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Chapter three

Meetings and decisions

The silence was deafening.

"Please…Richard…talk to me." The Dark Knight of Gotham's voice was barely a whisper and horribly broken.

Dick hated himself for wanting to reach out to his mentor. He hated how sad and disappointed the man sounded, like he was the one that had betrayed him.

Dick's hands curled into fists and the cold steel of the cuffs around his wrists only cemented his new found hatred for his almost father.

"I would like to return to my cell, Batman." He said coldly, almost relishing in the hurt that flashed across Batman's face, it would have been unnoticeable to anyone else, but he saw it.

"Richard it needed to be done." The man whispered desperately.

Dick snarled furiously. "Don't you dare try to justify what you did! What you all did!" He practically roared. "You murdered Lex Luthor! You murdered him Bruce! Yes, he was an evil and cruel man, but it wasn't your choice! You swore on your parents graves to protect people and never take a life! You lied to them and you lied to me!"

"I-Richard….son I-" Batman started.

The man jerked back as the small teen threw himself at him with a roar, the chains stopping him from reaching the Dark Knight. "I AM NOT YOUR SON!"

There was silence in the room and Dick stared at the man, as shock gave way to complete apathy. The man stood silently and walked past the teen and out of the room.

Dick stood there, chest heaving like he had run a marathon.

He stayed silent as he was taken from the interview room and returned to his and the teams 'quarters'.

They glanced up at him as he entered, their faces pale and sad.

He waited for the door to shut complete and the footsteps outside to fade away, before he crumpled to the floor, heart broken sobs pushing their way out of his mouth.

Arms were wrapped around him and he sobbed into someone's chest. "How could he! How could he!" He cried brokenly.

Waves crashed against the darkened pier.

The pier was completely empty of people, so no-one saw the figure pulling himself out of the water by the ladder and climbing up. Dark purple eyes scanned the area, before he leaned back over and spoke quietly in his native tongue. "The coast is clear Tula."

The second figure emerged from the waves and took the offered hand with a soft smile and allowed his help onto the pier. They both reached down to help up a third figure, who was noticeably less human in appearance.

Tula glanced around curiously, wrinkling her nose at the odd feeling of breathing air.

"We must move quickly!" La'gaan hissed, his eyes darting around the docks. Garth took Tula's hand in his once more and pulled her down the short dock to the cluster of warehouses, La'gann trailing closely behind.

"What if it's a trap Garth?" Tula said softly, as they moved past the warehouse, Garth tightened his grip on her hand as sparks danced around his other, his eyes dark. "Then they do not know who they're dealing with." He said coldly.

"I know exactly who I'm dealing with. But don't worry, we're allies." A voice said in heavily accented Atlantean. The three Atlantean's drew closer to each other, as three figures dropped down in front of them, one of them hovering above it slightly, the figure sent shivers down their spines.

Garth moved so he was standing in front of Tula, ignoring her annoyed huff and allowed the lightning to move up his arms. "Who are you?" He asked as La'gaan swelled.

One of the figures moved closer and lowered his hood, revealing a red haired teen. "My name is Roy….Kaldur probably called me Speedy to you though." He said in English with a sad smirk.

Garth, Tula relaxed instantly and motioned for La'gaan to stand down.

"You were the one who summoned us with Kaldur's communicator." Tula said softly in english, moving closer. "Do you know where he is? Is he alright?" She asked hopefully.

"I know where he is…I don't know if he's alright…in fact I doubt he is…but we're getting him out. We're getting them all out, but we need help if we're going to fight the league." Roy said seriously.

He motioned at the two girls behind him. "we already have a few volunteers', meet Cheshire and Raven." He introduced.

"We should go. Someone's coming." The hooded Raven said suddenly, noting the uneasy looks she was getting from the Atlantean's.

She spread out her cloak and it elongated into shadows and consumed them all.

A large black bird soared into the sky and through a summoned portal.

"I'm so sorry! I'm so, so sorry!"

Artemis watched the man before her sadly.

After all that he had done…after almost killing her…she pitied him.

The man was mask less and his eyes were red and surrounded by purple. He was pale and she could smell the alcohol from where she sat across the table from him. His eyes sought hers and they were so sad and horrified.

"You know what you did was wrong don't you?" She said softly.

He closed his eyes and seemed to shudder, but he didn't answer her. She didn't need him to…his body was speaking to her perfectly.

"I don't think I can ever forgive you…I doubt you can forgive yourself Oliver…" She said quietly and his eyes opened and met hers mournfully.

"You can't do anything about the past…but Ollie you can do something."

Hope filled his eyes and he reached out as if to hold her hand, but he never completed the motion and she moved her hands back, chains clinking in the quiet room.

Her grey eyes sought his this time. "Don't put Roy through this." Her words caused him to freeze and she ploughed on desperately. "I don't like Roy, he's an ass…but no matter what he say's…he thinks of you as his father….don't betray him like my father did to me…or like you did to me…don't let The League get him or my sister…cause he'll die Ollie."

Oliver jerked as if struck.

"What do you mean!? None of you are going to die!" He Denied.

She smiled at him sadly and watched as he realised that she looked almost as bad as he did. "Oliver do you really think were going to one day decide that what The League did was right? Cause we're not. Superman is head of The League and in case you haven't notice…he's lost his mind…how long do you think we have until he decided were more trouble than we're worth to him…he already almost killed Conner and M'gann."

The room fell into heavy silence as Oliver buried his face in his hands.

The silence was broken, by a heavy almost defeated sigh from the male archer. He got up silently and headed to the door, pausing to hesitantly rest his hand on her shoulder. They met eyes again and she dared not hope what the determination swirling in his eyes was for, but the sudden reassuring squeeze on her shoulder before he let go and the soft words he uttered made hope swell in her chest.

"Keep safe kid….I'll try to get The Bat to let you have a practice bow and arrows…can't have my partner getting rusty can I."

And then he was gone and she was lead back to their 'quarters' where she could finally let her tears fall.

The girl didn't even flinch as the three shadowed figures climbed swiftly into her bedroom window. Her green eyes stayed firmly on the screens before her as she addressed them.

"How was things tonight?" She asked softly.

The second smallest figure let out a groan and just fell face first onto her bed. "Do not drool on my bed Tim." She said firmly, as she manoeuvred her wheelchair around.

The small teen on the bed rolled over. "It was fine Babs…apart from the general chaos throughout the world, causing riots everywhere, 'cause apparently The League going rogue is the end of the world…I don't think I've ever kicked so many people in the face." Tim sighed exhausted.

"I know wasn't it fun? Did you see the way they ran when they saw Cass in her batgirl outfit?" The oldest of the group said, pulling off his mask and grinning rather manically.

"I assume you didn't kill anyone Jason." Barbara asked, blowing a strand of red hair from her face.

"Shouldn't you be more worried about Cass in that department?" He replied rolling his eyes. The smallest figure shot him a dirty look after pulling off her stitched bat-like mask.

"No, Cassandra has much more self control than you Jason."

Jason pouted slightly, shoving Tim over and collapsing onto the bed next to him. "So why'd you call us back to base early anyway Babs?" He asked curiously.

Barbara frowned at them thoughtfully. "We got a request to help from one of my hacker friends…but it's dangerous and I'm not sure you're ready for it." She said after a while.

Jason grinned while Cass and Tim shared a curious look. "What do they want us to do that has the great Oracle rattled?" Jason asked

Barbara glared at him and her next words made the smile vanish from his face and was replaced with shock.

"They want us to join a team that's getting set up to take down The Justice League."

"Who would be stupid enough to try to take them on? The government? That group that Luthor was a part of…The Light or something?" Tim asked curiously.

"No it's Green Arrows old partner Speedy…he goes by Red Arrow now and he's gathering young heroes and even some less reputable people…" She paused and sent Jason a look and he rolled his eyes. "Anyway, my friend Cy…he say's that Red Arrow wants to rescue the other sidekicks, Robin and the others…but he needs help, he's only got a couple of people so far…so…what do you guy's want to do?" She asked, her eyes scanning each of their faces.

"You'll still be our Oracle right?" Jason asked with a smirk. Tim shifted looking a little uneasily, but nodded in agreement.

Cassandra had a very shark like grin on her face so she was in.

Barbara smiled. "Always." She said proudly.

M'gann stared at her Uncle coldly, lips twitching slightly as she felt the vindictive pleasure of feeling the man unable to access her mind.

"I do not want a being like you in my mind J'onn." She said calmly, as she sent him reeling backwards as she shoved his mind away once more.

"Please M'gann…I just want to show you that what we did was the right thing to do." He begged, his expression sad.

She closed her eyes in disgust. "That's why you wanted to see me to show me the crime that I condemn you for?" Her eyes open and red met red almost hatefully.

"I already saw it Uncle J'onn, I glanced at that memory when we fought at my school…it sickened me uncle J'onn…I heard your thoughts and through you I heard The Leagues thoughts…you've all lost yourselves." She said harshly. "I will never forgive you for what you have done…" She paused and brushed her fingers lightly over the scar that now lay across her cheek.

"I will never forgive any of you." She whispered brokenly, before standing.

"I wish to return to the 'quarters'you so graciously gave us uncle." She said scornfully.

Her Uncle sat with a hung head as she was led away.

She would never look back.

She would never forget.

And she would never ever forgive.

The white haired girl smirked down at the skull mask of the teen she had pinned to the ground, one of her katana's to his throat.

They stared at each other for several seconds, both breathing heavily.

"Ravager wins! Two out of three, match goes to Ravager!"

Ravager winked down at Red X, before gracefully getting off him and offering him a hand. "You lose again Red." She teased, before jumping out of the training ring and taking the offered bottle of water from the small teen who had called the match

He wore a strange helmet that covered his eyes and had a single large green eye in the centre.

"Thanks kid." She said, giving the small teen a pat on the back and almost knocking him flat on his face, before walking over to the old sofa, where a girl with pink hair styled into horns sat, flicking through a magazine.

Red X appeared at Seemore's side, stealing the teens other bottle of water and chuckling at the teens pained, but slightly blushing expression. "You've got it bad kid." He teased in his electronically altered voice.

Seemore glared at him, before stomping off to where the silent member of the team sat, playing the game station.

Kyd Wykkyd glanced at the practically pouting Seemore, then at Ravager and his shoulders shook slightly, as if he was laughing. Seemore shoved him slightly. "Shut it Kyd!" he hissed annoyed, as he snatched up the spare controller.

Red moved to the kitchenette and opened the fridge, pulling a face when all he saw was mould covered…something.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The group froze.

They exchanged a look and slowly they readied themselves as Ravager got up and slowly approached the door. She reached for the handle and stopped for a split second before pulling it open.

"Cheshire, you scared the shit outta me!" she said relieved to the woman standing outside. Jade smirked at her through her mask and stepped inside, a masked Roy following her closely.

"Hey Rose, I need to call in on those favours you guys owe me." She said, as Ravager shut the door.

The white haired girl raised a curious eyebrow.

"All of them? What could be so hard that the great Cheshire Cat would have to ask us little old Mercs for help, huh?"

Cheshire eyed the group and sighed, reaching up and taking off her mask.

The group exchanged startled looks, as they finally saw their friends real face. "I need to be completely honest, I need your help…I'll pay you everything I have if that's what it takes." She said softly.

Red X whistled, thinking of all the money an assassin like Cheshire must have stowed away. "That's enough for me…but it makes me wonder what you want us to do?" He said curiously, crossing his arms and leaning back against the fridge.

Cheshire sighed, fiddling with her mask, nervously. "I need you to join the team we're putting together to take down The Justice League."

The group stared at her for several seconds before they all burst out laughing.

Cheshire sighed.

The laughter ran out after several minutes and Ravager snorted softly as she wiped the tear from her eye. "t-That was a good one Chesh…" She trailed off however, when she saw the serious expressions on their visitors faces. "Holy shit…you're not joking are you…you're actually going to take on The League!?" She said in disbelief.

Cheshire nodded silently.

Ravager shifted agitatedly. "Cheshire you can't people like that on, I don't care who you got on your little team…do you know what everyone's calling them now? The Justice Lords. They obviously don't care about killing anymore…with their powers….their connections…god we're all screwed…but to go and actually challenge them…they'll do to you what they did to Luthor!" She ranted quietly.

"I don't care."

Cheshire's sudden words silenced her and Ravager's eyes narrowed as she studied her friends cold expression. .

"It's personal for you isn't it?" She said in slight horror. "\what did they do to you?"

Cheshire's expression twisted suddenly into fury, before she took a calming breath. She stared down at her mask with a fond expression. "Did I ever tell you why I chose to model myself after the Cheshire cat?" She said softly and suddenly.

"No…what has this got to do with The League?" Ravager asked annoyed.

"Alice in Wonderland is my little sisters favourite film…she's the only truly good character in my family…" Her hands tightened on the mask. "My little sister became a hero…she's Artemis." Cheshire said, meeting Ravager's eyes.

Ravager closed her eyes and swore rather violently. "Green Arrows newbie…the one The League kidnapped…the one that Arrow was rumoured to have strangled to death." She realised.

Jade's expression was bleak. "I need to find out if she's alive and if she is I'm getting her out…and if she's not…I'll kill them all." She said darkly.

Ravager glanced at her group, meeting all their eyes, waiting for their decisions and when she had them she grinned.

"We're in."

The Team had been moved to a floor of The Watchtower that had been carefully converted into a prison. Their jail was made up of several rooms a kitchenette and a training room.

Dick was poking around with the computer, cursing upon discovering his old mentor had locked him out of everything except news reports, Rocket was crouched besides him trying to help.

Kaldur and Conner were sparring on the training mats.

Artemis was using the punching bag that had been set up in on corner.

M'gann and Zatanna were making their dinner, as they had refused the food The League had provided them.

Wally was on the treadmill. For once completely silent and his expression mournful as his thoughts drifted to his Uncle.

They all tensed and stopped what they were doing when the door slid open.

Artemis was the one to move towards the figures standing in the doorway, despite Wally's protests.

"What are you doing here Oliver?" She asked quietly.

The man seemed more in control of himself and was freshly shaven and smelled thankfully like soap not alcohol. He held up something that made all their hearts soar.

It was their weapons, including her bow.

"We saw you training and I managed to convince everyone to let you have your weapons to train with so you don't get rusty…the more dangerous features of them have been deactivated however…for your safety of course." He said, almost sarcastically.

Artemis felt her lips twitch as she claimed their weapons. "Thank you Ollie." She said softly.

The man smiled at her sadly. "See ya around kid." He muttered, before turning and leaving. Black Canary paused in the doorway, her eyes lingering on Conner.

Her expression was horribly sad.

"Be safe." She whispered, her voice taunt with emotions, before she too left.

A few hours later Artemis sat in the blind spot Dick had found and tipped out her arrows, curious to the strange rattle she had heard when Oliver had handed her the quiver. She felt tears gather in her eyes as she stared at something that didn't belong.

A small compact like communicator.

There was a small note tucked inside and she unfolded it with shaking hands.

I hope this puts me on the path to your forgivenesstell Roy I'm sorry.

Good luck.

She hugged the note to her chest, allowing relieved tears to fall silently down her cheeks.

Why did it feel like goodbye?

Chapter End.

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