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He moved silently into the battle room. the room was dark, comfortable and nearly untouched by men. He nodded to the woman in the corner, almost completely hidden by the draperies.

"It's good to see you again.. It's so nice to see a man as built for battle as brains."

"As much as I respect you Morrigan, I would hate to have to kill you for such insolence. It would be a shame to lose a bright warrior like you." He turned his back to her and gave a glare at the map on the wall.

"These Avengers are no match for our weakest creatures but we don't have enough information. I want to know everything about them." He glanced at the photos tacked to the wall next to the global map. "The hawk, the spider, the giant, the robot and their 'mighty' captain."

Clint groaned as he rolled over into full consciousness. He ached. Everywhere. He breathed in and moaned as he expanded ribs that were broken more than the usual bruises.

"Jarvis? Time?"

"Yes, Master Barton. It is 7 in the morning and a sunny seventy-five degrees outside." Clint rolled his eyes at the AI and sat up, hoping to get to his chair with minimal fuss. He hated that he needed to rely on this crap when he would heal just fine, but he could almost hear the nagging that Phil would have given him if he had refused to go and walked around broken in the field.

"Please tell me that To-Mr. Stark has a shooting range somewhere in this building."

"Yes. There is a certified gun range on the 32nd floor. Master Stark has given full access to you while you remain in the tower Master Barton." Jarvis responded, opening one of the hidden elevators at the end of the hallway.

Clint smiled and rolled his way to the elevator. "I'm glad there is something I can shoot at. Are there weapons I can borrow? I'm a little broken to shoot my bow and arrow."

"Of course, Master Barton. You do have full access." Clint smiled again and as the elevator came to a stop he rolled out with a grin on his face. The whole room opened out into a gun range that seemed as high tech as anything Tony could imagine.

A panel slid away on the far wall and revealed a host of Stark Weapons. Clint smiled and moved closer to look at the different pistols. He chose the smallest and grinned, he was pretty sure he had seen this one in the field, and it was ridiculously powerful. He placed it in his lap and moved back toward the firing line.

"What scenarios can you run Jarvis? What capabilities does the room have?"

"You have a variety sir, but I would recommend just emptying the clip a few times into a stationary target, no need for excess strain on your body." Jarvis sounded almost regretful and confused Clint.

"Oh alright. You win this time." Clint sighed and watched as another panel slid away across the wall and three targets came out and spread out across the range. Clint checked the clip and then flipped the safety before unloading the first clip into the first target.

"What do I expect from people? Seriously Rhodey!? Am I not allowed to hope that someone cares?" Tony shoved away from the couch and turned back to glare at Rhodey. "No! I didn't want to be found, but why should that matter?" Tony's chest heaved as he became more and more agitated.

"My home. My home is where they live now. Fuck them. I can't make myself into my old man, so I can't tell them to get the fuck out, but I can't believe that I am letting them stay." Tony growled.

Rhodey sighed and looked at his best friend. This whole thing was getting blown out of proportion because of the miscommunication on both sides. Perhaps there was a way to get Pepper and Clint to talk to Tony face to face, but Rhodey wasn't entirely sure that he should hold out that hope.

"Have they tried to talk to you once they found you? Have you reached out to talk to them?" Rhodey pressed, trying to get his friend to talk about his damn problems. Granted, the fact that Tony wasn't drunk right now was a bonus.

"I kicked Barton out." Rhodey blinked at the genius's words.


"Really?" Tony snapped.

"Yes, really. You can't just ignore your problems to fix them Tony, that's not how this works."

"Wasn't my last rant enough of a reason?" Tony snapped. "I shouldn't have to listen to someone who didn't come look for me." Tony's shoulders had slumped before he caught himself and corrected his posture. Rhodey noticed the doubt shining in Tony's eyes.

"That doesn't sound like everything Tony." Rhodey could sense there was more and he was determined to get it out of Tony.

"No. I can't handle any more of this today. I am going to bed, your room is still made. We can talk about this shit over breakfast."


"No, Rhodey. I'm done tonight. Jarvis, make sure that Colonel Rhodes has everything he needs for the night."

"Of course Master Stark. Have a good night." The AI responded in his dry tone. Tony trudged up the stairs and moved to his bedroom. He collapsed face first onto his mattress and didn't bother with removing his dress shirt and slacks. The emotional stress seemed to weigh him down into the mattress and he just tried to ignore it as best he could as he dropped into sleep.

Rhodey stared after the path Tony had taken and shook his head. The morning was going to be interesting. With a sigh, Rhodey moved up to the bedroom he used when Tony had lived in Malibu before Stark Tower.

Steve woke with a start as Natasha leaned over him.

"Get up. We are moving to DC."

"What? Why?"