her, but also knowing Tommy couldn't do anything in such a public place without blowing his identity to all.

"Tommy," she said in a pained voice when she was near enough to not be heard by anyone else. "Tommy I know. I know you're the Green Ranger." The weights slammed down as Tommy turned to face her, letting them drop in the process.

"Well then Pink Ranger, you should also know that the Power Rangers will soon be destroyed."

"Let us help you. We can break Rita's spell."

"Rita is my Empress. I serve her willingly."

"Please." She begged. "Let us help you." Tommy slowly stood up and walked forwards until he towered over her.

"I do not need or want your help, Pink Ranger. But you had better be more cautious." Raising his hand he gently ran his fingers through her hair. "Approaching me alone like this was very foolish. You never know what might happen." Dropping his hand he bent down to pick up his gym bag. "Be careful, Pink Ranger. You have been warned."

Kim did not tell the others about Tommy's threat, only mentioning that she had found him and approached him, bowing her head in the appropriate shame when the expected outburst from her friends came. Later that day they fought Tommy again and this time he really did a number on her. There was a moment when Kim thought he was going to capture her. Getting the upper hand, he twisted her arm behind her back and held on. Kim felt a power surge around them and a feeling similar to when they teleported built up inside her. However, whatever the feeling was, was interrupted by Jason as he tackled the Green Ranger away from Kim. Dread filled in her stomach and she knew Tommy's threat had been serious. She knew she'd have to watch her back from then on.


A couple days passed with no change in the pattern that was quickly becoming their lives. Though Tommy's threat was still in her mind, Kim grew more complacent as the days passed and he made no attempts beyond the usual battles. She stopped watching her back all the time, her mind jumping between Tommy's threat and the conviction she so wanted to believe: that he would never harm her. Late one night after a battle, Kim was walking home when she heard loud footfalls behind her. She turned and fell into a fighting stance, her time as a Ranger giving her great reaction time, but the sound stopped when she turned, and no one was there. Not dropping her guard, Kim looked around telling herself she hadn't been crazy and had heard something, but when a few minutes passed with no sign of anyone else on the street but her, she moved to continue on her way. When she turned, she was met with a flash of green, and strong arms wrapping around her waist, pulling her against him and a hand clamping over her mouth, stifling her scream before it even had time to build in her throat.

"Hello Kimberly." Said a voice she recognized as Tommy's before everything went black.

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