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"Spock. Spock."

Bones wakes to the sound of Jim's urgent voice above his face. "What happened?" he mumbles, still trying to keep his eyes closed.

"Good, you're awake." There's a light slap on the side of his cheek. "Uhura, your boyfriend's fine, now will you please come get him before he talks my ear off?"


Bones' eyes fly open just in time to see Uhura lean over him, her jaw clenched with worry. "Do you feel okay?" she asks, cradling his head in her hands. "We should get you down to medical-"

"Medical? No, I'm fine-" Bones grimaces as his stomach grumbles. "Maybe not."

"Exactly what happened?" Kirk demands to someone behind Bones. "And remember, Mr. Chekov, I want answers, not a scientific thesis."

"Ah, keptin, it appears that we were temporarily pulled into the orbit of a small moon. As the ship tried to pull out of orbit so abruptly the orbital strip grew much more chaotic and-"

"Are we under attack?" Kirk wants to know, barely concealing the impatience in his tone.

"No, sir, as I was saying-"

"I think we're fine, then." Kirk is bending over someone else on the other side of the bridge. Bones watches, his hand still clutching his stomach. "Bones. Bonesy. Wake up."

"Wait," Bones blurts, "I'm right-"

"Shhh," Uhura soothes, her hand rubbing comforting circles in his back. "Don't speak."


"Spock," Kirk says, "I know you often want to offer an explanation but this is not the time, okay? You're tired. Go get some rest."

"I'm not Spock," Bones says loudly.

Kirk turns to look at him then, puzzled. Then something dawns in his eyes. "Great. Uhura, take him down to the med-bay. Make sure you tell them that he's got a concussion."

"Concussion? I'll give you a-" Bones breaks free of Uhura's grasp before the thought strikes him. He glances down at his hands and almost screams when he sees Spock's spindly fingers in front of him, not his own rough, calloused fingertips. "What the hell? I am Spock!"

"And delusions," Kirk adds.

There's a groan and when the other figure sits up, rubbing his head, Bones almost sticks his fist into his mouth to prevent himself from yelling when he sees his body from across the room. "That's-" he stutters.

"That's Doctor McCoy," Sulu supplies from his left, watching Bones struggle to come to grips. "Maybe you've got memory loss as well-"

"Damn it, man, I know who that is, that's me!" Bones watches his body turn to look at him, face curiously blank and stoic.

"How is that-"

"He is correct, Mr. Sulu. That is indeed Doctor McCoy you are addressing, and I myself am in his body." Spock inspects his new hands before pulling himself to his feet.

The whole bridge falls silent as they stare at the two men, piecing together the information in their heads. Finally, Bones sees his own mouth open, and knows with a sinking heart what Spock is going to say:

"How… fascinating."

That single word is enough to send Kirk into hysterical laughter.

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