Bella's POV

'Bells hurry up honey, you're gonna be late for your first day at Forks High.' I heard my mum call up to me. Uh why did my mum want to move here? First my dad dies and then my Biology Professor mum says she needed to get out of the city for a bit so she can go on sabbatical and finish her book but I know the real reason Forks was my dad's home town we had moved into his old house, she wanted to feel closer to him while she tried to get over him.

God I miss Phoenix. I slung my bad over my shoulder and inspected my image, I was never usually image conscious but being in a new school has made me nervous as hell. I was wearing black jeans and a blue shirt with knee high black lace up boots, my reddish brown hair was in long waves down my back and I had very little make up on. Good, hopefully if I'm lucky I'll stay invisible like always. I walked downstairs and stood next to the door while I waited for my mum.

'Bella I have a surprise for you. Well you aren't a kid anymore so take a look and then head to school; you can thank me after school.' She stuffed keys into my hand and then headed off into her study to start finishing her book, I just stared at her my mum was usually strange and childish but at times she just left me confused. I rolled my eyes and headed outside. There waiting for me was the best car ever, it was a red truck just like the one I'd always wanted, I had always been a girl for simplicity and a red truck is something I've wanted since I was 10. I laughed and then took a deep breath; the fear had come over me once again. I got into the truck and drove down to school the rain hammering against the window, when I came to the school and I parked I just sat for a minute and stared up at the school. I didn't want to get out of the car I just wanted to drive back to phoenix to forget about Forks forever. The rain still hammering down I got out the car and headed for the office, the reception woman was a tiny blonde woman with that 'Crap Summer's over' look on her face as she read what looked like an extremely frothy romance novel.

'Um… I'm new here and I need my schedule and stuff. My name's Isabella Swan.' The blonde shuffled some papers and handed me my class schedule plus a year's events list and a piece of paper to show my form teacher. Once she handed me them she went back to her novel and I walked to my first class which happened to be English, as I walked in all eyes swivelled onto me and I turned beetroot red. I handed the letter to my teacher the teacher told me he was giving us a free period to decide what book we were going to read for when we do our first essay. I murmured some sort of reply before going to find a seat at the back of the classroom next to a petite spikey black hair girl who smiled at me as though she had known me her entire life.

I took out my copy of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and begun reading I was engrossed in Scout's first time of seeing snow when the whole class erupted in murmurs, I looked up to see the most good looking guy I've ever seen walk in the room. He had a muscular but lean body draped in designer gear, bronze hair and green eyes that lit up as he looked around the room particularly the girls as though he was seeing which ones he wanted to date in the year, when his eyes landed on me he flashed me a crooked grin before the teacher began to speak.

'Mr Cullen so good of you to join us.' He said glaring at this boy, the boy scoffed and waved his hand dismissively at the teacher I sat with my mouth open I'd never seen someone act so rude to a teacher before.

'I'm sorry Mr Henry, I was speaking to the coach about the upcoming year.' His smooth voice echoed around the room, it was filled with confidence and arrogance which made me immediately dislike him despite his god like looks he reminded me of a demon.

'Just make sure you're on time tomorrow Edward.' Mr Henry then returned to his coffee defeated as this boy Edward walked to take the seat across from me. I stared at him for a moment before returning to my book, I suddenly heard an annoying taping sound I looked up to see Edward taping a pencil on the desk and looking at me.

'DO you mind?' I snapped. He looked shocked as though no girl had ever spoken to him like that before however he returned to his cool and controlled face.

'No you can keep reading.' He said with a wide white grin, I glared and then snatched his pencil off him and snapped it in half. So much for trying to stay invisible.

'Hey, was there any need for that, I feel hurt now. So guessing you're the new girl.' He grinned and looked me up and down before looking at my eyes again, the way Edward looked at me made me feel like a piece.

'Done looking me over now are you?' I questioned him, his eyes shocked once more at my tone.

'No just wondering if a gorgeous girl like you has a boyfriend.' Ewww I would not discuss my love life with this asshole not that there was much to talk about because I'd never had a boyfriend.

'No.' I went back to my book, less than a minute later there was a continuous taping on my arm I sighed and put my book down looking up again.

'Would you like a boyfriend?' He asked grinning.

'Mmm no not really.' I slightly giggled as I saw his face turn into a scowl as I turned my back on him again.

'I think you would. How about we_' The bell then went and I picked up my bag leaving Edward on his own.

'Hey wait up gorgeous.' Edward jogged up to me and stopped in front of me before I could run.

'Look I need to get to class can you leave me alone until break and then I'll maybe see you around.' I began to walk away but Edward grabbed my wrist and said in a whisper;

'Meet me outside the English classroom we were just in. I'll see you then.' He walked off before I could say no, I sighed and began walking to Chemistry. I went off hoping that I would be able to get to class without having to look at my map like the stupid newbie I was when the petit pixie I sat next to in English came up to me.

'Hey, you're Bella right?' I nodded still surprised at the hyper active energy radiating off this girl.

'Hi I'm Alice Hale. It's nice to meet you was that Edward Cullen you were just talking to?' She asked still practically skipping along the corridor.

'Yeah is he always a git like that. I mean didn't even ask me my name but suddenly he was assessing me like a piece of meat.' I said and huffed a bit which made Alice laugh.

'Yeah he's used to getting what he wants, he's the star quarterback for the school football team so he's basically the big shot in school. So are his brothers Emmett who's the best wrestler on the boys wrestling team and Jasper,' Alice's eyes glazed over at that point with a sigh 'he's on the basketball and track team. Plus he's just so gorgeous.' I laughed as Alice acted so smitten with this Jasper boy.

'Well Edward's brothers sound nice but Edward's a plain asshole.' We got to my chemistry class.

'I think we're gonna be great friends you can sit with me and my friends at lunch, I'll see you there.' Without waiting for my answer she skipped off. God are all people so hyper active at this school. I walked into class still in a daze.

Edward's POV

I walked into the study hall when I was greeted by a chorus of waves and happy chatter asking me about my summer, I ignored some and answered to others depending on if they're worth my attention or not. I saw my brothers beckoning me over and sat down next to them.

'So how're the chicks in your class this year?' I asked putting my feet up on the desk and began looking around the study hall seeing who's there.

'Oh come on Edward just quit the crap can't you just grow up this year and get a steady girlfriend instead of treating them like they're disposable waste.' Jasper looked up from his History textbook for a moment to begin his latest lecture about me getting a girlfriend.

'Just because you've had a crush on Miss Alice Hale since first grade doesn't mean I have to have a girl that I truly like and anyway you should ask Alice out before she's off the market.' I said grinning like the bastard I was.

'Yeah Ed's got a point you should ask out Alice for Winter Formal. She would love it.' Emmett chipped in.

'Ha hypocrite what about Alice's cousin Rosalie haven't you tried to ask her all summer and always ended up asking something else which made you look like an idiot.' Jasper retorted and then with a smug closed his text book he said;

'And actually Alice asked me for History help so I will be going out with her soon.' Jasper walked off with having the last word. Emmett sat back, looking stunned.

'I gotta ask Rosalie out I can't let Jasper beat me,' He growled 'He's right you know.'

'About what brother dearest.' I said not really concentrating.

'About treating girl's like muck it ain't cool and you won't be able to keep that act up forever.' Emmett then got up and ditched me, asshole, I'll get him back for that later but now I must go see that beauty of a girl I met this morning.

I was walking towards the enlish classroom when she walked passed me going in the other direction, surely she had gotten lost she wasn't actually gonna ditch me. I ran back to her and grabbed her arm.

'Hey the classroom is back that way.' I said while she still looked pissed at the fact I'd grabbed her arm.

'Yes I know I wasn't planning to turn up in the first place.' I stood there stunned she was planning to stand me up, she was going to pay for that. I pulled her forward and kissed her, she wasn't a bad kisser little inexperienced but pretty good. Lips were soft but firm, I could hear her heart beat increase as our lips touched but she shattered the moment by shoving me away.

'You BASTARD. What the hell was that? You don't even know my name but you think it's ok to kiss me.' She was rubbing her mouth which made me feel a bit crap but hey who cares.

'That my dear was a kiss and what is your name?' I asked sweetly.

'You don't deserve to know.' She then stormed off, that was the first time a girl had stormed off away from me the great vampire Edward whose family had been known for having people love them. This beauty would be mine before the Winter Formal with no doubt about it, even though there was no one around I gave my best hunter grin. The Hunt was on.