*~TO*MUCH*TO*LOSE~* Chapter 1: Losing*Faith By: ~*~Hikari*Chan~*~

It was a cold winter evening when a girl with shoulder length auburn hair, and crimson eyes full of tears that had already stained her face; sat on her bed, her reddened completion was not one of cheerful and merry bliss but of sadness and disappointment.

I sat on the bed holding my head in my hands as tears streamed down my face. I was supposed to be the happiest girl in the world, this was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, and yet I found myself questioning if I should just drop dead, wondering and hoping that it would save me from the pain that ached inside my heart. I closed my eyes and held my breath trying to calm myself down, no use anything could help me. I knew inside my heart that I was doomed. Here I was the envy of all the girls on campus. the star player of the tennis team, the valedictorian of my graduating college class, dating the guy every girl wanted. the 6'2 blond, blue eyed.Yamatto Ishadia. "Taichi! Why did you have to go and leave me all alone!" I screamed into a pillow as I tried to control my sobs.


"Taichi. where are you going?" Sora questioned nervously as she noticed the half packed suitcases on Tai's bed.

"I'm leaving Sora." Tai replied not looking up at her to afraid of the response her face would give.

"Why.?" Sora's face was in a distraught and she was in panic, this couldn't be happening to her, to them.

"I have my reason's." He replied watching Sora's reaction out of the corner of his eye, faint tears could be seen shining like diamonds in her eyes.

"Oh.when will you be back.?" Sora asked holding back the tears that she knew as soon as he was finished packing would fall, and bring her to unimaginable pain.

"I don't know.not anytime soon.that's for sure." Taichi looked down at the empty draws and at the six suitcases full of clothing. Before he had a chance to tell Sora the phone number of where he was staying or even kissing her goodbye she sprinted out of his apartment and out into the street.

*~*4 Hours Later (still in flash back)*~*

"Hello Yamagi residence."

"Hello Mrs. Yamagi!"

"Well hello Sora, how are you?"

"I'm fine, but I was wondering if I would be able to speak with Taichi.?"

"I'm sorry Sora. Taichi left for a flight to America five minutes ago, if you leave now you might be able to catch him at the airport before he leaves."

"Thank You!" Sora cried into the receiver before hanging up. 'Hurry Sora, or I fear you may never hear from him again. neither of us will.' Taichi's mother thought while hanging up the phone.

Sora sprinted out of her apartment not answering her mothers call when asking where she was going, she ran out into the street and waved down a taxi.

"Odiba international airport and step on it!" Sora bellowed out of shrill anxious and fear. As Sora grew near to the airport the traffic piled up. The airport was in sight, she threw a twenty dollar bill at the driver for a ten dollar bill and didn't stay for the change, she dashed out past the drivers stuck in traffic and on to the side walk, through the crowded streets to the airport. Out of breath, but with a heavy determination inside her, she ran through the turn style doors entering the building. Through the hustle of the crowds all who were all searching for the port they would be deporting on, she found a sign that showed the flight times and what gates they deported from. She quickly scanned the list until she found the 1:20 flight to America on the list, it was departing at gate 130A at this very moment. She closed her eyes in fear and then opened them with hope, she let her feet glide through the corridors as her eyes searched for the gate. To her luck the gate was across the way.

"TAI!" She called hoping he would hear her voice and turn around. "TAI!" She repeated again. He turned his head and peered around the room, until he spotted Sora. His mouth dropped, "TAICHI!" she screamed once more. Taichi walked up to the glass that separated him from Sora.

"Sora.what are you doing here?" Tai asked still in total awe.

"I came to tell you..." She was cut off by the loud speaker announcing that this would be the final boarding call to America.

"Listen Sora whatever it is.I'll call you.when I get in."

"Taichi it's important it can't wait." "LAST CALL ALL PASSANGERS TO AMERICA PLEASE HEAD TO GATE NUMBER 130" The announcer boomed over the intercom. With that Taichi turned his back and handed his passport and ticket to the lady at the booth.

"But Taichi! I just wanted to tell you. I love.you." Sora whispered as she watched her boyfriend exit the room and enter the corridor.


I waited all night, and the next day, and the next week for him to call.but he never did.And when he didn't call I went to Matt. He comforted me and took care of me, all through the years and then tonight. he asked me to be permanently his.that's right. Yamatto Ishiadia asked me to marry him. I was so overwhelmed and confused that I just said yes. without thinking. I guess I could learn to love him, I mean I do owe him for all the things he's given me and for all the love he's shown me.but "Oh TAICHI!" I wailed in to a pillow that was glued to my face so I could stifle my cries and not awaken my dorm mate. I suddenly had an idea. I would call Taichi.although.it maybe late. I peered down at the clock. 12 midnight, I quickly calculated the time difference in my head, perfect 10 AM New York time. I hadn't talked to Taichi in years, and yet I was going to do it right now. Slowly I picked up the phone and punched in the numbers for Taichi's apartment in New York City. Mrs. Yamagi had given me the number when she received it from Taichi. Although he had never come back to visit his family he talked with them on a regular basis on the phone. His mother had given me the number 3 years ago, hoping I could bring him back, not for her but for myself, she had seen how I had fallen apart and wasn't taking it lightly. I had stashed the number in my small pearl box that I kept all keepsakes in.

Anyway, I dialed the operator to connect me to America I recited the area code and number of the number that I had committed to memory. All the while my heart was racing. I had semi composed myself, but still feared the worst. I closed my eyes feeling my heat beat increase. The phone began to ring, my hands shook uncontrollably as did the rest of my body.



"RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" "Hello!" A perky female voice picked up on the other line. I know this voice I thought to myself.

"Mimi?" I questioned.

"That's me, who pre-tell is calling?" Mimi replied rather confused on the other end of the line.


"OH MY GOD!!!!" Mimi gasped on the other end of the line almost dropping the phone. A faint male voice could be herd in the background

"Mimi are you okay? Mimi?"

"I'm fine." She called back and then reverted her attention back to the phone. "Sora, oh my God! It's been years! How are you!??! How's Yamma?" I could barley speak I was so heartbroken Taichi and Mimi were a couple.

"I'm fine, Matt and I are fine." I said trying to sound confident but inside I was dieing.

"Matt and you?" Mimi questioned.

"That's the reason I was calling, you see Matt purposed to me tonight and so were getting married in a few months. I was wondering if you like to be my maid of honor." I half lied.okay well mostly lied but the thing about Matt and I getting married was true.

"Oh Sora! That's." Mimi looked at the floor 'Matt said he'd wait for me.he promised me!' Mimi's thoughts brought her to pain and sadness. But, Sora was her best friend even if they hadn't spoken in 3 years they were still best friends and as such she needed to make Sora feel good. "Wonderful" Mimi finally replied with a fake smile plastered to her face. "I'd love to be your maid of honor!" She said holding back tears of both joy and sadness joy that her best friend would give her the honor of being the maid of honor and sadness for the love she had lost blindly. "Sora, Taichi's here would you like to speak to him while I get dressed for work?" She asked.

"Sure." my voice trembled as answered.

"Alright just a moment." Mimi bubbled. "Oh TAICHI!" Mimi sang while handing the phone to Tai.

"Who is it?"

"An old, friend." Mimi said while winking and disappearing into her bedroom.

"Hello" Tai questioned the unknown person on the other line.

"Taichi?" My voice was shaky like the rest of my body as I spoke.

"Sora.is it you.is it really you?"

To Be Continued.

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