Somewhat disappointed with the fanfics consisting of Randall meeting humans, I decided to make my own to satisfy me. I hope you enjoy. I don't expect this to be too terribly long- but I do expect it to have some meat!

The lizard was up a tree, fidgeting. He had been beaten violently with a shovel- nearly into unconsciousness- and then when he finally escaped he almost had his skink like tail chomped off by an alligator! He didn't see any resemblance between the horrid beast and himself. How could those humans have mistook him- a giant purple lizard standing upright by four legs- for one of those toothy things?

Randall was about 12 feet long, considering his tail and three fronds (which lay between his large eyes on his head). He was covered in scales, as is natural for a reptile, and was a colorful purple with blue streaking down his back and tail. The blue pattern gave small stripes and splotches as it trailed down his body.

The most interesting feature, however, had to be his eight legs, at the ends which consisted of three fingered hands. Each finger was rounded, and allowed him to easily crawl on whatever surface he wished. He was most certainly a monster. And he was not meant to be here. Not in this world.

There came a snarl from far below the tree, whose roots sprawled out and into the mush of the swamp. "Ahhh, shut up down there! You're not scaring anybody with that little 'growl.'" Randall yelled down at the alligator peeking its head out of the water. "You wanna hear a real growl?" He grinned to himself, craning his neck to lift his head, and puffed up his chest. He took in a breath and let loose the loudest roar he could muster.

Though his roars weren't the best- this one came out scratchy and menacing. It was what comes out of a person (or monster) when they're at the edge. And Randall was certainly on edge. The sound bounced off of the trees and gave a small echo, though barely noticeable.

The alligator did not respond, and Randall bared his teeth, glaring down into the darkness.

There was a knock at her door.

"What?" called the teen from her bed, looking up from a notebook she had been scribbling in.

"C-can I come in?" called a gentle voice from the other side. "I thought I heard somethin'."

She signed and rolled her eyes in good nature. "Alright," She replied. "come in."

The door was hastily and carefully opened up by a young girl- no older than 12- and closed again behind her. She trotted anxiously into the spacious room and got in bed next to her older sister. "I did, I heard somethin', outside." The young girl said quickly.

"Anne, you're always hearing things. Just like when you were little. You used to think monsters lived in your closest and wanted to eat you!" replied the older sister, laying the notebook in her lap. She was in pink pajamas with the pattern of a leopard printed on them in blue.

Anne made a face. "I was a little kid. But I really did hear something this time, I swear to God, and it wasn't no Bigfoot this time neither!" She gave a nod as if to affirm the situation to herself. "'Sides, Daddy says you used to believe in monsters too, Mercy!" The girl stuck out her tongue and giggled, ruffling her pale blue gown.

Mercy screwed up her face and stuck her tongue right back out at her little sister playfully, making a funny noise. "Shut up, you!"

The two girls had a good relationship. Mostly thanks to Mercy's high tolerance level. Without it, she wouldn't be able to handle her imaginative bouncy sister. They lived out in the country in Louisiana, alone with their father in a little pale white house. It wasn't but a short walk from there to the marshland. This was no problem for the sisters, as they enjoyed a good romp out in the wilderness.

Mercy, at the age of 18 (going on 19, within the next month) often had to look after her 12 year old sister. Especially in the summer, when their father went off to work. Mercy had dark brown hair, while Anne had inky black hair. And while Mercy preferred to keep her hair long and flowing, Anne had hers cut short above the shoulders.

"It sounded kinda lonesome. I think. And kinda mad. Liiiikkee. . ." The girl looked off into space. "Like some critter who was tryin' to escape them gators out in the swamp!" Anne grinned in triumph at her claim.

"Well tell me, miss Monster Hunter, how come I didn't hear nothin'?" Mercy wiggled and sat up against the back of her bed, thinking herself clever.

This seemed to stump Anne for a moment. Then, she smiled. "'Cause you was too busy doodlin' and writing poems in this book'a yours!" Anne grabbed the note book that had since been forgotten, waving it around in front of Mercy. "I bet you done gone and got a crush back at school. Writing about your star-crossed lover, since he's probably a freshman!" Then the girl started to laugh, getting the note book snatched away.

"Haha, very funny." Mused Mercy, setting the book down on the table beside her bed. "You ought to be gettin' to sleep, girly!"

"But, it's only 11 a-clock!" Whined the girl, pouting. "And it's the middle'a summer break! Ain't got no school, why should I keep having to go off to bed so early?"

Mercy shook her head. "'Cause, knowing you, you're going to be wanting me to go off looking for whatever made the 'noise' you heard. Like you always do. So we best both be getting to sleep."

Anne tilted her head in what looked like a painful position, short hair flopping. "Well, ain't you the smart one!" Anne knew, of course, she was planning to drag her sister out to the swamp first thing come morning. The pair had probably been on dozens of 'monster hunts' since Anne had been in the second grade.

"Yup, that's me! I'm the wiz-kid 'round here." Mercy replied. "Now get!"

Anne turned her head upright and resumed her pouting from earlier. "Can't I sleep with yall tonight?"

Mercy sighed pathetically. If she didn't accept, Anne would keep her up trying to convince her to let her stay. "Fine. But you have to go to sleep."

"Okay!" she chimed, bouncing lively.

"Stop that. Shhh. Lay down." Mercy leaned over and turned off her lamp with a 'click click.' Then the two snuggled into the beds soft covering, and fell into a deep slumber.

Already done with the second chapter, but I will complete the third one before posting anything else. Thank you for reading.

(I'm not so sure how far any "romance" in this will go. But I thought it would be proper enough to label it as such, since I do intend to have something romantic in it! ;])