A vibration next to my head gets my eyes to focus..I've just been staring at the ceiling..I couldn't sleep..of course I couldn't..I can't be sure how long i've just been staring..maybe I blanked out? That wouldn't surprise me either..After all-

The vibration of my phone cuts off my thoughts again. I groan as I roll over and grab it..when my eyes fall on the name..my eyes widen..

Kyle. He's calling because I told him to..last night right?..Oh shit..Fuck..Why did I do that?..Now I have to tell him about Craig! Who knows how Kyle is going to react?-

With another vibration of protest from my phone..I whimper..Taking a deep breath before I answer..

"K-Kyle I-"

'Tweek! I called as soon as I woke up!" Kyle seems almost out of breath. " What happened to you at work that was so bad?" He sounds so worried.

Here we go..I take a deep breath..Tugging at my hair slightly. "U-Um..t-try not to -erk- freak out Kyle but..I-I lied a c-couple of times yesterday.." I admit guilty.. Looking away from my phone as if Kyle was right in front of me.

"..What do you mean?" He sounds like he's frowning.

"Well..r-remember when I said C-Craig gave me my stuff back-"

"Damn it! He didn't did he?! That ass hole! Tweek I could-"

"N-No!..i-i..got my stuff back it's just.." I take a deep breath. "..H-He didn't really..g-give it to me."

"..Did you have to take it back by force?" Kyle seems angry..I hope not a me! That would be too much pressure!

"N-No..He t-threw my s-shit all over my yard..I c-came home to my book bag on my roof.." I speak nervously..especially at how quiet the other line gets.

"..Tweek why didn't you tell me about this? That's fucked up dude! That's your things! What the hell is wrong with him?" Kyle is fuming..i've never heard him sound so angry..well at least when it doesn't involve Cartman.

"I d-don't -erk- know..b-but then..at work.." I tug at my hair when Kyle goes silent again..I can't even hear him breathe!..what if he isn't? What if he's dead? What if someone just killed him and-

"..What happened at work tweek?" Kyle's voice snaps me out of my paranoid thoughts, getting me to twitch..my breathing becoming uneven..thinking back to yesterday..

"..Craig.." I gulp..trembling..I don't want to tell Kyle..I don't want to bother him with this.. "H-He came into my work..H-he started asking about 'rex'..a-and when I told him I almost died because of him, he seemed almost -erk- guilty..b-but I should have know better.." I take a deep breath. "H-he grabbed me..t-told me I w-was his. T-That I should only come to him and a-all this b-bull shit..H-He even offered m-me my spot back in his gang..i-if I stopped being around 'Rex'..B-but I couldn't give you up Kyle. I t-told him off..and t-then..h-he almost punched me! I-if my co worker wasn't there h-he would have killed me!" I shriek at this..remembering Craig's dark look..how he glared..how he bared his teeth..

He hates me.

Kyle is silent for a moment..I tremble, worried I've annoyed him with my problems..worried that he just hung up..Then I hear him take a deep , shaky breath before letting it out.

"I swear to god Tweek, if that bastard touches you like that again, I'm killing him!" I scream at that, but Kyle goes on. "Who the hell does he think he is? Saying you belong to him and then trying to hurt you?! I..He.." Kyle's voice is shaking. "Tweek why the hell didn't you tell me? I would have come down there!-"

"Y-You sounded so happy." I cut him off..and Kyle goes silent..I look at the ceiling..tugging at my hair. "..I-I didn't want to ruin your g-good news with my -erk- problems..I-It's not fair to y-you...I-It was over anyway..it's n-not like you could have done anything..I-I didn't want to worry you." I speak truthfully..My chest feeling odd at remembering how happy Kyle was..talking about spending today with Stan.

"Tweek..." Kyle's voice is soft..it gets me to twitch..feeling almost self-conscious. "I don't care if I won the freaking lottery. If somethings wrong, I want to know tweek. I want to help you. Your important to me..Don't you know that?"

I feel my face heat up..Kyle's voice is so soft..so nice against my ear..I'm important to him?..It makes my stomach turn..my mouth open slightly in shock..

"..I-I'm i-important to you?" I twitch..my eyes wide.

"Of course! Your my best friend Tweek..You can tell me anything." Kyle states firmly. "I won't let Craig get away with this i-"

"I d-don't want you getting involved with this! Craig is crazy! I-I don't want you dying Kyle!" I scream into the phone at my fright.

"Tweek i'm just going to-"

"P-Please..I c-couldn't deal with you dying.." I feel my body tremble..just the thought of Kyle's fiery eyes..dull..lifeless..makes me want to scream..Craig is a monster..Kyle doesn't stand a chance against him..just like I don't. "I c-can't -erk- lose you!"

The line gets quiet for a moment..Before Kyle speaks. "Your not gong to lose me tweek." Kyle's voice is so soft. " I'm not going anywhere. Craig isnt' going to kill me. He's an ass hole but he's not a murderer. He needs to be taught a lesson for-"

"P-Please.." I beg..closing my eyes tightly..my trembling getting worse by the second.

"..Okay Tweek..but you have to promise me if this happens again that you'll tell me. You tell me anything that bothers you..I don't want to be kept out of the loop..I was freaking out last night dude! I was so worried.." Kyle sounds like he's frowning.

"I-I'm -erk- sorry! I-i won't do it again." I play with the end of the large shirt I have on..my gaze shifting. "I-I p-promise.." The words are hesitant..who knows what Craig will do next? And i'll have to tell Kyle! I can't break a promise to him!

"Good.." Kyle sighs..and I can't help to blush..

Kyle was freaking out last night..because of me..i'm important to him..he cares so much..My face gets hotter..and my heart picks up speed..I'm I still sick?..Why do I feel hot?

"How are you feeling Tweek?..do you feel any better?" Kyle's voice gets me out of my thoughts.

"Y-Yeah I just -ngh- f-feel hot..but it's not that bad." I twitch.

"Your voice sounds stuffy." Kyle almost sounds amused.

"I k-know! Gah don't t-talk about it! I s-sound like that Fran from 'The nanny'" I huff. " 'Oh Mr. Sheffield!~'" I call like how Fran does in the show..making my voice all the more nasally..

Kyle cracks up. "Dude! You sound just like her!" He laughs more..and I can feel my lips twitching..it's nice hearing his laughter..it makes my head light..I find myself laughing with him.

"I-I know it's b-bad -ngh- right?" I chuckle.

"I think you need to stop watching nick at night." Kyle sounds amused.

"H-Hey! T-they are classic shows and I-I can't sleep." I pout when Kyle laughs more. "N-Nothing scary happens in those shows!"

"you shouldn't stay up all night.." Kyle's laughter slowly dies. "..Did you sleep yesterday?"

"..N-No. I slept a l-lot w-when I -erk- got home." I twitch..thinking about how bad I felt.

"It shouldn't take you being sick for you to have a good sleep." Kyle's sighs.

"I k-know.." I pick up my thermos from beside my head and take a sip..it's cold but I need coffee..i'll make some when I get down stairs..or my parents probably already made me a fresh batch.

"..I can't believe today's happening tweek.." Kyle suddenly squeals, getting me to wince. "I just want to rub it in that bitch's face! This is..wow.." Kyle, I know, is smiling. "I think i'm going to drop subdue hints..like what do you think I should do to get his attention Tweek?"

"I t-think all y-you have to do is -erk- be y-your self." I speak..taking another sip of my coffee. "Y-your an amazing guy..S-Stan would have to be b-blind to not pay attention to you..or r-really -ngh- stupid."

"Tweek.." Kyle's voice sounds odd..I can't really read it but it gets me to blush. "..you really think i'm that great?"


There's a knock at my door. Probably my mother with coffee.

"H-Hold up Kyle. I t-think my mom's at my door."

"Oh okay.." Kyle still sounds different but I put the phone on my bed before climbing out of it..making sure I have my thermos in hand. I quickly chug the last of the cold coffee, walking towards my door..Walking almost feels awkward..my legs are half way asleep. I hate that!

There's another knock at my door.

"G-Gah! I-i'm coming!" I twitch as I sling open the door..prepared to see my mother's far away smile-

Only to see..Christopher?

"Well good morning zweek." The french boy smirks at me..He's wearing a tight brown shirt..those arm muscles of his being able to be seen nicely..my mind can't register that this boy is here..I stand there, gaping at him. The brunette looks down..and his smirk turns into an amused one. "Cute boxers."

This snaps me out of it. I look down..realizing that the shirt doesn't cover me well..My boxers with little turtles on them exposed to this hot French boy.

"O-Oh god!" I shriek and pull down my shirt over my boxers, my face feeling hot at how Chris is laughing. I quickly back up and slam the door in his face.

"Don't be like zis. I said they were cute." Christopher knocks on my door when I lock it.

"I-I'm getting changed!" I huff and march over to my dresser..I take off my shirt..looking for some new boxers..only to remember..

I don't have anymore..Shit.

I sigh..knowing I'll feel gross but I keep my boxers on...I can't deal with feel balling with this boy here! I quickly pull on some skinny jeans and a button up shirt, buttoning it up worse than usually. I march over to my door and open it..a glare on my face..but it still feels hot. "W-What the hell are you doing in my house?!"

"Your dad invited me over." Christopher raises his eye brow at me. "'e came to 'arbucks yesterday, and told me you wanted to 'ang out but was too shy to say so yourself?" He smirks at this..my mouth opens wide.

"He s-said -erk- what?!" I shriek, tugging at my hair. "W-Why would he -erk- say that!"

"'ow should I know?" The french boy smirks..leaning in closer. "If you wanted to 'ang out with me you could have just said so. I don't bite..much."

That statement scares the shit out of me and I scream..but my mind is swirling..why the hell would my dad do that?! That's so embarrassing! I scream and run out of my room..pushing Christopher out of my way..

" 'ey 'hat are you doing?-"

I keep running..down the stairs..a anger burning me..what is my dad thinking?! "D-Dad!" I yell as I get in the living room..but he isn't' on the couch..huh he's usually-

" 'e isn't 'ere." I tense and turn around to see Christopher followed me down stairs..his eye brow is raised.

"What do you m-mean he's not -erk- here?" I frown.

" 'e left when I got 'ere with your mother." The French boy crosses his arms. "Zey left you a note in the kitchen-"

I don't let him finish. I run into the kitchen..my twitching worse than normal as I rip the piece of paper off of the table, my eyes scanning the words..

"Dear Tweek, I decided Chris is a fine young boy! So, I thought you should hang out with him, make a friend. He seemed excited when I told him you wanted to hang out! Me and your mother will be back at seven. Dinner will be done at 8! So have fun today with your friend! Oh, and there's a grocery list on the fridge, we need a couple of things..and coffee in the pot for you. Have fun!

Love dad"

…...No fucking way. Those ass holes..I know exactly why they did this!..they wanted to go out today, and Christopher is my baby sitter because they can't leave me home alone! I grip the paper..almost ripping it..grinding my teeth..and they gave me grocery list? They know how much I hate food shopping!

"I c-can't -erk- believe them!" I scream as I rip up the paper and leave the pieces on the table. I march over to the pot of coffee..I pour it into my thermos before I take a greedy drink of it..my twitching is horrible. " I h-hate when they do this shit to me!"

"What's wrong?" Christopher comes into the kitchen..a slight frown on his face. "What did ze note say?"

"J-Just that I have to g-go grocery shopping! I h-hate doing that! T-They know that!" I tug at my hair..my breathing uneven.

"Zat's not so bad Zweek." The french boy seems confused at how I turn around..tugging my hair more.

"Y-You don't -erk- understand! I d-don't trust food from t-that place! Especially the meat! I d-doubt they wash their hands when t-they cut it!" I shriek..Chris crossing his arms. "I k-know you don't understand but.." I sigh.. "Y-you don't have to -erk- stay here..I-I have to d-do this stupid chore..m-my parents are just getting you to baby sit me because they t-think i'm a fucking five year old." I growl and march over to the list on the fridge..ripping it off.

"..So your father was lying? You don't want to 'ang out with me?" The french boy's question gets me to pause..

"I-It's not t-that. you're a cool guy but t-there's nothing to do here and i-i'm boring!" I sigh. "I d-don't want to ruin y-your Sunday-"

"I don't 'ave anything better to do." The french boy walks so he's standing by my side. "I don't zink your boring." The french boy leans in..a smirk on his face when my face gets red. " So you zink zat i'm cool 'uh?"

"D-Don't let it go to your -ngh- fat head." I grumble and cross my arms when he chuckles.

"As spunky as ever." He grins before looking at the list. "So I guess we are going to ze store?"

"I-If you really want to come with me then y-yeah.." I give him an odd look when he nods. "You m-must really not have anything to do."

"I 'ate today. I 'ate Sundays." The french boy growls getting me to tense. "I'd rather be doing something rather zinking about how this is that beetch god's day."

I don't want to get him going off about god again so I nod quickly..taking a lip of my thermos..Then I remember..

Kyle's still on the phone.

I scream and run out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Why am I so stupid?! Kyle's going to be so mad! He might even stop being my friend! I shriek as I get in my room..jumping on the bed..I put the phone to my ear.

"K-Kyle! I-i'm so sorry! i-"

"Whoa Tweek it's fine!" Kyle quickly reassures me. "I know you were busy..but hey, I have to go, Stan's on his way here. Is everything fine over there though?"

"Y-yes, sorry again! Your not mad are you?" I tense.

"of course not." Kyle chuckles. "It's fine. Talk to you later Tweek! I'll tell you all the details." Kyle hangs up..and I sigh..thank god he isnt' mad at me-

"Who was zat? Your boyfriend?"

I twitch and turn around..The french boy is leaning against my door frame, those brown eyes locking onto mine.

"N-No! Gah w-what makes you s-so sure that I would have a b-boy friend anyway?" I glare as I get up, putting my phone in my pocket.

"Oh please. Your gayer then a rainbow." Christopher laughs when I give him my middle finger, my eye twitching.

"I a-am not that gay!" I huff, crossing my arms...my eyes get wide. "I m-mean I'm not even gay!"

"Sure." Chris smirks. "zen I guess you wouldn't mine me zaking off my shirt?" he grabs the bottom of his shirt..slowly lifting it up..as soon as I see his thick happy trail..the V marks of his hips..I blush viciously and look away..afraid if I see more i'll get a boner. How embarrassing would that be?! "I knew it." The french boy smirks and puts back down his shirt. "Just admit it. Your gay."

I hold my face in my hands..knowing i'm still blushing badly..this is way too much pressure! That's when he grabs my hands..moving them from my face..when I open my eyes..his face is inches from my own...those brown eyes boring into mine.

"Nothing to be ashamed about." Chris says almost softly..rubbing my cheek..I gasp when he cups my cheeks. " Nothing wrong with it."

"Gah! I-i'm not ashamed of it!" I blush darkly, trying to push him away from me. " I j-just didn't think I w-was that obvious!"

"you're not, I just 'ave an eye for it.." He smirks. "And the way you blush around me gave it away too."

"Gah!" all I can do is shriek..my face getting hotter..my heart picking up speed when He pushes me so my back is touching the wall.

"Your cute zweek." Chris locks eyes with me..his lips inches from my own.

"S-Stop playing with me -erk- ass hole!" I growl..trying to push him away..closing my eyes..I know my face is way too dark for my liking.

"I'm not playing. Your adorable."

My eyes shoot open..The smile from Christopher's lips has fallen..He's just staring at me..it gets my stomach to turn..my mouth slightly open.

Christopher smirks before he takes the grocery list from my hand..he backs up, turning his back to me, he walks out of the room. "So lets start zis list shall we?"

I blink..my face still hot..Did..did he really mean that?..does he really think i'm cute? Or was he just playing with me again?..it makes me feel better that Chris wasn't gross out at me being gay..

"You coming?" Christopher's voice gets me to tense.

"G-Gah y-yes!" I twitch, taking a long sip of coffee before I run out of my room..my mind going faster than my body..I end up tripping half way down the stairs. I scream..my eyes wide..ready for pain..

Only to be caught by Chris.

"Be careful." The french boy let's go of me. "You walk down stairs, not fall down zem."

"I k-know that!" I sigh and grip my hair. "..T-Thanks..you saved me again! I could have fallen and broken my neck!"

"your right.." Chris stares at me a moment..before smirking. "You owe me."

"I-I owe you?!" I tense, my eyes wide. "H-How much -erk- money?"

"No money.." He chuckles. " I'll decide what I want later. Come on, lets go." He turns around and walks towards the front door..I'm left staring at him with wide eyes..oh god! What could he want from me? What do I owe him? Curse my fucked up feet! I sigh before I follow him..taking large sips of coffee..

I defiantly need it.

I feast my eyes on one of my fears..just one out of many..The grocery store. I hate this place..I hate the pressure of getting the right foods..and all the many choices of the same product. I shouldn't be doing this but of course my parents don't care that this place freaks me out. They send me here anyway!

"U-Ugh.." I groan, taking a sip of coffee.

"it's not going to be zat bad." Christopher raises his eye brow at how I twitch. "Come on it's only a couple of zings on ze list."

"Y-yeah it's -erk- a couple of t-things on the list but w-when we go in there will b-be so many kinds of the same p-product and how the h-hell am I suppose to k-know which one i-is the best!" I shriek, tugging at my hair in distress.

"it doesn't matter if it's ze best as long it's what you need." Christopher crosses his arms. "Stop being a baby."

"G-Gah! I-I'm not a baby!" I snap..tugging at my hair. "T-That would be fucked up man! I-i'm like 6 feet tall and a-a baby?! I w-would have killed my mother coming out!"

Christopher blinks at me. "What ever drugs your on I want some."

"I-I'm not on -erk- drugs ass hole." My eye twitches when he chuckles.

"Zen stop being parnoid! Ze quicker we get this down, Ze quicker we can do something else."

"W-What else are we going t-to- ah!" I start to ask..only for Chris to grab my arm..and yank me inside the building when my guard was down. "Y-You jerk!"

"Ow, that really 'urt." Christopher smirks, speaking sarcasm as he drags me deeper into this hell.

"Hello welcome to Wal-mart, can I help you?-"

"G-Gah no!" I shriek at the greeting lady..getting her eyes to widen. " I-I'm not doing this!" I plant my feet down..making it harder for the french boy to drag me.

"Do I need to put you in ze cart?" Christopher grabs a cart to add to his point..giving me a pointed stare. "If you are going to be difcult. I'm going to put you in zis cart and push you around-"

"Ah! Y-You wouldn't!" I tremble..my eyes wide

"Oh I would." Christopher's smirk gets me to gulp.

"..O-Okay.." I stop dragging my feet..my gaze shifting. "I'll w-walk."

"Good zweek." I glare at him and he chuckles. "Come on, it says the first zing on ze list is eggs." Chris' lets go of me to push the cart..I could run..but these are my chores..and Chris is being nice helping me with them..it would be a dick move to leave him here!..and I don't want him chasing after me..with that in mind, I take a deep breath before I follow by his side..twitching slightly as I look at all the people in here..all from South Park..most of them are adults.

"I hate e-eggs." I grumble when we get to the fridges..Chris bends over..opening one..and taking some eggs..I blush and avert my gaze..so i'm not looking at his gorgeous ass. "T-They smell and t-they're chicken b-babies! When y-you eat a egg y-your eating a chicken baby! H-how sick is -erk- that?"

"You seem to 'ate a lot of zings." The french boy chuckles as he places the eggs in the cart. "Is zere anything you actually like?"

"O-Of course! I l-like-" I stop..what do I like?..I don't like coffee..it's just a addiction..so what do I like?.. "I-I like f-full house.."

"ze old show?" Christopher raises his eye brow as he pushes the cart. I follow by his side..I nod. "Is zat all?"

"well..I-I like.." I frown..should this really be this hard? " I l-like my best friend Kyle..he's nice..and.." I think. "I l-like your strawberry cake."

"Zat you do." Christopher chuckles..giving me a grin. "I guess zere are somethings you like."

"Y-Yeah! I'm n-not a u-up tight ass hole." I huff, crossing my arms.

"But you 'ave a zight ass 'ole." the french boy winks..getting my face to heat up and I shriek.

"G-Gah! D-don't say things like that in p-public!" I glance around..paranoid..but no one's around.

Christopher only chuckles as he brings the cart down an isle. "Now we need pudding..it says?"

"M-Mom.." I sigh. "She h-has a thing for pudding."

"What kind does she like?" Christopher stops at a fridge with yogurts and puddings..

"Vanilla" I watch as Chris gets the vanilla pudding out and puts it in the cart.

"Now last but not least..we need to get a pound of zurkey meat-"

"O-Oh hell no!" I sheik..taking a sip of my coffee..my shaking so bad. "N-No way in hell am I going n-near that -erk- place!"

"Come on, it's our last zing. Zen we can go home." Christopher grabs my arm and starts dragging me again. "Remember if you start fighting you're going in the cart."

"G-Gah!" I scream..but I don't fight him..my heart is beating so fast..as we get closer to the meat place..I can't deal with this! I take sips of my coffee..wanting it to stop..wanting to go home..this is too much pressure! Why would they get me to get meat? They know how I feel about it!

"I will 'ave a pound of zurkey meat." Christopher says one we're at the counter.

"Alright..that's a strong accent you have there..what are you..British?" The man at the counter raises his eye brow..I tense badly..whiping my head to look at the brunette by my side.

"French." Christopher's eyes narrow..his voice a growl. The man at the counter tenses.

"S-Sorry about that! Let me get you that meat!" He's quick to leave.

"Dumb ass." The french boy snarls. "Mistaking me for a Brit. 'orrible."

"Y-Yeah I don't-" I look at Christopher..but when I see him in the back ground..I scream and jump away..couching down behind a pile of stacked peas.

"What?" Christopher blinks before looking over at where i'm looking..he raises his eye brow when he sees Token..i'm terffied! I don't want him seeing me! He might tell Craig and that's the last thing I want!. Christopher looks back at me. "You afraid of black people?"

"W-What?" I shriek. "N-No don't be racist!"

"I'm not ze one hiding behind a pile of peas at seeing a black person." Christopher crosses his arms..but he seems amused.

"I-I'm not h-hiding because he's -erk- black! I-i'm hiding b-because he's a member of m-my ex gang!" I take a long sip of coffee..

Christopher blinks. "You were In a gang? Your joking right?"

"N-No! I u-use to be in their gang but i-i got kicked out and h-he can't see me!" I shake..so afraid.

"..Well 'e's gone now." Christopher glances back..seeing Token is gone. "'e walked out of ze store."

"G-Good.." I slowly come out from behind the peas..my eyes still wide.

"Your turkey meat." The man comes back..leaving the meat at the counter before retreating in the back again.

"Coward." Christopher grunts as he takes the meat and puts it in the cart. "come on zweek. Now we pay."

"R-Right.." I dig into my pocket..pulling out a credit card my parents left me for times like this..it's not mine, but there's.

We get in a line that has no one in it..lucky us.

"Oh hi tweek!" I tense at that voice..my eyes falling on the cashier..Wendy smiles at me, her long black hair back in a pony tail. Those blue eyes sparkle. She's wearing the uniform. "It's nice to see you here-" She stops when her eyes fall on Christopher. she raises her eye brow. "I didn't know you two were friends. I haven't seen you since 9th grade!"

"Long zime no see." Christopher nods. "you still with zat marsh kid? Or did you leave 'is ass for Gregory again?"

This seems to piss Wendy off..but she keeps her cool..She forces her smile. "I'm still with Stan and we are doing great thank you very much." She huffs before she grabs the eggs, meat, and pudding and rings them through. "That will be 10.50."

"O-Okay.." I hold out the credit card and she takes it..I stare at her a moment..frowning. "Y-You had to work today?"

"Yeah I couldn't call off." Wendy sighs as she hands me back my card. "It really sucks though, because me and Stan were going to go to the water park today! But since my boss is an ass hole I couldn't. "She huffs. " At least stan has Kyle to take..but damn I wanted to go you know?" She sighs. "It pisses me off."

My chest clutches at this news..no..Stan didn't pick Kyle over Wendy..Wendy just couldn't get off..This will hurt Kyle if he finds out..he seemed so happy..

I can't ruin that.

"Well have a nice day." Wendy smiles at me as I grab my stuff..I nod..giving her a wave before walking out with Christopher.

"She is a beetch." The french boy growls as we walk out of the store..he pulls out a cigarette..lights it..before taking a drag. "She likes to go back and forth with Gregory and that marsh kid. It pisses me off. Gregory doesn't deserve that but 'e always zakes her back."

"Y-Yeah.." I twitch..I know Gregory is Christopher's best friend..they have been since as long as I can remember..there's even rumors that they are a thing..but I can't ask. I don't want him thinking i'm nosy.

My mind fades away..as I get into Christopher's car..

Kyle was so happy..thinking Stan picked him..only to find out..Kyle was only Stan's back up..his second option..

It gets something in me to boil..I grip the bag..grinding my teeth..

Kyle doesn't deserve to be second..He should come first..

He comes first to me.

"See? I zold you. Zat wasn't so bad." Christopher grins at me as we walk back into my house..he's holding all the grocery bags, I told him I could get them but he refused. Oh well, if he wants to work more, fine by me! He must like grocery shopping or something...it's the only logical explanation for him wanting to come with me..

"It was s-still pretty bad." I grumble as I take a sip of my coffee..only to realize I don't have anymore. I stay calm. I don't freak out. I walk in the kitchen with Christopher and while he puts the stuff we bought away, I head over to our coffee pot. I take a deep breath as I open the cabinet above it-

Only to shriek when I see we don't have anymore coffee.

"What's wrong?" Christopher tenses after he put the eggs in the fridge, looking back at me. I tug at my hair..my eyes wide.

"Oh g-god we're out of c-coffee!" I scream..about to have a mental break down..then I remember..

We have more in the garage.

"C-Coffee!" I roar before running out of the kitchen..Christopher looking at me like i'm crazy..but I don't care. I need coffee and I need it now. I run out of the house..almost tripping over my own feet..I shriek every time I almost fall..but I keep running to the back of my house..to our garage..coffee on my brain..only to stop.

On our garage..in big, red letters is a word. One single one that was spray painted on..


I twitch at this..my eyes getting wide..remembering the intruder at my house yesterday night..they must have done this!..the only person I would think would do this..is Cartmen..the thought of him being at my house gets me to scream and tug at my hair. He really wants to eat me! He's going to-

"Faggot?" I tense and turn around..Christopher glares at the garbage. "Who ze 'ell wrote zat?"

"i d-don't -erk- know! B-but I bet it was c-cartmen!" I screech his name before I open up the gage..taking out a box of instant coffee..I need coffee..I really need it.

"Cartmen?" Christopher frowns. "Zat fat piece of shit?"

"T-That's -erk- him!" I cry out in frustration before I run back to the house..pushing Christopher out of my way. I run into the house..back into the kitchen..getting to work on making myself coffee quickly.

"You really like coffee.." Christopher comments when he walks in the house..and sees me pouring the coffee in my thermos..before chugging it.

"N-No.." I stop drinking..wiping my mouth. "..I-I'm just addicted. I d-don't like coffee. I h-hate it."

Christopher stares at me a moment..before he nods. "I get addictions. I 'ave one myself." He pulls out his box of cigarettes..waving it slightly. " I don't like zem either. Zey will be ze death of me."

I frown slightly at that..knowing Christopher has an addiction to..a adiction that will end up killing him like mine..He's a normal guy..he doesn't deserve it..not like I do.

"So what do you want to do now?" Christopher puts his cigarettes back, raising his eye brow at me. "We did ze chores. So what now?"

"..w-well if you -erk- want y-you can go home..I m-mean I don't know what else we could do.." I twitch, taking a sip of coffee.

Christopher thinks about this a moment, before snapping his fingers. "Ah! Let's go to ze bar-"

"G-Gah! W-we can't do that! We're 18 man!" I tremble at how Christopher smirks.

"I know people. I could get us in."

"N-No way! I-i'm not going to a bar! T-there could be rapist there and s-someone might try to slip something in my drink!" I cry out, taking another sip of my coffee.

"Don't be so afraid zweek. I will protect you." Christopher give me a wink and I flip him off.

"I d-don't believe y-you and I -erk- don't w-want to go anyway." I twitch. "Y-You can -ngh- go by yourself."

"but I want to spend ze day with you."

This gets me to blush..I look over at him with wide eyes. The french boy is rubbing his chin..having a thoughtful expression on his face. "'ow about ze mall?"

At the mention of the mall..everything comes back to me.

Kenny texting me last night..wanting to talk to me at the mall..at the food court at six about Kyle..he threaten me..he scares me.

I whip my head over to look at the clock..It's only four..maybe it would be better to be at the mall with Christopher..He could be like..my body guard if Kenny tries to kill me or something..

"O-Okay..I n-need new boxers anyway-" I cover my mouth..not meaning to say that out loud.

"Ohhh underwear shopping." Christopher purrs. "I like."

"if y-your going to be a -erk- p-pervert I'll go b-boxer shopping some other time!"

"No, i'll be good zweek." He grins. "Let's go now..zat way we 'ave some time before we 'ave to come back for dinner."

"R-Right.." I sigh as I walk out of the kitchen with the french boy. "..I s-still don't understand w-why you want to -erk- spend the day with me!"

"because I like you." Christopher says this without skipping a beat.

I blush..looking over at him..my heart beating faster. "Y-You..like me?"

"Of course! If I didn't I wouldn't be 'anging out with you." He grunts before he grabs my arm..his face getting close to mine. "Let's get you zose sexy panties now-"

"G-Gah! B-boxers!" I glare at him when he chuckles.. He runs before I can hit him. I take a sip of coffee before making a battle cry..running after him..he continues to laugh..and soon..my battle cry turns into a chuckle..my lips twitching..

He's a perverted bastard that likes messing with me..but I have to admit..

I'm having fun with him.

I twitch violently..gripping my thermos tightly as my eyes scan this place..this place that terrifies me..

The south park mall.

It's not that crowded today, considering it's a Sunday. Most people like to come on Fridays' and Saturday's..I'm glad that there isn't that many people here, that would be too much pressure and I would freak out more than I already am!-

"Where do you want to go to get your panties?" Christopher smirks at me, getting me to twitch and glare at him..I hold up my thermos as a warning and he chuckles putting his hands up in defense. "Fine, fine. I'll stop."

"B-Better!" I huff as I take a slip of my thermos, walking next to him past the mall's fountain..coins sparkling in the water..I never got that..why people would throw their hard earn money into dirty water just to sit there?..Don't they know wishes don't come true?

At least mine don't.

"I u-useally go to Boscov's." I walk slowly..wanting to take my time..wanting time to go by slow..for come six a clock i'll have to face Kenny..

My head hurts just thinking about it.

Christopher only nods..He's walking closer to me..our arms brushing against each other..it makes me feel uncomfortable. He doesn't smell..and I don't think Christopher would hurt me..it's just him being so close gets me to twitch..I don't like being closed in. I don't like feeling trapped. The French boy does seem to mind the closeness, maybe it's in my imagination but it's like he's slowly getting closer to me..

It's probably my fucked up mind seeing things.

I sigh In relief when I see the Boscov's entrance..this store is so calming..Craig use to tease me, saying Boscov's was for old men and ladies but it's a nice place! IT's laid back..it has nice hats and ties..but most of all they have good quality boxers and usually it's not very crowded.

"Your such an old man zweek." Christopher chuckles when we walk in..there's no one but older people looking around at the clothes..and talking about the good deals.

"I-I -erk- a-am not! O-Older people like it here because it's relaxing and t-that's why I like it!" I tug at my hair as I weave my way through the clothes racks, knowing where the boxers are from memory..my body twitching in anticipation..The underwear i'm wearing feel so dirty..I really need new underwear and this time keep them away from those gnomes! Those bastards! "Y-You b-better behave well i'm doing this." I grumble as I stop by a stand of boxers..looking at all the plain colors..there's white, blue, green...I like green..and it has little circles on it..hmm-

"Hey zweek I found a pair you'll like." I twitch when I hear Christopher's voice..I forgot he was here..I get into my boxer shopping.

"W-What?-" I start turning around..only to shriek in horror when I see what this French boy is holding. A small, red, lacy throng. Christopher is grinning from ear to ear. "W-What the hell is that?!" I twitch, practically screaming.

" Some sexy panties for a sexy blonde." The French boy winks, getting my face to fluster and my eye to twitch. "You like?"

"N-No! G-Gah that's for g-girl's! And t-that wouldn't cover anything! T-that's barely an article of clothing! J-Just two -erk- strings!" I tug at my hair before taking a nervous sip of coffee.

"Zat's ze point." Christopher smirks perverted. "It would look prefect on zat ass." He winks.

Okay, he's really messing with me now.

"G-Gah!" I scream, ducking my head to hide my fierce blush. This ass hole!..People are even staring! "S-Stop playing with me d-dick! I-i'm n-not doing this anymore!" I huff before I grip my thermos and march away..I'll get underwear some other time when this French boy isn't with me to embarrass me!

"Oh come on zweek. "Christopher chuckles as he throws the throng back where he got it. "You should try to wear a zrong. I wear 'im."

"I-I don't..w-wait what?" My eyes get wide and I look back at Christopher who is still smirking.

"It's all I wear. The ladies love it." He gets close..his lips inches away from mine. "And so do the men.."

I squeak..at his whisper..feeling his hot breath ghost my lips..I can't help my mind imaging him in a throng..with that body..his tanness..abs..that firm ass-

I feel a tightening in my pants. I twitch violently In distress before turning quickly, trying to hide my arousal and my blush. "J-Just because y-you like to wear them doesn't mean I -erk- w-want to!" I huff, my voice too shaky for my liking.

"Alright, alright." Christopher chuckles..his voice going back playful rather than seductive ..I sigh in relief. "So what do you want to do now?"

"W-What time is it?" My blush leaves me..and so does my boner at thinking of Kenny..and what i'm going to have to do at six o clock..i'm scared shitless..being here makes it all the more real..I want to scream, cry out in panic..I don't want to go..but I definably don't want Kenny coming after me! I thought I was scared of cartman the most now I don't know! At least I know Cartman's deal..Kenny's more mysterious, you can't read him! I don't get him!

"It's 5: 30." Christopher looks at his phone..this gets me to scream, ripping at my hair.

"W-W-What?! B-But we just got here!" I cry out in distress..Christopher blinks at me.

"What are you zalking about? We've been 'ere for a couple of 'ours. We've been walking around the mall..you finally said something about boxers just a couple of minutes ago." Christopher raises his eye brow at how I tremble..my eyes wide..

Shit did I really have a time skip? Fuck I hate this! I didn't want time to go by fast! In 30 minutes I have to face Kenny!-

"Are you alright?" Christopher's question gets me to stop..I looks up at him..still tugging my hair..he's frowning slightly. "You seem more zwitchy then normal."

Then it hits me. Christopher is here! He could be my body guard! Kenny didn't say anything about coming alone!..I can trust Christopher right?

"C-Christopher i-" I open my mouth to tell him all that's happened-

Only for the French boy's phone to ring.

"Shit. I 'ave to zake zis." Christopher growls..he seems a bit angry..He walks away from me a bit so I can't hear what he is saying..it sounded like a man on the other line..Gregory?..hmm..are they dating-

I don't have time to think about this. I hope his phone call doesn't last too long..I need him to deal with Kenny! I don't want to be alone! I need to get this off my chest.

I twitch, taking sips of coffee as I wait for Christopher..my heart beat is too fast..people are staring..they always stare..or they don't look at me at all..

It's always the same.

"Damn it.." Christopher comes back..he looks pissed, it gets me to shriek. "Sorry zweek I just got a call..I have to go do something. It won't zake very long. I'l be back to zake you home." Christopher turns..already walking away-

"Wait!" I call for him..the French boy starts running and when I run out to follow him..

He's nowhere to be seen..he disappeared in the crowd..

I almost pass out right there..Christopher is gone..I'm alone..I have to deal with Kenny alone..Kenny is probably waiting for me now..

"W-What do you w-want with me?!" I scream out, gripping my hair..People glance at me before moving on..I'm about to have a mental break down..I can't go..I can't go..I can't-

My phone vibrates..causing my breath to catch..Slowly I reach down..and pull out my phone..opening it up with a fear..only for that fear to be times by 10.

"I'm here at the food court. Hurry up, or the pretzel is going to get cold. I know your here, don't try to back out of it now." I read Kenny's text..and scream again-

"Oh shut up!" A man growls, giving me a push as he walks by..

This is why I hate the mall..I hate it even more now because I have to meet Kenny! This is hell! This mall is a shopping hell and after this i'm never going to touch a pretzel again!..I tremble..twitching violently..sipping as much coffee as I can as I walk towards the food court..My feet move faster than I want them to..i'm feeling light headed..my mind full with thoughts..bad scenarios of what might happen with this other blonde..What if I get there and he pulls out a gun and shoots me in cold blood?! Or what if he's pissed that I took his place all those years ago and beats the shit out of me?! What if he's a worker hired by the gnomes to steal my last underpants!

I shriek at all the possibilities..Closing my eyes..gripping my hair-

"Are you always so fucking loud?" I tense at that voice..it's not muffled..it's clear..not that deep..but deeper then mind..It takes everything in me not to piss myself right then and there. I open my eyes..and to my horror, I find myself standing in front of a table for two. Kenny is staring at me with his eye brow raised..his orange hood down, exposing his long blonde hair that frames his face. Those eyes are a deep ocean blue..I usually see them as playful..but now they're narrowed..they look fierce..as if he can see right through me..I cover my mouth to stop another scream..I don't want him getting even madder and killing me! I have to calm down..deep breaths Tweek..deep breaths. "Calm down twitchy boy. If your good, nothing's going to happen to you..this is just a talk."

"J-Just a -erk- talk?" I twitch..not at all believing him.

"Just a talk about Kyle." Kenny takes a sip of his soda before placing it down. "Have a seat."

I don't want to. I want to run and hide under my bed..I want to get away from here..but despite what I want I sit down..my fear and curiosity controlling my better judgment..Damn it..

"Are y-you going to -erk- kill me!" I scream, not able to help it-

Kenny shoves a piece of pretzel in my mouth, muffling the scream and successfully freaking me out even more. "Stop screaming, you're giving me a head ache!" Kenny groans and rubs his temples. "I'm not going to kill you. Just calm down so we can get this over with. I'm not too thrilled spending my time with you either twitch."

I hate how I twitch at the name..I hate that..I hate when people call me that..I feel my eyes shaking..but I chew the pretzel not to choke..I swallow before taking a slow sip of coffee..closing my eyes..calm down...if you calm down the fastest you get out of here..

"W-What about Kyle? W-Why did you call me here? H-How did you even get my number?" I twitch.

"Got it from Kyle's phone." This gets me to tense..my eyes wide..He was in Kyle's phone? Oh no..

"W-Why were you -erk- in Kyle's phone! T-that's invasion of p-privacy man!" I twitch..not liking how this boy just took it on himself to mess with Kyle's stuff..I don't like it. Not one bit.

"I over heard him talking to you at the movies.." Kenny's words get my breath to catch..a fear starting to grow. "Kyle kept leaving the theater..I noticed he was covering his pocket with his phone in it..I decided to see why he kept leaving..only to hear him talking to you. I was pretty fucking curious as to why Kyle was talking to you, when you're the enemy..So I did some research. You and Kyle are friends right? Don't even try to lie. It will piss me off." I gulp and nod..my gaze shifting.. my stomach turning hallow..I don't like where this is going. "Just as I thought. Really I don't care if you two are friends tweek even though I don't know why Kyle would waste his time with you.." Kenny leads closer..those eyes glaring into my mine. "What I mind is how you're getting in the way of Stan and Kyle."

"W-What are you -erk- talking about!" I shriek. "Stan and k-kyle aren't together! A-and i'm not in the way of anything!"

"But you are. Stan and Kyle have been my best friends since I can remember. It's been obvious from the beginning they're prefect for each other. Kyle likes him so much, and it's so obvious..but Stan's confused. I'm waiting for Stan to find out himself that he likes Kyle, and Wendy is just a cover up. I know things about people tweek. I know a thing or two about love..now this is where you get in the way.." Kenny takes a bite of the pretzel. " Kyle thinks of you as a filler..I seen the way he smiles when he talks to you..and how he calls you when he's upset. If Kyle uses you as his filler for Stan..if he dates you, Stan may never realize his feelings."

"K-Kyle doesn't l-like me!" I twitch. "H-He would never date me.."

"He would when he pities you." I feel a pang in my chest at his words..and I look at him..frowning. " He might not like you..but you like him." I tense at how his eyes narrow. "I know things tweek, I also know if you come out to Kyle..Kyle will take you as a filler. I'm not going to let you ruin they're happy ending for your fucked up one." His words are so cruel..I tremble..swallowing the lump in my throat.

"K-Kyle is my best friend..t-that's all he is. I-I'm not trying to t-take him away from Stan..S-Stan is all he talks about. Y-Your freaking out for -ngh- nothing. "My voice isn't as strong anymore..my twitching dying down.

"You know what? I'm a nice guy. SO I'll tell you what. You can talk to Kyle, you can be his best friend...but you don't' hang out with him. Don't bring him around your house and you don't go to his. You stay away from him at school..and I swear if you tell him we had this conversation, I will get cartman to put his ass on your face and trust me you don't want that..do you understand me?" Kenny takes a sip of his soda..

I look down..trembling..feeling..so afraid..helpless..I don't want to stop seeing Kyle..I want to hang out with him..I want to be apart of his gang..it's obvious that isn't going to happen now..I know Kenny could beat the shit out of me..and maybe he's right. Maybe some how it's my fault Kyle doesn't have Stan yet..

I only want him to be happy.

"I-I understand.." I nod..looking down.

"Good boy." Kenny smirks. "Don't look so sad man, you have a lot of other people that want your ass!"

"W-What?" I twitch at that and look at this other blonde.

"Let's see..Craig defiantly wants your ass-"

"C-Craig!" I scream, gripping my hair. "Y-Yeah right! The only thing he w-wants is me dead!"

"Your problem is your way to paranoid. If you opened your eyes twitch you could see that clearly Craig doesn't want you dead at all." Kenny smiles perverted. "He wants you in his bed."

"D-Don't say stuff like that!" I tug at my hair..but I feel my face heating up.

"Calm down and have some soda." Kenny shoves the straw in my mouth..getting me to squeak. "I bought this shit for us and you're not even eating. I'm trying to be nice since you did so well, I expected more of a struggle..but maybe you understand? Maybe you care for Kyle's happiness more than your own, and for that, I don't think your that much of a loser." I drink his drink..the panic dulling me to the fact that Kenny has put his mouth on the straw as well..Good thing i'm focused on his eyes. "If you weren't a threat I wouldn't have a problem with you..." Kenny sighs as he hands me a piece of pretzel..and hold sit out for me to eat. "Butters likes you..so don't tell him about this either. I don't want to upset him."

"..A-Are you two dating?" I can't help myself asking..the other boy tenses.

"Uh..Yeah..kinda.." Kenny scratches his cheek. " It's funny you ask about that..since I don't give a shit what you think, and I know you have no one to tell it to, i'll tell you. I'm not dating him..but hell I wish I was or at least getting in those pants of his.' Kenny sighs. "Butters is hard to read..he acts so gay..but he doesn't react to my flirting like he should! He's so innocent..so cute.." Kenny's cheeks tint.. "Butters is.."

That's when I see something that gets me to drown out anything else this blonde boy says..my eyes wide in horror..

Craig has just walked into the food court..he isn't alone..Clyde and Token by his side. The burette is laughing about something..while Token shakes his head. Craig looks as blank as ever..

Only for his eyes to fall on me.

I tense as his eyes widen a bit..he stares at me..i'm frozen..not able to speak..not able to do anything..Craig's eyes bore into mine..before they slowly move away from me..looking at the hand that is held out to my mouth..the piece of pretzel that I haven't taken..Then his eyes move..till he's looking at Kenny..who is blushing now..talking about Butters still..

I see it..His wide eyes narrow so dangerously..something flickering in his eyes that I can't understand. He grips his fist..before he starts marching over..the raven tall..those piercing blue eyes glaring holes at me..He looks so pissed off!

"K-Kenny!" I cry his name out..scared out of my mind!-

"Hold up i'm not done." Kenny puts his finger up. "Butters also.." I watch terrified as Craig..stops right beside our table..the weird thing..is he isn't glaring at me..he's glaring at Kenny..his scowl is fierce. Clyde and Token have stopped talking..now they're making their way over here..this isn't good! Gah they're going to beat us both up! They-

"McCormick!" Craig growls getting Kenny to stop talking. He looks up at Craig with his eye brow raised..before his eyes light in realization.

"Oh no dude this is definably not what it looks like. I would never touch a twitchy freak like him, he's all yours-"

Craig's eyes narrow..his blank face is ruin..before he punches Kenny in the face. Right in the jaw. Kenny falls out of the chair from the blow..I scream, my eyes wide..I need to get out of here! Damn it my body won't move! I'm like a deer in head lights..and Craig is the monster truck coming to crush me! I wait for him to hit me too..but he doesn't. He doesn't even look at me..his piecing blue eyes bore into Kenny..He takes a step forward..his teeth grinding.

"Whoa! Chill dick head!" Kenny gets back up..he wipes the blood from the corner of his mouth..those blue eyes of his are starting to hold that rare fire of anger..Clyde and Token are getting closer..glares on their faces..they will jump in for Craig if he needs it..that's how their gang is..I should know..

I use to be apart of them.

"You don't talk about tweek like that." Craig grabs Kenny by his orange jacket..his chest puffing. "I'll beat the shit out of you McCormick! Stick with Butters and stay the hell away from tweek!"

"Oh? But I thought you kicked tweek out of your gang." Craig's expression doesn't change..but his eyes flash..Token frowning deeply..and Clyde scratches his cheek. "So why are you still protecting him? He's not in your gang, I was just having a friendly snack with him. Is that so wrong?"

"it is when it's you! There's no such thing as friendly with you. You always want something." Kenny rips himself from Craig and takes a few steps back.

"You want something too..why don't you tell tweek what you want..or maybe I should?" Kenny smirks at how he gets Craig Tucker to tense.

"..You don't' know shit about me or what I want." Craig's eyes narrow..I twitch.

"I a-already k-know what he wants!" I scream..Craig whips his head to look at me..his eyes are wide.. "H-he wants to kill me!" I pull at my hair..

Craig..frowns..his eyes almost seem sad..before they go back blank. "Don't be so fucking stupid tweek." He growls.

"Yeah tweek, stop being so stupid..it's obvious Craig is madly in-"

Craig's eyes flash..he takes a step forward..his fist clenched..a scowl on his face. Token and Clyde following suit.

"You wouldn't fight me when i'm alone would you?" Kenny gives them a smile..it seems nervous though. "It's not my fault Tweek doesn't like you. Maybe if you weren't such an ass hole he would-

That's when the ceiling above Kenny gives in..before I can blink..a piece of the ceiling falls..crushing Kenny like a pancake. I feel horror...and I close my eyes..

Then I don't feel as afraid..I open my eyes..looking at the broken ceiling..frowning deeply.

"What the hell happened here?" Token blinks..rubbing his head.

"I told you they need to remake this place! Someone's going to get hurt!" Clyde shakes his head. "Good thing no one was under it!"

But wasn't someone under it?..Maybe not..I can't remember.

Craig holds his head in his hands a moment..before he shakes it..looking over at me..I tense..those eyes so deep..so unreadable.. "I feel like I was just pissed at you..but now I can't remember why..."

I shriek at him..the horror coming back..I get up from my seat hastily..only to trip on the legs of the chair..I scream as I fall..before I hit the ground Craig catches me.

"Calm down your going to hurt youself-" Craig starts.

"G-Get off me!" I scream and push him off..taking steps back.

"..Tweek." Craig speaks my name in that demanding voice..he takes a step forward..and I take a step back..

"P-Please don't h-hurt me! G-Get away!" I tug at my hair.

"I'm not-"

"Is zere a promble 'ere zweek?" a familiar voice growls behind me. I tense and whip around..but when I see Christopher..and the French boy stands by my side..glaring at Craig..I can't help but feel safer. "I believe 'e zold you to get away from 'im. Go away, 'e doesn't want an ass 'ole like you."

"Who the fuck are you?" Craig's eyes narrow again..his eyes falling on where Christopher is touching tweek's shoulder.

"I'm 'is friend." Christopher speaks confidently. " If 'e says to leave 'im alone, you leave 'im alone. Your scaring 'im and that's pissing me off." I stare at Chris with wide eyes..my twitching dying down in amazement..this is the second time he's saved me from Craig! He's like my hero! " 'e is not your lover."

"He's not your lover either! I never said he was my lover! You don't know shit about me and him, so why don't you fuck off because 'frankly' your pissing me off too." Craig snorts.

Christopher opens his mouth..only to stop..his eyes light in realization..before he smirks. "Oh zweek." The French boy whispers in my ear..getting me to tense..Craig's eyes flash..he looks like he's getting pissed again..alot of people have stopped to watch..this is way too much pressure! Some are even recording! "Remember 'ow I said you owe me?"

"y-yeah..' I tremble..not knowing why he would bring that up now..there's people watching and Craig's walking towards us..girls seem to be gushing..looking at me and Christopher but I'm not to sure why.

"Well..I know what I want now.." Christopher suddenly turns his body towards mine..pressing our bodies against each other..He cups my cheeks..my eyes getting wide at how close his face is getting..how close those lips are. "I want a kiss."

"W-What?!" I shriek, my face heating up. "W-Why? A-and we c-can't here! T-there's too many people and-"

Christopher silences my freak out..with his lips. My eyes widen like the size of dinner plates..excited chills being sent down my spine..Christophe's eyes are closed..he kisses me softly..skillfully..I can't move my lips..everything is spinning..This is my first kiss..my first one was taken by this French boy..i'm in shock..I hear all the girls squeal now..why are they being so loud?..I wish they would go away..Christopher feels so warm..his lips are ruff and chapped..but I kind of like them..just like I kind of like him..My face is on fire when the French boy pulls away..licking his lips..

"mm..coffee..just as I zought." He purrs..getting my stomach to tighten...He puts his arm around me..my mouth still open in shock.. "It's time to go sweet heart." he smirks over at Craig-

Craig is just staring at me and Christopher..His eyes are wide..his mouth open..something in his eyes I can't read..slowly his mouth closes..his face goes blank..He trembles..gripping his fist..before he marches away..

That isn't' a good sign.

"W-Why the hell did y-you -erk- do that?!" I shriek when me and Chris get out of the mall..i'm trembling so bad..my body still worked up from that kiss.

"It's what I wanted." Christopher smirks. "And I got rid of zat boy didn't I?"

"B-But now he's pissed and p-people are going to think your gay! They're going t-to know i'm gay!" I grip my hair..trembling.

"Oh please zweek if people didn't know you were already gay zey are retarded." Christopher rolls his eyes. "And I am gay, well half way. I don't care what zey zink..." The French boy wraps his arm around me. "..I should save you move offen.." He leads close. "That kiss was good..I like the way you taste" I blush darkly..looking away from him. "zat was your first wasn't it?"

"W-What if it w-was?" I challenge, glaring at him.

"Then I say yay. I was 'oping it was your first." Christopher grins before letting me go. "Come on..i'm starving."

I can only stare at him in disbelief..that kiss jumbled my brain..I can't think of anything but his warmth..

Yet..I can't help to feel i'm forgetting something..wasn't there a bad reason I was coming here?..Didn't I talk to someone?..Wasn't some one else in the food court?..

No..It's just my mind again..i'll forget about it.

Now if only I could forget about Christopher's lips..and the feeling turning my stomach.

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