Authors Note

Just a quick message saying I am currently going through my story and adding some more description to my chapters as I have to admit its a bit dialougue heavy at times, I hope you enjoy my story and feel free to leave a review as I havent been writing for quite some time and feedback is appreciated, over the coming days my other chapters will also be updated.

I try to update every Monday but may be a Tuesday depending on how it goes.

On another note the below section in BOLD is taken from the game my story picks up right after it ENJOY.

"It's okay baby were safe" said Joel reassuring Sarah

"Hey we need help."

"Stop!" Shouted the soldier

"Please. It's my daughter I think her leg's broken" Joel replied

"Stop right there!" the soldier shouted again

"Were not sick" rebuffed Joel

The soldier picked up his radio and started talking

"Got a couple of civilians in the outer perimeter. Please advise."

"Daddy what about Uncle Tommy?" asked Sarah

"We're gonna get you to safety and go back for him. okay?" replied Joel

"Sir there's a little girl. But... yes sir." The soldier finishes on the radio and turns to Joel and Sarah

"Listen buddy we've just been through hell. Okay we just need-

The soldier raises his gun

"Oh shit." Exclaimed Joel

The soldier opens fire Joel and Sarah fall down an embankment

The soldier moves up to Joel who' lying on the floor and takes aim

"Please don't"

A shot rings out striking the soldier in the head Tommy approaches gun raised to the soldiers body

Oh no... said Tommy with a shocked expression

"Sarah!" shouted Joel

Joel crawls over to Sarah who has been shot the bullet having gone through the side of her chest

"okay move your hands baby. I know baby. I know... said Joel reassuringly

Joel begins to apply pressure to the gunshot wound whilst Sarah whimpers in pain.

"listen to me. I know this hurts. Baby. Youre gonna be okay. Baby stay with me."

"Alright I'm gonna pick you up"

"I know baby I know it hurts."

"Come on baby please."

"I know baby. I know"

Sarah passes out

"Sarah... baby..."

Don't do this to me baby. Don't do this to me baby girl. Come on...

Joel shouts at Tommy "Check the ambulance for something we can use Hurry!"

Tommy ran towards the ambulance that had found its self on its side with a thick blanket of gravel built up in front accumulated from its crash he ran his hand along its still warm exterior making his way to the open doors at the back where the contents of the vehicle were spread everywhere, the overhead bins had spilled out onto the floor and Tommy immediately dug through the pile of medical equipment throwing the gurney as well as several other items from the ambulance so he could find something to use. By this point Tommy was becoming as panicked as Joel he still searched almost hopelessly for something to use whilst hearing Joel's cries in the background which to Tommy seemed to drown out what horrors were still going on not far from them back in town. Something gleamed in the moonlight tucked away into the corner of the ambulance which caught Tommy's eye grabbing what turned out to be a syringe labelled adrenaline lying in an open trauma kit he thought if it works in the films it might wok now after all its all he had, in one of the storage bins on the ground Tommy found a roll of bandages to his relief and began to clamber out of the ambulance and back towards his traumatized brother.

"Got something "shouted Tommy

Joel looked at Tommy with the look of a man with nothing left to lose

"Give it to me"

Joel wasted no time on seeing what else was in the kit.

"Come on come on there has to be something" exclaimed Joel

Joel came across a bag marked Quick clot a chemical haemostat which he applied to both the exit and entry wounds.

"This has to work. This has to work" Joel repeated to himself over and over

Then he took out some bandages and hastily wrapped them around Sarah's gunshot would whilst Tommy applied pressure. Sarah did not flinch or move as if like a statue as the bandages were wrapped around and tightened

"There that should hold for now."

Once he was finished Joel checked for a pulse. There wasn't one.

Joel composure began to break up once more.

"no no no no don't do this to me. Please."

The screeches in the distant once again began to be drowned out by Joel, remembering what was left in the trauma kit Tommy reached for the adrenaline shot and uncapped it.

"Joel this may work"

"Do it!"

They quickly injected the shot into Sarah and waited. A few moments later Sarah drew breath regaining a feint heart beat but she was alive much to Joel and Tommy's relief. Joel breathed a sigh of relief but this soon turned back to fear as he realised Sarah didn't have long without proper medical attention,

"Tommy we should try the Hospital"

"What! That's back through town there's those things everywhere. Not to mention there may not even be anyone left in the hospital"

"What if Tommy what if!" Joel retorted

"Alright alright give me a moment" replied Tommy

Tommy checked the revolver Joel had given him to protect them with it only had a few rounds left not nearly enough to make a push for the hospital, looking around once more he noticed the rifle and sidearm of the dead soldier and picked them up after all he wasn't using them and the group began to back track through town trying to avoid any of the infected. The screams of both people and infected alike resonated throughout the streets, fire blazing away with its tendrils licking adjacent buildings spreading its glow, Joel and Tommy had a much easier time backtracking through town as the raging fires made so much noise the infected had practically moved on to them this was ideal as most of the fires were away from the hospital at this time.

Joel and Tommy pushed up through the back alleys trying not to draw to much attention, a dark alley always seemed like an unsafe place a shady area where crime would occur with the true irony being it was now the safest area the alley was littered with what scraps society had thrown out and cracks in the road as if hell itself was trying to open up beneath them all this occurring whilst Joel murmured.

"Come on baby stay with me"

The hospital seemed like a surprising trek away for what was only a moment in the truck once arriving at the hospital it looked like a scene from a horror film the infected had made short work of much of the hospital. The hospital seemed quiet most likely due to the fact any sick patient was now attacking cars on the highway, the lobby looked like a morgue with bodies strewn across its marble flooring not a single inch untouched by the oozing bodies of people who worked to heal what had killed them. Finding perhaps only of the only places untouched by this violence was a storage closet this dimly lit area was used to store excess supplies for the hospital although the room looked like it had been raided leaving little in terms of supplies left.

Tommy shouted to Joel "you wait here with Sarah I will go see if anyone is still alive in here"

Joel set Sarah down realizing just how cold she now was and covered her with some thermal blankets he found and began cradling her to try and keep her warm being almost oblivious to what was happening outside, Joel deep down didn't know what to do if Sarah dies.

"Come on Tommy what's taking you so long" Joel repeated to himself

An eerie breeze seemed to blow through the hospital snatching up paper and moving it across the room this also had the effect of blowing away the stench of the bodies strewn across the floor all seemed silent as Joel only had one voice to listen for and then the silence broke dragging Joel back to reality

"Joel! I found some Doctors barricaded up here hurry!"

Joel once again picked up Sarah and made his way up a flight of stairs where as one person would be tired after running up some stairs Joel seemed to feel nothing he was running off pure adrenaline by this point. A noise echoed down the hall like in a well and a couple patients began to appear from one of the rooms twitching as they walked seeming almost unaware of what horrors surrounded them then they saw Tommy and began to charge letting out a shriek that would wake the heaviest of sleepers Tommy using the rifle taken from the Soldier cleared a path towards the operating room and hammered through the barricade thus gaining entry after getting through the doors there stood 2 doctors holding scalpels in their direction.

"What the hell" exclaimed the first doctor

"Look buddy it's my daughter she's been shot. And I need you to do what you can for her" replied Joel

"What! Have you looked outside we have more pressing problems than some girl" barked the second doctor

"Now you listen here now either you're going to help my daughter or I'm going to do way worse to you than those things out there can." threatened Joel

"Okay okay if you can get us out of here after it's a deal Okay" remarked the first doctor

"Sure now hurry!" Joel said as he laid Sarah onto the operating table.

"Joel I'm gonna need a hand over here these infected aren't letting up" barked Tommy

"Okay I'm on my way, you two do everything you can for her, and I'll be back baby girl"

The two doctor hastily undone the bandages Joel had fashioned round her gunshot wound

"Man just as well the bullet went straight through or she'd be dead right now" remarked the first doctor

"We gotta stop this bleeding" the second doctor replied

Meanwhile Joel and Tommy moved towards re barricading the door with whatever they can find

"God these things just don't quit" shouted Tommy

"Make your shots count we still need some to get back out of there" replied Joel

Joel and Tommy kept the barricade secure for what seemed like ages as infected crashed into the door punding the door recklessly with no sense of self preservation, turning to see the Doctors come through with their masks on hiding any emotion behind their words and said.

"We have done what we can, we've repaired some of the surrounding tissue and stitched up the wound applying some bandages and a leg brace to help with the possibility of broken leg" the first doctor eagerly said

"Now it's time for you to hold up your end of the bargain" stated the second doctor

Joel picked up Sarah and gestured to Tommy"alright ready Tommy"

"Ready" he replied

Tommy tore down the barricade and used the rifle to mow down themob that had amassed outside the door the rifle had the effect of being good for defence but also seemed to attract the remaining infected

"Come on others would herd heard that" shouted Tommy

"Thank god were finally getting out of here" remarked the first doctor

The group made their way through the lobby and into the almost empty car park.

"Quick make for the highway" Tommy barked

"What no that's suicide I saw what those things did to those people come on were going this way"

The two doctors jumped into an ambulance and started driving off erratically into the distance away from the highway, Tommy and Joel still believed that the Highway was there best bet.

"Where to Tommy" Joel grunted

"Head for the military checkpoint we can run between the cars" exclaimed Tommy

"Can we really trust the military after what they have done to Sarah!" rebuffed Joel

"It's our only option and we sure as hell can't trust those infected" shouted Tommy

"Dam it your right" muttered Joel

"Better drop this it will only arouse suspicion" said Tommy as he disposed of the now empty assault rifle "we will have to make do with this pistol"

Tommy and Joel still carrying the unconscious Sarah weaved in and out of the mountain of traffic much to the anger of many of the drivers who had no idea of the infected fast approaching that were attacking people in their cars.

"What the hell do you think you're doing" shouted one driver

Joel and Tommy ignored these comments as they knew what staying behind meant

Coming up to a road block the military set up a daze of flash lights shone in Joel and Tommy face as a man dressed much the same as the soldier they met earlier now stood before them

"Stop why are you not in a Vehicle" exclaimed the soldier now pointing his rifle at them

A nervous expression took hold of Joel as the events of earlier replayed in his head he gripped Sarah tighter out of paranoia.

"We crashed, we had no other option" replied Joel

The soldier noticed the blood stains on Joel and Sarah.

"Why are you covered in blood, are you infected" barked the soldier

"Oh God no this happened in the accident we had a first aid kit and did what we could" replied Joel

After a few moments the soldier lowered his weapon and handed Joel and Tommy a small bag containing a rudimentary test kit to see if they were infected.

"Now just test yourselves and we can move along" remarked the soldier

A few rows over was the shouting of a test being positive and soldiers began crowding round the car like a firing squad executing the occupants and with every shot the road lit up and after the firing stopped everyone in the car was dead no exceptions, this visibly disturbed Tommy.

"Hurry up what are you waiting for" shouted the soldier

Tommy and Joel quickly took the test which was taking a swab of blood and then submersing in a liquid in a test tube not knowing what would happen if the results were negative or positive an eerie calm swept over them. As the results for Joel and Tommy came up the soldier looked at it and didn't react badly which indicated it wasn't positive much to their relief, the soldier then gestured to adminiser one on Sarah Joel obliged and then handed the test to the soldier

The soldier looked at the results for a few moments and then grabbed his radio, to Joel this meant that it was negative and breathed a sigh of relief

"Command this is checkpoint Lima 9, reporting that 3 civilians, two adult male and one wounded young girl are proceeding on foot over"

After a few moments of chatter between the soldier and his CO he hands over 3 tickets saying

"These tickets will get you into the makeshift Triage camp a few miles down they also show your not infected good luck."

"Thank you." Said Joel

"Come on we better get going" Tommy mentioned urgently

After about 40 minutes or so of frantic jogging along the road which seemed to go on forever, cars passed at the side, looking over his shoulder Tommy could see the chaos fires raged through the town and lights illuminated the road as more cars joined the queue's, the group eventually came up to another checkpoint this time to get into the camp.

"Halt don't move or we will fire" shouted one soldier

"Easy pall we got passes" replied Tommy as he rummaged through his pockets

"Let me see them" the soldier instantly shouted back

The soldier checked them examining them for a few moments and exclaimed "there clean let them through"

Joel carried Sarah in Tommy following closely behind they were greeted by the sight of several tents set up throughout the area with signs displaying what each tent was, the largest of which was for medical use was flanked by others such as rations and others set aside for military use. The whole area looked like one of those camps for refugee's you see on the TV but seeing one up close seemed unreal, The camp was surrounded by barbed wire fences with a soldiers stationed almost every few metres almost nothing could be heard over the cries of people looking for family members and those who were outside arriving quicker than they could be checked still trying to get in.

"right here are your ration cards use them wisely each time you use them there stamped when they're full and expiration date at the bottom are met you can get some new ones" said a soldier as the cards were thrust into Tommy and Joel's faces before they could ask anything the soldier was gone as he was engulfed into the crowd as he handed out cards.

Joel was still worried about Sarah and decided to see what a medic in one of the tents would say about her condition. Joel brought Sarah over to one of the larger tents and one of the medical staff looked up and instantly spotted them saying that this one was a priority and would be moved ahead of several others with minor injuries. Joel didn't know how to feel Sarah would be treated right away but if it's serious enough to triage ahead of others, his heart started acing.

The Doctor proceeded to do what she could with the limited resources that were available saying she's lucky she received treatment when she did or she would not have a chance and guessed her chances were although still slim she had a chance of making it. Tommy brought Joel something to eat and Joel did not leave Sarah's side. Early the next morning Sarah regained consciousness and tried moving.

"Easy there your hurt" said Joel

"What happened?" replied Sarah

"Now that's a bit of a long story" smiled Joel

Joel handed Sarah a bowl of Soup and began explaining what happened...