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He didn't want to initially do it; he had talked himself out of the plan until he saw her walk out of his bathroom, and now he was here…

"If you want to…You can pay me back with your body." His voice was a husky whisper and he grabbed her wrist pulling her onto the sprawled sheets. His body hovered over hers, knees pinning both of her sides so she couldn't run away even if she wanted to. Okay this is good, she looks scared.

"Surely you aren't so naïve as to think a person's sex doesn't matter…You've left yourself completely defenseless against me." His voice got lower with every word. She didn't respond though and her eyes widened with realization.

Of course he doesn't feel this way about me. He's just trying to prove Tamiki-sempai's point…This is an perfect opportunity to confess though, I can tell him how I feel and he'll see it as just a desperate attempt to escape the situation…At least I'll get it out.

"That's true Kyoya-sempai." Her eyes narrowed a bit and Kyoya was taken aback by the look she gave. It was…seductive, something he didn't realize she was capable of doing. Her hand slid across his abdomen, fingers tracing across his chest and he trembled. He didn't know what to make of her actions. Was she trying to get out of the situation or did she truly-

He didn't have any more time to analyze the situation. Her hands had made their way to the back of his neck and she was slowly pulling him down. He allowed the movement and their faces were less than a centimeter away from each other's.

"Do you realize the position you're in…Kyoya-sempai?" If she wasn't so close he would have sworn that her words were nothing more than his own imagination. What she said did cause him to rethink his position on top of her and he couldn't help but ignore the feelings she was causing him. His body responded with a tightening in his chest…and also in his pants. It was taking everything inside to not lower himself and taint the petite woman underneath him.

"Haruhi, are you trying to test me?" He tried to sound as menacing as he could but there was a longing behind his words. She did not respond and in a desperate attempt to get away so he could take care of his…situation he slowly began to lift up. I'm sure she's learnt her les-

Her small hands pulled his face back down and her lips collided with his. She cursed herself for doing that so abruptly and pushed his face away.

"I'm so sorry Kyoya-sempai! I didn't me-" He silenced her rambling with a kiss of his own but this was not sloppy or accidental. It was deliberate and passionate. It was strong and it took Haruhi's breathe away. He knew he should stop but he couldn't control himself now and her willingness only made him want her more. Her desperate attempts to push back excited him and he became more demanding. He gently bit her bottom lip, when he heard her moan slightly he went from switching the bite to sucking. Haruhi was overwhelmed by Kyoya's dominance and the feeling it gave her. She couldn't keep up.

His arms were still holding him above her. Hers on the other hand played with his raven hair grabbing locks while running her fingers through it. The other hand went down his back, her nails gently scraped against it and he couldn't help a groan escape his throat. He broke away from their kiss and when he looked down on her, his body filled with only more want. Her eyes were wide yet slightly glazed and her lips were a bit swollen and parted, she breathed a little heavier trying to regain her breathe. This was a sight only he would get to see and he greedily took it in, wanting more.

"Kyoya-sempai…" Her voice was small and squeaky but he could tell there was lust. She wanted more, but before he could oblige a knock on his door crushed all hopes of that.

Kyoya stayed cool and quickly whispered into Haruhi's ear,

"We will talk…and finish this later." She saw the devilish smile on his face and it immediately made her heart beat faster, which she didn't think was possible. He sat on the edge of the bed when Tamaki's voice interrupted the previous silence.

"Kyoya." The door opened and he stepped in. "Do you have any lotion this sunburn is worse than…"

His words cut off when he realized the scene before him and he became hostile.

"You bastard!"

Kyoya shoved the bottle of sun tan lotion into his face before he had the chance to verbally or possibly physically assault him.

"Here, use as much as you want you big goof." He walked out and closed the door behind him. Glad his body had calmed down he stood outside the door pondering while he slid on the shirt he picked up while walking out.

The fact Tamaki had initially gotten so angry proves that his feelings are more than he knows, but we all knew that… Point is, Haruhi was now something he wanted…No, Haruhi was something he needed. The Host Club, her acting as a male, the feelings his best friend had were all factors that would get in the way. Of course it would, she was beautiful and despite her small stature she was confident and strong. Why wouldn't others want her as well? However, he had a taste tonight, something that many would be willing to kill over. As he walked down the hallway away from the room he thought…

Looking like that, so vulnerable he knew that wasn't enough. He knew tonight wouldn't be enough, or tomorrow, or the day after. He knew he had to make Haruhi his, permanently.