Title: Propinquity

Pairing: Law x Luffy

Overall Genre: Romance, Angst, eventual Fluff, some Humor

Summary: Both knew they sure as hell had not seen this coming. The Strawhat Captain and the Surgeon of Death collides. Drabble-esque. LawXLuffy.

A/N: Drabble style fic, consists of interrelated shots from different perspectives accounted as a whole. This chapter is more of a flashback of some sort. I need to write these crucial Law & Luffy moments, because I think their gradual relationship must be anchored to these. This chapter is also slightly introspective and angsty. I hope you like it. Sorry it seems rusted, I haven't been writing fanfiction for more than two years, but my otp feels for this pair just can't handle it I have to write this. :D I hope you enjoy.

7/28/13 update: This chapter is now beta-ed. Thanks to my lovely beta, Mon Esprit Libre! :3


He had seen a lot of pirates go beyond the limits of their strength during the length of his voyage throughout the Grand Line. Most surpass himself, others a waste of his time and energy. But as Trafalgar Law watch the unfolding scene before him, it made him think twice.

A shout of rage and a rush of a punch with strength like no other, the surgeon watched in rapt fascination the fist of the pirate worth 300 million beri marred the Celestial Dragon's smug face with a bone-crushing sound.

Transfixed, Law felt his entwined hands before him sweat a little as he watched those dark eyes glint with power enough to weaken a man down to his knees, those dark eyes emanating nothing but insurmountable amount of latent strength.

A smile crept on his face as he registered the name on his mind.

Monkey D. Luffy...I wonder what lies more beneath that power of yours.



The fight in him was leaking in all places, his knuckles cracking under his rage for what that stupid Celestial Dragon did to his friends. All around him, his nakama were joining in the fight and were taking down enemy after enemy. Chaos had ensued amongst the crowd, slaves and elites alike rising and panicking. But Luffy was undeterred.

There were faces he had not seen before that stood out amongst the panicking crowd, looking calm and rather interested. Later, he had gotten known them by their names: Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law.

Due to what he did to that fishbowled guy who deserves to be punched to oblivion, they were surrounded by Marines and escape was a dire need at the moment. But the captain had not expected the company of those two other captains as they faced off the Marines. Luffy was stubborn, he can definitely beat those puny marines alone, but somehow he was impressed by the strength Kid and Law had shown.

For a moment there, they were fighting together, but as they were about to make their separate escape, Luffy could't help but assure them that he will be the one who will find One Piece. Silently agreeing to what Kid said, when they do meet again in the New World, it would be time to prove who's going to be the rightful Pirate King.

And Luffy will definitely not lose.



Trafalgar had not quite shaken off the impression that Mugiwara no Luffy left on him after he had escaped Sabaody Archipelago. Upon hearing the entire crew of the latter was defeated by the Shichibukai, Bartholomew Kuma, and left no trace behind, Law couldn't even believe at first.

That Mugiwara completely annihilated? Preposterous.

"Captain, the mizu mizu shinbun just arrived," said Bepo, interrupting Law's thoughts. He had been sitting inside his cabin, mulling over the recent events as Bepo had peered from the doorway and handed his captain the newspaper. The headlines featured Portgas D. Ace's execution at Marineford and Law's attention was drawn by it as he read the article. Whitebeard would never stay quiet when his Second Division Commander was at death's hands. This meant war.

"There's some rumor spreading that someone infiltrated Impel Down, I heard," Bepo said quietly to his captain. They were currently anchored on an island with a bustling town, Marines stationed everywhere. Law quirked his eyebrow at Bepo and he continued. "Shachi and I were eavesdropping from a pair of Marines talking about the headquarters getting all worried because apparently there's some trouble down there. But it sounded like a farce. After all, Impel Down's impenetrable."

The Heart Pirates captain smirked. "Trust the Marines to actually leak something serious like that when there isn't any truth behind it. They are known for serious blunders and weak cover-ups." Law gestured at the paper. "War will happen at Marineford. I'm no Hawkins, but even I can tell as much." He paused, letting the paper fall to the ground as he raised his clasped hand to his chin, deep in thought.

"Hm... Bepo..."

"Yes, captain?"

Trafalgar smirked as he lowered his hands again and stood up. He beckoned Bepo outside and said, "I've decided. Let's head to Marineford."

Bepo looked surprised at his captain's words, but nodded and said he would go and tell the rest of the crew.

As Law watched Bepo walk ahead, he murmured quietly, "Who wouldn't want to witness a war?"



Adrenaline pumped through his veins; at last, his brother Ace had broken free from his cuffs. But everything was far from over. Just when escape was just a few steps away, Admiral Sakazuki purposely bad-mouthed the captain Ace upheld most in his heart, and it was enough to make Ace turn back with anger radiating off him. Luffy stood there, transfixed as his brother defiantly stood up against the admiral.

Yet, it seems fire can't withstand magma. Down to his knees Ace crumbles as Luffy took a step and felt his own knees weaken, his strength draining from him every second until it was all gone.

The Vivre card flew from his hat and Luffy, knowing how important it was, struggled to reach for it despite his state. Just as his hands were about to reach it, he heard his brother shouting his name and before Luffy could register what happened, before his very eyes, Ace stood with his arms thrown up defensively, Akainu's magma fist through his chest.

Like blood, Ace's bead necklaces fell to the ground as the vivre card burned smaller.

Disabling numbness coursed through Luffy's mind as Ace collapsed to him, heaving a rattling breath, bleeding profusely. Luffy could feel his body doused with unpleasant coldness as he called Ace's name desperately, insisting that he promised he would never die. But Luffy can feel it, the way his brother weakens in his embrace, and hear how his words sound so final...

"...Thank you for loving me."

As his beloved brother fell dead on the ground with the last vestiges of a smile on his face, reality rushed in Luffy's mind, tears cascaded down his face and his wails of despair echoed throughout the battlefield.

And then he knew no more.



One after another, former enemies of Luffy lent their hand to help him escape. As Jinbei struggled to escape Admiral Sakazuki with the unconscious Luffy, Crocodile, Buggy and the rest of Whitebeard Pirates had lended their remaining strength just to make sure they allow the future of this one young pirate push through.

Damn, they are persistent... Hang in there, Luffy-kun! Jinbei thought as he struggled with the numbing pain from the blow Akainu had hit him with. He looked around and somehow felt that if Luffy was meant not to die in this place, a miracle should come up that very instant already.

"Bring Mugiwara-ya over here!"

It was Trafalgar Law's voice that rang amidst the deafening sound of war that made Jinbei see hope. As Buggy retaliated and the kid who emerged from the submarine shouted, what a shame it would be for Luffy to die in such a place. Jinbei knew at once that the miracle he sought for came the right time.

"I'm going to get him out of here, so leave him to me, all right? I'm a doctor!" Law shouted with determined persistence. Damn his rivalry with the Strawhat, damn his impulse to save him upon learning his connection with Fire Fist Ace, damn all the reasons behind his actions. All he knew was that Monkey D. Luffy must not die. Not in this place, no.

When Buggy had already stopped his annoying questions and handed the wounded Jinbei and unconscious Luffy to his hands, Admiral Kizaru just had to make it so hard for him to make a quick getaway. His heart hammering with adrenaline, Law caught a glimpse of Luffy's state and he almost shuddered. He suddenly felt afraid that he might be too late to save him.

A shout of courage from a young marine and the appearance of a Yonkou was all that it took for the war to stand still. As his crew took the wounded inside, Law stood on his deck while watching the unfolding cease-fire of the War on Marineford before him. Bepo shouted him to hurry, but before the captain could turn and go inside, he saw the familiar straw hat of Luffy thrown at him by the red-nosed pirate. Without any word, he hurried inside, placing the hat on a side table and ordered his crew to submerge their ship.

Unleashing his Ope-Ope ability, Law set to work to save Luffy's life.

The fate of the new era, Law realizes as he shouted instructions to his crewmates, depends on him right now.

Live on, Mugiwara-ya.



Law let off a huge sigh of relief as he washed his bloodied hands off in the sink. After more than four hours of operating on Luffy, he felt exhausted. The damage he had sustained was so great that even with the help of his devil fruit ability, he found it necessary to be so-very careful because of his delicate state. He had handed Jinbei's care to his other crewmates after dealing with the worst injuries of the former Shichibukai.

He went back to Luffy's side, surveying the patched and battered thin body of his rival breathe evenly with the help of the oxygen mask. Law left his sword on Luffy's bedside and he pulled out a chair beside his rival and sat down, closing his eyes for a few moments, trying to shake off the exhaustion of overusing his ability for hours straight.

The doctor knew Luffy's condition was stable; he had managed just in time to operate on his fatal wounds, staunched the bleeding and stitched up the huge wound left on his chest, which he knew would leave a permanent scar.

But what he can't assure is Luffy's sanity when he wakes up with grief and overwhelming sadness.

The tear tracks on Luffy's face didn't go unnoticed by Law. It made him wonder how such strong and cheerful captain he met back at Sabaody ended up this brutally wounded and grief-stricken state. The weakest he'll ever be, Law acknowledges.

Trafalgar Law's respect for the man lying before him - a rival, a fellow pirate and a captain - escalated.

As he continued surveying Luffy, he noticed fresh tears cascading sadly down Luffy's cheeks. He knew the other captain was still unconscious. Somewhere in his sleep, Luffy must be mourning continuously for his brother.

Rising from his chair, Law sat on the edge of the medical bed and gently cupped Luffy's cheek and wiped the tears with his thumb.

"You're stronger than this, Mugiwara-ya..." he whispered softly, knowing the other wouldn't even register this gesture of his, nor hear his voice.

A knock on the door broke Law's thoughts, and with a final wiping motion from his thumb, he left Luffy's side and left the room to attend to Jinbei and his crewmates.

And as Luffy slept on, the tears did not fall again.

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