Chapter: 8

.some things happen when you least expect them.

"Wait a second, you.and married.and didn't even bother to tell me?" Taichi shook his head in disbelief.

"We had our reasons; you have to understand. we never wanted you to feel obligated to come to the wedding we didn't want to trouble you." Hikari pleaded to explain her actions.

"So instead you just, leave me out of the loop?"


"No, I'm going for a walk, I'll be back." And with that Taichi turned his back to the four in the apartment and walking down the corridor.

"Taichi!" Sora cried as she dashed after him. Leaving Mimi, Takeru, and Hikari. Sora caught up with him as he walked down the stairwell toward the glass door. "Taichi, wait, please." Sora was nearly crying. He turned around stunned to see she had followed him.


"Don't.go.please. I've waited forever to see you. and I can't lose you again so quickly." I said tears streamed down my cheeks. I could feel my face flush with embarrassment and fear of losing him again. ".please."

"Sora.I'm so sorry."


"You two are married.?" Mimi said somewhat shocked, it's not that she didn't expect it, I mean Hikari and Takeru had been inseparable since age eight, and this wasn't exactly shocking news, what was shocking was Taichi's little sister had settled down and started a family before he had.

"I'm sorry we didn't tell you," Hikari started as she led Mimi to the couch.

"We just didn't want to make Taichi or you feel obligated to come here for our wedding. Especially when we knew very well you two didn't have the money." Takeru chimed in. "Do you understand?"

"I guess." Mimi said looking down at her feet.she had missed so much since she went to America.

"Good." Hikari said. "Now maybe you could introduce us to this little bundle right here." Hikari smiled as she looked at Matt.

"Oh, how rude of me!" Mimi cried. "This is my son.Yamatto Taichi Takiwa." She smiled picking him up.

"Yamatto" Takeru and Hikari said in Unison

"Does that mean he's." Takeru asked

"Yea." Mimi smiled even more.

*Meanwhile* "Sora, please don't cry." Tai whispered while pulling me into his arms. "Shhh." he gently rubbed my back and rocked back in forth with me.

"'ll never know what you've put me through." I sobbed. "I.I." my legs gave way; I would have fallen had Tai not tightened his grip around my waste. I looked up at his face which was more then a worried look.

"Sora.are you saying what I think you're saying." Tai asked while drawing himself closer to me.

"I'm not sure.I'm never sure anymore.I've been broken since you were gone.nothing has even slightly made since to me." I tried to control my sobs. Taichi's eyes grew dim, his grasp tightened.and his eyes shut.

"Kiss me."

Matt walked down the street a quiet steady pace he couldn't wait to see Mimi. He had been worried the entire week about how to react about his son and Mimi, but he soon realized what she meant to him. 'I'm not going to lose her again' he thought as he reached the apartment complex. He was about to open the glass door when he saw Sora and Taichi.

"Sora." Matt said in rather shock as he walked into the breezeway. Sora pulled out of Taichi's arm.

"Matt." Sora whispered. "I.I was."

"Hey, don't worry about it, I'll be doing the same" he said smiling. Sora smiled back. "C'mon give me a hung!" Matt said opening his arms. Any fear I had of Matt's feelings toward me left me at this moment. He embraced me and held me close to him. "Hey, best friend's right?" he whispered into my ear.

"Forever." I whispered back. We separated and a confused Taichi stood gawking at us. "Matt don't just stand there.say hello to your best friend."

Matt looked at Taichi and Taichi back at him. Silence flooded the glass room. Then as if they were meeting for a movie with some friends.

"YO DUDE ITS BEEN FOREVER!" they shouted in unison.then they started doing their 'secret handshake.'

Later that night.

"Hikari these wedding photos are gorgeous, you're so pretty!" Mimi bubbled as she flipped though the album, as she watched the video of Takeru and Hikari's wedding.

"Thanks" Hikari bubbled as she laid her head on Takeru's lap. Matt climbed up on the couch where Takeru and Hikari were. "Hey there little guy." Hikari murmured.

"Baby?" Matt poked Hikari's stomach.

"Soon enough." Takeru said intently.

"Mattie.that's your uncle." Mimi pointed to Takeru. "And that's your aunt." She said pointing to Hikari.

"Uncle? Aunt? What are they.?" Matt asked confused. Tears streamed down Mimi's face.


" you mommy?"


"Where daddy TAICHI!! HE FAMILY TOO!" Matt began to cry.

"Ohhhh, looks like someone's getting over tired." Mimi cooed while scooping matt up in her arms. "Do you mind showing us to our rooms I think Matt needs to go to bed."

"NO, No bed!" Matt cried.

"You gonna be good?"

"N-n-no!!!" Matt cried. Hikari got up and giggled "c'mon, I'll take you to your room, Takeru get her bags." Takeru stared nervously at the 12 bags of luggage in the doorway.

"Yea I'll get right on that." He was about to pick the bags up when the door swung open and hit Takeru in the face. "OUCH!" Hikari whipped around.

"Takeru, stop complaining and get the luggage. Welcome home Taichi, Sora.we'll be right back." Hikari continued to the bedroom with Mimi trailing behind her, neither noticed Matt.

After a few minutes Hikari, and Mimi emerged from the bedroom. To find, everyone in the living room. Mimi spotted Matt and gulped.

She sat down on the couch calmly and smiled. "Hey Matt."

"Hey Mimi, how you been?"

"Not bad." All eyes stayed on the two of them. Hikari feeling tension coming on blurted out.

"Oh, My, I forgot nutmeg at the store, Matt why don't you and Mimi run and get some."

"That's not true hunny.." Takeru was interrupted but a slight elbow in the ribs. "Oh right, nutmeg. yes we don't have any of that." A confused look on his face.

"Sure Hikari I'll get you some.but Mimi should stay here where it's warm, I don't think she'd enjoy the walk to the store."

"No I think she should go." Hikari said hinting very avidly.

"We'll if you insist." Mimi nodded while getting and grabbing her coat from the rack. "Keep an eye on Matt for me wont you?"

"Yes of course now go get my nutmeg." Hikari said showing them both out.

And with that they both started making their way down the hall.

"So whose this Matt?" Yamatto questioned already knowing.

"He's uhmm."

To Be Contiuned.

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