Kyoya sat in his room, a mountain of work on his desk and a throbbing headache forming. He took off his glasses, rubbed the bridge of his nose and let out a huge exasperated sigh; even his thoughts of Haruhi couldn't quell the pain. However he couldn't stop the smile from forming on his face when he thought of the plan that he would execute tomorrow. I wonder how Haruhi is doing…I hope she has a good night.

Haruhi on the other hand lay across the bed with a headache, not from work but from the anticipation of tomorrow. I shouldn't have let him get away without telling me…For some reason I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be annoying. She tried to go to sleep but after an hour of rolling around she found herself unable to clear her thoughts. She instead got up and went to study to only fall asleep at her desk at 3 a.m.

The next day at the host club…

"You wanna go mess with Haruhi?" Hikaru playfully whispered into his brother's ear.

They both looked at her. The bags under her eyes, the slightly messy hair, it was obvious she wasn't herself today and they decided against it. Usually they would be up for messing with her, no matter what the repercussions; however today was a bit different…

Haruhi looked exhausted, almost as tired as Kyoya. Her aggravation was definitely at Shadow King level though and everyone around her could feel it. Well…almost everybody.

"Haruhiiiiiii my little darling!" Tamaki picked her up from the table she was sitting at, spinning her around in a tight embrace that almost choked the life out of her. Instead of yelling for him to release her she stayed silent, an ever growing dark aura surrounding her. The rest of the club members as well as the customers shrinked in fear, but Tamaki stayed ignorantly blissful. When her anger level rose to maximum level she pushed him off and cut her eyes at him.

"Don't touch me Tamaki-sempai…" She spoke softly but the seriousness of her words made him stop in his tracks.

"W-why are you being so mean to d-daddy Haruhi?" Tamaki's voice trembled; it was taking all his strength to speak. Before she could rebuttal though Kyoya broke it up,

"Haruhi control yourself, remember your job. You're embarrassing yourself." He said it as nonchalant as ever and that just shook Haruhi to her core. He did this to me and now he's going to tell me to control myself! He's such a jerk!

"THIS IS YOUR FAULT KYOYA." Everything about the words that just left Haruhi's mouth was begging for a dangerous result. The twins and Tamaki just sat there, mouths gaped. They couldn't even speak words of disapproval for her lack of honorifics, frozen in fear their eyes never left Kyoya who was now slowly making his way to the irritated Haruhi. The customers were frozen, the aura demanded fear but curiosity prevented most of them from taking their eyes off the situation unfolding. Mori and Huni on the other hand sat sipping tea; eating cake and watching the scene play out. When Haruhi turned, making eye contact with Tamaki and seeing the terror visible on his face, sudden realization swept over her and she sobered up quickly. Before she could apologize or offer any type of explanation Kyoya grabbed her wrist.

"What was that Haruhi?"

"Nothing Kyoya-sempai! I j-just…you see…" Her words weren't coming out right. She wanted to fall into a black hole, but the way he held her wrist made her question if even that would be enough to save her.

"No. I believe you were saying your disrespectful behavior had something to do with me…Would you care to explain?"

"No I didn't mean it that way! I just didn't get any sleep last night and-"

"So, I'm to blame because you couldn't sleep last night." His voice had gotten incredibly sensual with that comment and the innuendo was so obvious even Tamaki caught it. Tamaki was going to rebuttal saying that isn't how mommies talk to their daughters but Kyoya's eyes looked so wild that Tamaki was afraid to speak. The customers on the other hand were eating it up. Their eyes had formed pink hearts and Renge was in the background cheering it on. Now a crowd had begun to form around Haruhi and Kyoya, all eyes on them.

"I-I'm sorry Kyoya-sempai!"

"That's interesting, weren't you calling me Kyoya just a moment ago. Very informal Haruhi."


"You wouldn't want everyone to get the wrong idea…Would you?" Kyoya's face went closer to Haruhi's the distance between them growing smaller by the second and everyone around them was so frozen in fear or curiosity that no one could do anything.

"I w-would-"

"You would...What does that mean Haruhi?" He had trapped her. In front of everyone he was now forcing her to reveal her feelings. She gulped, trying to help her dry throat, but still no words would come out.

"Could it be you have feelings for me, Haruhi?" He was dominating their conversation, leading her to reveal the truth in front of all these people and she couldn't control the red glow coloring her face. Before she could speak though…

"That can't be! Haruhi loves daddy more! Don't you Haruhi?!" Tamaki had a moment of courage and stood up in opposition to Kyoya's teasing.

"You shall not coax our little one into picking a favorite between parents!" Tamaki screamed out and Kyoya rolled his eyes. Damn idiot! The girls loved every second of it, chalking up the whole mommy and daddy bit to a type of role play. They saw it as a forbidden love triangle between Haruhi, Kyoya and Tamaki, and their squeals reached an all-time high. Kyoya held his hand up to Tamaki to shush him and asked,

"Haruhi, who do you like?" His words commanded an answer and combined with his intense look she had no choice in the matter.

"I like Kyoya-sempai…" Haruhi's voice was barely a whisper but everyone in the room heard her. Their eyes got wide and their mouths hung open. The girls screams drowned out all sound, almost deafening every host club member.

"What was that?" Kyoya teased and Haruhi looked away, trying to refuse eye contact with everyone.

"I like you Kyoya-sempai…" She mumbled and fan girl cries escaped once again.

"Hmm?...One more time?"

"I'm not saying it again!" Kyoya chuckled and Haruhi was beet red.

After host club activities ended all the girls left, and every last one of them was discussing the excellent 'role play show' between Kyoya, Haruhi and Tamaki. They didn't even have to pay extra for this one. When it was only members left in the club room Kyoya broke the silence that was beginning to build between them all.

"So, it would appear I won the bet." He spoke confidently.

"Is it true Haruhi?...Do you really like Kyoya-sempai?" Hikaru asked, his voice was tense and dangerous. She could only nod in response and his fists tightened.

"Why…" His voice got lower. "Why of all people is it him?! The Shadow King?!"

Kyoya ignored the obvious attack to his character; he figured this would be the reaction. Kaoru tried to calm his brother down but he snatched away from him, visibly upset.

"Do you have a personal problem with Haruhi liking me?" Kyoya asked, he sounded calm but there was a devious undertone. Hikaru bit his lip and then turned to Tamaki for assistance.

"Boss! Say something!" Tamaki sat there dumbfounded mumbling, mostly to himself.

"Haruhi doesn't see Kyoya as a mommy…she likes, likes him…"

Haruhi sighed, I have to clear this up…This is my fault, not Kyoya-sempai's. Before she had time to speak though Huni interjected

"Hika-chan, it's not fair to question who Haru-chan likes. She likes Kyo-chan for a reason and as long as he makes her happy that's enough. Kay." He wasn't asking a question, he was telling him to accept it for Haruhi's happiness and the twins understood immediately. Hikaru didn't look happy but he had loosened his fists and sat with his brother. Huni turned his attention to Kyoya.

"You will keep Haru-chan happy, right Kyo-chan?" Despite his child like words there was no softness in his voice. He was serious and it sent an unfamiliar chill down everyone's spine. Kyoya responded with a stiff nod.

"Well now that that's done I think we should all go home, unless you guys wanna share some cake before we leave." Huni was back to his playful antics.

Everyone left, giving their respective good-byes and headed to their limos. Well…besides Tamaki who was still so shell shocked that Mori had to carry him to his.

Hikaru and Kaoru's limo…

"You can't be okay with this…" Hikaru mumbled, talking to Kaoru.

"Of course I'm not okay, but it's as Huni-sempai said 'If he makes her happy then that's that." Kaoru tried to reason with his brother. Secretly he had a feeling that Haruhi may have feelings for Kyoya, he noticed their sly behavior from time to time. However he had neglected to bring this to Hikaru's attention, he didn't want a fight.

"I guess your right…but…"

"But what?"

"Well, tomorrow is the day the amusement park opens…I bet they'll be there." Hikaru said, a plan forming in his head.

"So what?"

"Well, it would be a shame if Haruhi saw Kyoya for the Shadow King he truly is…" Hikaru spoke, the mischievous nature gushing from him. He was thinking about every possible way to ruin the date that Haruhi and Kyoya may not even have. Kaoru sighed and leaned into Hikaru.

"Sure, whatever you want brother…"

Kyoya and Haruhi's limo…

"I can't believe you Kyoya-sempai!" Haruhi angrily mumbled while looking out the limo window. Kyoya had begun tapping on his laptop and had not noticed her pouting.

"What's wrong?" He asked, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

"You know what you did today Kyoya-sempai! Don't play dumb!"

A smirk appeared across Kyoya's face and he grabbed her chin making her look him in the eye.

"I did say I had a plan, didn't I?"

Haruhi held a blank face for a second before confusion took over.

"You planned this?!" She almost raised her voice and he shrugged his shoulders.

"I knew not telling you would cause you to stay up at night. Lack of sleep would make you irritable, you are human. I had a feeling you would take it out on me and from there I can be very convincing. I won the bet and we told everyone. Problem solved." He continued to stare directly into her eyes and she almost passed out.

"I can't believe you…You are the Shadow King!" Haruhi spoke softly, her eyes widening a bit. He took the chance to go for a kiss and despite her disapproval she couldn't resist. Kyoya's only regret…

He hadn't thought beforehand that he could've sold off their little 'show' for extra money…Such a shame.