Minecraft Monster School

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Chapter 2

Ender flopped down on the bed. He and Zing had been touring the school, when they had taken a wrong turn and gotten lost in a labyrinth. Then, Zing had fallen into a deep hole, bounced back up, fallen back in, bounced back up...until Ender finally caught his dizzy friend and teleported back to their room. Tomorrow's the first day of school, he reminded himself, and continued sleeping.

Gistelle yawned as the morning sun shone through the window. The ghast quickly floated through the door, making her way to the homeroom. The only person there was a zombie reading a Science Physics Book (that was odd) and a man with white eyes, who she assumed was the teacher as he looked...well the most 'normal'.

As if he had been reading her thoughts, the man looked at Gistelle and said, "Gistelle the ghast right? I am Mr. Herobrine, your teacher. That's Zomboni. Free seating is allowed." Gistelle took a seat at the back of the class and began reading The History Of Minecraftia. Soon, the other students entered the classroom. Creeper, Skeleton, Spider, Enderman, Slime, Zombie Pigman, Silverfish, Blaze, Wither...almost all the mobs of Minecraftia were there!

Mr. Herobrine stood and yelled, "Alright, shut up before I kill all of you!" A deathly silence settled on the room as one by one, the students stopped exercising their vocal chords.

Once the Wither's left head had told the other two to duct tape their mouths, Mr. Herobrine continued, "Good. As some of you might know, I am Mr. Herobrine. I am here to make your life hell by giving you an education. My brother Notch and I are the principals of the school. He's the good cop, I'm the bad cop. Now, I want each of you to stand up and say something about yourself. This cheesy idea was Notch's. Zing the Slime, you begin."

Zing jumped onto his table and started a endless monologue while hopping up and down, all of which Ender had heard and seen before. Finally, Zing bounced so high that he slammed into the roof, and mumbled, "I think I'll stay here for the rest of the lesson..." The rest facepalmed and one by one, were called up to introduce themselves. Xplov was the Creeper, and natually had a habit of saying 'Sssss' whenever he said a word that started with the letter 'S'. Skellie was an ace with the bow and nearly shot a fire arrow in his excitement. Spinnet the spider was busily weaving as she talked, making a nice pair of socks at the end of her introduction. Ender we've already met. Nugget the Zombie Pigman had a brain the size of a fingernail. And the fact that it was completely empty. Silver the Silverfish was pretty interested in the library's food-I mean books. Pyro who was a Blaze just annoyed the shit out of everyone. And finally...Tridex the Wither. The left head was Venstre('left' in Danish), the middle was Midten('middle' in Danish), and the right was Hojre('right' in Danish).

After the introductions, it was time for the first class of the day. Swimming. The moment Pyro and Ender heard that, they immediately started protesting.

Mr. Herobrine glared at them, before continuing, "Pyro and Ender, you are excused. I have a job for you two. The rest of the class, be at the pool in ten minutes!" He swept out of the room, Pyro and Ender trailing behind, as the others tried to figure out if the school even had a pool.

More than 30 minutes later, the class finally gathered at the swimming pool, which was, thankfully, not filled with lava. Just plain old water. Ender and Pyro were sitting at the sides of the pool, wearing two raincoats, a giant floppy hat, and carrying an umbrella each. Next to them was a huge sack of something.

Mr. Herobrine then arrived and everyone lined up at the diving boards. "Alright, the goal is to get to the other end of the pool! I don't care how you swim, just get there!"He yelled, and fired the starting pistol. The students dived gracefully*coughcoughcannonballedcough* into the pool and started doggy paddling all the way, with the exception of Spinnet, who was propelling herself through the water going at a very high speed. Suddenly, Silver felt something land on his head. "What the-"He spluttered, staring at the innocent yellow rubber duck floating in the water before another bonked him again. Silver glanced to the side of the pool, where Ender and Pyro were pulling rubber ducks out of the sack and throwing them at everyone. Oh my god, Silver thought, then started swimming as fast as he could, which was rather difficult considering that the rubber ducks were twice the size of the Silverfish.

The moment Spinnet saw the first duck, she dived deep down and freestyled with all eight legs,her genes from the water spiders kicking in. "Yes!" She gasped for air as her head broke the water and she reached the other side. Skellie was right behind her as he shot the ducks away from him while doing the backstroke. And surpisingly in third place was Silver, who was floating unnoticed on a rubber duck and kicked franctically through water. The others...well were still trying to doggy paddle under the relentless assault of ducks.

Finally, it was over, with everyone else being teleported out of the water by Mr. Herobrine.

Then, the teacher announced, "Spinnet, Skellie, Silver, Ender, and Pyro, return to class. The rest of you..."His eyes glinted menacingly before continuing,"Trash Pick Up Duty." More than 100 swear-words were heard as the first class of the day ended.

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