Hey I'm sorry I haven't updated in ages I've been enjoying this awesome summer weather that my country, dear old Scotland (no red hair, kilts or haggis jokes I don't have red hair, never worn a kilt but I love haggis) is having. so here's the next chapter.

3 Days since Bella found out

Edward POV

Ok so the 'talk' Bella wanted to have went well, mostly just questions and a few snarky comments following allong the lines of 'hurry up bat boy' and 'oh no look I can see the sunlight run Edward run'. I answered with the usual 'Oh like I've never heard that before'. It was awesome, I started to learn so much about her and she me.

But now it's been two days and luckily everyone knows she knows, unluckily however it turns out the Denalis will be staying with us for goodness knows how long due to some issue with a new coven going manic in their area causing the Denalis trouble. It's crap because now I have Tanya sexually harassing me nearly every minute. So I was just thinking about this when I heard Bella's soft snuffling showing she was awake I smiled when I heard Alice and Rosalie's protests at her early wake up. It was Bella's Birthday and Alice and Rosalie were planning a huge party for tonight where they're going to use the pool in the basement however unfortunately for Bella Alice and Rosalie were sticking her in a bikini.

'I'll be right back in time for getting ready.' Bella's voice rang with lies so I smirked running out to sneak up on Bella, I looked out the door checking to see where she was, I laughed when I saw her sneaking to hide in the linen cupboard. This will be interesting.

I ran in the cupboard and had Bella firmly in my grasp, I laughed as I heard her scream slightly before I kissed her muffling the sound.

'Hello Miss Swan. It's nice to see you again but why are you in here.' I said smiling as she stood in shock.

'Edward Cullen, if you dare blow my cover I'll cut off your fangs and feed you to a werewolf. Now let go off me.' She squirmed in my arms her attempt at getting away was pathetic.

'OH Bella want to have a little chat first before I blow your cover.' I said holding her close.

'I will get free no matter how much you charm me and how much I like yo_' She suddenly gasped her what she said. I smiled devilishly.

'Oh you like me do you? So if I did this,' I began to kiss down her neck 'you would let me.'

'Or if I wanted to kiss you. You wouldn't protest afterwards.' I glanced at her lips and her eyes they weren't protesting as I leaned down slowly, willing her to protest. But she never did, I kissed her. God it was good, she put her arms around me and I pulled her closer but then the cupboard door opened showing Emmett of all people. He grinned.

'Well done bro, continue with this I'll make up an excuse for you two. Bella do you know where Rosie is, I kinda need to see her?' He raised his eyebrows suggestively but Bella answered shakily.

'Um... my bedroom.' I laughed at Bella as Emmett left the cupboard.

'Good show Bella, you were nerve racked there.' I kissed her again before throughing her over my shoulder.

'You TRAITOR, you promised you wouldn't hand me over to the enemy.' I laughed as I saw Alice and Rosalie coming out of Bella's room with their hands on their hips. At this point Bella was still screaming but who cares I turned to Alice.

'Make my fiance look utterly gorgeous please.' I then put Bella down and walked away to annoy someone else.

Hey hope you enjoyed this chapter took ages to write because my laptop broke when I was writing it also it's short but shows their relationships developing.