Magnolia Academy, Year 2013, September 3rd, Hour 12:00 pm (Lunch Time)

Lucy adjusted her glasses as she continued to stalk her target. It was lunch time and the students were finally free from the first day of school morning blues. The hallways were filled with happy loud chattering and the munching of food. Some were squealing while the others were hovering around. Everyone was all smiles, greeting old and new friends. Lucy smiled despite her current placement. It was nice environment and the happy atmosphere got to her.

Her target turned left, heading to the cafeteria for lunch. She followed, blending in nicely with the crowd of people. Levy and Juvia were also waiting for her in the cafeteria. Reaching into the pocket of her baggy black jeans, she felt a few crumpled bills that would pay for her lunch.

She finally arrived after a little while and lost the head of pink in the sea of people. Shrugging, she padded across the waxed brown floor to the line for the serving area. She squeezed between a few students to squint at the white menu.

'What's mystery meat?'

The line-up of students whisked her away from the board before she could look at anything else. A moment later she was searching the cafeteria for 2 heads of blue and in her hand was a bright red plastic tray that held her lunch.

She spotted the duo in an unnamed corner of the cafeteria where there were less people. Quickly she trotted over to them, slid her tray onto the gray table and say down beside Levy.

"Hey is meat supposed to look likeā€¦this?"

She pushed her tray over to Juvia. She looked at the dish in contempt and then picked up a plastic spork to poke at the brown gelatine-like substance. The four deep little holes made from the spork in the mystery dish bounced back and it was back to its original state. Juvia peeked out from her cerulean eyelashes to look at Lucy.

"Juvia does not think so"

"Don't eat it. Might be poisoned"

"Yeah I'll just have the juice and apple. Unless that's poisoned too" It was now her turn to poke at the brown jelly. She dropped the spork beside the dish and bit into the ruby apple. She blinked when she couldn't taste any of the apple sweetness. Lucy put the apple down, grabbed a napkin, spit the little piece out, folded it up and threw it in the trashcan.10 points!

She poked the plastic straw into the box carton and slurped. Yeah it tasted normal.

"So how was classes?" She continued to slurp the tangy drink. Juvia grinned widely, showing off fake metal braces. "Juvia likes school! The food is weird but Juvia can deal with it"

Levy nodded "Yes I can study High School students in their natural habitat easily this way. This will call for further experimentation and research" The blunette cackled before sipping at her water bottle. Lucy choked on her drink. Last time Levy had gotten this way and experimented on people didn't end too well. Hopefully nobody will end up with blue skin again.

"Guys remember we have a mission. Enjoy yourselves but don't forget about our clients."

Levy sighed "I don't get why I have to protect some guy that had more metal than the Eiffel Tower. I'm in the intelligence department!" She pouted. Oh how she missed her books and wires!

"Juvia is confused about that as well"

"Well I don't know. We'll question Master about it later but right I have to put this 'meat' away" She picked up her tray and trekked across the cafeteria to the larger trashcans.

Lucy unfortunately did not see someone sticking their foot out. She promptly tripped spiralling towards the dirtied floor as her meat dish flew up and then down. It landed on her head with a thump. She lay sprawled for a moment- nose against the floor and meat dish on her head- blinking a few times as the cafeteria had erupted into laughter. The mystery meat had splattered all over her and the apple rolled away and under the table.

A silhouette covered her and she lifted the dish off her head to look into the face of a dirty blond haired girl. She was smirking, looking down at Lucy with an odd sense of satisfaction.

The cafeteria lights suddenly became too heavy as she was all too aware of the people laughing at her. Embarrassed, she scrambled up from her position- her bangs covering her eyes and dish now in her hand- and mumbled "Sorry".

The girl simply giggled innocently and looked up at the blond titling her head slightly. "You should watch yourself"

Lucy nodded and quickly glanced behind the girl only to see her target laughing at her as well. Shame coated her cheeks as she hastily rushed past a red-head and silver haired girl, out the cafeteria door. She could still hear them all laughing, mocking.

She hurried into the washroom to wipe her self down. Picking the dish off her head she threw it in the trashcan beside her. She stood in front of the bathroom mirror and stared at her meat stained appearance. Her normally flawless blond hair was frizzy and pulled into a tight bun. Large glasses sat atop her nose; hiding most of her face. She leaned closer to the mirror to examine the drawn on pimples and fake set of crooked yellowy teeth. Her outfit only consisted of loose black jeans, shabby sweater and worn out sneakers.

She fit the nerd look perfectly. Juvia was an amazing make-up artist. Except the mystery meat, mind you.

She pulled out some paper towels from the dispenser and squirted some soap and lukewarm water onto it. She then wiped away the meat sauce from face- carefully avoiding the fake pimples- hair and clothes. Lucy repeated this until all of it was gone. She sighed as she finished and tossed the dirty paper towels away.

The blond replayed the incident in her head while she was in the washroom. No one even tried to help her. All they did was laugh. She twitched when she remembered her target was also laughing at her. So much for nice and happy.

'As much as punching them all would be nice, that would ruin things entirely. Stay low Lucy. Stay low.'

Her head snapped up when the bell gave away its shrill cry. It was now the end of lunch.

"Well time to face High School again" She quietly slipped out as females came hording in.

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