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"Fuck Rose," Mike, my weekly booty call hisses. "Right there."

"Shut the fuck up, did I tell you that you could talk?" I groan out. I grab his chin and push him near my tits to silence him as I continued to roll my hips trying to find that perfect rhythm to achieve my orgasm. Understanding what I need Mike grabs my hips, and began biting and flicking my nipples. The intensity of his grasp on my hips and his mouth on my stiff nipples finally gave way and my impending orgasm hit me.

I gyrate my hips as I rode out my orgasm while he quickly found his, I slipped him out of me and like always he tried to wrap his arms around me.

"No cuddling," I throw him off of me and got out of bed. "I think you should head out, I have an early morning meeting."

He gave me an annoying toothy grin and got out of my California king, "Call me soon, babe."

"Yeah," I nod, wrapping my robe around me. "I'll call you sometime next week."

"Sounds good," he replies eagerly. He pulled on his clothes and I quickly escort him to the door, "Do you want to get dinner sometime?"

"Yeah, sometime," I kiss his lips, and then closed the door. Once I lock it, the emptiness seeps in and the resounding loneliness runs through my body as I wash up before heading back to bed, and back into my sheets that permeate sex.

I shut my eyes and let the night replay in my mind, Mike is a reasonably nice man and I sort of wished that I could be that girl that would be able to go out with someone without apprehension… I wasn't always like this; a cold-hearted bitch.

I knew where it all really stemmed from; I was the cliché fat chick that got teased all throughout my time there. I mean I didn't think I was that big, yeah I was bigger than the average girl but I wasn't morbidly obese. When I first started I thought I was going to have the best years of my life, but instead it gave me a complex.

It took years and years for me to get some sort of semblance of self-esteem; it took a lot of working out and my body to fill-in in all the right places to be able become this. I mean I'm no stick, I still have curves and hips but I work out like crazy to keep myself in good shape.

I can even remember who I used to be, I was sweet and caring but they slowly destroyed me. In elementary school I was just that chubby kid, but when I began my first year of high school that was when the bullying began and met my biggest mistake.

His name was Christian Grey.

We had art class together during the first semester of freshmen year, and at the time he showered me with attention and made me laugh in those few short weeks of our uninterrupted time together. He had unruly dark bronze hair, deep gray eyes, strong jaw, and a well-defined body even at fourteen… he was an Adonis… I didn't understand why he even wanted to get to know me, because even before all the cruel and demeaning things that happened to me I knew I was the "fat chick". I remember Christian always being sweet and attentive that it made me excited to wake up in the morning and go to school, but it quickly changed once she showed up at school.

Courtney Lomax

Beautiful, model-like blonde with the perfect face and perfect body, once she had her eyes set on Christian, he was a goner. I knew I couldn't compete, so I didn't even bother, but it wasn't enough for her. She had to destroy me.

After the fall mixer, a school dance for the freshmen, she caught me dancing with Christian and within twenty-four hours she had already spread her vicious rumours.

She had told everyone that she heard me masturbating in the washroom, moaning out Christian's name. I couldn't face the scrutiny from my classmates for the rest of the week and when I returned I was the piranha that no one would even acknowledge, at art class I found that Christian was no longer sitting next to me and on that day I had my head cast down, making no eye contact with anyone unless they had approached me directly. Then, two weeks later I heard talk about Christian and Courtney becoming the power couple, a sickening duo of PDA, where he would go she would be hanging off of him like a little blonde monkey, and whenever she would see me she would call me Fat Ana and shove me down. Though by that time I had already limited my presence from the social scene during school, at lunch I would be at the library and by the time I was able to drive I would be in my car, I was never invited to any party or football game, so both myself and my peers successfully ostracized me. I would only make the necessary trips to my locker, be the first person in all of my classes and at school so I could be less noticeable.

Though whenever I was caught in the halls or when I made the unnecessary trips to my locker I was pushed, pulled, and shoved… and I let them, I never fought back. My locker was vandalized and broken into countless of times, I had Jenny Craig and Weight Watcher pamphlets stuffed into it, sometimes even found rotten food, and diet pills thrown in.

I was happy that I never had any other classes with Christian for the next two years, but come junior year we were partnered up together for various classes. And more likelier than not we be partnered up, the first few projects we were able to do on our own and only have to spend an hour at most to put it together. Then towards the end of the first term before winter break he invited me to his house to work on a project. At this point Christian and I still had not spoken about anything other than what we were doing in school, but after that first invitation of dinner I instantly clicked with his family. He would act like that sweet boy from all those years ago, I thought things had changed for the better when we finally broached the subject of my disappearance; he apologized and swore he didn't know that it had gotten that bad. But when school commenced we didn't talk, we didn't socialize… no it had remained the same. I was crushed, I could take him completely ignoring me but not when he had known what I was going through and pretended to care. He brought me to his room that night and begged forgiveness, it was hard to break from the peer pressure. He looked so broken up that I didn't ever want to see that again, so I I quickly became his secret.

I had permitted it, because I was a glutton for punishment… so desperate to be loved and cared for that I let him use me because deep down inside I thought that he truly loved me. I kept telling myself that it was hard for him to show who he really was.

God, high school was hell.

I mean I am painting him in a rather terrible light, Christian never really participated in the bullying, but he never did stop it either and at times I would catch him laughing with them. It crushed me, so when graduation finally came I was all too happy to get the hell out there. Christian had left me a note on my front porch asking to come and see him at our secret spot, I laughed with tears in my eyes because for years I was his dirty little secret. I was done with this part of my life; I didn't want to be someone's secret anymore and at the time I knew that I had something bigger than myself to take care of.

During my senior year I applied to every out of state university, and eventually chose Yale based on the full scholarship they had offered me. Then from there I graduated with a double major in Advertising and Economics, and right after university the P.R. firm Richards & Thomas scooped me up. My ticket to the big leagues was my very first up and coming actor Louis Clarke six months into my employment. When I first met him he was just a guy from the Midwest, but when I was finished with him he was one of the biggest star in Hollywood.

I'm good at my job and I knew how to read people and make them comfortable, but that all ended when I stepped out of my office. I was a killer in my career and it seeped to my personal life and I became a man-eater, I could never take any suitor seriously due to my lack of trust in people. I had various one-night stands, but for the most part I enjoyed sex-base relationships… I have flavour of the month fuck buddies that require a stiff medical examination. I don't do dates, but I definitely checked out a guy's medical history before fucking completely bare. I thought most guys would welcome this sort of arrangement, but most if not all of them would profess their undying love bullshit. I don't know what love is let alone how to love someone, that was all taken away from me. Then, the same high school girl who was bullied relentlessly would always creep back out, no matter how many pounds I would lose or accolades is win.

If they could only see me now at twenty-five I became a junior partner of the biggest P.R. firm on the west coast, but they'll probably be glad to know that I was dead inside.


When I got into work in that next morning I was happy to be back in my comfort zone. I had two important meeting first thing in the morning one with Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc., and then Rain City & Co. The former was a bigger deal, but the latter was a small company that wanted to branch out.

"Miss Steele, you have three new messages and Mr. Thomas wants to have a lunch meeting with you at one o'clock today so I moved some stuff around for you," my assistant Paula rushes before I reach my office. "And the reps for Grey Enterprises and Holding are waiting in your office."

"Thank you," I nod at her.

Walking into my office I shrug my coat off and place it in my closet. I glance over at the back of the heads of both men seated in front of my desk and another who was standing stoically at the corner of the office.

"Good morning gentlemen," I exclaim, walking towards them.

"Sorry we were early," the man on the left greets. I reach for his hand give it a firm shake and then turn to the man on my right, looking at the other out-stretched hand and then up to the man's face the sight before me made me stop dead in my tracks.

Gray eyes pierced through me.

"Christian?" I whisper.

"Hello, Anastasia," he smiled the same smile from all those years ago.

I scrunched my face at recognition, and shook his hand. Christian fucking Grey is in my office and looking for my services.

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