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Chapter 2: Prey

She was extremely curious as to how he looked.

His name was certainly familiar, and so was his dog. She had been thinking about him all night. Vague images of Konoha shinobi crossed her mind yet she couldn't imagine his face.

No one really caught her eye.

She only looked at Sasuke.

Karin fingered the bite mark on her thigh, remembering her shock at being bitten there. She never let anyone do that. The area was off limits.

The mark Kiba left had an odd pattern and she could make out fangs on either side. His bite had the potential to feel good, if only he had warned her first. She would probably let him do it again.

It wasn't that she was desperate.

Kiba had wonderful skills at pleasuring a woman. His body and actions were so manly and self-assured. She wanted him to dominate her.

This was an odd feeling. Kabuto made her feel messed up, Sasuke was one she had to chase and take over, Suigetsu was a competitor for control, but with Kiba she wanted to be dominated. Karin was the weaker one and yet she loved it.

She was really looking forward to his enormous penetrance and possession of her.

He found her as she was fixing the beddings and medicine tray in an empty room at the hospital. She sensed him the moment he arrived at the door.

"Where's your dog?" she asked, marveling in his good looks. He wasn't the Sasuke type but she liked his features. His jaw was beautifully angled and begging to be kissed. His fangs showed when he smiled and her spine tingled, recalling them on her skin. He was tall and lean, his hands large and so... Manly.

Karin tried to keep calm as she stared into his eyes - piercing ones that belonged to a predator.

She longed to be his prey.

"Akamaru's not allowed here," he answered, frowning. He stepped closer and peered at her. "You look different with those glasses. Still hot, but different."

Karin blushed upon hearing him call her "hot". He continued though.

"Those clothes are unusual too... I have this vivid memory of you, naked-"

"Shut up!" She was embarrassed but she couldn't hit him like she did to Suigetsu. He seemed agile.

"No, I won't. Are you off duty now? I'd like to take you somewhere..."

"What? Where? I still have 2 more hours here."

"I wanted to return to the waterfall for a repeat performance," he leered, "but since you're stuck here, this place'll have to do."

Karin could only stare at him in shock.

He laughed and backed her against the wall, hands caressing her hips. "Why so surprised? We had a great time." Kiba proceeded to lick her ear, making her knees tremble.

"I have work..." she tried to reason, she really did.

His tongue moved to her neck and she gasped. "Take a break... When I come see girls here, they always take time off so we can fuck."

"Oh!" His bluntness surprised her and... He's been with other girls here at the hospital?

He started to undress her and Karin let him. She wanted to see what he would do.

"So much bite marks," he murmured. "So, you're not only a nympho... You're also a masochist? Wow!"

"No," she grabbed his hand, gaining his attention. "It's my healing power... People bite me to get healed."

"I see... No wonder I felt that when I bit you..."

Felt what?

Kiba's clothes were intact but Karin was completely naked.

He had his head in between her thighs again. "You smell and taste so good down here."

Karin's hands were tied over her head as she lay spread out on the hospital bed. She just hoped he locked the door. If her supervisor, Shizune, or any of the other medics come in and see them like this...

It would not be favorable.

But Kiba did not seem to care. He lazily brushed his tongue along her entrance, causing her to shudder. She could see his nose sliding against her curls as he inhaled noisily and lapped with his tongue.

The mischievous look in his eyes brought her to the edge.

"Uhhh! Kiba! You- AH!"

He had slipped his tongue inside and started moving it in and out while he rubbed her with his finger.

Her thighs crushed his head, trying to help her achieve her release. She glided her hips to rush the feeling. His name left her lips repeatedly, each more intense than the last, pleading until she reached orgasm.

She felt his lips and tongue skimming her inner thigh and the shudder of anticipation returned.

"Bite me there!" She wanted to feel it again. It was a wonder to receive a pleasurable bite from someone other than Sasuke.

He smirked, revealing a fang before sinking his teeth on her thigh. It was magical. A bite of pleasure on such a sensitive and intimate place. There was a different sting in the sharpness of his fangs. Her shrieks of rapture were not enough to convey her emotions.

"Kiba..." she moaned again. Karin saw him taking his pants off.

He then flipped her on her stomach and spread her butt cheeks. He was rubbing up and down against her. "So good..." he slapped one side and cupped it with his palm. "C'mon baby, show me how you work this hot ass of yours."

Karin groaned and moved against him, desperate for him to take her. "Please... I need..."

He growled in her ear, "I'm gonna fuck your pussy doggy-style."

Karin wondered if her screams could be heard from outside the door. She couldn't help but avert her eyes as she walked with Kiba to the entrance. His arm was slung possessively over her hip and he had pulled her really close.

It made her feel wanted and sexy.

A bunch of the staff were obviously surprised with seeing them. Hinata's creepy eyes were widened and her palm covered her mouth. Sakura's jaw had dropped... Maybe she would tell Sasuke. It made Karin feel smug.

The most interesting reaction was from the blonde, Ino Yamanaka. She had her eyes narrowed and started saying mean things that seemed to be directed at Kiba.

His grip tightened on her hip as they passed the girl but he leaned to whisper in her ear when they passed the gate.

"Forget them... They're bitter. They're all in the past."

"W- What do you mean?"

He told her about his previous lovers. There were a lot and she barely recognized them. Karin knew his first lover, Hinata.

She and Kiba were on the same team since the beginning. He said that she was always focused on Naruto but no one else knew about her secret relationship with her cousin, Neji. Kiba said he first sniffed them on each other and later, out of curiosity, followed them to Neji's room. Hinata seemed to imagine she was with Naruto while Neji, out of his love for her, tried to satisfy his princess.

Unfortunately, a relative of theirs discovered them and ended the affair. It was kept a secret from the rest of the community. But Kiba knew.

Hinata found comfort in their team when they were away for missions. The one time Shino Aburame, their other teammate, and their sensei, Kurenai, weren't able to go, Kiba was alone with Hinata.

He told Karin how she begged him to do her while she cried and screamed for Naruto. And he did so with her on her hands and knees. He liked squeezing her breasts. They were the largest ones he had ever toyed with.

Karin pondered over how small her breasts were. She hated it.

He also had sex with Ino, the girl from the hospital. She was his girlfriend until about a month ago.

"She was too demanding," was all he said. He left after that.

Karin thought of the beautiful blonde girl with the pretty blue eyes. She was well-endowed too. Her personality seemed to be the outgoing and spunky type.

The type Kiba would be interested in.

She hated it even more.

Karin comforted herself with the thought that they had already broken up.

Kiba thought she was hot. He came back to her for more.

She would like to keep it that way.

Karin continued to see Kiba for months. She let him bite her and kiss her and do her doggy style just like he wanted. She started to love it too, submitting herself completely to his control.

Sometimes, he brought Akamaru with him and they did it in front of the dog. At first, Karin found it repulsive but later on, she didn't mind anymore.

He was sort of an extension of Kiba after all.

Though she almost murdered them both when Kiba jokingly suggested that she let Akamaru lick and penetrate her. He tried to wind her up sometimes.

But it was always worth it when they kissed and cuddled. It was like he transformed from the punisher to the savior.

She loved the way he caressed her hips and buttocks while kissing and licking her lips. The sensation of his fangs on her skin sent her waves of excitement.

She loved the way he called her hot and beautiful and sexy and delicious. She felt so feminine with him. The fact that he overpowered her made her feel like a princess.

Karin did not know if she was falling in love with him. But she often thought of marrying him and settling down with him.

She just wanted to be safe in someone's strong arms. Someone who thought she was lovely and precious. That someone might be Kiba.

He trapped her in the supplies room of the hospital and went down on her. Karin bit her lip to stop herself from making sounds.

"Don't hold it in, baby. Scream for me." He licked harder and faster much to her chagrin.

"Uhh… Kiba!" She hissed while circling her hips rowdily. She was really enjoying this but any sound would alert the staff.

Sure enough, the door opened and Ino stepped inside. She shrieked at the sight of them, grabbed a few boxes and slammed the door.

Karin remembered that Ino was on supplies duty today. But the door…

"KIBA! WHY DIDN'T YOU LOCK THE DOOR? YOU SAID YOU LOCKED IT!" She pushed him away and pulled up her panties. How could he be so careless?

She left him there but he did not move to follow her.

Throughout the day, she tried to ignore the looks that Sakura and Ino were giving her. Sakura seemed to pity her while Ino was scathing.

Like she should care about those stuck up bitches.

Another time, they were at the nursery, behind the curtain of the washing area. He lay her on the floor, flat on her back and mounted her.

Karin was surprised. He always took her from behind.

"Lift your legs to my shoulders," he told her.

With some effort, she did as he asked. He kissed her and rubbed against her for a while before entering her and pumping violently.

He groaned loudly, shamelessly and Karin wanted to shut him up. They were in the hospital for crying out loud! Someone would hear them.

"What the fuck?" The curtain swung open and Karin squinted to see that Ino was staring at them with a revolted expression. "Ugh!" She pulled the sheet closed and her footsteps, walking away, slammed on the floor.

Karin remembered that Ino was on nursery duty that week.