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Ethan unlocked the door to his house. No one was there because they had to bring Jane from her friend's house. It was a dark and cold outside with the moon and the streetlights giving off a little light to see. He opened the door and closed it. Today, they had no school, though they should've. But it was canceled because of the 'explosion' that happened. He didn't want to go, anyway. Why would he even go if it opened? He felt his eyes getting heavier every second, but he stayed strong. He went upstairs to get his mind off of things. It was easier said than done, because the moment he sat down on his bed, he had to let his tears slide. He couldn't let it stay in.

A few days ago, he asked the girl of his dream out. Maybe it didn't go well, but it didn't mean they both didn't care for each other. He remembered how hurt Sarah was when he they kind of dumped each other without knowing it. She did care. She liked him. But all that care was gone. She was gone. He could've protected her, could've ran away with her so she would survive. She might have survived the Lucifractor because it was destroyed at the end when the explosion happened, but she was gone. She disappeared. He felt that he was hopeless. He couldn't even protect the girl he loved. Yes, loved. He admitted that to himself millions of times, but never actually said it out loud. He felt the need to say it. She wasn't… there with him, so he wouldn't be embarrassed by any kind of reaction such as rejection.

"I love you, Sarah." His voice was cracking when he said that, so he said it again with more confidence this time. "I love you, Sarah. I really do."

He just wanted things to get back to normal. Even the others were a bit sad. Well, Erica wasn't a bit sad, she was very sad, just like Ethan. And now that they all were, everyone was at their houses, watching TV and eating, at least that's what he heard. He wanted to sit down with Jane and Sarah, watching movies that Jane wanted to see. Then eventually, Jane would sleep and the two teenagers would be alone. He wanted that so badly. Now, he couldn't help but blame himself for what happened, though he knew that he didn't do anything. He knew he did his best. What ruined it mostly was that he was scared seeing people looking dead. That trick from Stern made him too afraid for he didn't like losing the people he loved or anything like that. He never did.

Wiping away his tears, how thought It's not my fault. I should stop blaming myself. I-I have to move on. At least I got her before. I succeeded. I'm not hopeless.

He heard a knock on the door. Well, it couldn't be his family since they have keys with them too. It might be one of his friends… or some of them. Maybe even his other family members visiting them because they wanted to see how they were. If so, they'd have to wait inside the house until his parents come home.

He ran down the stairs to get the door, trying to hide the fact that he was crying a few seconds ago. He opened the door to see someone. Just someone. That someone was wearing a dark blue hoodie over their head with sunglasses, making it hard to know who the person was. It was obvious that it was a boy, who looked like a teenager. The stranger was surprisingly the same exact height as Ethan.

"Uh, hello. Who are you, might I ask?" Ethan said as politely as possible.

"If I tell you, you'd be in too much shock. But please, can you let me in?" the stranger requested. But his voice. It was… how could he explain it? It wasn't really that familiar, but he did know it.

It seemed weird someone he didn't know to ask him this. But since he said that finding out his identity would be a shock for him, he knew that it was no weird or unknown person. But yet again, could he trust anyone? If that person was harmful... well, those vampire fighting weapons don't only work on undead blood-suckers.

"Um, sure, I guess," he allowed him in.

"Thank you," said the person, coming in with his hands in his pant pockets.

"I don't care if I'll be in shock knowing who you are," he closed the door, "but could you please tell me?"

He sighed. "Okay. Fine."

Removing the hoodie from the top of his head made Ethan see more details about him. Everything about the person seemed so familiar. Every feature, every word that came out, the way he talked, the way he'd put his hands in his pockets at times. His dark hair was a bit longer than his and a bit lighter, just the same shade he had when he was a little kid. By the time he grew older, his hair got darker. But… this person… so mysterious. And maybe not. He figured it out before he even took out the sunglasses.

"You're me!" he exclaimed.

When the sunglasses were out, he knew he was right. Him… the other him has a smile on his face.

"But h-how?" he asked, shocked. "Are you from another dimension? Another world? An alien? A-A-A shape-shifter?"

"Whoa, relax… Ethan," Other Ethan said. "Wow, it's weird saying my name to comfort myself," he mumbled.

"Who a-are you?" Ethan couldn't stop stammering, it seemed.

"I'm you… from the future."

This almost made Ethan faint.

Future Ethan noticed that, so he made him sit down in the living room's couch.

"Look, I'm not sent here to freak you out. I'm sent here to save your future."

"What happens in the future?" Ethan asked, curious.

"All I can say is that we have to save Sarah right now and fast before it's too late. We don't have much time."

Just when Ethan thought he had no hope, future him comes and tells him otherwise.

"She's alive?" Ethan smiled.

"Yeah. So far." Then he added, "But we better hurry if we wanna save her. After…" he looked at his watch "five minutes maybe they might kill her."

"Who are 'they'?"

"No time to explain." He put his glasses and hoodie back on and extended his hand. "Come on. I'm faster than you."


"Do you think I have time to explain? Just hold my hand."

If felt weird for Ethan to hold his own hand – future hand anyway, which made him unnaturally excited and nervous – but he did it anyway.

In a few seconds, he found himself in front of a building. It had only a ground floor which was very clear. They stood in front of a gate, which was very long in height, making it look hard to climb.

"Vampire?" Ethan asked future him, who nodded afterwards.

He noticed that Future Ethan was holding his arm, looking up… or maybe at the gate. He saw this coming, but when they were flying, he felt sick to his stomach. He had a bad history with flying with Rory.

After he was dropped, they were off running inside. Future Ethan had never been inside there, but he was told of this place, so it was totally new to him. When they entered, they saw cell. Just endless cells with what seemed like imprisoned vampires because they put garlic close to the bars so they wouldn't get too close to it. The garlic made the place smell unpleasant, but both boys had to ignore it, Future Ethan had to avoid it, actually, but it didn't really matter much. The ceiling and walls seemed to be made out of metal, and the floor had white marble tiles.

Ethan wanted to move and find Sarah, but he saw that future him was stuck in his place.

"Come on. We need to look for her." He said.

When the vampires heard his voice, they tried to get close to the bars. A guy, who physically looked 30 years old, whispered, begging, "Please get us out of here. We're weak... and hungry."

Future Ethan looked at himself… or him, and said, "We need to help them. We don't want them to die, do we?"

"Okay, but let us find Sarah first."

Future Him nodded. They agreed that Ethan would go search for Sarah and Future Him tried to go see the control panel, since the cells didn't have the option to be opened with keys. Ethan walked and walked, searching hopelessly for Sarah. He wanted her to still be alive. And it was a good thing no one was around yet but those two in view.

Just when he was about to give up hope, he heard Sarah's whispers, saying, "Ethan?"

He spun his head around towards the direction of the sound. When he saw Sarah, his face brightened. Hope just came back to him. He ran over to her cell, trying to get as close as possible as he could.

"Ethan, I'm so happy to see you. I missed you."

"Me too. I wish I could hug you, but I can't." He said, smiling. One reason was that Sarah couldn't get close the the garlic; it was one of their weaknesses. Another was because the bars came in between them, so it was not that possible to reach out for her to get a hug.

"Same here," she said, smiling. But soon her smile disappeared. "How are you gonna get me… or us out?"

"Somehow," he said, looking left and right, wondering if Future Him figured it out. "I brought help."

As if by miracle, he heard a sound as if something popped. He knew what that meant, so he backed away. The doors of the cell slowly started to open.

"How?" was all Sarah could say.

But Ethan had no patience. As all the vampires, ran out, thankful for being free, he had to pull Sarah into a tight embrace. "I missed you so much those few days."

He felt a droplet of tear on his exposed neck. He couldn't say he knew how she felt. He couldn't say that he did know he she felt because he didn't. He had the idea in his head that she was dead, but she was in a situation where her doom was in any minute, and that was much worse.

"I thought I wouldn't see you again." Her voice was so low that it seemed that she forced the words out of her mouth.

Then she pulled herself away from him. A few minutes ago, he saw he crying, and at those few seconds, he saw her smiling. He was truly happy at the moment.

They noticed that everyone was gone, so Ethan suggested they find 'someone'. Sarah didn't know what he meant, but agreed to anyway.

Just as they turned around, they saw a man who was smirking at them.

"Well, well, well, looks like we have a vampire who didn't escape in here." He put his hand in his pockets, taking out a stake. This time, Ethan felt a need to protect Sarah.

"Stay away from her."

"Like a teenager like you could do anything to me."

"He might not do a thing." They heard a voice. Future Ethan. "But that doesn't mean I won't." Less than a second later, he appeared behind the guy. It was a good thing he was wearing his sunglasses and hood or Sarah would've had a shock.

Future Ethan's fangs flashed out when he started grinning. The man didn't even dare look behind him. He tightened his grip on the stake. Other Ethan noticed that, so he quickly sank his fangs into his neck, sucking him dry until he felt the man lifeless in between his hands.

Just as he dropped him to the ground, he saw Sarah's shocked expression. If she was shocked by this, how would she handle seeing two Ethans.

As if on cue, and to his bad luck, Other Him removed the sunglasses. He turned his head to see that Sarah was a bit too surprised with her eyes and mouth that were widened in awe.

"Ethan," she breathed. "You better explain to me what's going on."

"Sarah," Ethan started. "This is Future Me." He pointed at the Other Him.


"I didn't even explain it to him," Future Ethan pointed at the Ethan from this time zone. "But I'll explain when we get you somewhere safe, okay?"

When Ethan turned his head around, he saw that Other Him was smiling, like in a flirty way. He didn't know why, but he felt a pinch of jealousy, but he let it go when Other Him suggested that they go to Ethan's house and Sarah held his hand so she'd give him a ride there. She looked at her boyfriend and smiled sweetly at him, well not officially her boyfriend, but they were on their way there.

After a few seconds holding hands, Ethan found himself at home with Future Him shortly coming after them. They entered the house and made Sarah rest on Ethan's bed, the bed he was crying on maybe five minutes ago.

"It's weird seeing two of you," Sarah said softly; most probably because she's weak.

Ethan sat on the end of the bed and Future Him sat on a computer chair.

"How are you feeling now?" Ethan asked.

"Mentally, emotionally, or physically?" she asked.

"All three, I guess."

"Mentally, I feel like I'm exploding. Future You makes it harder to be sane right now."

This made both boys laugh.

"Emotionally, I feel like I'm a wreck, being locked and all for those few days. Physically, I feel fine." She looked at Future Ethan. "You said you'd explain. Come on. Spill."

He smiled. "Same Sarah I used to know." The other teenagers saw the pain in his eyes, though they know he was trying to hide it. "Right. Um, well, I'm from, what, 70 years from the future. No, not 70, it's 73. And, well, Benny became, and this is hard to believe, a spellmaster. Like really good at it. And in the future, where I was, you were dead, Sarah." His voice broke. He couldn't keep it calm. It was clear now that he was emotionally hurt. "I tried to save you along with everyone, but we were too late. We even… saw you die in front of us. You were pleading for help, but we couldn't save you. I feel sorry, until now."

"Please, don't be. I'm here." Sarah told him.

"Let me continue," he said. "Well, after Benny became a master in magic, I saw that there was a time-travel spell which can bring you to any time you want but for only five days. You see this watch?" He pointed the one on his wrist. They nodded. "This isn't just that, it can let me communicate with Benny."

"Cool!" Ethan stared at it, impressed.

"I know, right?"

"So, are the rest vampires too?" He wondered out loud.

"Yep. Even Benny."

"Can I ask you why, exactly? Why did you turn, I mean."

"Well, since Sarah didn't… survive, I felt a bit lonely. Benny started dating Erica and she bit him. I was left alone, so Benny suggested that I turn too. I actually didn't want to do it, but I had no one, so I did eventually."

A few days ago, he would've been a bit surprised to hear 'Benny', 'Erica' and 'dating' in the same sentence... or even 'Benny' and 'Erica', but they were actually dating now, so it wasn't surprising to him to hear that.

"I'm sorry for that," Sarah said.

"It's okay. At least it won't happen to this Ethan."

"So, you haven't seen her in… 73 years?" He was beginning to feel bad for the Other Him. He must've gone through a lot, yet with all that, he helped and made sure he'd be with Sarah. Or maybe he desperately wanted her.

Wait, since they were the same, and he thought of both reasons, there was a possibility it was both. Yeah. That was it.

Future Ethan nodded. "You don't know how happy I am right now."

"Wait. I have another question-"

"Okay, but don't hit me with questions. You're me, and I know you very well. I know how curious I… I mean we… I mean you can get. Gosh, this is so confusing."

"It is indeed," Ethan nodded. "Well, if you changed time, aren't you supposed to not exist?"

"Oh, Ethan, you don't get it, do you?" He shook his head at him, and then said, "Time is more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly time-y wimey stuff."

"Did you just quote that from Doctor Who?" Ethan raised his eyebrows.

Future Him nodded, smiling.

Sarah just looked at them curiously. "I do not understand what nerdy stuff you guys are talking about."

"Oh, I just meant that time can be bent and changed easily. And I will stay here, it's just that when I get back, you'll already be there and I won't even know what happened in the past few years with you."

"Next time, can you not put it in a nerdy way?"

Future Ethan looked at the younger him. "You really need to make her watch the shows you do."

He nodded, smiling.

"No, no, no! I'm not watching Star Wreck or Star Wars or whatever."

Ethan rolled his eyes.

"Well, I think I'm staying here for five days." Future Ethan said. "Can I hide here? Your room, I mean."

"Uh, sure."

"Well, I think we should let Sarah rest until she can run or move again."

Sarah might have run with Ethan till here, but that drained all of her energy since she was weak.

"Okay, but be careful. I don't want Mom and Dad to see us together at the same time."

The boys went downstairs, their voice fading slowly as one of them said, "Okay, but that doesn't mean I won't see them..."

Sarah put her weak head down and tried to relax. Two Ethans, huh?

She smiled. Even after seventy years, Ethan didn't change much. Plus, he looked like he dyed his hair a lighter shade. She kind of liked that. She liked her Ethan too, but…

What am I saying? He's not mine. I don't even think he wants us to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

She knew what she wanted, and she wanted him. The problem was, she didn't know what he wanted. Yes, Future Him said that he wanted her, but he also said that time can change quickly, so if both of them are having different experiences, did that mean that Ethan, the not-future-one, didn't like her?

She didn't want to think about it. If he really did care about her, he'd say it. She just had to wait. She knew he was a really shy person. But since he was, and he asked her out a few days ago, did that mean he really liked her?

She didn't know. She decided to leave this for later. She took a breath that she didn't need and relaxed, making sure that she wouldn't fall asleep on his bed.

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