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Kyoya was continuously on guard when it came to the other hosts, but today he felt himself becoming particularly vexed with their relentless antics. It all began with Tamaki's phone call last night, and looking at Haruhi somewhat dozing off against his chest in their shared limo, combined with Ranka-san's warning, let him know that Tamaki must have gotten to her already. That in itself would irritate him, he had made all the necessary preparations to make Haruhi's first date enjoyable and unforgettable, and he would be damn if he let Tamaki become a bigger issue then he had already become. Moreover, the red Mercedes Benz that was undeniably Tamaki's couldn't be ignored, Kyoya figured that the devious twins were more than likely traveling with him and that would only cause more trouble. He closed his eyes, tilted his head back slightly and gently pinched the bridge of his nose in an attempt to relieve the building stress.

"Kyoya-sempai?" Haruhi's voice was velvet to his ears.

He opened one eye to meet the gaze of two big, brown orbs. She looked slightly concerned but there was a small smile upon her lips as if trying to cheer him up at the same time. He tried to fight back a smile that ended up forming into a type of smirk.

"Yes Haruhi?" His words were husky and slightly seductive, ever since that afternoon in Kyoya-sempai's private office, every time he spoke directly to her she couldn't fight back this tingling sensation within her.

"Are you okay…?" She tried to sound slightly nonchalant, almost like him but her voice trailed off at the end.

She also began to notice that every time she stared into his ashen-gray eyes she felt timid, which was an unfamiliar emotion, she tried to self-analyze this new sensation but could come up with no reason. There was that excitement in the depths of her stomach, it was like small bees buzzing around trying to sting her heart, which would explain why her heart began to beat so frantically.

"Yes, I'm fine Haruhi. I'm about to go on my first date with my extremely beautiful girlfriend. Nothing could ruin my mood."

She raised an eyebrow trying to filter the words to see if they were meant as a sarcastic comment or genuine excitement…or both.

"I see…" She continued to exchange eye contact with him, not noticing that she was leaning in closer until their faces were barely half an inch apart and his hand found the small of her back.

Even clothed, she felt an almost unbearable heat where his hand met her back and she trembled. She willingly followed his lead as he slowly guided her on top of his lap, never removing his hand from her back and never losing their intense eye contact.

Now their faces were inches apart, eyes locked, while Haruhi's knees gently rested on the side of his seated form as she sat across his lap. Her dress bunched up to expose her thighs and her hands were resting on his chest for balance. She couldn't help the red blush on her cheeks, and she felt strangely exposed under his stare, despite being fully clothed. Kyoya was using all the strength inside of him to not do anything lewd, but it was becoming more and more difficult to deny himself.

Haruhi in a brief moment of courage initiated the contact and slowly kissed him while her hands ran through his raven hair. Her heart was beating uncontrollably fast and she couldn't help the slight gasp that escaped her lips when Kyoya wrapped his arms around her back. She felt trapped but it was excitement that consumed her rather than fear. The gentle kiss was tormenting Kyoya and he pulled her in closer to intensify.

Running his tongue across her lower lip, he humbly asked for entrance which Haruhi obliged. He took the time to explore every crevice of her mouth before Haruhi joined and began to battle his tongue for dominance. Their tongues twirled around in each other's mouth and Haruhi parted with the kiss as the need to catch her breathe overwhelmed her. He used the moment to edge her head over to the side and licked her collar bone, trailing kisses up to her ear lobe. His tongue teased her with mild caresses before he began light nips along her skin. She stifled a moan as she became lax in his arms. The tender touches were wonderful but she couldn't help the memory of an afternoon's spanking that flashed across her half-lidded eyes. It made her heart pick-up and Kyoya pulled her in even closer, he wanted to do more… Bite a little harder, run his nails along her thighs, feel the heat in his palm grow hot from spanking her…

"K-Kyoya-sempai…" Haruhi's voice was barely a whisper but Kyoya could hear every word.

"Yes, Haruhi?"

"I n-need …" She was embarrassed to ask but the heat rising within her was too strong, she shuffled within his lap and it only made Kyoya's need for her worse in exchange. He wanted to break his demeanor and touch her breast, caress her bare back, bite her and spank her, but he needed her to give him access first.

"Say it Haruhi. What do you need…?" Haruhi bit her lip, her cheeks were enflamed and her heart was about to beat out of her chest.

"I-I need mo-mo…"

The opening of the limo door was a sobering experience for them both. Haruhi especially as she fell backwards out of Kyoya's lap onto the floor of the vehicle. Whatever lust or desire between them dissolved instantly as Kyoya's driver opened the limo door letting the childlike screams and mechanical rollercoaster reverberations fill their ears, alerting them that they've reached their amusement park destination. Kyoya was enveloped by a dark cloud, the lack of satisfaction combined with the irritation of being interrupted during an intimate moment with Haruhi. Kyoya slowly climbed out of the limo and gently pressed his hand upon the shoulder of the unsuspecting driver.

"You're fired…" Kyoya said the words simply but every syllable was laced with bitterness.

The driver stood there dumbfounded, his mouth slightly agape. Kyoya turned to help Haruhi off of the limo floor and her face was apparently annoyed. She turned to face the driver and gave him a grin.

"He's not serious, I'll calm him down and everything will be okay." The still frightened driver gave a nervous smile in return accompanied by a slight nod before almost running back to the driver's side of the car. As he drove off Haruhi turned to see Kyoya's irritated expression. Is he embarrassed...? Haruhi pondered this as she came up to him straightening out her dress.

"Now don't be upset. We were doing something inappropriate, he was just doing his job." She said with a slight blush still on her face. Kyoya knew that what Haruhi was saying was valid but he couldn't help the lingering frustration.

"I don't think he saw anything, and even if he did it's not like he would ever say it. I'm sure you've scared him into probably never speaking again." Haruhi said this and envisioned the middle-aged driver shaking in fear of Kyoya's power. She had never really pondered the authority he held over anyone but her and the other host club members. It was really…interesting. She was brought out of her thoughts by Kyoya's large hand casually wrapping around her own small one.

"We can go in now." His face and voice maintained a slight edge but he seemed relatively normal.

"Alright then, but close your eyes first…" Kyoya shrugged his shoulders at this odd request but obliged.

"But if we don't hurry the lines may-"

She cut him off with a light kiss on the cheek and she would've sworn she saw him blush, even if it was only a second or two. Kyoya opened his eyes and didn't let his expression give him away but internally he had the same bees buzzing around in his stomach, just as Haruhi did. His heart skipped a beat at such a public display of affection. I'm sure Tamaki and Hikaru loved that. He thought to himself as another smirk appeared on his face.

"Well, that was surprising. What do I owe that little display?" Kyoya asked half-teasing and half-serious.

"I guess it's only natural to want to kiss your boyfriend…Besides I was hoping that would persuade you to give that man his job back." She smiled and winked making Kyoya's heart skip again. She will end up being the death of me.

He shrugged it off. It didn't take him long to calm down and he remembered that he had to make this at least moderately enjoyable for her considering, it was their first date.

"Fine, fine. He's rehired, but I'll let you know he'll have to go through Ootori employee training again…and I'll make sure to emphasize door knocking in the new operative manual."

Kyoya's words weren't necessarily meant as a joke but when he heard Haruhi's adorable laughter it cut through any lingering annoyance he felt and he couldn't help the grin that formed on his face. Their eyes met and they smiled at one another as they strolled to the entrance of the amusement park together, hand in hand.

Behind a car in the lot of the amusement park…

Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru had been closely following behind Kyoya's limo.

They found their way out of Tamaki-sempai's red Mercedes and hid behind other vehicles as they watched Kyoya and Haruhi. They saw the entire scene unfold, however they couldn't seem to understand Kyoya's anger toward his driver.

"I-I can't b-believe their holding h-h-hands!" Tamaki's cries were almost as loud as the screams of the people riding the rollercoasters.

"Boss be quiet! If they haven't noticed us by now they definitely will with you crying so loudly." Kaoru tried to calm Tamaki down but to no avail. His tears had almost created a small river and Kaoru was sure he would start growing mushrooms any minute now.

"Hikaru, say something to him." When Kaoru turned to Hikaru for help he noticed Hikaru's trembling form, his fist were clenched tightly and he was obviously angry. Kaoru knew seeing Haruhi kiss him of her own accord was going to upset him. Somewhere in Hikaru's mind he had hoped Kyoya was forcing her into being his girlfriend or something of that sort. That way when he went along with the plan, he could say he was doing it for her. However seeing her kiss him by choice, would he change his mind?

Kaoru leaned in on his brother, wrapping his arms around his waist and gently placing his chin on his brother's shoulder.

"Are you okay…? We don't have to go through with this…" Kaoru's words were tender.

In response Hikaru gently pushed Kaoru off and took out his cell phone, dialing fiercely he made THE call. All Kaoru could do was sigh in response, he knew exactly who his brother was calling and this was not going to turn out good for anyone…

Kaoru turned to Tamaki, one's responding with tears because he doesn't understand his own feelings.

Kaoru turned back to Hikaru, and the other doesn't know how to take other's feelings into consideration…

He looked down and began to pout, and then there's me in between all of this…I should've just stayed at home.

Hikaru's spoke professionally into the phone's receiver but there was hostility in every word.

"Yeah, how about you come down to the new amusement park, Princess? I'm sure Kyoya would be happy to see you… No, you see there's this, friend he's with but he said he's been looking for some higher class company…Yes, wonderful. Goodbye." A small smile formed across his lips despite the tinge of sadness and guilt he felt inside. I'm doing this for Haruhi… and when she sees that true Shadow King, I'll be there…

In the amusement park….

Haruhi had never been the dominating one in her interactions with Kyoya, but as she led him throughout the park weaving through crowds, lines and food stands, Kyoya couldn't help but submit. In an attempt to be prepared he had gathered information on amusement parks but he could find no initial attraction to the place. It was loud, the food would be mediocre and overpriced for commoner standards and there would be long lines for attractions that only lasted a few minutes at most. However, in Haruhi's eyes it was a fun place and this subsequently made Kyoya enjoy it more. She led him through various attractions and they shared foods that Kyoya could only describe as…fascinating, but they were enjoying each other's company to the fullest.

"So this is funnel cake, hmm?" On one of their stops for treats Haruhi chose to introduce him to the fried flavor of funnel cake. The dessert was only intensified in sweetness by the additional powdered sugar and ice cream.

"Yup, give it a try."

He took some time to examine it a little more, and Haruhi would've sworn she saw him smell it once or twice.

"I promise it won't bite."

"I'm more concerned about having a heart attack actually." He stated and she simply shrugged her shoulders.

"Is there something else you would prefer?" She asked and he shook his head, she was everything he needed.

"No, here." He passed the funnel cake off to her. "Enjoy."

Her eyes lit up almost as if she were Honey-sempai and she dug in quickly.

"I thought you weren't a big fan of sweets." She took a large bite and swallowed before responding.

"I'm not really, but I don't get many times to just go to amusement parks anymore. It's one of those things that really remind you of your childhood…" Her voice trailed off as she gazed down at her funnel cake.

"It reminds you of your mom…" Kyoya cursed himself as soon as the words left his mouth, he hadn't meant for such heavy conversation. He hoped she wouldn't be mad at him for making such a personal comment.

"…Yeah, it does actually. I have good memories with her, but going to the amusement park with her is one of the best. That's why I'm glad you brought me here." She turned her full attention to Kyoya and gave him one of her mesmerizing smiles.

"I know this isn't your favorite place to be but I see your making an effort for me, and I appreciate that." Kyoya lost himself in her words. He saw Haruhi's beauty constantly and knew she was an obviously intellectual woman, everyone could see that, but this was a rare moment. He cherished her, how comfortable and genuine she was, there was not an ounce of phoniness in Haruhi's body. Unlike all the other girls he had been introduced to or every girl that seemed to fall for him when he used to host…Haruhi was different and so much more. And he treasured her so much more than he could express in a few sentences. However he would try…

"Haruhi, I-"

"KYOOOOOOYA HEYYY THERE!" The girly greeting could be seen coming from the supermodel heading straight toward them and Kyoya's face had never become such a combination of shock, fear and anger ever before. Haruhi shrunk away at his overwhelming dark aura and even contemplated excusing herself.

"Haruhi, how about you go get yourself something to eat." Kyoya's voice was growing more and more intimidating.

"I'm not really hungry…if it's about your friend coming I do-" He cut her off by pulling out two 10,000 yen notes* handing them to her, all while keeping his eyes locked on the girl coming closer with every passing second.

"I INSIST…then you go play some games or something, I'll be there soon." His words were beginning to sound so menacing Haruhi wouldn't have been surprised if he started to spit poison.

"O-okay…" Haruhi quickly got up and almost ran off for the game booths, this was the real shadow king and whoever that woman was, Haruhi was curious but not enough to risk her life.

Kyoya sighed internally, What the HELL is she doing here of all places? I know Tamaki and Hikaru are jealous and upset I'm out with Haruhi, but to do something like this!…

The young woman reached Kyoya. Her skin glowed from years of pampering and her brown curls shone in the light beautifully, it was undeniable that it had been taken care of perfectly since birth. Her face was void of all blemishes and her make up looked professionally done. She wore a short sapphire mini skirt that matched her button down rosy blouse, and it was buttoned down undeniably low. Not to mention the ruby red heels she wore to match…Wait, who wears heels to an amusement park? Regardless, when she reached Kyoya she gave an over exaggerated sigh but smiled at him nonetheless.

"Well, hey there …long time no see." Her voice was as lovely and seductive as it was wicked.

Behind the dessert stand…

"Takeshi…Is that who I think it is?" Honey's voice was a combination of fear and anger. Mori sighed and could only nod. Those two had been watching from a moderate distance, and they were pretty sure no one had caused too much trouble for Kyoya and Haruhi. Everything had looked to be fine…until now.

"This is going overboard." Honey put his head down.

"It's good that he sent Haruhi away but this is still bad…really bad."

Honey and Mori both knew that something had to be done, but against her, against Princess Suzuki Masami it looked bleak…

*Two 10,000 yen notes = Around $195 in U.S currency

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