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I guess I wasn't that surprised when I found out my sister's hobby. I shouldn't be the one talking about those sorts of things, anyway. I have my own secrets, after all.

Three years ago, after I realized I was just an ordinary boy and stopped showing off, I got pretty depressed, to say the truth. What man wouldn't be? The ideals I had were shattered and I felt like I had no clue what to do anymore. Of course, I needed to find some purpose. I wasn't ready to accept normality. Not just yet.

A week or two into my searching, I found the purpose I was looking for.

And so begins the first flashback.

I was walking down a street near my house, I had been sent to pick up some food from the nearby convenience store and, entering the parking lot I saw a small group of bikers sitting casually next to their bikes. I tried avoiding them, it's not like I wanted to be a yakuza slave, but they seemed to notice me anyway and called out to me.

"Hey, kid." The oldest one called, he seemed to be in high school. Wondering if it would go away if I kept walking, I just ignored them.

"Hey, wait! I know you, you go to my school." One of the kids walked over to me. He looked familiar; I studied his face trying to place it. Accepting defeat from this trivial task, I just decided to ask who he was.

"Sorry, who are you?"

"Ahaha, Akagi Kohei. It's a pleasure. Um, who are you, again?" I suddenly felt very irritated.

"Kosaka Kyousuke. Can I go now? I don't want people seeing me with gangsters." Kohei laughed again.

"Just because we have bikes doesn't mean we're in a gang. C'mon I'll teach you."

"I'd rather you don't."

"Whatever, just come here." Kohei said, still smiling.

To make a long story short, after that day, I had a new affinity for motorcycles and a new friend to go with it.

Just because he isn't a gangster doesn't mean he was a good influence though. In less than a year, I was driving without a license, sneaking out at night, participating in illegal races, and doing all things the son of a cop shouldn't do. For obvious purposes, I had a lock installed on my door and an electronic safe under my bed for my gear.

Of course, my mom thought it was gear of a completely different kind.

The only good thing about all this is I got money from races I won and I now have a good amount of street credit… Well, my biker self does- I keep my real identity secret for my own good…

Fast forward three years and I have only gotten worse, thinking about it. My sister was probably more normal than I was so; I felt I couldn't judge her. No matter what.

And, here we are in my sister's room in the wee hours of the morning, talking with my sister about hobbies.

"You really won't… look down on me…?"

"How many times do I need to tell you? Of course I won't, I'm your brother." I have a race tomorrow at this exact time, if I was tired, I would be screwed. I need to find a way out of here… and lock my door tomorrow.

"A-Absolutely, really true?... I won't forgive you if it's a lie."

"What would I gain by lying? Can I go now?"

"Stay there. Hold on a second." Kirino got up and walked over to a bookshelf. I didn't really know what to expect. Between Meruru and "Loving My Little Sister," any beast could come from this. She looked at me and I nodded, then with some courage, she took the tings off the shelves and slid the bookshelf.

So, not only is your room bigger than mine but it has a secret compartment? Jeeze, if I had this, many problems would be solved-

My thoughts were cut short by the sights behind the door. Little sister themed eroge, anime, figures, and posters lined the secret compartment that was turned into an otaku's storage room.

"H-Haaa?!" I half whispered half yelled. I seriously felt sorry for that secret compartment, being used like this. "What is all of this?" This far exceeded my expectations. My perfect sister having her own otaku gold mine?! Insane! "Hold on, I need a moment."

Sitting perfectly still, I assessed the situation. I knew Kohei's sister, Sena had things similar but these were all geared towards little sisters… But wait- things geared towards homos were far worse… I think. Wait- why am I comparing them? Back to the situation at hand.

I stopped thinking for a few seconds and then finally decided that I would accept this and keep my word. This wasn't the worst outcome. I don't think any of this spills into the real world for her because I have yet to see any improvement in our relationship so it must just be in the 2D world. This I decided I could accept.

I shook my head violently after about fifteen seconds of mulling over things, during which Kirino had been shifting uncomfortably with a slight blush on her face. Wait, wait, wait. This is cute. My little sister did not just suddenly become cute. Where is my real sister? Can I keep this angel? This added to the things I never thought would happen but happened anyway due to some cruel but interesting fate.

My eyebrow raised and I looked her over, now desperately trying to take a mental image of this.

Why can't I have a photographic memory, dammit!

I'm pretty sure Kirino took this as a judgmental, gesture and she suddenly whimpered, seemingly realizing what was going on but in fact, misunderstanding the whole thing.

The cuteness factor has been doubled. Little tears formed at the corner of her eyes. My mental image-taking process has been put into overload, trying to capture this.

"…You said you wouldn't look down on me…" I realized this was actually a very bad situation. No matter how cute this was, I made my little sister cry.

"H-hold on, I'm not! D-don't cry!" I fumbled for the right words, my hands waving in front of me. There were a few options but I decided to go with telling the truth. One of the things I lived by was to tell the truth in a misunderstanding. "I… just thought you were cute just now so…" I looked away, you try looking your sister in the eyes while telling her you thought she was cute! That was not something I could do yet. Give me a few days to work on it- hold on. If I practiced, she would think I was a sexual harasser… Wait, back to the main subject.

Kirino's eyes widened and her blush got a shade deeper but she seemed to recover beyond that. "Baka! Pervert! Gross!" Yep. Total recovery.

Aw… I'm so glad she thinks highly of me.

"Anyway, isn't this a lot, how did you even get the money for all of this?" I wondered if she somehow found my debit card when I lost it a while back but then I remembered that I cancelled it after I realized it was gone.

My sister smirked, rummaging through her stuff on the sane side of the room, she pulled out some magazines. "Look through these." She thew the magazines at me.

"Mph," I sounded, getting hit in the face with two of them but catching the other three. "You didn't have to throw them but thanks anyway." Looking through the magazines, my eye caught a few items pertaining to motorcycles… hold it right there, this is a motorcycle magazine! I pretended not to notice anything and kept looking through the pictures.

Why do you even have this kind of magazine… Don't tell me… No, that can't be. I've never seen her on the road before.

Still, why she had these was definitely interesting. All of the sudden my hand stopped. There was a picture of Kirino and some other girl wearing the newest fashion for bikers.

"…!" My eyes widened. Turning the page to see if there were more pictures of my sister, I came across an article title.

Shadow Rider Strikes Again!

I instantly tore out that page along with the one Kirino was in and a few others, stuffing them all into my shirt.

"What are you doing, idiot?! That is the only copy of that one I have!" I felt a swift kick from behind. I won't really lie; it kind of hurt, but not so bad. I received more pain from some of the fights I got into over bikes.

"Ow. Don't look at me like that, is it wrong for me to have pictures of my sister who just so happens to be a model?" That explains how she gets the cash.

"What are you planning to do with those?"

"Frame them." I answered instantly.



"Siscon!" Wait- what? Um… I don't know what that means at the moment. Maybe Kohei does but I'm going to assume it's someone against sisters? 'Con' means… Oh, forget it my grades aren't that great anyway. I reply with something I thought would be on par.

"Brocon!" Kirino turned away suddenly and went quiet for a split second. Whoa… this word has a lot of power, I can tell. I should keep this in my inventory of things to use against my sister in dire situations.

"I-I'm not a b-brocon! You idiotic perverted piece of trash! Die!" Did she just stutter? She totally just stuttered. And then I got the worst insult to date… Is she embarrassed? Hold on…

"Oh, so does that mean it's true then?" I really want to know what a brocon is now…

"Shut up! Just because I have these doesn't mean I'm a brocon!" Kirino pointed to the eroge in the otaku sanctuary. I just got a strange feeling about the word brocon. If she had to go and mention the little sister eroge stuff just to prove a point about it… what does this mean… No! It must mean that brocons and siscons actually are… People that love brothers and sisters?

Let's assess the situation.

Kirino got embarrassed after I called her a brocon.

So, in theory, is she a brocon? Oooh, I want to play with her heart now. I got up, silently walking over to her as she ranted about how she wasn't a brocon while still being turned away. I looked at the side of her face by swiveling my body slightly around her and sure enough her face was a shade of red.

SHE IS! ITS TRUEEEE! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!? My heart sped up but sadism ruled over my mind in the moment. I grabbed her shoulders from behind and blew into her ear, speaking softly.

"How can you say you aren't a brocon when your face is already this shade of red?" She stiffened and gasped at the same time, eyes widening. Her ears have always been sensitive, ehehe… I shall have my revenge for all of the insults you have placed upon me!

"T-that's not- I'm not…!" Her whole body was on high alert, and her face was as bright and hot as a wildfire. This scene was raising flags all over my mind but I couldn't help myself.

"You're not what?" I purred, this was too amusing.

She quivered under my touch, "I'm not… I'm not a brocon. Get away from me, pervert!" There was no heart in that. Which was scary. If there was no heart in that, it normally meant the opposite. I moved in for the kill, noticing her cellphone on the table, I picked it up and turned on the camera behind my back.

"So what if I'm a pervert, you don't mind, do you? Brocons shouldn't mind this stuff…" After saying that, I moved my hand from her shoulder to her waist and brought myself closer, making sure that every one of my breaths went to her neck, breathing in a way to make it hotter than room temp.

Her breathing was coming out fast and ragged, Kirino's eyes were squeezed shut as she appeared to accept a false fate and she shifted as I moved my hand, making faint noises along the way. I paused for a bit but I don't think she noticed. Her mind seemed to be buzzed.

Contained in this pause were, me removing my hand, taking a picture of her like… Well, like that… I mean, she seriously looked aroused and I was starting to worry about her mental health.

This is dangerous, this is so dangerous. I kept repeating that in my head. But it was also worth it. The things I do to gain leverage against my sister... I put my hand back on her waist and looked at the picture.

I didn't appear in it- good.

While I sent it to myself, also adding myself in her contacts and labeling my contact as "Your Conqueror," I murmured, "so… You really are one." She didn't answer. Well, I don't count whimpering as an answer. I put her cellphone back on her desk after deleting the picture and said into her ear, "well, I already said I wouldn't judge you."

Plan, success. I mentally laughed.

Backing away and heading towards the door, I said, "well, see you tomorrow, Imouto. I'll help you with this stuff if you want. And I won't tell anyone… important. Anyway, get some sleep. Don't come for me like this again without warning me earlier." I heard her feet as she turned around in surprise. I wonder if she knows she's been duped? Yeah, she totally does, she has like what, a 4.0? I'm so cruel and heartless… I love that about myself sometimes. Did this evolve from me and the bikes? Hmm… sadism and motorcycles definitely mix.

"You…!" I heard Kirino start ranting before I closed the door to her room.

I went into my room and locked the door, flopping onto my bed, I waited for five minutes to see if anyone would come over but no one did. Looking at my phone I chuckled a long, satisfied chuckle and then picked it up. Checking messages, I found Kirino's text that I sent myself and added her as a contact while downloading the picture.

The picture itself was… well… Hilarious. Absolutely, positively, drop dead, hilarious.

She was blushing like a madman, mouth hanging open like an idiot, with a puff of white smoke coming out her mouth. Not only that but her eyes were closed, eyebrows creased, and her body language was screaming, "just get it over with." What made it worse was that she was in pajamas. I started laughing into my pillow, trying to keep it down but failing. Good thing that the pillow absorbed the stray sound.

Tomorrow, this photo would meet a fate worse than deletion… I couldn't wait. After many years of thinking of a way to get back at my sister, I had finally done it.

But then… I thought of something. She honestly trusted me. Well, sort of. Not only that but she was a serious brocon. The red flags reappeared in my head and I panicked. Not only did I do something cruel and horrible but I found out something that was seriously bad news… It's a good thing I know, but I wish I didn't.

I will decide whether or not to delete the picture tomorrow… But for now, I really need to get some sleep.


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