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Chapter two: upheaval

The pub was completely silent.

All eyes watched the TV above the bar. Watching horrified as various clips flashed across the screen. Shaky footage showing Superboy and Miss Martian being taken down by Superman and the Martian Manhunter.

Kid Flash taken down by Green Lantern and Hawk Girl.

"As you can see not even The Leagues sidekicks were exempt from the actions of the rogue League. The footage shown shows Miss Martian, Superboy and Kid Flash taken by The League just hours after they killed Lex Luthor in retaliation for his public execution of The Flash." The reporter on screen spoke quietly, but it filled the pub easily.

"The fate of the other sidekicks, such as: Robin, Aqualad, Artemis, Rocket, Zatanna and Red Arrow previously known as Speedy, are unknown, and any information on them please call the government hotline provided."

The ding of the door opening, startled them all.

And the room froze as Black Canary stepped inside, her expression cold.

The red headed man sitting at the bar was the only one to move, as he gulped down the last of his drink. He let out a cold laugh as the woman moved towards him.

"Come to bring me in like the others Black Canary?" He asked darkly.

Black Canary flinched and looked away.

"You know it's not like that Roy…" She started, only to be cut off by Roy.

"You don't get to call me that anymore." He snapped, standing up.

A look of sorrow flashed across Black Canary's face before vanishing. "Fine then…Red Arrow…I am to escort you to The Watchtower, for your own good." She said quietly, ignoring the sudden muttering of the patrons.

Roy laughed.

"You really think I would go with you?" He asked in disbelief.

He pointed to the TV angrily.

"After what you did to them? They're just kids Dinah! Robin is thirteen for fuck sake! Did he get the same treatment Superman gave Superboy?" He snapped.

She looked away guiltily. "We didn't want that to happen…Superman…is unstable at the moment." She replied.

Roy glared at her. "Personally I think you're all 'unstable' right now. So no I'm not going to the watch tower with you." He said, stepping back.

Black Canary sighed. "Don't make me take you by force Roy…please." She begged him softly.

Roy smiled sadly back. "Sorry Dinah…I'm not going with you…we're enemies now." He said, taking another step back.

"Please Roy, I don't want to hurt you. You'll be safer with us…it'll be better than being alone."

"I'm not going with you." Roy said sharply.

"Then I'm sorry Roy." Black Canary said, as she shifted her stance and readied herself to attack. Roy smiled sadly. "I'm sorry to…but, I never said I was alone." he replied.

Black Canary froze as something cold touched her throat.

"You really should be more aware off your surroundings little bird." Cheshire purred into her ear. "After all you never know when there's a cat waiting in the shadows."

"Cheshire?" Black Canary asked surprised.

"Got it in one blondie."

And with that Cheshire covered her mouth with a white cloth and held it in place as Canary struggled, until the woman's knees buckled and she fell limply into Roy's arms. He lowered her down to the ground and shot a shaky smile at the assassin.

"Brilliant timing Cheshire…you get our stuff alright?" He asked quietly. The woman nodded, her eyes locked on the blond woman at her feet, her hand tightening on the sai she was holding. "I should kill her for what she did!" She hissed suddenly.

"No! Artemis wouldn't want that." Roy said reaching out of the woman's arm. Jade practically snarled.

"Why should I care? They took her! She joined your league of heroes to get away from our families life! And now she is in an even worse mess!" Her sai spun in her hand and poised over the woman.

"Jade no!" Roy snapped, grabbing her arm and pulling her away. Almost instantly the sai was at his neck, her mask face glaring at him eerily. "I love you Red…so don't make me hurt you." She whispered dangerously.

He swallowed and slowly raised his hand to cover the hand holding the sai. "I love you too…but at the moment The League only wants me captured like The Team…if the person they sent out after me turns up dead…we're next in line after Luthor…and we leave a bunch of kids at their mercy, do you really want that to happen?" He asked quietly.

Jade stared at him silently for a few seconds, before sighing and lowering her sai and turning away almost in disgust. "Urgh, your like that little angel that appears on peoples shoulders in cartoons." She muttered annoyed as she sheathed her sai.

Roy's mouth twitched slightly into a smile before taking her hand and leading her out of the bar, ignoring the stares.

"Does that mean your dad is the little devil then?" He muttered as they climbed up the fire escape to the roof tops, he grinned as he hear the very unladylike snort from his girlfriend.

"Robin? Oh please wake up!"

Dick let out a groan of pain as he tried to roll away from the source of the voice. A twinge of pain in his ribs made his eyes snap open with a hiss of pain. He blinked a few times as the room spun, before a beautiful pale face surrounded with raven hair came into focus.

"…Zee?" He muttered confused, he was even more confused when she wrapped him up in a tight hug…a tight painful hug.

"Okay, ow." He said weakly.

Zatanna let out a horrified gasp and pulled away. "Oh I'm so sorry, I forgot! I-I just was so worried I mean when Batman carried you in and- Oh my gosh you were so pale I thought you were dead!" She sobbed.

Dick flinched as he forced his body to sit up so he could wrap an arm around the girls shoulders.

"Shhh…it's okay I'm fine…mostly." He soothed, eyes scanning the room.

They were in the holding cells on board the watch tower. Kaldur sat with Rocket silently, their expressions identically serious. Artemis was curled up with Wally, her neck had a hand shaped bruise and Wally's leg was in a cast along with his arm. Conner sat on the floor against the bed that held M'gann, who had a bandage around her chest and a white blistering mark on her cheek.

Dick's arms automatically tightened round Zatanna's shoulders. "Are you okay zee?…They didn't hurt you did they?" He asked quietly.

She nodded against him. "Yeah…I didn't have a chance…J'onn knocked me out before I could even open my mouth…same with Rocket…they stuck a collar on us all to stop our powers…I didn't even know they could stop magic! I can't believe this is happening!" She whispered horrified.

"I know Zee…but it did and now we have to decide what to do." He said, softly but firmly.

"Robin is right." Kaldur said, as he looked up and met Robin's eyes. "We must come up with a plan for after we escape."

"How do you know we're going to escape?" Artemis asked hoarsely. "How do you know we're not going to be stuck in this cell for the rest of our lives?"

"Because Roy's not here." Kaldur said simply.

"What's he got to do with anything?" She asked scowling.

Kaldur, Wally and Dick shared a grin. "Roy isn't here which means he might have got away…probably with the help of your sister Artemis and I doubt he'll just sit around…he knows a few…grey heroes that might be willing to help him…he'll get us out if we can't get ourselves out of course…I for one am not going to just sit here like a good little boy." Dick said.

"Or the league could have killed them both." Artemis muttered darkly. Causing the boy's smiles to vanish and the room to go silent.

"Roy can't be dead…I can't believe that Artemis." Wally said quietly.

"Yeah…by the way no more Robin…I'm going by Nightwing now…did any of you even notice that I'm wearing a whole new outfit?" Dick broke in pouting slightly, obviously trying to lighten the suddenly dark mood.

Zatanna giggled as the rest of the team smiled.

"Nightwing huh…I guess it's only right we change our hero names…I for one want nothing to do with Green Arrow anymore…" Artemis muttered, her fingers brushing the bruise on her throat, before reaching up and removing her mask and tossing it to the floor.

Superboy followed her lead and tore the Superman symbol from his shirt and threw it over Artemis' mask. Kaldur sighed and pulled the Atlantis symbol from his belt and flicked it onto the pile. Wally frowned before reaching up and pressing the symbol on his flash uniform. "I will keep wearing Uncle Barry's symbol…but I don't feel like sunshine yellow anymore…" He muttered softly, as his uniform turned pitch black.

Dick shrugged. "I already did the whole forsaking thing but…" He pulled his domino mask off and lobbed it on the pile.

"My outfit has nothing to do with Icon." Rocket said with a shrug.

"My Father would never have condoned this, so I'll continue to wear my uniform for him." Zatanna added.

"Uncle J'onn did though…" M'gann's soft voice made them start, as she sat up, her arm wrapped around her chest. Her green skin was vanishing under pure white and her face becoming more angular as her hair shortened to just above shoulder length. her outfit changed to a dark blue skirt that was open at the front, revealing shorts of the same colour. Her top had lost its red x and turned into an almost corset, with black sleeves, that was open at the front but still modest, it was white and outlined in black. A pair of knee high black boots completed the look. She glanced at them from under her red hair revealing slightly brighter red eyes. "I'm a white Martian…it's time I stop pretending to be green and embrace my true form."

Conner wrapped an arm around her gently.

"We'll need new hero names…you know for the press to use when we kick The Justice Leagues asses." Artemis said, with a slight smirk, some of her old spark returning to her.

Her smirk was echoed by the rest of the team, before they all fell silent thinking.

"Tempest." Kaldur said quietly, breaking the silence a few minutes later.

"Tigeress…for my mom." Artemis said next.

"Miss M." M'gann said, with a smile aimed at Wally and Dick.

"I'm sticking with Flash…for ~Uncle Barry."

"I don't need a new name, just Conner." Conner muttered, crossing his arms.

They fell quickly into silence again.

"So how long do you think we'll be in here for?" Artemis asked, quietly, after a few minutes. "As long as we don't agree with The League's new morals I suppose." Dick muttered, laying back down.

Wally snorted. "So the rest of our lives then?" He quipped.

Silence fell once more and this time went unbroken.

Two shadowed figures walked quickly across the deserted street. The taller figure glanced around before heading into one of the apartment buildings. They walked up the stairs until they reached the fifth floor. Heading down to the second door on the floor, the taller figure knocked.

They waited silently, the taller figure knocking twice more, before calling quietly through the door. "Victor, open the damn door!" The door opened a minute later, barely showing the shadowed figure that peered out. The smaller figure raised a startled eyebrow at the glowing red eye that peered out of the shadow.

"I'm not getting involved man." The figure whispered, before shutting the door in their faces.

The taller figure spoke through the door. "They have them Victor…Rob, Wally and Kaldur…the people that saved your life and they need you to repay that debt you said you owed them."

There was a sigh on the other side of the door, before it swung open fully, revealing a tall bulky figure in a dark grey hoody. "Get in." He snapped, the single red eye glowing from under his hood almost angrily.

The two figures quickly slipped inside, pulling down their hoods as they followed Victor down the hallway into his apartment.

Jade whistled as she looked around, taking in the countless monitors and machines scattered around the room. She helped herself to a seat at the table covered in take out boxes and half built machines.

Victor glared at them from under his hood and more at her than Roy.

"You brought an assassin to my apartment man…there's a rule I have about that."

Roy shrugged. "She's my girlfriend Vic."

"I know but still man, I don't want The Shadows knocking at my door…they know you two are together by the way." Victor said, as he took a seat in the computer.

"We know." Jade said, as she poked the machine next to her. "I'm impressed you do though, it takes a lot to hack the shadows…I didn't know you had such…interesting friends Red."

"Victor doesn't get out much…he likes to stay under the radar." Roy explained quietly, raising an eyebrow at the still hooded teen. Victor muttered something under his breath before pulling down his hood, revealing his scowling face. Half of it covered with smooth silver metal.

"A cyborg? How interesting." Jade said quietly, her sharp eyes raking his body, taking note of the metal hands.

"That's me…The Cyborg…" Victor muttered with a hint of disgust, causing Roy to frown. Victor cut him off before he could talk however. "So what do you want from me? I don't want The League banging on my door either."

"We need a place to stay for a few days and your help tracking down some help. We're going to break The Team out and hopefully take out The League." Roy said quietly. Victor didn't seem happy about it, but turned to his computer. "Fine I'll help you find some heroes to order around…but then my debt is paid man…I don't want you knocking on my door on the run from The League again you hear!?" He said, jabbing his finger at the red head.

Roy nodded and moved over to sit next to Jade.

"Who are you looking for?" Victor said, his eyes not leaving the screen.

"Super power teens…heroes or maybe grey villains we need all the help we can get."

"Hmmm…I know a few I suppose…you're in Jump City, we have teen heroes and villains popping up all over the place…hell there's one just next door to me, but she might send you to another dimension if you ask her to help you fight The Justice League…she's been staying under their radar her whole life." He explained.

"Well we have to ask her…The Team…their just kids Vic…The League almost killed Miss Martian and Superboy was hurt pretty bad…Wally too…I heard from Wally's Aunt that Artemis…Jades sister…is possibly dead because last they heard from her was her choking like she was being strangled over the phone. And Robin was apparently unconscious and injured according to Alfred." Roy said angrily, as Jade's hands curled into fists.

"I'll help."

The emotionless voice from the shadows of the room made them all jump. A sai flew from Jade's hand and it stopped in mid air, surrounded by black energy. It floated back towards Jade, as a girl in a hooded cloak stepped from the shadows.

"How did you get in here? And how do you know we wanted your help?" Roy asked suspiciously.

The girl lowered her hood revealing dark blue hair, grey skin and amethyst eyes. There was a small gem on her forehead. "I heard your whole conversation…I was meditating in the room next to this…the walls are amazingly thin…I'm surprised this building is still standing to be honest…also I needed to borrow some milk…" she explained quietly, aiming the last part at victor..

Victor sighed and turned back to the screen. "One down I suppose." He muttered, before beginning his search. "Milks in the fridge Rae…"

The girl offered Roy and Jade a slightly self conscious smile. "I'm Raven…sorry for intruding." She muttered, before floating into the kitchen.

She returned with the milk and oddly a bottle of mustard. "Do you mind if I borrow your mustard as well?" She asked.

Victor nodded, shooting her a strange look.

"Oh I forgot to mention." She said suddenly, stopping as a portal appeared on the wall. "I got a new roommate who might me willing to help too…I found her causing havoc in the slums last night."

Victor paused in his typing. "You got a room mate?" He asked in disbelief.

Raven nodded. "Yes…She's an alien princess from the warrior planet, Tamaran." She answered, before vanishing into the portal.

The three teens blinked at the wall, Roy and Jade exchanged a look, as they heard a cry of glee come through the wall. "Oh friend Raven, you have brought me more of the mustard, it is a most delicious beverage is it not?" A bright perky voice chirped.

"…I prefer green tea." Raven's dry voice answered. "and please stop hugging me."

"Victor you have very strange friends." Roy muttered, shaking his head.

Jade nodded in agreement.

"Welcome to Jump City." Victor answered.

Chapter End.

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