Dear Ned,

By the time Phillip woke up from getting hit over

the head like that, the police had already arrived.

Boy was I lucky.

Turns out he had had yet to find the treasure

in the ceiling, and upon being told, burst into


Savannah is still kind of freaked out about

that cat that Lynne has, but she assures her

it's just her imagination.

Jameson discovered that the treasure found

initially belonged to one of his Indian ancestors.

With the money, he plans on opening a new

exhibit in the museum all about the treasure...

He even said a certain lady might be mentioned

in the exhibit!

But ya know what... this case has given me a new

perspective on things. I know it was just luck that

door cracked open, causing that ball to knock Phillip

over the head. But honestly... it felt like there was

someone there with me. I don't know. Maybe It's

nothing. See you back in River Heights!



TRIVIA QUESTION: What color flashlight did Lynne give you first?

Blue Purple

Orange Red

Answer: Red.

When a famous spiritualist from the Los Angeles is found murdered, its up to me to solve the case.

I'm going to be staying with one of my dad's old law school buddies while I'm there. He's apparently really good.

He apparently has connections with the village the spiritualist is from.

Though I don't think I'll be running into any real spirits... I hope I can catch a killer before he can strike again.

Join me, on my next case:

Nancy Drew: The Turnabout of Secrets