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Chapter 17 - Ninjetti

"We shall call upon the Sacred Animals of the Ninjetti for help." A fire was built in the middle of the plateau, and Dulcea had the Rangers gather in a semi-circle around it. In what appeared to be a stone basin, she ground some plants and small stones into a fine powder. She took the powder into her hands and came to stand before the Rangers on the other side of the fire.

"Buried deep within each of us is an Animal Spirit waiting to be released. Close your eyes and look deep inside" When the Rangers did as she bid, she blew the powder over the fire; the flames flared up, sending magic and power combined swirling all around them. The Rangers felt something deep inside them, a budding power that at their bidding grew stronger before it burst through them, the cries of their Animal Spirits mixing in the air. When they opened their eyes it was to see that they were no longer dressed in their street clothes, but in robes the same colour as their Ranger colours with a golden crest depicting their Animal Spirit, shinning in the middle of their chests. Dulcea smiled seeing that they had indeed been able to find their Animal Spirits. Few knew they had Animal Spirits within them and fewer still could release them. She picked up her staff and walked around the fire to stand in front of Trini.

"Trini, you are the Bear, fierce and unstoppable." She moved on to Jason, going from Ranger to Ranger down the line.

"Jason, powerful and smart, you are the Ape."

"Billy, you are the Wolf, cunning and stealthy."

"Agile Kimberly, you are the Crane. The Winged Lady of the Skies."

"Zack? Zack what's wrong?"

"I'm a Frog." He replied sullenly.

"Yes a Frog. Perhaps small in size, but courageous and clever within." That earned her a smile as Zack perked up.

"And you Tommy are the Falcon, The Winged Lord of the Skies." She cut off at the end and her calm, collected demeanour changed to one of shock and worry.

"Dulcea what is it?" Tommy asked. She did not answer him but looked between him and Kimberly.

"The Winged Lord and Lady…" She mumbled. "Impossible."

"Dulcea you're starting to scare us." She looked to them in turn, before sighing and beginning her story.

"The Ninjetti are an ancient order of warriors sworn to protect the light. We have been around since the very beginning; when the universe first came into existence. I am sure it comes as no surprise that humans are not the only intelligent beings in the universe, nor that Earth is not the only planet where humans reside." The Rangers didn't falter, confirming that they already knew, or at least suspected as much. "The Ninjetti was once a civilization of it's own; comprised of beings from nearly all intelligent species in the universe. We were spread far and wide, going wherever we were needed. Pheados, while not our native planet, became our home. These ruins that surround you were once the Sacred Ninjetti Temple. It once held the Great Power that you seek and always must it be guarded." She paused and sighed again. The Rangers noted that she had said 'we'. They wondered if she was an ancient being like Zordon. "Eons ago, the darkness spread farther and faster then we could fight it. The evil beings knew that to gain power and keep it, they had to destroy those who would oppose them; and so the Ninjetti were hunted down and killed, until only seven remained. Everything was destroyed; the Ninjetti, Pheados, the Sacred Temple, all of it gone. The seven who remained knew that the evil forces could not get their hands on the Great Power, the Power of the Ninjetti, for if they did, all would be lost. They moved the power from the Temple to the Monolith shortly before the Temple was destroyed. They created obstacles and guards to protect the power, and to this day none have reached it. The Temple's High Priestess, who had guarded the Temple from the beginning, was one of the seven who lived. The Great Power must always have a guardian and so she remained on Pheados when the others went to fight."

"And that High Priestess, is you, right Dulcea?" Kim asked.

"Yes, my Crane, it is indeed I. Like Zordon, I am an ancient being, sworn to forever guard a great power. And like he is trapped in his time warp, so too am I. I cannot leave Pheados, nor can I step beyond this plateau, towards the jungle. If I did I would begin to age as rapidly as Zordon is now. I am all that remains of the Ninjetti; never in the millions of years since they were wiped out has anyone joined our order, until you." She paused to allow them time to take in everything she had said. And also to collect herself as all those memories flooded her mind. "The six Ancient Warriors who left Pheados to fight, knew that to quell the evil forces they would need to call upon all the power of their Animal Spirits. They were able to stop the darkness but at the cost of their own lives. However when they died, their power did not. It returned here, to Pheados, and joined with the Great Power inside the Monolith. Their Animal Spirits, the Sacred Animals, help guard the Great Power from those who are unworthy, who would use it for evil purposes."

"That's some history." Muttered Billy.

"There's more." Replied Dulcea, ready to impart her deepest secret. "The Sacred Animals are the Bear, the Ape, the Frog, the Wolf, the Crane and the Falcon."

"Wait, our Animal Spirits are the same as the Sacred Animals?" asked Jason.

"Yes. That alone is not what worries me. You see, there are those of us who were gifted with abilities beyond the others. There was one of us, long ago, no one knows exactly when, that was a prophet."

"A prophet? What's that?" asked Zack.

"A prophet is someone with the ability to see the future." Answered Billy.

"And has the ability to make prophecies." Added Dulcea. "And that is exactly what happened. A prophecy concerning the Ninjetti, that spoke of the Sacred Animals long before there were Sacred Animals. What worries me, is that as you have the Spirits of the Sacred Animals, the prophecy is coming true."

"So it's not a good prophecy." Surmised Trini.

"There are many prophecies in the universe, my Bear. Most of them go unheard and more still never come true. The future is always changing, as people have the ability of choice. A prophecy could be nullified by one decision someone makes. The Ninjetti prophecy, however, is different then the others. As the Ninjetti are powerful, so too is the prophecy. There is ancient power attached to it, and so perhaps The Power is working to ensure this prophecy comes true."

"What is this prophecy, Dulcea? What is it about?" Tommy asked. Once again, Dulcea sighed but she wasn't going to keep it from them.

"I must ask that you do not speak of it to anyone who does not know of it. Zordon does, so you need not worry about keeping it from him, or his faithful companion Alpha 5. However, the prophecy is the most closely guarded secret of the Ninjetti for the reason that there are two possible outcomes. Should evil forces hear of it, they may be able to manipulate things to achieve the outcome they desire."

"And there is no way we're letting that happen." Agreed Tommy. Dulcea looked to each of them, seeing the set jaws and determined eyes she had seen so often on her friends the Ancient Warriors. And just like them, those eyes spoke of wisdom and knowledge far beyond their years; however, unlike the people of Earth, Dulcea did not judge based on their age for she was from a time when physical age meant next to nothing when compared to a person's abilities and wisdom. Bringing herself back to the present, Dulcea spoke the words she had never, and thought she would never, say aloud

" 'When the Sacred Animals are reborn, to the Winged Lord and Lady of the Skies comes The Child of Power. Conceived of pain and born of love, The Child will have Power unknown, unforeseen, and unbeatable. The Child will be bound to another as the Lady is to her Lord; both bearing the mark of their love and master. If the bond prevails, with a heart of Light, The Child will be the saviour. However, should it fail, with a heart of Darkness, The Child will bring forth the silence, destructor to everything around.' "

"So what exactly does that mean?" asked Trini, after a few moments where they had allowed her words to sink in.

"I am not entirely sure." Replied Dulcea. "There are parts that are straightforward: 'When the Sacred Animals are reborn, to the Winged Lord and Lady of the Sky comes The Child of Power.' 'The Child will have Power unknown, unforeseen, and unbeatable.' 'with a heart of Light The Child will be the saviour.' 'With a heart of Darkness The Child will bring forth the silence, destructor to everything around.' You are the ones bearing the spirits of the Sacred Animals, they are reborn in you." She turned to Kimberly and Tommy. "And so, to the Winged Lord and Lady, the Falcon and Crane, to you, Tommy and Kimberly, will come a child of great power. This child will either bring peace to the universe, or destroy it." Kim and Tommy froze hearing this. Tommy's hands clenched into fists and tears came to both their eyes. Hearing that their child would have a great power, and thus be forced into their world and ultimately be a target for all evil beings, did not sit well with them.

"My baby." Murmured Kim. Tommy pulled her to him, both drawing comfort from the other. Dulcea looked on in confusion and then ultimately surprise.

"You already have a child." She asked, more as a statement. They simply nodded. "Well then it indeed appears that the prophecy is coming true. Though I admit, I am not sure what the rest of it means."

"I think we know." Jason spat out, he and the others not liking Kira's fate anymore then her parents did. "It's a long story and we don't have time for it now so here's the gist of it: 'Conceived of pain and born of love,' Kim got pregnant when Tommy raped her."

"It wasn't his fault though. Rita had turned him evil." Trini made sure to say.

"Rita? Rita Repulsa?" asked Dulcea to which the Rangers nodded. "You are indeed dealing with monsters of great power."

"Yeah you're telling us." Muttered Zack. Jason continued.

" 'The Child will be bound to another as the Lady is to her Lord; both bearing the mark of their love and master.' When he was evil, Tommy placed a spell on Kim that bound her to him. He also marked her. When Rita's spell broke and he was good again, the spell on Kim didn't break. Zordon said it was because the source of power Tommy used to cast the spell wasn't Rita's magic. It's complicated and I can't really explain it better with the time we do not have."

"So if the prophecy is to be believed, their daughter, Kira, will be bound to someone the same way Kim is to Tommy. She'll never be able to leave him, can never disobey him or act against him, and he will mark her…I am not liking this outcome." Said Billy.

"None of us are." said Trini. "But we're forgetting one thing. The spell on Kim settled down into more of a mutual bond then…well…slavery. And they love each other; that's part of the prophecy too. 'both bearing the mark of their love and master.' Whoever this guy is, he might be able to control Kira like Tommy can control Kim, but he will love her, they will love each other. That's the last part of the prophecy 'If the bond prevails, with a heart of Light The Child will be the saviour.' If the bond prevails, if their love prevails. I know we don't like it, especially right now when she's not even a year old, but someday she's going to have someone who loves her as much as Tommy loves Kimberly."

"Either that or the prophecy doesn't come true and she's not this Child of Power." Finished Zack. "Alright, now that we've got that sorted, let's go find this Great Power. Earth, Zordon, Kira; they're all counting on us."

"Right!" they all said. Dulcea smiled at them, seeing that even news such as this would not stop them.

"To be in harmony with the Sacred Animals is to have the full force of the Ninjetti." She said, leading them to the far side overlooking the jungle. "Remember; to those who are Ninjetti, anything is possible. The strength is inside you. Trust it! The Sacred Animals will be your guide." She looked to each one of them, knowing she had to say goodbye. "May your Animal Spirits watch over you." She said in farewell. The Rangers watched as she allowed the Power of the Ninjetti to wash over her. In a shimmering blue light, Dulcea disappeared, and in her place was a small white Owl.


The Rangers waited until sunrise before they began their journey towards the Monolith. Dulcea had not re-appeared at all during the night, however the small white Owl sat atop a pillar as they departed, and they knew she would be with them in spirit. They walked for most of the day without coming across any of the obstacles Dulcea had told them about, though they did pass the many bones of those who had tried and failed. Most of the remains were not human, and some of them were huge and looked like they belonged to what the humans of Earth would call mythical creatures. It reminded them that the universe was vast and made them wonder what some of these creatures were, where they were from, and what they were like. In the middle of the afternoon, the Rangers came across the bones of many creatures that reminded them of dinosaurs.

"What is this place?" asked Trini.

"Looks like some kind of graveyard." Observed Billy.

"I wonder what happened to them all." Said Kim.

"Personally, I'd rather not find out." Zack retorted. "Welcome to Jurassic Park."

"Very funny Zack." The Rangers looked around cautiously, wondering if whatever killed them was still around. Suddenly, Billy was thrown backwards as one of the dinosaurs came to life. They fell automatically into fighting stances but didn't launch an attack, wondering how they could destroy something that was already dead. Their hesitation gave the dinosaur time to charge at them. They scattered and it followed Trini, trapping her.

"Trini get out of there!" Jason yelled as he ran at the dinosaur, hitting it with a large rock. The dinosaur didn't even flinch and swung its tail, knocking him back.

"Jason!" screamed Kim. Her scream was enough to distract it long enough for Trini to scramble away. Noticing its prey was gone, the dinosaur turned its attention to Kimberly. "Get away from me!" The dinosaur chased her down until she ran underneath a ribcage and she too became trapped. With nowhere to go and no room to fight, Kim's only option was to kick at its face as it tried to bite her in half, and call for help. "Tommy! Tommy!"

"Hang on!" Tommy frantically looked around for something to hit it with and settled on a thick stick lying three feet away. He grabbed it and ran to Kimberly's aide, hitting the dinosaur over the head as Kim continued kicking it's face.

"Alright bone head." Tommy's blows had no effect other then to redirect it's attention. Tommy ran as it chased him and headed straight for a tree where the bottom had been rounded out into a nice curve that allowed him to run up the side and back flip onto the dinosaur. It thrashed around like a bull, trying to dispel the unwanted rider. Luckily for Tommy, as the dinosaur was all bone and no flesh, he was able to wrap his arms around one of its ribs and hang on.

"Tommy hang on!" cried Jason, rushing to his friend's aid. The others joined him but they found that they couldn't get near it as it was thrashing around or they would be trampled. "Dammit! We can't get near it!"

"Tommy!" called Billy. "Look for the occipital bone and cervical vertebrae junction!"

"The what?!"

"The neck! There's a bone that connects its head to it's body! If you remove it it'll sever the head and might be enough to stop whatever is possessing it!"

"Uh, right." Tommy pulled himself up so he could get a good look at the bones around its neck. There were quite a few of them, but he recognized one and grasped onto it.

"Yo Fossil Head! I got a bone to pick with you!" He pulled hard and the bone came free and the head fell away. Without its head, the rest of the body fell to the ground as well, taking Tommy with it.

"Are you ok?" cried Kim as she rushed to him, helping him up.

"Yeah I'm fine."

"Looks like biology finally paid off. Of the many neck bones you got the right one on the first try." Said Billy, proudly.

"Maybe we should get out of here before it decides to pull itself together or something." Suggested Jason. The others readily agreed and so their journey continued. It was nearing sunset when they finally reached what could only be the Monolith. It was in a clearing with a cliff before them, jungle to the right and a large pond and waterfall to the left. There were three steps leading up to the cliff before them, where what looked like a door carved into the rock. The door itself was carved with markings of various animals, with the Sacred Animals carved in the middle, and was surrounded on either side by four stone gargoyles that glared ominously down at them.

"Incredible." The Rangers stopped a good fifty feet away, not knowing what traps would be set around it, but knowing there had to be something. After a visual scan revealed nothing, Tommy stepped forward, intent on being the one to go first when they found out just what they had to face.

"Let's go guys. Nice and easy." They approached the Monolith, coming to stand before the door at the bottom of the steps and nothing happened.

"What do you think?" Zack asked.

"Wait here." Said Jason as he and Tommy walked up the steps to the door. "I don't like this. It's too easy." He muttered when they reached the door and still nothing happened. He and Tommy touched the door, pushing on it, trying to see how it opened. It didn't budge and after using all their strength with no result, they turned back around knowing they had to find another way in.

"Tommy! Jason!" cried Kim, pointing behind them. The gargoyles, which moments ago were unyielding stone, were now coming to life and jumping down from their resting places. Tommy and Jason leaped away as they all took fighting stances.

"What now?" Trini asked.

"Ninjetti! The Falcon!"

"The Frog!"

"The Ape!"

"The Crane!"

"The Wolf!"

"The Bear!"

The four gargoyles launched on the attack and the Rangers were immediately on the defensive. Jason and Zack were pushed up the side of the cliff, their kicks and punches having no effect on the stone gargoyle. Jason fell over the side and grabbed on to a root, the gargoyle forgot about Zack and came to try and knock Jason loose. Zack took the opportunity and climbed up just above the gargoyle, letting lose a battle cry he jumped down and landing a two foot kick to it's chest; the force behind it enough to knock it over the side and into the water below.

"Thanks Zack." Said Jason as the Frog helped him up. "That's one down and three to go."

"Somebody help!" Jason and Zack turned their gaze to the ground where Trini was cornered. Jason didn't hesitate and jumped down, coming to her rescue. He jump kicked the gargoyle in the back; gaining his attention as well as the axe it carried being swung toward him.

"Let's talk about this! Guess not." He said as he dodged another axe swing; flipping away as it gave chase. Like Jason and Zack, Kimberly was chased up the side of the cliff, dodging attack after attack. Nearly halfway up, she came across a boulder that was sitting precariously on the edge. With a little push it would roll down the cliff, taking the gargoyle with it. Problem was, pushing a large boulder bigger then she was required strength, which the Crane alone did not have.

"Hang on Kimberly!" cried Tommy from a tree branch across from where she stood. He had a gargoyle trying to chop down the tree he was in, but feeling her fear, he did not hesitate to grab a vine and swing over to her side. He kicked the gargoyle away from her, knocking it down and giving them time to loose the boulder.

"They're strong but not smart." He said, indicating to the gargoyle that was still trying to chop down the tree though Tommy was no longer there.

"Right." They grabbed a branch and used it as a lever, prying the boulder upward enough to make it roll. It hit the gargoyle right in the chest and knocked it down the cliff, the boulder coming to rest on top of it. Across from them, the gargoyle had finally noticed that its prey was no longer in the tree and so turned its attention to Zack who was trying to sneak up behind it.

"Woah!" He jumped back, dodging the axe and then found himself continuing to dodge, looking for an opening but not finding one. He turned around to run, hoping distance would give him opportunity, however, he was met by the gargoyle Jason had evaded.

"What is this, pick on the Frog day?" he complained, now dodging two gargoyles. Luckily for him, they were the last two so his friends were all coming to help him. Above him, Billy stood on a tree branch, a vine in his hand.

"Hey Zack, could you use a hand?"

"The thought had crossed my mind." Billy threw him the vine and Zack grabbed on as Billy jumped down causing Zack to be lifted into the air.

"Elevator going up!" joked Zack, glad to see he had just missed an axe swing that would have been fatal. The other gargoyle, on the other hand, was not so lucky and got sliced in two.

"Elevator going down!" Billy landed right where the sliced gargoyle was had to dodge a second swing, but without a second one to evade, Billy was easily able to back flip out of there. Jason cartwheeled over and had to jump up into the splits, supporting himself against two rocks as the remaining gargoyle grabbed his fallen companions weapon and flung it at the Ape.

"Woah! That was close!" Trini and Zack came over to help him, keeping the gargoyle busy, as Tommy, Billy and Kimberly each climbed a tree and grabbed onto a vine.

"Alright. Ready?" asked Tommy. "Go!" The three of them jumped down, swinging on the vines toward the gargoyle, Trini, Zack and Jason moved out of the way as their friends hit the gargoyle at the same time, their combined strength sending it flying towards the cliff; hitting it and crumbling into tiny pieces.

"Yes!" they shouted as one, happy to have that obstacle out of the way. Suddenly the ground began to shake, and the sky grew dark.

"What now?" moaned Trini. Just as suddenly the shaking stopped and a bright light appeared behind the door to the Monolith, seeping through the cracks. The Door began to rise slowly, the light nearly blinding them. A stone monument stood inside the door, covered in carvings of animals; many of which they recognized, some of which they didn't. In the centre, like with the outside of the door were the Sacred Animals. This time, however, they were depicted in a golden tablet, attached to the monument.

"The Great Power."

"The Sacred Animals."

Before their eyes, the tablet began to glow, emitting copious amounts of energy as the Sacred Animals came to life and flew out of the tablet. They circled the monument before going over to the Rangers, circling around their respective partner. With a shrill cry, roar, howl or ribbit the Spirits dove into the Rangers' crests, giving them their power. The Rangers felt the familiar power of morphing over take them as they regained their powers.

"We did it!"

"Our Morphers are online!"

"We got the power!"


"Hang on Zordon, we're on our way!"

"Let's do it!"

The Rangers teleported out of Pheados, heading back to Earth and hoping they weren't too late. They landed in the middle of Angel Grove and were caught off guard by the carnage that greeted them. They thought they had only been gone a day, two at the most, if that was true, then Ivan Ooze had been on a rampage since they left. Seconds after they arrived, two Ectomorphicons, or ugly Zords, arrived. The Rangers called on their new Ninjazords and were able to destroy the first one before Ivan himself made his move. He joined with his remaining Ectomorphicon to create one big even uglier Zord. Tthe Rangers answered his challenge by forming the Ninja Megazord. However, before Tommy could join his Zord with the others, he and Kim felt a jolt of fear go through them. Not knowing how they knew, but knowing what it was, they reacted instinctively.

"Tommy, Kira's in trouble!" cried Kim, cursing the fact that her Zord had completed the docking sequence.

"I know! I'm going to help her! I'll complete docking sequence later." He flew his Zord off towards where he knew his daughter to be. He was surprised to see that she was on a monorail with Bulk and Skull instead of with Ernie at the Youth Centre.

"Tommy where is she?! What's going on?" screamed Kim.

"She's on the monorail, with Bulk and Skull."

"You mean the monorail who's track Ooze just destroyed!?" Kim was now hysterical and was preparing to un-dock her Zord and fly over there to save her baby.

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry, I've got it."

"Don't worry?! My baby is in danger and you're telling me not to worry?!"

"Ok fine, worry, but I've still got this."

"You better." Nearly a minute of silence passed as Kim and the others waited for word from Tommy. That minute was the longest minute of Kim's life and she had her finger over the button that would un-dock her Zord when Tommy finally came on the comm.

"She's ok! They're all ok, the monorail's safe and I'm coming in." Relief washed over her and she released a breath she didn't know she'd been holding. They felt the Megazord jolt forward as Tommy's Flaconzord attached itself to their back.

"Ninja Falcon Megazord!" Tommy cried as he appeared in the cockpit. "Alright guys, let's get Ooze out of here before he destroys everything."

"I'll set a course for outer space." Said Billy as he punched a few controls.

"Good idea! Let's do it!" With the Falconzord as its wings, the Megazord flew up and left Earth, with Ooze hot on their heals. After a short battle, the Rangers got Ooze in the line of Ryan's Comet. They got away just in time and the comet hit Ooze, destroying him once and for all. Their task complete, the Rangers headed back to Earth. Kim and Tommy looked inside them, to this new link they had with Kira, and felt that she was safe. Knowing they'd feel it if she was in danger, the Rangers headed to the Command Centre.

"Alpha!" cried Trini as they teleported in and rushed to Alpha who was by Zordon's side.

"Rangers, you made it! But I'm afraid you're too late."

"Too late?" The Rangers felt their hearts breaking, seeing Zordon lying there, motionless, outside his time warp.

"This can't be happening." They all looked to the man who was a father to them and saw their memories of him flashing before their eyes. After a few moments, one of them seemed to remember that they were Power Rangers.

"Remember what Dulcea said?" asked Tommy. "To those who are Ninjetti, anything is possible. Come on." The Rangers formed a circle around Zordon and connected their hands. They closed their eyes and looked deep inside, as Dulcea had told them, tapping into the Ninjetti Power. They felt their Animal Spirits rise up and burst forth in a show of energy, coming together in a circle over Zordon. The Spirits let loose a cry and an orb of golden power erupted from the middle of their circle, encompassing Zordon and the entire Command Centre. The control panels and Viewing Globe repaired themselves, and Zordon drew a breath as his energy tube began to regenerate. Once everything was back in place, and Zordon was once again a floating head, the Animal Spirits returned to their partners and the power disappeared.

"Zordon!" the Rangers cried.

"He's alive! He's alive!" cried Alpha.


"We thought that you had…" Kim didn't finish her sentence, too choked up.

"IT IS GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN TOO." After spending a bit of time with Zordon, more to assure themselves that he was alright then anything else, the Rangers left for the Youth Centre; Tommy and Kim anxious to get back to Kira. It was morning in Angel Grove when the teens left the Command Centre. Along the way, they noticed that the destruction Ooze had caused was fixed. The Great Power was most definitely great. Ernie welcomed them with open arms, his show of affection his way of giving thanks for their actions as Rangers. Tommy and Kim paused only long enough to say hello before they ran over to where Bulk and Skull were sitting with their daughter. Kim reached her first, having used her short stature to duck under Tommy's arms, and snatched Kira right out of Skull's lap.

"Hey sweetie. Mummy's here." She cooed, holding her daughter close and kissing her head. Tommy wrapped his arms around his girls, knowing Kim wouldn't be letting go of Kira for awhile, and the three sat down across from Bulk and Skull and lavished attention on their daughter; completely oblivious to anyone else. They had come too close to losing Kira today, and they most definitely didn't want to repeat that experience.


Later that night, Ernie was hosting a party at the Youth Centre in celebration of the Power Rangers. Unknown to anyone but him, the Rangers themselves were happily eating a meal of burgers and fries on the back patio, over looking the lake. Tommy had Kira in his lap, the first time he'd held her all day, and was feeding her bits of food. Their meal was interrupted, however, with the start of the fireworks the city had planned. The Rangers all got up and went over to the rail to get a better look. Tommy stood Kira on the rail with his arms wrapped around her and Kim ducked under Tommy's arms so that she was standing between them; Tommy having his arms wrapped around both of them. Kim bent her head back to look up at Tommy and the two shared a smile. It was moments like these that they lived for. They had each other, their daughter, their friends, Zordon was alright and the world was safe. All was right in their world as well as the world of those from Angel Grove. The two shared a kiss as the fireworks lit up the sky

'Thank You Power Rangers!"

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