Now although she's had many close calls, Nancy has taken pride in that fact that she's still alive. Well at least she did. The case had brought her to Chicago. There had been a strange Indian structure found outside the city, and now for some reason, the ghosts of the tribes chieftain was coming back and attacking anyone who went near the thing. She had actually learned about this through Savannah, whom she had met for the first time in a little cafe, where she was during most of the day. Other than that, she was in the hotel where they both had rooms.

But since when has a ghost ever stopped Nancy. She found a secret tunnel about a mile from the structure after completing a difficult series of puzzles. She pulled out her phone and attempted to call that police girl she had been introduced to back in the city… some chick named Lynne. Boy was she a spunk one. No answer. That was odd. Could she have been behind this whole thing? Savannah seemed to get kind of edgy around that black cat Lynne owned, but Savannah wouldn't say why.

Nevertheless, Nancy followed the tunnels for a long time, using that flashlight she picked up from Lynnes office after helping her file her paperwork. Why did people always make her do menial jobs in exchange for simple items? She found her way to the end of the tunnel, which appeared to be a dead end. Of course, it wasn't that simple, as a puzzle box inside the wall (which Nancy solved in a few minutes, using the clues left for her in a research journal), the wall swung open, and she found herself bellow the Indian structure.

The only thing there that she hadn't seen from the outside was another door. Luck seemed to be with her today, it was unlocked. That was a first. This led down another corridor, however this one seemed to be in much better condition. Understandable as the other hadn't been used in some 300 odd years. She found the end of the tunnel… and another door. This one was locked. "Of course it is…" Nancy muttered. She then remembered she had found a strange key before her last run in with the ghost. Maybe this was it.

It worked. She walked into the room, and was amazed with what she saw. A full on excavation… but it looked like… one person had been doing all the work. She was about to turn around to leave, when she heard a quick motion of steps, and the sound of something being picked up. She turned around. She had hoped this would bring her face to face with the culprit. No… not at all… this brought her face to face with a hammer coming down on her. It all went black.