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Chapter 1: Mercy

Karin was back to her old routine of hiding at the lake for her alone time.

She was ecstatic when she found a secret waterfall. Things were looking up after all. She thought she'd have difficulty getting over things but it was quite easy reverting to her simple life.

Sasuke was on hold. She maintained a piece of hope with him. He was unfinished business. One day, he would come to his senses, unable to suppress his desire for her any longer.

If she obtained another chance to entice him, she'd do wonders.

Suigetsu, meanwhile, was not important to her, after all. He was a chunk of empty promises and false hope. She was glad that she did not let herself fall into his trap.

It hurt though. He would pay.

She stood at the top of the waterfall, wanting to take another dive. The rush of adrenaline made her free of her problems for a while. It was addicting.

Then later, she would touch herself. Her body was throbbing with need.

She inched forward but slipped at the moss and tumbled down the waterfall screaming. Blinded by the water and her lack of glasses, she flailed her arms, trying to grab whatever was available.

She felt her wrists tangled by vines and that was her salvation. Or was it?

Karin was trapped, suspended by the plants, naked, in a remote location. She moved her legs and sighed in relief when she felt her soles hit the ground.

Her only problem was how to release herself from the creepers.


It was hard to tell how much time had passed. She kept tugging on the vines but it only caused them to coil tighter. She stood still, trying to work her mind into a solution.

Her body was making it difficult. The yearning she felt was unbearable. Not even this situation diverted her wants.

Feeling like she had to rid herself of the tension before being able to think clearly, Karin chose to indulge herself.

She bit her lip and pressed her thighs together, tightening her muscles and creating friction upon herself. It somehow worked. She wrapped one leg over the other for more pressure.

"Sasuke…" she moaned as she rocked her hips back and forth. It was beginning. "Ohhh…"

She thought of being with the Uchiha again, but with every spark as she hit the spot, Suigetsu's face flashed in her mind.

"No… Sasuke!" Karin fought her thoughts, distracted by the frustrating quake between her legs. "Sasuke…"

"Who's there?" A deep, unfamiliar voice called from behind her.

"Sasuke…" Karin gasped, startled that someone was there. She shut her mouth, hoping he wouldn't see her.

A dog barked. "Shh… Akamaru…" he whispered, "I heard moaning. I think Sasuke's with someone."

Karin was panicking. It was someone who knew Sasuke. Worse, he was male. She was imprisoned, ready to be taken advantage of and she had no way to defend herself.

Only by remaining unnoticed could she survive. Still, she needed help getting out of here.


The dog's barks were louder as it drew near. Karin screeched when its nose touched and sniffed between her thighs. She kicked at it, feeling its tongue trying to lick her.


"Hey! Don't talk to Akamaru like that! What the hell?" The boy stood in front of her, holding the dog back. "What do we have here, Akamaru?"

The dog growled.

"Oh… wait. You're that Karin girl!" He said. "It's me, Kiba."

She did not reply and kept her head to the side. Her cheeks were definitely red. She was extremely embarrassed to be caught naked and in such a predicament.

"What are you doing here?" He spoke again. "Where's Sasuke?"

"He… left." She lied, maybe to save face.

The dog snarled again.

"Liar," he laughed. "Sasuke wasn't here. You were alone, weren't you? You were just imagining him… doing things to you."


"Akamaru says he didn't catch Sasuke's scent anywhere. I can't smell him either."

"The water washed it away then!"

"But we can smell you," he continued, "your scent of arousal between your legs."


Karin was speechless. He was so… sure and direct. She didn't even know him.


Akamaru, the dog, was still growling. The boy exhaled noisily, "I SAID, I'M KIBA. I'm a Konoha ninja. Hmm… what the fuck do I want? Well, I want to become Hokage."

She was furious, this was no time to be joking around.

"Well, go back to your training little boy with big dreams. I'm sure you have a lot to work on."


"Did I hit a nerve?" She was starting to feel bold despite her unclothed state.


"Maybe. 'Cause I DON'T KNOW WHO THE HELL YOU ARE. Why don't you leave and BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE, BASTARD?"

He was seething, she could hear his forceful breaths. "I'd gladly go because of your unsociable company but I'm man enough not to leave someone in duress."

She laughed humorlessly, "Who's in duress? It's probably you."

"FUCK YOU, I'm offering you some help!"

Akamaru barked and jumped towards her.

"AKAMARU, WAIT! Just sit and let me handle her."

Karin huffed, "Control your beast."

He ignored her jab. "Listen lady, I don't think you know that some bandits occasionally stop over this area and bathe right in the waterfall."

That made her gulp.

"The roads leading to other villages are only a few kilometers from this area. If I leave you here, and I'll do it if you insist, they'll find you."

That wasn't good.

"I don't think I have to tell you what they'd do to you."



"Now you're asking me for a favor? Nice."

"Didn't you just say that you were man enough to help?"

He was silent for a moment.


"What do you say, Akamaru? Am I man enough to help her?" The dog yelped; the sound bothered Karin, along with his tone of voice.

"What are you up to, bastard?"

"I think it's only fair if you return the favor."

"What in the world are you playing at? Fine, just help me, I'll try to do something for you when we get back to the village. I'll buy you and your dog some snacks." She struggled with the vines, wincing when the loops constricted.

"I don't trust you enough to keep such promise. I want my reward before setting you loose."

"Unfair much? How do I know that you're going to keep your end of the deal?"

"Well… You don't have much choice in the matter, do you?"


He told her what he wanted.


"Then you'll rot here or get raped by thugs. Your choice."

"You're just another pervert! All men are!"

That made him chuckle. "You're one to talk. I know for a fact that you're a nympho."

"A- A- A WHAT?"

"A nympho…maniac. We've watched you at it several times in the forest. You and that guy from the Mist, Suigetsu was it?"

Karin gasped, outraged.


"Don't try to fool me! I'm one of the sharpest ninjas here."

Karin screamed in frustration. He was despicable.

"Well? It doesn't matter to me if you say no. I'll just leave."

"Let's see if your conscience can take it."

"I won't lose some sleep over this. I'm more concerned about you… This favor is to your advantage even. You'll get wonderfully fucked and freed after."

"The answer's still no."

"Maybe you do want to be gang raped by crooks."

"SHUT THE FUCK UP. I don't!"

"So? Yes or no?"

Karin weighed the options for a few minutes. It was a lose-lose situation. She had to choose the lesser evil.

"FINE. Wait till I get my hands on you!"

"I know, I'm irresistible."


Akamaru was growling in the background, a satisfied sound. Kiba's face was between her legs, sniffing her. He gave her a few licks.

Karin suppressed the urge to moan.

He nipped on her inner thighs making her shiver. Without warning, he took a bite.

"Ahhh!" She cried out in surprise and pleasure. "No, not there!" No one had sunk their teeth on her legs before. "Stop…"

He groaned and released her after a while. "That was… amazing. What power was that? Is that why you have so much bite marks on your body?"

Karin panted, unable to focus. He had drained her a bit. "Don't do that again." It sounded weaker than she intended.

"Sorry. I wanted to try it out." He licked his way back up running his teeth over her. The sharpness of his teeth was thrilling.

"Ahhh! Ah! Ah!" She was angry at her hips for bucking towards him and her toes for curling. "No!" With a firm resolve, she pulled away and stood on her tiptoes, trying to break contact.

He only followed her to continue his mischief.

Karin pulled herself up with the plants, still attempting to get away, but her hold was released when she felt sharp pains on her wrists. She could tell they were bleeding.

"No… No… No…" His face was buried in her center, getting to know her most intimate part. She realized she was rotating her hips and propelling them closer to him.

"NO!" She cried out, even as she came. He continued to taste her as she convulsed in gratification.

"You were delicious… and a real mouthful," he said when he released her. She heard him stand behind her and she gasped when he grabbed her hips and pulled her backwards.

"What an ass…" he murmured. "Akamaru! Watch me take her from behind." He spread her cheeks and invaded her.


"AHHHHHHHHH!" Karin was going crazy, shaking her head and shrieking in pleasure.

"Awesome, ain't it?"

"… arrogant bastard…" She closed her eyes and tried to stop making any sounds. He had to stop being so overconfident.

"It's true, I don't hear you denying it. Your moans say you enjoy it."

She bit her lip till it bled. She craved for mercy.

"Let. Me. Hear. You." He accentuated each word with harsh jerks.




"WHAT?" He slowed. Then, he laughed and resumed his earlier speed. "Nice try. You think that'll make me feel bad?"

"Sasuke…" she repeated, trying to piss him off.

"I hate that bastard, that traitor. He'll never be better than me."

"Please, Sasuke…"

"I know what you're doing. Sorry, but it's not going to work."

He still continued like an animal. It was so raw and primal. His growls made her feel more like a woman. He roused a thrill that she was being owned by someone so masculine.

He freed her afterwards and they both rode his dog on the way back. She still didn't see his face and he left before she could replace her glasses.

That night, until the next morning, she was sore.

But pain was never a problem with Karin.

That was why she was curious and she secretly looked forward to meeting him again.